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Open Jobs/Filled Jobs 2020-2021

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This thread will be used for tracking all open coaching jobs, and all of those jobs as they are filled. If anyone has information on a new job coming open, any updates on an ongoing coaching search, or finds out a job has been filled, please feel free to start a new thread on the opening/filled position. If there is a thread already out there, don't hesitate to add your info. We're all glad to hear it.

I will link the thread for each open/filled job to streamline your searching.


1.) Ballard Memorial - FILLED
2.) Barren County - FILLED
3.) Berea - FILLED
4.) Bracken County - FILLED
5.) Butler - FILLED
6.) Christian County - FILLED
7.) Crittenden County - FILLED
8.) Danville - FILLED
9.) DeSales - FILLED
10.) East Ridge - FILLED
11.) Eastern - FILLED
12.) Edmonson County - FILLED
13.) Eminence - FILLED
14.) Evangel Christian - FILLED
15.) Fort Campbell
16.) George Rogers Clark - FILLED
17.) Green County - FILLED
18.) Harlan County - FILLED
10.) Highlands - FILLED
20.) Knox Central - FILLED
21.) Lynn Camp - FILLED
22.) Madison Central - FILLED
23.) Madisonville-North Hopkins - FILLED
24.) Mason County - FILLED
25.) Murray - FILLED
26.) Newport - FILLED
27.) North Oldham - FILLED
28.) Oldham County - FILLED
29.) Paducah Tilghman - FILLED
30.) Paintsville - FILLED
31.) Paris- FILLED
32.) Pike County Central - FILLED
33.) Shawnee - FILLED
34.) South Laurel - FILLED
35.) Trigg County - FILLED
36.) Trimble County - FILLED
37.) Trinity - FILLED
38.) Valley - FILLED
39.) W.E.B. DuBois Academy (New Program/Freshman Only) - FILLED
40.) Warren Central - FILLED
41.) Wayne County - FILLED
42.) Western - FILLED
43.) Whitley County - FILLED


1.) Ballard Memorial - LeToun Bledsoe
2.) Barren County - Tommy Muse (Interim)
3.) Berea - Frank Parks
4.) Bracken County - Simon Clouse
5.) Butler - Koby Clark
6.) Christian County - Rick Gehres
7.) Crittenden County - Gaige Courtney
8.) Danville - Mark Peach
9.) DeSales - James Rigers (Interim)
10.) East Ridge - Donnie Burdine
11.) Eastern - Shawn Yohn
12.) Edmonson County - Ed Smart
13.) Eminence - Larry Montgomery
14.) Evangel Christian - DaMarcus Smith
15.) Fort Campbell - Charles Poole
16.) George Rogers Clark - Joe Chirico
17.) Green County - Colt Phelps
18.) Harlan County - Amos McCreary
19.) Highlands - Bob Sphire
20.) Knox Central - Travis McDaniel (Interim)
21.) Lynn Camp - Mark Huddleston
22.) Madison Central - Mike Holcomb
23.) Madisonville-North Hopkins - Chris Price
24.) Mason County - Joe Wynn
25.) Murray - Darren Bowling
26.) Newport - Brian Weinrich
27.) North Olham - Jamie Brown
28.) Oldham County - Ta’Shawn McBroom
29.) Paducah Tilghman - Sean Thompson
30.) Paintsville - Trevor Hoskins
31.) Paris - Tyquan Rice
32.) Pike County Central - Ronn Varney
33.) Shawnee - Vernon Gibson
34.) South Laurel - Jep Irwin
35.) Trigg County - Chris Ezell
36.) Trimble County - JP Dale
37.) Trinity - Jay Cobb
38.) Valley - Joe Stockton
39.) W.E.B. DuBois Academy - Jake Williams
40.) Warren Central - Mark Nelson
41.) Wayne County - Tyler Guffey
42.) Western - Jalen Harrington
43.) Whitley County - Zeke Eier

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8 hours ago, BEChargers said:

I know it's early in the year but do you think with the Covid factor's that the list will be shorter this year?  Do you think coaches who might have moved on or encouraged to move on will get a pass from this past season?

I've got the feeling this year will be towards the bottom of the curve in terms of jobs that turn over. I started posting a sort of "mid-term report" six years ago about how many jobs had turned over by the mid-February. In that time, the average number of open jobs come mid-February has been 28. Lowest was 22 open jobs in 2018, and most was 42 in 2015. Job openings definitely are slowing down come that point in the year, usually a dozen or less that come open after mid-February.

With about a month left before the "mid-term report," I'm getting the feeling that we aren't terribly likely to see 13 more jobs come open by that time to get things up to the average. More years than not, there seems to be a job or two that sets some dominoes falling in terms of one head coach leaving for a different job, then another head coach replacing him, and another head coach replacing him...but we'll see what happens.

To your question about COVID, I do think that factors in. I think COVID more than likely has reduced the amount of whining and blaming losses on coaches with some people/school communities. I think it has probably impacted the way some coaches have approached looking at other jobs. Picking up and moving elsewhere is a little more complicated right now when you have to think more than what is "normal" about what job markets are like for spouses, what new schools will be like for kids...even stuff like, "Will my kids get to meet people and make new friends if folks are still in quarantine?" My best guess is, yeah, there are probably more people this year who decide to just sit tight for another year and see how things go.

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I forgot to do this on Sunday, but there haven't been any jobs that have opened up since, so:


February 14, 2015: 42 jobs in the state that had come open, and 24 of them had been filled already. State-wide there was a total of 54 jobs that turned over that year.

February 14, 2016: 24 jobs in the state that had come open, and 12 of them had been filled already. State-wide there was a total of 43 jobs that turned over that year.

February 14, 2017: 25 jobs that had come open, and 17 of them that had been filled already. State-wide there was a total of 40 jobs that turned over that year.

February 14, 2018: 22 jobs that had come open, and 10 of them that had been filled already. State-wide there was a total of 35 jobs that turned over that year.

February 14, 2019: 27 jobs that had come open, and 20 of them had been filled already. State-wide there was a total of 41 jobs that turned over that year.

February 14, 2020: 30 jobs that had come open, and 19 of them had been filled already. State-wide there was a total of 37 jobs that turned over last year.

February 14, 2021: 23 jobs have come open, and 13 of them have been filled already.

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On 6/3/2021 at 2:10 PM, Colonels_Wear_Blue said:

Looks like Bracken County wins the booby prize this year for being the last team still on the hunt for a new head coach.

Bracken's new-hire today (should) wrap up the coaching changes for the season. 38 turnovers total around the state this year, if you include the new job at WEB DuBois. That's one more than last year.

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