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  1. Both are making up District games I should add. Boyle vs. Bourbon and Danville vs. Washington Co.
  2. Mad South has shown some offense this year and held a couple of opponents to some low yardage also. But they haven't been consistent at all except for some decent rushing per game. That won't work Friday. I just don't see them putting up much of a challenge.
  3. For the first time since 1965 Boyle County and Danville High will not meet on the football field. Stinks !!! Both are making up games previously cancelled on the date that they were scheduled to play.
  4. It's about halfway there already. You can't schedule classes in Campbellville, in Harrodsburg and if you decide to leave Campbellsville, Harrodsburg to move to attend CU in Campbellsville you have to submit transfer paperwork. It's obviously not autonomous but it's trying to be.
  5. Campbellsville has a stand alone Uni in Harrodsburg.
  6. Ashland is looking good but Etown is also !!
  7. Justin Haddix also confirms no Scott Co. coming. He states still looking for a game.
  8. Some great assistants have gone on to not be very good Head Coaches. Don't know if this is the case, but I've seen it happens MANY times.
  9. I like Pulaski in this one but I don't really know why.
  10. Gonna go with Corbin because of that D, but they have to find some offensive rhythm to pull it out.
  11. JV highlight reel this week. Just like Anderson, "ugly early".
  12. Standing near the Bearcats during the Boyle game doesn't give me confidence that they will compete. No spring ball and a very short run up to the season was hard on everybody. But it was horrible for teams under a 1st or 2nd year coaching change. Anderson is better than their record and they have some kids who can play, but man you talk about bad timing with a coaching change. They are struggling.
  13. They will play either LCA or Somerset if they lose to LCA this week, so I do think they could go out in the first round.
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