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  1. I can't tell if you're agreeing with me or against me. But I also said Peach is a good coach.
  2. Most Danville folks I have talked to are not happy with the hire. I think Mark Peach is a good coach but I agree the situation he is walking into is a mess. I tend to agree with @ATLCat, he is not better than the coach they just fired so what's the point. There was one Danville alum whose hiring may have smoothed things over better than they are but I heard he didn't get an interview. Just a big mess across town right now.
  3. Obviously wasn't how they wanted the season to end but great year Rebels. Congrats to the Sr's and Coach Webb. Coach Webb is a good coach and a really good guy.
  4. Long time Boyle County DC and former HC at Garrard County coach Jeff Hester is teaching his last day at Boyle County today. A lot of young men are better people today because of Jeff and that means more to me than anything he helped Boyle achieve on the football field. Jeff held players accountable and challenged them to be better today than they were yesterday. He was also the first person running across the field to congratulate the winning coaches no matter how heartbreaking may have been for Boyle. He is my friend and I am going to miss him. Happy retirement Coach !
  5. I agree but this was started before Covid. I think you have a few schools that struggle with fielding a competitive team, for a variety of reasons, that want to drive a county or two over and get that first round over with. I think it's a small number, which the graph seems to support, but their voice is no less important. Maybe the top 3 teams from every district with the district champ earning a bye. The 4 over a 1 upset is very rare but the 2nd and 3rd placed teams in any given district may have had a very good year except for a couple of close losses. Every team would not make the playoffs but 70-75 percent would. Would also make that district game between that 3rd and 4th team mean a little more.
  6. Longtime being the key word. Has given his career to GRC and doesn't even rate an interview !!! I have no issues with Coach Chirico and have never met him but someone who's been as loyal to a program as is possible is getting jobbed !!!!
  7. After watching the video of the board meeting and the fact that the locks of the football building were changed sometime in the last two days, I do not think there is any chance he is retained or reinstated. I know I've gone back and forth on this matter the last several days and the amount of community support continues to grow. However, the look on the face of the Superintendent tells me she is not budging. Feel sorry for these kids and all of the assistant coaches stuck in the middle of this. I'm as big of a Boyle supporter as you will find, but the wins against great Danville teams are the sweetest. Where is CovCath without a strong Highlands? I fear that the Danville football program of old may soon be damaged beyond repair. Maybe not, but man it sure seems like it might.
  8. I really didn't think so until the last few days. Still may not but the amount of money the school system is looking at losing in sponsorship money and community support, it may indeed. Every school board members email has been shared many time. Principal, Superintendent and anyone with an oar in the water is getting mentioned, referred to, requested for comment and the like. I've mentioned a couple of times on here that the Super is a lame duck. So she really doesn't have to do anything. But they are making it as hard as they can on her if she doesn't reconsider. Instead of slowly fading away, it seems to be gaining momentum.
  9. There is a rally of support for Coach Clevenger planned for today from 3-6pm in front of Central office. Various FB post encourage a lot of signage.
  10. Boyle hangs on after Pulaski cuts it to 4 at one point in the last 3 min. When they weren't losing defenders right underneath the basket, Boyle's D looked pretty good. Imfelf led Boyle with 22.
  11. Found the job posted on a jobs website today.
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