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  1. I do think this one of the best jobs in the state. But it will take a coach with a big ego to not care about hearing Dale's name mentioned every time they lose a game many think they shouldn't. There are many that fit that mold but it will have to be the right person. I think it's a great job.
  2. I heard that Chuck may join his son's staff at SW next year. Brandon played at Western and I know he loves the area. I think he would be a great hire but I don't think he's leaving Bowling Green anytime soon.
  3. You're right, it is relative. Plus they probably would have beaten Boyd in early Nov. if not for a cancellation. I've got nothing against Rowan at all. Used to know several of their coaches. Plus the Wallace kid is a nice back. I don't care who you're playing 450+ yards in one game is impressive.
  4. Corbin's defense is as good as they come. I think it will be hard for them to pull the upset but I think it's going to be a knock down drag out game.
  5. Absolutely !!. Hate the inter-district first and second round. Let the kids play teams they don't usually play. That's the fun of the playoffs. Make the playoffs and first thing you do is play a team you already played 2 or 3 weeks prior. I absolutely hate it.
  6. I think "very good season" is a stretch. Harrison County is the only team they beat that had a winning record at 5-4 and the other three teams the beat had a combined record of 5-17. After they lose Friday they will end up 4-4 so not really seeing it. This is the problem with the inter-district first and second round. Boyle and LexCath should not have had to play in the second round.
  7. I would like to know the last time Boyle gave up 500 yards on defense. Boyle only rushed three most of the night. Another problem with their pass defense was when they did send a couple of linebackers on blitzes they overran the QB and didn't get the sack. You can't send extra people and then miss the QB, which happened most of the time they sent someone. That was only a handful of plays. Most of the pass defense was still coverage issues.
  8. Congrats to Corbin. Big challenge next week.
  9. All in all this may end up helping Boyle in the long run. The starters had not given up a point since Highlands in Sept. May have gotten a little complacent. Will certainly have a lot to look at on film and to work on in practice. If it sharpens them for the next three rounds then fine. Catholic is very well coached and played hard the entire game. The old saying goes, "you either win or you learn". Boyle may have done both tonight.
  10. Boyle starters haven't given up a touchdown since September at Highlands. If they give up 20 points Friday there is going to be some unhappy coaches and players.
  11. Russell County beat them 49-12 earlier in the season. Incredible !!
  12. Bullitt East made it to the second round !!!!! WooHoo !!!
  13. Too much for young Danville but Danville has progressed throughout the year. Somerset is clearly better but next year could be interesting.
  14. Lincoln is having a good season but they blew their chance to pull a surprise. I think Corbin gets them by at least 2 scores this time around.
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