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  1. I personally haven't seen or heard of the petition. There was a logo change, away from the confederate connections but I think the name should be changed also.
  2. Ok, since I've angered most of my Alma-mater I might as well let the rest of the high school football world tell me how wrong I am. Boyle county high school opened in 1963. It has been told by the school that the nickname for the new school was down to the Brigadiers and the Rebels and the Sr. class voted and chose the Rebels. I do not know if there was an official rendering of said Rebel or any kind of official mascot. What I do know is that sometime in the late 70's early 80's a confederate soldier became the official mascot of the Rebels. One season even had a confederate flag on the sides of the team helmet. This lasted until the mid 90's when the confederate soldier was abandoned and replaced with a silhouetted man on a horse with a raised sword. I'll be honest, I'm glad that was done and thought that with the expelling of the confederate soldier that things were fixed. I have since changed my mind. Whether or not the confederate soldier was the initial intention or not, (I've heard that is was and I've heard that it wasn't by people who were around at the time), at some point it was officially for several years. Because of that I think it needs to be changed. I love Boyle county high school and I love Boyle county football. I don't think anyone in a while has even thought of the whole confederate connection and that makes this much harder. Was dropping the soldier mascot to a generic guy enough? I don't think so, but it's obviously just my opinion and I can promise you my opinion carries very little weight with anyone. Am I wrong? Before anyone tells me I'm trying to erase history, I'm not. I'm just trying not to honor a group I don't think needs honoring. Now blast away, it won't hurt my feelings. Most of the county now hates me but I think it's the right thing to do.
  3. Good Luck Coach Preston in your new gig !!
  4. Coach Greer can obviously coach Defense. I think this hire depends A LOT on who the OC ends up being and if it's someone they maybe intend on being the next HC. Doesn't have to be that scenario but I think it would be something the fanbase could get behind.
  5. Chris Pardue, former OC at Boyle for 6 of it's 8 state titles has been named the OC at Campbellsville University. It is a post he previously held from 2008-2011. Congrats Coach Pardue !!
  6. I was able to coach under Coach McDaniel for only 1 season several years ago at Centre but I learned an awful lot. He praised effort and attitude but expected execution and was harder on himself than he was most of the players. I regret it was for only one season and it meant much more to me that it obviously did for him, but it is a year I have always treasured and will pray for his family. He would have loved to have watched his grandson play this season for Boyle.
  7. Coach Smith and Coach Settles have retired. Coach Pardue I heard might end up back at Campbellsville University again. Can't confirm that as I have not spoken with him. Just something I had heard. All the rest are expected back as of right now and I think there will be another coach added maybe two.
  8. Was as good of a LB as this area has seen the last two seasons. All over the field and relentless. Don't know him personally but have not heard a single person have a bad word to say about him. Very happy for this young man.
  9. Congrats Coach, welcome to Boyle County. Home of the Rebels !!!
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