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  1. The pass and catch starting at the 2:30 mark is as pretty and difficult as they get.
  2. I don't think it's close. They beat Shelby County who is not strong and beat a terrible Bullitt Central team. Paper tiger I do believe. May bust a couple of big plays but I don't think it's close.
  3. Again, one of Boyle's best teams last year and Boyle had to earn every yard in the first half. 10-0 at half last year? I think that's correct. So I think it will take another grind it out game. The Gillis kid has charged out of the gate strong but will need to be on his game Friday. Boyle only mustered 106 on the ground last year. Rushing yards were hard to come by. I expect a similar game. Tough for 2 or 3 qtr's and maybe Boyle pulling away in the 4th.
  4. Not sure I agree with the McDaniel assessment. 94 yards on 21 carries isn't bad. Team rushed for 160. Mercer ran for 184 against Taylor.
  5. Any reason to think it doesn't go very similar to last year? Has SK's trench game improved? I'm not sure JC's line is quite as good as last year, but I think it's close.
  6. Might be a shootout. Sloan is the better RB but Burns is a name you will be hearing all year.
  7. I think CAL takes advantage of a young Mercer secondary. I would guess by 3 scores.
  8. I like Boyle by 3 scores. Last year was one of Boyle's best teams and it still was in a fight with Highlands through three qtr's of the game. Don't think the venue changes anything.
  9. NH just has too many dudes who are too fast to play against too many BE players that have too few snaps under their belt. See what I did there? Only things programs that have started over from scratch can do is to fight and compete more than they have before. BE playing their first two seasons in 6A were given a tough schedule to try to grow a program. But it certainly gives you an idea of what you should be aiming for. I HOPE that BE finds a way to compete for a little while. They have some decent football players that put in a lot of effort, but Friday night is a tall order.
  10. Corbin scores with 34 seconds to play to win a barn burner.
  11. Dixie went for it on 4th and 2 from the 11 of Corbin and scored. It's now Dixie 22 and Corbin 20 with 9+ min left in game.
  12. Bullitt East still has a way to go but it's better to collect W's while growing then L's. Congrats on well earned victory.
  13. Congrats Patriots, nice start out of the gate.
  14. Wow. Thought it would be competitive but didn't think Pikeville could upend them. Congrats Pikeville Panthers !!
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