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  1. Just hope BE can compete for a while. Male obviously more talented. BE has worked hard to improve the program as a whole the last 3 years and I would like to see them stay in the game for a while. Male is the #1 team in the state and should win big. Just hoping to see BE take a step, that's all.
  2. Pretty sure you could make this post almost every year.
  3. Give me Madison Central in a tight one. DC Coach Blair dials up a run stopping wall.
  4. I'm not counting JC, Franklin, or Lou. Central. But I still think it's Boyle and Corbin in the finals.
  5. Sloppy, flag filled game. Offense took care of business and defense played really well. Two scores were against second team and one td was a pick six. It's been pretty hard to run on this team and defense hasn't gotten credit it deserves. Their pass defense is their weakness but their run defense has gotten better and better throughout the season.
  6. Mudfest and both teams wearing all white uni's.
  7. Sorry, somehow reposted that one post. Final. 54-19
  8. FinalSouthern scores on a 33 pass. XP good. BE 41 Southern 13 9:06 4th.
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