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  1. Bullitt East had a decent day. 2-0-1 in pool play and 1-1 afterward losing to FD after the Boyle match up. They only held FD to a 4th and must score a couple of times but they put up some nice points on them. Defense has some missed assignments but played solid. Dropped several int chances that they will need to capitalize on during the season in order to get better. Again, it's just 7 on 7 but the snaps didn't hurt this young team. Also need to learn to be ready to go on snap one. Started slow too often.
  2. Boyle was 108-21 in seasons 2011-2020. 2 State Titles 1 Runner up Not their best 10 years but I'll take it.
  3. The spirit cards that the players are selling show the Danville game as Sept. 3rd.
  4. How does Trinity, the best team in the state, not occupy one of these spots?
  5. Broyles is a big loss but I like Franklin to be a top contender again. They have talent all over the field and there should be no need to get the players to "buy in" any longer. Beating Central by a large margin at their place then beating JC at their place in the semi's were program changers. Big coaching staff, upgraded facilities, tons of momentum..... I think we are seeing the birth of a perennial power. I'm an Eddie James fan and although I didn't like how he handled the Highlands hiring and u-turn, the hiring of Sphire made everyone forget about it pretty quickly. I look for C
  6. I know Highlands has won in 4 classes and Boyle, Male, Trinity, St. X and Danville have won in 3 classes. Is there any other teams that have won in 3 different classes? Did Bowling Green or Cov Cath? Mayfield has never played above 2A have they? I couldn't find the khsaa listing other than the year by year and didn't feel like going through every year. Not urgent, just talking with a couple of friends and we couldn't remember all of them.
  7. These chips are incredible complex to make and a chip factory costs a fortune and quite a while to get building. Covid caused an already over burdened flow of chips to be suddenly out of capacity. It might take a year to 18 months to catch up. It's a big problem.
  8. Congrats to Coach O and the BlueRaiders !!!!
  9. To change immediately would be to admit a big mistake. To put it off two more years in their minds means maybe it didn't work but wasn't as big of a mistake as everyone thinks. Big big ego's have a hard time admitting they were wrong.
  10. Back to the weight training. I thought most good programs already had a weights program option as a PE credit.
  11. The Graves County addition is odd. Was that just an open date, hard to fill option or is there a connection between the schools or coaches?
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