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  1. I saw study done by Wake Forrest and Baptist Health showed that 12-14% of people in North Carolina tested positive for Covid antibodies. ER Dr in Houston said yesterday that they tested 400 people with no symptoms and 20% tested positive. This shows that Covid is way more spread than people think and testing probably not scratching the surface. Probably spreading like wildfire and death rate much lower than originally thought. Still dangerous though to many people.
  2. Become a star wars rebel that was against the empire. Somebody can be a jedi at the games as the mascot.
  3. Christian Lewis of Frederick Douglass was named Kentucky Gatorade Track & Field Athlete of the year. He is a top long jumper and sprinter. Congrats!
  4. Panhandle of Florida is packed as well. Seems the whole nation has cabin fever from lockdowns.
  5. Prayers to his family. Couldn’t even imagine what they are going through.
  6. The narrative of report says PIU investigation . This report released is just a formality. The real report that Police integrity unit has done is with Attorney General’s office. I will be interested, along with everyone else, when it’s released.
  7. Not sure why they stopped playing. Would be a good opponent for both.
  8. Saw WHO says it’s very rare for someone who is asymptomatic to spread virus. If true, we shouldn’t see spike unless symptomatic people going around spreading. So if mild symptoms should stay at home. Some with mild symptoms may think it’s just allergies or cold.
  9. His arm is sticking out extended and smoke goes up so looks like he’s shooting to me.
  10. I went back and watched video released on LMPD youtube account and around 2:18 mark you can see smoke from the gun. This video was more clear so could see it better.
  11. Not looking forward to see what happens tonight after person killed by Police/Nat Guard last night. Police have been shot at last 3 nights. Medical helicopter was shot at. I pray for peace tonight but could get ugly.
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