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  1. 0-5 Eastern hurt them. Should move up after Bowling Green game this week.
  2. Would be nice if teams would update games on KHSAA website because still shows game on there.
  3. I think this covid calculation of one win and loss penalizes them for something out their control and teams with no or less covid cancellations get rewarded. Fortunately this will just be one year.
  4. http://www.hudl.com/v/2EUc80 Game recap/highlights.
  5. I'm lodging a grievance against the RPI for having DeSales #15 in 3A. Seriously flawed on that one.
  6. RPI just updated and has St.X 8th (.55007) and Manual 9th (.54633).
  7. Will be based on RPI and they are very close in RPI so if X can beat Frederick Douglass will probably put X 1st. If lose to Frederick Douglass than probably 2nd.
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