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  1. Attached media sheet which has two deep depth chart. Looks like still with out defensive starters from previous games other than Monks who is listed 2nd string but I assume will rotate in some. Media Sheet - Elder.pdf
  2. Young Tigers roll over first year program DuBois to go 4-1. Next game Trinity.
  3. Greenwood beat Franklin Simpson 36-13 which is common opponent. I'll take Greenwood in a close one.
  4. Article quoted Coach Cobb saying Armon Tucker has practiced but will be game time decision.
  5. At St. X, I always order cheeseburger. They have tomato, pickles, and onions out with condiments if want that on burger.
  6. Elder is no chumps. Ohio has a lot of depth being a football state. Elder would be #6 in KY by Calpreps. Their losses are to #2 and #5 in Ohio. They handled Covington no problem. Elder's QB can throw the ball around with St.X defense down starters not going to be easy. I think St.X can win but I think this will be close came and Elder is capable of winning.
  7. Norton Healthcare covid hospitalizations were 238 six days ago and down to 211 today.
  8. Up to 87.11. I still expect this to decrease over next two weeks. Time will tell though.
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