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  1. Coach Wallace left Bowling Green for St. X, but he went up in class to 6A so going up in class could be exception.
  2. Right. Make me an offer I can’t refuse and if not stays at Male.
  3. I think he had scholarship offers but went to UL PWO. Maybe he was told of scholarship possibly next year.
  4. The 7th Region had 7 schools playing this week with all being private schools. The Jefferson County Board of Education has a meeting scheduled for 1/19, and hopefully we will get more clarity as to when or if the public schools will begin play. Let's take a look at this week's rankings and what the teams did: 1. Ballard (0-0) 2. Male (0-0) 3. Eastern (0-0) 4. Trinity (4-1) Trinity defeated DeSales 62-59 and were led by Miles Franklin with 18 points. Trinity defeated Christian Academy-Louisville in double OT 94-88 and were led by the trio of Ethan Hodge 20pts, Miles Franklin 19pts, and Zach Stahlman 18 pts. Trinity defeated Greenwood 65-50. No stat report available. Trinity hosts St. Xavier on 1/19 at 7:00. 5. Seneca (0-0) 6. St. Xavier (4-1) St. X defeated Walton-Verona 68-55 and were led by Ben Varga with 21 pts. St. X defeated East Jessamine 63-57 and were led by Ben Varga with 28 pts. St. X lost to Boyle County 71-61 and were led by Ben Varga with 19 pts. St. X will travel to Trinity on 1/19 at 7:00. 7. Christian Academy-Louisville (2-4) CAL lost to Bullitt East 84-76 and were led by George Washington with 29 pts. CAL lost to Trinity in double OT 94-88 and were led by Brayden Daniels with 21 pts. CAL lost to DeSales 85-79. No stat report available. 8. Manual (0-0) 9. Waggener (0-0) 10. Central (0-0) 11. Atherton (0-0) 12. Collegiate (0-3) Collegiate lost to North Hardin 54-50 and were led by Cole Thompson with 14 pts. Collegiate lost to Marion County 62-54. No stat report available. Collegiate hosts Walden on 1/26 at 6:00. 13. Portland Christian (2-1) Portland Christian lost to Beth Haven 92-59 and were led by Mason Skees with 18 pts. Portland Christian hosts St. Francis on 1/19 at 7:00. 14. Kentucky Country Day (1-3) KCD lost to Central Hardin 74-41 and was led by Will Crockett with 20 pts. KCD defeated Highlands Latin 68-60. No stat report available. KCD travels to Christian Academy-Louisville on 1/19 at 7:30. 15. Shawnee (0-0) 16. Walden (1-0) Walden defeated North Bullitt 79-74 and was led by Ty High & Van Clements both with 18 pts. Walden hosts Louisville Holy Cross on 1/18 at 6:00. 17. Brown (0-0) 18. St. Francis (0-0) St. Francis has yet to play due to Covid cancellations. St. Francis travels to Portland Christian on 1/19 at 7:00.
  5. Commited as preferred walk on. Congrats!
  6. For private schools it is and some public schools with open enrollment. Plus private schools can be option for some kids from neighboring publics if public has bad coach or program.
  7. When it comes to head coaches, I think 40’s is young. They could be potentially coaching another 15 to 20 years.
  8. Yeah, my point is it doesn’t matter who is coach if don’t have players, so need a coach that will attract players to the program.
  9. I’m sure in 2015 was same coach as other years. Just shows talent you have more indicative of success than coaching ability.
  10. Boyle County 26 of 30 from charity stripe is impressive.
  11. Boyle County rolled behind Luke Imfeld’s 28 points. Boyle County now 3-0 and St.X 4-1.
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