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  1. I think it’s safer for kids to play under structure of HS teams than not. Kids will be playing and doing other things whether have football in fall or not. The biggest threat is to coaches but they seem to want to play despite that. If it comes down to play in spring then that’s better than nothing.
  2. With this transfer probably not much competition for top spot. Sivori has good arm but 4 inches shorter than this transfer. Mehki Smith could be option but probably will play WR. I was impressed with Frosh Adam Boone from last year so he could be in mix also.
  3. That could change St.X vs Cincy St.X since 2nd to last game of season.
  4. According to QBhitlist.com which rates QB’s in each state, his rating puts him as 7th best QB in KY for class of 2021.
  5. He played for Rocky Mountain HS in Colorado Springs. They are 5A team and went 5-6 and rated #48 in state last year according to Maxpreps. Stats: 129 comp, 220 attempts, 1719 yds, 58.6% completions, 10 tds, and 7 int.
  6. He seems to be able to make all the throws. Impressive!
  7. Elite 11 QB transfers from Colorado to St.X. Has big time arm.
  8. I saw USC commit QB transferring from California to school in Georgia because California not playing in fall. If some districts play and others don’t will see transfers locally.
  9. Trinity adding North Laurel on 11/6. North Laurel manning up!
  10. DeSales will be good. St.X would be in scramble mode. Be district champs by default. Publics may just delay start and play what’s left on schedule. I’m hoping they come up with a reasonable plan to play.
  11. JCPS will make decision on August 18th regarding fall sports. I’m leaning that they don’t play. Seems they may want to get out ahead of KHSAA meeting on 20th.
  12. Yeah, hopefully one day noise. I like the 7 day avg since smoothes the daily numbers.
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