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  1. Was it MC or St. X people? I haven't reviewed the video.
  2. If Satterfield gets fired, wouldn't bother me in the least. If he is back, I'll still support the team.
  3. Stoops was also recruiting better. With facilities UofL has, should be getting higher rated players not competing with non power 5 schools.
  4. Satterfield grew up blocks from Duke. Would be a good fit but not sure would be interest or not.
  5. I think this is good hire. He has done very well at Louisiana.
  6. Yeah, I'll be surprised if it's Heupel. Reports that they are targeting Kliff Klingsbury but that is long shot.
  7. FDA needs to get these pills authorized ASAP!
  8. Prayers to Coach Satterfield's family! Had to be tough to Coach game knowing Father died.
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