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  1. Not sure, but some of games I’ve gone to other teams yell and make noise whole time to distract pitcher. It’s very annoying to listen to.
  2. True. I’d like to see it for selfish fan reasons. Seen my Tigers play stall ball many times and I’m not a fan of it.
  3. Will be up to individual states if want to have shot clock. Do you think KHSAA will make the change?
  4. Tigers lose by a whisker! Fern Creek has played well over last several games.
  5. Last year he was hurt most of season. I just hope he can play injury free this upcoming season. As a track coach, I would like to see him throw discus with his huge wing span.
  6. Tigers win another one by a whisker!
  7. People will definitely vote for their own interest. Sister districts seams like a no brainer.
  8. MaxPreps ratings - 5/11/21 Top teams: #1 Trinity also #21 in nation.
  9. I talked to kid on 7 on 7 team. He said they went undefeated and won championship. I don’t put a lot of stock in 7 on 7 but It’s better to win than lose.
  10. I agree but I don’t get worked up over misses in city because a lot of kids want to go away for school. I know kids that are Louisville fans that go to Kentucky because they want to go away for school.
  11. Danville might be a small school but they are a baseball giant this year. If I remember correctly, they lead the state in home runs.
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