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  1. I'm sure it's tough as a coach to go to championship 5 times and only win one plus with losing to St. X last year with a loaded team. I'm sure he blames himself as any great coach would do. I don't think he will leave and he was probably letting off some steam making that comment.
  2. Congrats to Frederick Douglass on their first championship! Congrats to Bowling Green on being state runner up. I heard on broadcast that this is first championship for a Lexington school since 1981 when Henry Clay won.
  3. I was at game and St. X started 3 sophomores and a freshman. Young team to navigate 7th region with.
  4. Only 2nd non big 3 team to win 6A. Quite the accomplishment!
  5. Awesome game! Congrats to Bullitt East on amazing season and 6A Championship! Congrats to Male on being state runner up!
  6. Male fumble near goal was big. On replay it was clearly caused by ground but no replay and sometimes the calls don't go your way.
  7. Bullitt East has reclaimed the momentum! I thought Bullitt East could score some points!
  8. Male's used to being in championship game and Bullitt East it's new experience and probably why Bullitt East having bad start. Hope Chargers get it going.
  9. Congrats to CAL for state championship! Congrats to Bardstown on being state runner up!
  10. I think it's same for both teams and kickers are part of team so kicker that makes the kicks on college uprights is part of what makes the better team if that's why they win. I don't see HS goal posts ever being a option so it is what it is.
  11. One of best runs I've seen! Defenders bouncing off like ping pong balls.
  12. Great game! Congrats to Boyle County for winning state championship. Congrats to Corbin on being state runner up!
  13. Gabe Sisk played his first game since returning from Prolific Prep (CA).
  14. No, I've already won one and not fair for me to play. 😜
  15. TP 94 ratings are 2-0 so far. They call for Corbin in the night cap so could be first upset as Boyle County is right there with them.
  16. Great game! Congrats to Beechwood on state championship and congrats to Mayfield on being state runner up!
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