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  1. I saw report game was cancelled at Boyle County looking for game. Ballard would be a good opponent to pick up.
  2. New covid map was sent out and Jefferson County still red so not looking good for JCPS teams and their opponents next week.
  3. They can play through Sunday. Whatever decision made will go into effect on Monday. St.X supposed to play PRP in JV game Monday but I don’t think it will happen.
  4. Top 8 teams are usually pretty easy as far as selecting to be in top 10. 9 and 10 harder because usually multiple teams can make argument for. All those teams you listed get votes but not enough to make top 10 but you never know maybe next week.
  5. Not many teams going to be within 30 of Male and Ballard that are below them. The voters have put them where they are so they agree. If Ryle beats SK then maybe they get leap frogged.
  6. Strength of schedule. How many teams going to have 2 wins against their schedule? Lost to all ranked opponents.
  7. Seems like yesterday but those days are long gone. Pains me how their program has fallen so much.
  8. Freshman X/T game that was scheduled for 11/5 at St.X has been changed to Thursday 10/29.
  9. Right, I’m definitely getting there early to eat BBQ. Lol.
  10. Went back and looked bracket when NKY teams made it to Championship. In 2008 Simon Kenton beat Male and advanced to Championship against Trinity. In 2014 Dixie Heights was in opposite bracket of St.X, Male, and Trinity, but beat Ballard en route to Championship meeting Trinity again.
  11. Since the inception of 6A, two NKY teams have made it to championship with Simon Kenton and Dixie Heights. There were years where St.X, Trinity, and Male were on same side of bracket such as when had super district with all 3 in same district. I believe this was done so could be a team that was not one of those 3 in championship. Just hard to compete with those 3 because of advantages being in 1.2 million population in METRO area plus tradition built over the years and good education the schools offer.
  12. Guess we’ll see if other motives could have played into cancelling FD game, if they play this Friday.
  13. Coach Wallace said that they would most likely try and pick up team from cancellation so I would say yes.
  14. Kolb wants further measures to society to help cut down cases to get school back in person and doesn’t see in person school the rest of this year. He has said in past would like to see another lock down.
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