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    This move by Coach James reflects negatively on him, not on Highlands. Regardless of the reason he went back to Franklin County, there is nothing Coach James can say that takes the negativity in this move off of him. Unfortunate, but true.
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    Coaches accept jobs, do the intro presser, reach out and talk to kids and then back out in less than 48 hours? That happens all the time? I guess we just never talk about it around here...
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    Guys, Coach James is a good guy, like any of us he is not perfect. I would say if you asked him he wishes he would have handled it different. Most likely he did apologize. Big thing I see, is you folks that post on here on behalf of Highlands need to humble yourself, your not helping your program, with your online antics. Your program is in disarray according to most of you, and when you didn't get your way today, you guys threw a tantrum. I imagine you guys would not want your kids or a coach to act this way on the field ? But somehow it's commonplace with how you guys talk about coaches and admin at your school behind the computer. Good luck to you guys! We are tickled to death, to have our coach back. If you wanna play give us a ring. You guys are gonna find your guy, you got everything you need to do it right....
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    Thank you both. This recognition, in my case, is a reflection of the amount and quality of work our coaches and players across the state put forth so that we could have this season. I have never been more proud to be a KY HS Football Coach and I love KY HS football. Cam sounds like his uncle Greg. Back in 93 & 94, most teams when we(Paris HS) scouted them, by formation, we knew what they would do. Not Mike Yeagle's Beechwood teams with Greg Hergott at QB. They could hit every area of the field in most every set. Very different for the early 90's. Cam is the same type of player. Congrats to Cam ... and Congrats to all of our kids & coaches across the state of KY that got a fall football season in 2020. It wasn't easy... but WE did it!!!!
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    This may come as a shocker to some. Neither Randy Parker nor I were ever teed up for dunking during pregame.
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    I believe the "transfer portal" culture is creating situations like this. At some point it might be time to look in the mirror. I know when he left HHS the football program got crushed by people saying they were running him off by not having him play varsity football. Now he transfers again because he isn't getting what he wants at CCH. At what point does it stop being someone else's fault?
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    Coach stipends have implications on more than just other coach's salaries. There are Title IX issues involved, general budgeting and others. Some of you are correct in stating this isn't college. And the booster money some are suggesting might be even more closely monitored than the general fund money for just these kind of reasons. There's this thing in public schools called "Red Book" that governs all expenditures and it doesn't compromise.
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    Ok, I've cooled down a bit. He really just wasted a bit of time, that's really it. He just wanted to go home to his community and continue what he had built. You can't really hate on him for that. Coach James didn't deserve my reactionary harsh comments. I apologize and good luck to him continuing at Franklin County. He seems like a great coach.
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    I doubt it and I can assure you the JV wasn't beating the ones at Moeller.
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    Most people think the progression is OC or DC to head coach. The best progression is from freshman/JV coach to head coach. You already know how to run your own program. It depends on the setup, but at Paris, Mason County, & Mercer County, our freshman coach ran the program. Same offensive & defensive system, but handled logistics, personnel, practice schedules, accountability, communicating with parents, etc. In the 21st century, the freshman coach is bigger than the OC or DC. If you don't have a good one, the OC and DC won't have players to coach. Your frosh coach these days needs to be a rock star.... like Larry Harris (Mason County) or William Harris (Mercer County)!
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    Yep take note. He had multiple chances to walk it back- after applying, after interview, after offer and after acceptance before the presser. He did not choose for it to be an issue before heat from where he was currently located. Better now than later, but still handled very poorly.
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    Saw the 10th Region Coaches Association posted this on Facebook this morning & thought I'd pass it along to those who might be interested: 37th District Bishop Brossart - NFHS Network Calvary Christian - School Facebook Page Campbell County - Camel Media on CamelPride Facebook page (also Campbell Media Facebook Page) Scott High - Scott Athletics Youtube Page 38th District Harrison County - WCYN Youtube Channel Nicholas County - No Streaming services this season Pendleton County - School Website Robertson County - NFHS Network 39th District Augusta - Prepspin Bracken County - Prepspin Mason County - Hudl St. Pat - If they stream, will be on Facebook 40th District Bourbon County - NFHS Network George Rogers Clark - NFHS Network Montgomery County - NFHS Network Paris - No streaming services this season
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    Everyone have a very Merry Christmas. Snow is starting to fly in Ashland. Looks like a White Christmas for us.
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    First, I have no dog in this fight. Second, I do believe that Highlands is a top job in the state and likely always will be. To me, this is the classic demographics battle that many public schools with changing demographics, but great tradition, have to face to stay relevant. Some examples on both sides of the river: Princeton, Anderson, Lloyd and Bellevue. All of these schools have won state championships at some point, but found themselves in the middle of a changing demographic (some decades ago) that impacts their ability to field competitive teams. Here is what I mean: 1. Ft. Thomas is landlocked... and any new home construction is likely past a million bucks. 2. Ft. Thomas is no longer affordable for your average middle class family. Why are you going to pay $260k for a 3 bedroom tudor built in the 1920's when you can build a brand new four bedroom home in Kenton or Boone County for that ? 3. Ft. Thomas' population is older. No one moves out after their kids go through the schools and why should they... their home investment continues to skyrocket. 4. The correlation between high income earners and disinterest in football. Can these problems be fixed? Sure. But it's going to take Highlands going back to a Beechwood style approach for kids out of district. One last point, these high school public jobs are tricky to fill because you really have one of two mindsets to a job like this. The first group would be KTRS "lifers" meaning that fulfilling the years requirement to vest in the retirement system is important. In other words, not a lot of public school head coaches from another state (who have their own retirement system) are going to pack up and start over. Think about it. In the whole state of Kentucky, how many current public school head coaches do you think are even qualified for the Highlands job ?? Ten, maybe ?? The second group are those who don't have a lot of years in any one system and could be looking at a job like this as a stepping stone to the college game. Of course, there are exceptions to everything, but these are some of the obstacles I see to filling this job... which is still a top job in the state !!
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    I had a thread going a few years back on this topic that was considerably more stripped down. Rather than find a shovel and dig it back up, I decided to revamp it, put a little more meat on the bone, and in some cases, tweak my definition of "dynasty". Whether you prefer parity or familiarity at the top, I think we can all agree that sports dynasties (i.e. sustained periods of winning at a championship level) are a fun way to reflect back on the history of athletic achievement and gain a little historical perspective. Some are contemporary, while others required reaching far back into the annals of Kentucky high school football history. This is not the be-all, end-all, comprehensive list of football dynasties in our state. People have different parameters and pre-playoff era records can be hard to come by. Additional contributions are welcome. Dynasties that span multiple class systems Bob Beatty's Trinity Shamrocks (2000-2020) Record: 254-44 (85%) State Championships: 15 ('01-'03, '05-'08, '10-'12, '14, '16, '17, '19, '20) Under Beatty's guidance, Trinity expanded from a state power, to midwest prominence, to a fixture on the national scene. The 2011 Shamrocks were declared national champions by a handful of outlets and were the centerpiece of a 33 game win streak from '10-'12. Since 2000, Trinity hasn't gone more than one year between championships. Over that two decade timeframe, they're 91-6 in the playoffs, including a 36-1 postseason mark from 2001-2008. The Shamrocks haven't lost to an in-state opponent besides St. X or Male in sixteen years. From Brian Brohm to Rondale Moore, there was no shortage of future D1 college talent helping grow T's trophy case. Simply put, Trinity is the gold standard for football in Kentucky. Dale Mueller's Highlands Bluebirds (1996-2013) Record: 230-29 (89%) State Championships: 11 ('96, '98-'00, '04, '07-'12) Like Beatty, Mueller took over a program already considered a blueblood within state borders. Also like Beatty, Mueller elevated his program to a national level. The Bluebirds steadily climbed the national wins list until topping off at #2 before he retired. Jared Lorenzen, Derek Smith, Brent Grover, Gino and Ben Guidugli, Rob Smith, Austin Collinsworth, and Patrick Towles were some of the standout names from this era of Highlands football. The entirety of HHS football history could easily be summed up as one big dynasty, but we're singling out Mueller's tenure, which featured a state record six titles in a row and a 37 game winning streak from 2008-2010. Philip Haywood's Belfry Pirates (2003-present) Record: 214-41 (84%) State Championships: 7 ('03, '04, '13-'16, '19) During Belfry's four-peat from '13-'16, the Pirates earned mountain football a measure of statewide respect not seen in a generation. The last 17 years of football on Pond Creek have been the most dominant run in EKY history, with Haywood becoming Kentucky's all-time winningest coach along the way. He had already been at Belfry for two decades before breaking through with the program's first championship in 2003, and the Pirates have been breathing rare air ever since, making seven consecutive championship game appearances from 2010-2016 and reaching at least the semifinals fifteen out of eighteen years from 2003 through last season. Mike Glaser's St. Xavier Tigers (1986-2012) Record: 299-65 (82%) State Championships: 7 ('86, '92, '95, '97, '99, '04, '09) If you're new to Kentucky high school football, you might think of St. X as being little more than Trinity's second fiddle. But there was a time, before Beatty's arrival in St. Matthews, that the Tigers stood eye level with the Shamrocks as the twin giants of big school football. Mike Glaser didn't put the Tigers on the map, but he patrolled the sideline on Poplar Level Road for the lion's share of X's football success. St. Xavier averaged 11 wins a year from Glaser's first championship in 1986 to his final season in 2012. Aside from seven state titles, the Tigers had four runner-up finishes and had their season end at the hands of the eventual state champion on six other occasions. The consistency was incredible. Dynasties of the six class era (2007-present) Kevin Wallace's Bowling Green Purples (2011-2016) Record: 84-3 (96%) State Championships: 5 ('11-'13, '15, '16) After being denied a championship in his first three cracks a few years earlier, the fourth time proved the charm for Wallace in 2011. The Purples liked the view from the top so much, they decided to stay a while. Only an improbable region final loss in 2014 prevented the possibility of six straight titles. Earlier that season, BG was breathing down the neck of Trinity's state record 50 wins in a row before McCallie (TN) snapped the streak at 48. Ty Scroggins' Central Yellowjackets (2007-2012) Record: 63-25 (71%) State Championships: 5 ('07, '08, '10-'12) At first glance, that win/loss record might not move anyone's needle, but a closer look reveals a key ingredient in Central's ascension to dynasty status. No one in 3A played a more rigorous, demanding schedule than Central during their championship years under Scroggins. The Yellowjackets routinely punched above their weight class, with 20 of their 25 losses coming against 6A competition that included St. X, Male, and Manual. In 2007, Central finished 5-5 in the regular season, with losses to the aforementioned X, Male, and Manual, plus Highlands and Johnson Central. How's that for a 3A schedule? They won their first title that year and the template for success was cast. Noel Rash's Beechwood Tigers (2007-present) Record: 155-42 (78%) State Championships: 6 ('07, '08, '16-'18, '20) Coaching in the long shadow of Mike Yeagle would probably break most coaches. Fortunately for Beechwood, Noel Rash is not most coaches. He's carved out his own legacy and kept the Tigers among the state's elite for the duration of his fifteen years as the head man in Fort Mitchell. During Beechwood's three-peat from 2016-2018, the Tigers outscored 1A opposition a combined 1,067-146, or 48-6 per game. They've only failed to reach the semifinals once in the last fourteen years and made an immediate impact in class 2A, winning a state championship in just their second year in that classification. Dynasties of the four class era (1975-2006) Mike Yeagle's Beechwood Tigers (1991-2001 & 2003-2004) Record: 163-20 (89%) State Championships: 8 ('91-'94, '96, '97, '99, '04) Beechwood football was already an established small school power when Yeagle took the reins from Bernie Barre in 1991, but the Tigers engulfed the 1A landscape like a monsoon under its new boss, claiming a state title in each of Yeagle's first four seasons. Despite being 1A for all those years, the Tigers routinely played up in class and won way more than they lost, even scoring several wins over 3A power Covington Catholic. One of the high points during the Yeagle dynasty was a stretch of 38 wins in a row from 1996-1998. Beechwood was Kentucky's team of the decade for the 1990s, winning seven championships in nine years from '91-'99. Chuck Smith's Boyle County Rebels (1999-2004) Record: 86-4 (95%) State Championships: 5 ('99-'03) Long before 'Title Town' was a thing, Boyle County football was wallowing in irrelevance, winning just eleven total games from '87-'91. Chuck Smith rides into town, and the rest is history. During a run of five straight titles, the Rebels won their championship games by an average score of 36-7. Boyle County threatened Trinity's state record with 47 consecutive wins from 1999-2002 before stringing together 25 more in a row in 2002 and 2003. Little known fact about Chuck Smith: He once beat the sun in a staring contest. 😎🌞 Sam Harp's Danville Admirals (1989-2003) Record: 185-27 (87%) State Championships: 7 ('89, '91, '92, '94, '00, '01, '03) Sam Harp had a tough act to follow when he arrived in Danville in 1988. Tom Duffy had previously found great success with the Admirals, claiming state titles in '84 and '87. Harp didn't just hold steady the Danville tradition, he turned the Ads into one of the state's premier programs, pound for pound. He led Danville to a 7-1 mark in championship games and frequently had to go through other heavyweights to hoist the big trophy, such as Mayfield, Beechwood, and Newport Central Catholic. A stunning two point loss to Prestonsburg in 1993 halted what could have potentially been a 60+ game winning streak. I guess 57 wins in 58 games and three state titles in four years will have to do. Lynn Ray's Covington Catholic Colonels (1987-1997) Record: 122-29 (81%) State Championships: 5 ('87, '88, '93, '94, '97) The groundwork for what we know today as Covington Catholic football wasn't laid by one man alone, but Lynn Ray deserves more credit than anyone for being the chief architect. He only won one game in his first two seasons and it took him several years to build a winner, but by the late 80s, the Colonels were cooking with gas. A key ingredient to taking the next step as a program was solving the Highlands puzzle, but the path to a state championship usually featured playoff rematches with the Birds. Some of CovCath's championship seasons were nearly derailed in playoff nail biters against Highlands ('94 & '97), Conner ('93), and Ashland ('88), but once they got to old Cardinal stadium, they were automatic, with a perfect 5-0 record in state finals under Ray. Dynasties of the three class era (1959-1974) Ed Miracle's Lynch East Main Bulldogs (1959-1971) Record: 129-24-4 (83%) State Championships: 4 ('59, '60, '63, '68) Kentucky's forgotten dynasty. Along with Highlands, Lynch East Main was one of the first powerhouse programs of the playoff era. They made eight state finals appearances - five in a row from '59-'63 - and reached the semifinals ten times in a thirteen year span. The 1966 squad finished the regular season undefeated and ranked #1 in 1A, but for reasons unbeknownst to me, they didn't participate in the playoffs. All of that success was accrued in the three class system, amplifying their accomplishments ten fold. The passage of time and consolidation have eroded our collective memory of the legendary Ed Miracle and his Bulldogs. But legends never die, and the great champions of yesteryear will live on forever in the dark, misty mountains of Harlan County. Keeping it in the family The Morris' Mayfield Cardinals Jack (1976-1992) Record: 194-33 (85%) State Championships: 4 ('77, '78, '85, '86) Mayfield football didn't begin with the Morris family, but Jack set the Cardinals down the path that helped make Mayfield into the household name we know today. He guided the Cardinals to nine state finals appearances, including six in eight seasons from 1985-1992. Mayfield was recognized in 1978 as the top team in the state, regardless of class, by the Litkenhous poll. It's hard to imagine a small school achieving that status today. Joe (2002-2019) Record: 222-40 (85%) State Championships: 6 ('02, '10, '12-'14, '16) In coaching, they say it's better to follow the man who followed the legend. But when the legend in question is also your father, does it really matter how far removed you are? Joe Morris had to know he'd be compared to Jack before he ever coached his first game. It wasn't always smooth sailing, but when the younger Morris hit his stride, the Cardinals spread their wings and flew higher than anyone in the state at the time, going 138-11 and reaching the state finals nine times from 2010-2019. *It should be noted that Paul Leahy won two state titles at Mayfield, sandwiched between the Morris' long tenures. Sham-Rock & Roll (1968-1994) State Championships: 12 ('68, '72, '73, '76, '77, '80, '83, '85, '88-'90, '94) With all of the success Trinity has enjoyed over the last twenty years, KY high school football novices might think it all started with the incomparable Bob Beatty, but we can't gloss over the dominant quarter century run from the late 60s to the mid 90s. Coach Jim Kennedy lit the pilot light in 1968 with T's first state championship. He added a second title four years later, before handing the baton to Dave Moore, who ran off three championships in five years ('73, '76, '77). Roger Gruneisen kept the fire going with trophies in '80 and '83, giving way to the man Beatty hurdled to become Trinity's greatest coach, Dennis Lampley. The Rocks were 116-17 under Lampley, with five state titles and a three peat from '88-'90 that included the still unsurpassed state record 50 game winning streak. Bird's eye view (1959-1992) Record: 333-67-1 (83%) State Championships: 11 ('60, '61' '64, '68, '70, '75, '77, 81', '82, '89, '92) I said earlier that the entirety of Highlands football could be one, long, unbroken dynasty. Mueller's tenure shines above the rest, but the pre-Dale days were littered with hardware too. Homer Rice ('54-'61), Owen Hauck ('62-'66), Mike Murphy ('67-'73), Roger Walz ('74-'75), Bill Hermann ('76-'83), and Tom Duffy ('88-'93) all contributed to the Bluebirds' championship haul. Imagine winning 83% of your games for five years. Pretty good, huh? Now sustain it for 34 years with several coaching changes along the way. From 1959 to 1992, Highlands lost 67 games, or just a shade under two per year. Kentucky's first 3-peat: Hillard Howard's Pikeville Panthers (1987-1989) Record: 43-1* (98%) State Championships: 3 ('87-'89) Howard had been doing his thing at Pikeville since 1972, and doing it well. The Panthers had a state runner-up finish in 1979 and were consistently among the best in EKY, but the rest of class 1A knew nothing of the storm that was brewing in Pike County. Pikeville ran off three consecutive championships in the late 80s, the first such feat in state history. The Bobby Deramus and Greg Hackney led wishbone punished opposing defenses in '87 and '88, and the Panthers proved they were more than just one special class by winning it all again in '89. Pikeville averaged 44 points per game during that three year run and topped 50 points eighteen times. Belfry halted a 33 game winning streak for the Panthers in '89, the third longest streak in state history at the time. * Pikeville trailed Beechwood by a point at halftime in the 1987 season opener when the game was called on account of severe weather. I've heard that Beechwood has it down as a win, but I'm not sure what the official ruling was. Ashland Tomcats... Kentucky's first dynasty? (1926-1935) Record: 87-6-5 (91%) If there's one name to single out from Ashland's pre-playoff heyday, Paul Jenkins is a good place to start. Jenkins is one of the great figures in Kentucky high school athletics in the first half of the 20th century. The Louisville native coached championship football and basketball squads at multiple schools, but it was his seven year stint on the gridiron at Ashland that highlights his resume. The Tomcats won six "mythical" state championships during a ten year span from the mid 20s to the mid 30s. It began with Jim Anderson at the helm and concluded with Fayne Grone, but Jenkins oversaw the pinnacle of the Tomcat juggernaut. With him in charge, Ashland won 35 games in a row from 1929-1931 and peaked with a "mythical" national championship in '31. All together, from 1926-1935, Ashland amassed a record of 87-6-5, including a (still to this day) state record 61 game (57-0-4) unbeaten streak from '26-'31. If you go back a few more years, the Tomcats won 59 games in a row against Kentucky opponents from 1922 to 1934. That's not a typo. Ashland didn't lose to an in-state opponent for twelve years. Honorable Mention The crossroads of old school/new school: Newport Central Catholic (2000-2012) Record: 147-38 (79%) State Championships: 4 ('05, '06, '10, '12) It began with the late, legendary Bob Schneider and concluded with one of Kentucky's great young coaches, Eddie Eviston. 8 championship game appearances (9 if you include 2013) and 4 in a row from '05-'08 Mike Holcomb's Breathitt County Bobcats (1995-2002) Record: 95-14 (87%) State Championships: 3 ('95, '96, '02) 42 game winning streak from '95-'97 The hostile environment in Jackson made Breathitt one of the more intimidating venues in the state for visitors. Charlie Kuhn's Male Bulldogs (1954-1965) Record: 93-22-8 (79%) State Championships: 4 ('54*, '60, '63, '64) 25 game winning streak from '63-'65 * Male was declared state champion by the Litkenhous poll in 1954.
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    What trouble? They went through an interview process with a number of candidates and in a rather short amount of time hired a coach. That coach was a fine candidate for the position. Unfortunately that coach backed out of his decision and all of that is on him, not on Highlands.
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    I hate it for Highlands. I personally couldn't believe he was leaving Franklin in the first place being his home school and getting so close this year. Even if it was HHS. He deserves the flak he's getting because he made a bonehead move. Not the first to do it and won't be the last. I sure he is sick about what has transpired over the last few days. I don't think it was a move to sweetin his deal at Franklin, or to get his wife a better job or anything like that. He's an ambitious coach and one of the premier programs in the state gave him the confirmation that he's doing things that people are noticing. Hard to turn away from that. I believe the comments about the highlands faithful are also unfair. If message board comments play any role at all in someone taking or leaving a job I doubt they will be a very good coach anyway. They have a right to be upset about all of this. I can't stand being in transition and I know a lot of others don't like it either. BW is gone and you just want to get on with the business of the program getting pointed in the right direction and now you have to wait to see who's going to be the man to do it......again. It's frustrating.
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    In 2021/22 ... Posting this because of how excited I am for these two games once I heard they were being added. Great for the state of Kentucky.
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    Live video of Coach James' time as Highlands Head Coach
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    Kinda hard to justify having not played Allen before tonight...
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    I think in a hangar at Lunken after candidates were flown in on private jet. Bluebird 1 would be too conspicuous. The major college programs usually meet them in Atlanta or Chicago so I imagine this is a possibility.
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    Just a dusting of snow here in Florence. This looks like the right thread for one of my Christmas Gifts, I was taking some photos of it and this one has a cross in it so I figured it was meant to be!
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    Well if there's one thing that I learned from the bedroom walls of my childhood friends, it's that Jesus only played baseball and soccer. So I don't know about basketball getting a pass here...
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    Did Highlands win titles before Dale? And after Dale? You are right in that Dale is an outlier, but this program has success before him and will have it after him.
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    So the kid jumped around to 3 different schools in 3 months, ends up back where he started, and loses his sophomore year of eligibility in football because he wanted garbage time at CovCath so desperately? Do I have this correct? Who the hell is advising this kid. Back off and let him have a life. Wow.
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    In 29 seasons,, we have been 1-9 & 2-8....our staff and kids did a great job. Awful injuries. Kept the wheels on. Finished as strong as possible. Bounced back strong the following years. I could not disagree more with disqualifying a coach with that record. If you don’t give up.... you emerge from it a much better coach.
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    Highlands isn’t the target. There are some fans who have made themselves an easy target. Highlands Football will be fine when the script is finally flipped and what matters most is what matters to the players! When the players can be free to just play hard, work hard, have fun, & enjoy their high school playing years without the pressure of folks who have already had their playing days. When the players can stop seeing & hearing these folks talking negatively about their team and their coaches. Just let them be high school athletes & it will all work itself out the way it is meant to be!
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    Someone threw a name out that I’m sure would neither apply or be hired but Mark Peach. I believe he has shown what he can do when he has some horses. His offense is fun to watch and tough to play against when he has a few dudes it get it going. Speaking of resumes what about a coach who started out coaching small college like NAIA as an OC. Cached in a national championship or two but never won. Then spent 10+ years as a HS OC. Coached in two state title games and won one. Just finished his third year as a HC but in those three never played in a state title game. Does that resume excite anyone? There are more good coaches than good coaching jobs. There are guys working miracles places that look subpar because obstacles in their way. Some places either can’t or won’t give coaches the things they need to move a program forward. There is a reason you tend to see the same teams in the same position most years. There are reasons guys don’t leave good jobs for other good jobs. They’ve got what they want. They’ve built what they’ve got. In some cases they are appreciated for what they’ve done. If they are competing for titles why leave for another place to compete for a title? Some guys don’t want to coach certain places. They don’t like the area or they have a hard time relating to the players/school/community. Once again this isn’t college. There is no multi year deal. There is no buy out. You pick up your family and something goes south for any reason and you can be done in a year. Stuck with a new house and an uprooted family. You’re not going to be able to bring in your staff. HS football is more critical in some ways than college. People don’t watch college practice much. They don’t sit at the table and talk to their son about what’s going on in practice or talk to groups of parents about it. Most of you I’m sure wouldn’t be surprised for the criticism that goes on about practice.
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    You almost wonder anymore if any high school coaching job is really worth the trouble with all the parent involvement anymore.
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    The blame for this can’t be put on Highlands. James checked all the boxes, and then he got cold feet.
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    Let's be adults and make sure we allow the incoming coach to inform his players before blasting it all over a public forum...
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    Saw smoke coming from the smoke stack at the school so a decision must be close.
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    Merry Christmas folks. It's a little after 3am, I just took my dog out for a quick walk, and there's a heavy enough dusting that everything is nice and white and you could hear a pindrop from 25 feet away. Peaceful and beautiful. Made me spend my short while outside thinking about good things instead of how much of a soup sandwich 2020 has been. I appreciate all of the folks here and the community we have that is BluegrassPreps. Enjoy the holiday everybody!
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    Here's the thing... 1) Prevailing wages. Electrical companies are going to be the ones bidding on the replacement of stadium light pole. So with their wages including fringes, you can figure in $50-60 an hour, per person. So right there, one week of work for one person at $60 an hour is $2400. 2) Wanna remove a non-functioning light pole at your stadium? Time to rent a crane that can pick that old one up. Gotta be able to reach out over the practice field too, because unless you're planning on building a road out onto the practice field that's suitable to hold the 275-300 ton weight of a crawler crane, plus a crane pad to operate from, then your crane is going to have to be a VERY large one - capable of reaching out +/- 150ft from the road, and 60-70ft up to pick a stadium light pole. Figure $5K a day, plus crane operator rates, $160 an hour/$1280 per day, plus at least two certified crane rigging and signaling workers, as required by OSHA. Call that another $1200 per day for the two of them. You need at least a couple of guys there from the electrical company that bid the work, to oversee the removal of the old pole and disconnect the electric...that's $960. So day one, removal of the old pole: $5000 + $1280 + $1200 + $960 = $8440. 3) Demolition/removal of the old footings for the light pole (if any). Most stadium light poles, unlike many utility poles for electrical and phone lines, have concrete footings in the ground around them. That footing was designed for the old pole, and will need to be removed for the new one, and replaced with compacted material. Not sure whether or not that happened, but that would be a days with a concrete hoe ram to break up the concrete, plus the cost of the operator, plus a couple of laborers with shovels, a skidsteer or backhoe to load demo'd concrete and dirt into and a dump truck, a dump truck driver, dumping fee for the demo'd concrete and dirt...call that $2500 or $3000 for the day. 4) It predates my time here in Louisville, but I'm guessing Male's Maxwell Field was originally built in 1991 when they renovated the former Durrett High School campus to move Male out to Preston Highway. So that puts the underground electrical service for that light pole, at newest, at 29 years old. I'm not an electrician, but I'm strongly inclined to think the underground electrical service of that age A) has probably suffered some water intrusion in the original conduit, if there was any conduit used in the first place, B) is more than likely sub-standard electric by today's electrical code, and C) probably doesn't meet the electrical specifications/requirements for modern stadium lighting anyway. Time for more work to dig up and remove the old electric and replace it with new conduit and electric. So there are electricians' wages, hourly equipment fees for any excavating, operator fees, etc. Cost of conduit too. And does anyone have any idea what the cost is on the actual wire used for the three-phase electrical service run supply a stadium light pole? We could be talking hundreds of dollars per foot. I'm not going to itemize the cost here...but you see where I'm going with this. 5) Time to order a stadium light pole itself. That's probably ballpark of like $20K...couldn't say for sure without seeing the specs for the pole and the lights that they used. 6) Time to install the new footing for the new light pole. So we're back to requiring excavating equipment, operator fees, laborers, concrete masons, concrete material, reinforcing steel, electricians to install the code-required grounding. 7) Now that everything is ready and the light pole has been delivered to the site, it's time to get that big 'ol crane back out there. See #2. Lastly, you want to make a profit and cover your overhead. For state work, prevailing wage, most "trades" (not general contractors...so companies like electrical companies) charge 15% and 10% for profit and overhead. So $99000 ÷ 1.25 = $79200...once all of the actual costs add up to $79200, then you add on your 15% & 10% and you're at $99K. I just don't see that as being that much of a stretch.
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    Some coaching background knowledge. These are some notable head coaches in our state, current/former...where they are most known for and some background at their previous stops before taking/getting BETTER jobs. Robbie Lucas- Somerset 09-Current Head coach at Lincoln County in 02 & 03, compiling a 4-16 record. He goes back to Somerset as an assistant, takes over for Jay Cobb before the '09 season. Won it all in 2019 and constantly has his Briar Jumpers in the mix, and ALSO had an O'fer season is maybe 13 or 14? So you're talking three years at two different schools where his teams went 4-27, despite all the success he/they've had. Ty Scroggins- former Head Coach, Lou. Central., 07-16 Head coach at Doss 03-06, 18-24 record, only one winning record, no playoff wins. Central had always been a good program, but he took a corvette and turned into a supped up Maserati. Chris McNamee- Pikeville ('10- Current), Two State Titles & 1 Runner Up Head coach at Pike County Central 05-08, 16-26 record, never had a winning record, no playoff wins. Goes back to Pikeville as an assistant in '09, gets the HC job there in 10 and the rest is history. Doug Preston- John Hardin (formerly of Franklin-Simpson from 12-19) Head coach at Paris (97), Rowan County (03-05), Lou. Western (06-07), Bullitt East (08-10). Has a combined record of roughly 10 games below .500 at those stops (was the 4A State Runners Up at Bullitt East in 08) before getting the Franklin-Simpson job in '12. Goes 3-9 in 2012, then proceeds to make THREE STRAIGHT TRIPS to the 4A finals his last 6 years, winning back to back titles in 17 & 18. John Edge- Apollo (formerly of Owensboro Catholic 134-66 and 3 State Runner Ups) He also went to South Spencer (IN) for the 18 & 19 seasons & went 3-17. Sam Harp- former Head Coach, Danville ('88-'11), winner of 7 State Titles Before coming to Danville in '88 (replacing Tom Duffy who left for Highlands), Coach Harp had been FIRED at Calloway County, then heads to Anderson County as their HC where they win the Region Title in '87. Kevin Wallace- St. X (Formerly of Bowling Green '96-'17), winner of 5 State titles. From early/mid 80's- same of the 90's, he's the head coach at Warren East High School for 10 years. NEVER had a winning record, NEVER won a playoff game.
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    It must make you feel good about yourself to sit behind a made up name and anonomously talk trash about a person! Sad!
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    Whew...and what a game it was! The Red Colonels of Dixie Heights went into Ft. Thomas with a ‘W’ on their minds, and they almost pulled it off. This Double-Overtime affair was a tough match start to finish, and not trying to take the spotlight off of the Birds in their victory, but this year’s Dixie team has something to say. This was a fun game to watch with both teams setting the pace early by knocking down some decent shots. Vinson of course got his with lots of help from sophomore William Herald showing that he’s the real deal, and is a sure keeper for the Birds in the next couple of years. Herald can knock down the 3, and does a nice job getting to the rim. Luke Muller was probably 3rd in scoring for Highlands tonight, but I’ve not the benefit of any stats, so I’d guess Vinson got his 30+, Herald probably close to 20, Muller perhaps 10-15, with a handful more from their supporting cast. Read, Barth, and Ryan I believe also contributed to the scoring column, and forgive me if I forgot anyone else. For Dixie, Jason Summe had a big night probably in the 20 something range if not more. He’s quite a player who is efficient all over the court. He can really get to the basket at will, and still knock down the 3. He pretty much was the man for the Colonels in the 1st half, with still much contribution the rest of the way. He did sit out a few minutes in the 3rd quarter as he was served with a ‘T’ that Vinson cashed in on at the line, and then turned around with a dunk for the exclamation point. Sr. Ian Snelling, Jr Jay Flynn, and Jr. Logan Landers helped keep pace as well with good shot efficiency, and also The Colonels has the great fortune of great ball handlers all around. Can’t miss talking about Jr. big guy Billy Wogenstahl who probably dropped in nearly 20 himself, and is a decent inside threat with limber quickness with his lanky frame. Jr. Keirnan Geraci, who from past game stats is a big time scorer was mostly quiet through 3 periods but came to life in the 4th with some big shots to keep a game that was getting away from them close again before going into overtime. Dixie was up 23-18 at the end of 1 quarter. Then it was all knotted up at half at 36. Highland started to pull away in the 3rd ending the quarter up 52-46. In the 4th they got it to 54-46 before Dixie started chipping away at their lead. Highlands truly could’ve put them away, but weren’t efficient with the clock in the last 3 minutes of regulation and couldn’t connect on a series of ill advised shots where the Colonels were tough on the defensive boards and continued to capitalize in the last couple of minutes with Vinson missing a last second 3 sending it into the first overtime period, knotted at 66 all. Highland got a lead out of the gate in the 1st overtime, but Dixie would not be denied, and again Vinson had the chance to end it but didn’t sending it to the 2nd overtime tied at 75. 2nd overtime is where Dixie’s luck would run dry with Vinson connecting on a circus shot and 1, and Muller connecting I believe 4 more from the line, where Dixie couldn’t quite hit their FT’s down the stretch, and the Birds sneaked out of there with the ‘W’ final score 88-81, but the Red Colonels sure did give them all they wanted. I think that we can safely say that Dixie is right on board with the likes of Highlands, St. Henry, and Beechwood. They beat Conner by 20 recently as well, and Conner recently took good care of Holy Cross by a bunch. Of course teams like Holy Cross and NewCath are both missing a big key player: McClendon for HC, and Pangallo for NCC, and they too might be closer to the top 5 than we’re presently seeing, but after CovCath, St. H, Highlands, Beechwood, and Dixie are too close to call and securely in the Top 5.
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    You may be new here, this is a discussion board. The whole idea is we talk about things. There's a thread on it, so I'm discussing it. I've spoken to several coaches and several players who feel exactly the same way I do. See how that works? If you don't like my opinion, that's a you problem...
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    I don't think how a person looks or where they come from should matter as long as they are a good football coach and are ethically and morally sound. In fact, I think it may be good for some communities to have someone different than the "normal," whatever that may mean in a given place. If this kind of thing does matter, and it's known to matter outside of that community, you are limiting yourself on candidates that would even want the job.
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    Y'all take it so personal when someone points out why a coach may not be interested in Highlands.
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    I can’t help but feel like a big message is being overlooked in all this. The guy caved because of his loyalty to his home school. At the same time, Highlands grads with deep loyalty to the program were overlooked in the hiring process. No judgment, but something the interview committee needs to consider for future.
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    Yes. It is a great job. The community, school, & administration are committed to excellence in their football program. It's been a tough stretch.... but Highlands is still Highlands.
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    I have mixed feelings on this one but I don't think the Highlands job is near what it was 10 years ago.
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    That was an excellent Cliff Notes version of the thread. The only other point that should have been included is that Sweeperboy should be the new Head Coach with JOAT and Tedfromvillahills as his assistants. It has been right in front of us the whole time. And I mean for years. Please nobody get their shorts in a bunch....it was a stab at a little humor. LOL.
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    I haven't read the previous pages of this thread nor will I. No. It is not time for Cal to go at UK. I'll always be amazed at how fickle this fan base is.
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    Ain't that the truth Tp94, we need more Bowling Greens in Kentucky.
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    7th Region Preview Last year, the Male Bulldogs were the 7th Region champs after beating perennial power Ballard Bruins 71-61. The 7th Region will continue to be one of the top regions in Kentucky with multiple teams that could go deep in the state tournament but only one will have the opportunity to do it. The main contenders for the championship should be Ballard, Male, Trinity, Eastern, and Seneca. These 5 teams return considerable fire power to compete for the championship. Ballard and Male look to be top favorites with Trinity, Eastern, and Seneca as the next tier of contenders. The 7th region also has two of the best players in the state with Ballard’s Maker Bar and Male’s Kaleb Glenn. The projected finish was formulated using last year’s power ratings and looking at what players teams lost and returned. 1. Ballard Bruins - Last year, Ballard lost to Male 71-61 in 7th Region championship and had a record of 28-7. Ballard graduated top players Lewis Richards and Rashad Bishop but return 3 talented young players with Sophomore G Gabe Sisk, Sophomore G Jack Edelen, and JR C Maker Bar. This talented trio will have Ballard contending for the regional championship. Lost: Lewis Richards 12.8 ppg. Rashad Bishop 12.2 ppg. Key returnees: Gabe Sisk 12.0 ppg Jack Edelen 11.5 ppg Maker Bar 10.0 ppg, 7.3 rpg. #1 player in KY for 2022 class as rated by 247sports.com 2. Male Bulldogs - Last year, Male won the 7th Region championship defeating Ballard 71-61 and had a record of 31-4. Male graduated top players Tyren Moore and Howard Fleming but return 2 top players in Sophomore C Keleb Glenn, Senior G Cameron Pope, and bring in talented Freshman G Max Gainey. Kaleb Glenn is one of the top players in the country, and Male has the talent to repeat as 7th region champions. Lost: Tyren Moore 17.9 ppg. Howard Fleming 15.8 ppg, 7 rpg. Key returnees: Kaleb Glenn 13.4 ppg, 10.1 rpg. #1 player in KY for 2023 class as rated by 247sports.com. Cameron Pope 10.9 ppg. Jacksonville State commit. Max Gainey. One of top freshman in state. 3. Trinity Shamrocks - Last year, Trinity lost to St. Xavier in 7th Region tournament 58-47 and had a record of 18-15. Trinity only had one senior last year and return their top 3 scorers and will be a contender in the region. They will be led by Senior F Zach Stahlman, Senior G Ethan Hodge, and Sophomore G Miles Franklin. Trinity looks to be improved this year and a contender for regional championship. Lost: Andrew Brian 3.2 ppg. Key returnees: Zach Stahlman 13.1 ppg, 5.9 rpg. Ethan Hodge 11.1 ppg. Miles Franklin 11.4 ppg. 4. Eastern Eagles - Last year, Eastern Lost to Male in 7th Region tournament 59-52 and had a record of 22-11. Eastern had no seniors last year so return all their starters except James Jewell who transferred. Also, they gain Shane Bibby who transferred in from Central. They will be led by their trio of Junior G Christian Spalding, Senior G Ben Craig, and Senior Shane Bibby. Eastern with their returning experience will be a contender for regional championship. Lost: James Jewell 13.3 ppg, 6.9 rpg., Transferred to Marion County. Key returnees: Christian Spaulding 12.7 ppg. Ben Craig 11.1 ppg, 6.6 rpg. Shane Bibby 11.6 ppg at Central last year. 5. Seneca Redhawks - Last year, Seneca lost to Male 84-53 in 7th Region tourney and had a record of 21-10. Seneca returns their top player with Senior G Delshawn Simms, and Senior Darian Floyd, and Senior G Byron Cox. Seneca returns all top players but one and can contend for regional championship. Lost: Trent Findley 8.1 ppg, 5.1 rpg. Key returnees: Delshawn Simms 16.4 ppg. Courier-Journal 2020 All Metro Louisville team. Darian Floyd 9.7 ppg. Byron Cox 9.5 ppg, 5.2 rpg. 6. St. Xavier Tigers - Last year, St. Xavier lost to Ballard 79-55 in 7th Region tournament and had a record of 19-12. St. X returns two of their top players with Senior G Ben Varga and Senior F Ayden Mudd. The Tigers will need some younger players to step up to move up in rankings. Lost: Nicholas Mosley 14.0 ppg. Simon Smith 10.7 ppg, 5.3 rpg. Key returnees: Ben Varga 14.5 ppg Ayden Mudd 7.4 ppg, 4.8 rpg. Committed to Bellarmine. Mekhi Smith 3.2 ppg. 7. Manual Crimsons - Last year, Manual lost to Ballard 92-50 in 7th Region tournament and had a record of 14-14. Lost: Eli Roberts 10.7 ppg. Key returnees: JaWaun Northington 9.8 ppg, 9.4 rpg. Aaron Smith 7.7 ppg. Koji Anderson 6.7 ppg. 8. Waggener Wildcats - Last year, Waggener lost to Trinity 52-50 in 7th Region tournament and had a record of 17-11. Lost: Dallas Rufus 16.3 ppg Richard White 15.0 ppg, 5.1 rpg. Alix Berry 8.1 ppg. Key returnees: Austin Chiles 5.3 ppg. 9. Christian Academy-Louisville Centurions - Last year, Christian Academy lost to Eastern 78-55 in 28th District tournament and had a record of 10-19. Lost: Jacob Sangalli 13.3 ppg. Key returnees: Brayden Daniels 13.2 ppg., 5.3 rpg. Stephen Wearsch 9.5 ppg. Tyler Lagestee 6.8 ppg. 10. Central Yellowjackets - Last year, Central lost to Eastern 55-38 in 7TH Region tournament and had a record of 10-21. Lost: Shane Bibby 11.6 ppg. Transferred to Eastern. Dejuan Parks 7.0 ppg. Key returnees: Kam Jones 8.1 ppg. 11. Atherton Rebels - Last year, Atherton lost to Trinity 76-47 in 27th District tournament and had a record of 12-16. Lost: Micah Speaks 9.9 ppg. Key returnees: Da Von Johnson 16.7 ppg., One of top players in region. Jymare Johnson 10.4 ppg., 4.9 rpg. Jonathan Lavender 7.9 ppg. 12. Collegiate Titans - Last year, Collegiate lost 84-59 in 26th District tournament and had a record of 20-7. Lost: Chez Moore 19.4 ppg., 10.5 rpg. Joey Leachman 11.1 ppg., 6.9 rpg. Key returnees: Cole Thompson 7.8 ppg. Trevor Holbrook 6.6 ppg. Keith Brown 6.0 ppg. 13. Kentucky Country Day Bearcats - Last year, KCD lost 99-42 to Ballard in 28th District tournament and had a record of 15-13. Lost: Michael Collis 14.8 ppg. Anthony O’Neal 13.9 ppg., 5.1 rpg. Key returnees: Will Crockett 13 ppg. Nicholas Roemer 7.6 ppg. 14. Shawnee Eagles - Last year, Shawnee lost 41-28 to Central in 25th District tournament and had a record of 14-13. Lost: Josiah Bivens 14.0 ppg. Abraham Hull 7.2 ppg. Key returnees: Keyonie Rutledge 13.4 ppg. Brian Ritchie 8.0 ppg. Darryl Malone 7.0 ppg 15. Walden Wolverines - Last year, Walden lost 58-43 to KCD in 28th District tournament and had a record of 19-11. Lost: Isaiah Cargill 18.2 ppg. Key returnees: Ty High 16.6 ppg., 6.2 rpg. Charles Ball 12.1 ppg., 6.4 ppg. Peter Dalmares 8.5 ppg. 16. Brown Bears - Last year, Brown lost 112-35 to Male in 26th District tournament and had a record of 5-25. Lost: Victor Henderson 5.9 ppg. Key returnees: Josiah Bibb 20.5 ppg., 5.9 rpg. Kristopher Watts 5.5 ppg. Justin Bibb 5.5 ppg. 17. Portland Christian Eagles - Last year, Portland Christian lost 87-30 to Manual in 25th District tournament and had a record of 11-18. Lost: no key losses. Key returnees: Mason Skees 15.8 ppg., 9.5 rpg. Alex Steen 14.1 ppg, 6.2 rpg. Ethan Heid 10.7 ppg. 18. Saint Francis Wyverns - Last year, St. Francis lost 63-55 to Portland Christian in 25th District tournament and had a record of 7-20. Lost: Connor Gorman 10.9 ppg. Bruce Hamilton 8.6 ppg. Key returnees: Darian Wade 18.9 ppg, 10.9 rpg. Isaiah Robles 9.0 ppg. Stevaun Butler 5.5 ppg.
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    @TheDeuce @Walter @Voice of Reason @The Double Deuce @SLINK @CincySportsFan @nees1212 @futurecoach @nikeman49 @BillNye @Irish Cat @9068 @The Professor @Run To State @Jumper_Dad I know you all are in here. Might as well try to start 2021 off on a good note!
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