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    Our son just found out today that he has received a giant feather in his academic cap. He has been awarded a Fulbright Distinguished Chair Post at the University of Warsaw (not Kentucky). The official verbiage is "Distinguished Scholar in Humanities and Social Sciences at the American Studies Center, University of Warsaw". Will be teaching and lecturing there for the Spring 2022 semester. Heck, the coolest academic thing I ever did was test out of Comp 1 and 2 my freshman year at Morehead.
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    Highlands head coach Bob Sphire returns ready to restore the Bluebirds. #BigThings
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    This is a must listen interview from Wyatt Vieth
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    In my opinion, I think an individual should only repeat a year of school if there are major glaring academic issues. It just doesn’t sit well with me for someone to repeat a year of school, even though they are an A, B student. To me that takes away from the sole purpose of the 5th year, by making the return more about sports than academics.
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    To be fair, The Cru went belly to belly and didn't back down. If the Colonels didn't play well enough throughout the game, one call on a last second shot, well ... We got beat. We got beat twice by a band of brothers. Respect. Row Cru!
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    I always thought Henry County's Roy L. Winchester Gymnasium had a cool feel to it.
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    Thank goodness some here aren't in charge of hiring ANYBODY. 😂
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    ...for a Sweet 16® King of the Hardwood contest as soon as all the matchups are set. Your humble servant, mcpapa
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    I don't care if Texas went 0-12 every season the last decade, it is still a football school. To say it has been a basketball school is only speaking to on-court/field results. Which Texas basketball hasn't been any better than it's football program the past decade, imo. Going to the NCAA tournament and losing the first or second round is anything special.
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    9th Region - District Tourney Wrap Up & Regional Tourney Preview AND THEN THERE WERE EIGHT… The 33rd, 34th, 35th, & 36th District Tournaments have all completed, and while some of the district champs are who most might’ve expected, there were also a couple of dramatic close calls and shake ups to remind us how unpredictable post season play can be, and sometimes it’s these surprises that make it all the more exciting. Let’s take a look at the tourneys district by district… The 33rd District Tournament, played at Boone County High School, pitted top seed Conner Cougars (15-6) against the hosts the Boone County Rebels (8-11), and in the other semi-final game the 2nd seed, the Cooper Jaguars (5-11) faced off with the 3rd seeded Ryle Raiders (9-12). Boone County had a challenging season plagued by 13 COVID cancellations that took them out of their rhythm, and while they struggled with a 3-10 start to the season, they ended their regular season strong with a 5 game winning streak which included a signature win against Newport Central Catholic, but their season sadly came to a close in a nail biter against the top seeded Conner Cougars 57-55, which came within an inch of going into overtime with a layup that held on the rim, but just didn’t quite fall. The Rebels were heartbroken to have come so close to being giants killers, and the Conner Cougars, wiping their brow, were awarded to move on to the finals to face the winner of the Cooper/Ryle game where Cooper had won in the regular season between the two in low scoring affair that didn’t get out of the 30’s. Both Cooper & Ryle were also riddled by cancellations this season due to COVID with 7, and 8 cancellations respectively, but thankfully both were eligible to compete in the district tourney, and this time the Raiders avenged their regular season loss the Jaguars in convincing form 55-41. The finals were no obstacle for the Conner Cougars as they easily got past the Raiders 73-47 in a game that was never in question, and the Conner Cougars are your 2021 33rd District Champs for the 2nd season in a row. The All Tournament Team included Leon Cleary from Boone County, Jacob Deere from Cooper, Donovan Robinson, and Graves Fryman from Ryle, and Spencer Couzins, and Cole Skiles for Conner with Riley Osterbur as the tournament MVP. The 34th District Tournament played at Lloyd Memorial High School firstly had the Ludlow Panthers (18-10) vs. the Villa Madonna Vikings (7-19) in the play-in game where the Panthers advanced to the semi-finals after beating the Vikings 68-57. The semi’s were all set to have the Ludlow Panthers vs. the top seed St. Henry Crusaders (17-3), and the 3rd seeded hosts, the Lloyd Memorial Juggernauts (7-11) vs. the 2nd seeded Dixie Heights Colonels (20-5). The Crusaders easily took care of business beating the Panthers 95-51 ending Ludlow’s productive 18 win season. In the 2nd semi-final game the Colonels erased any doubts about whether or not the Juggs had improved well enough this season to be a threat, and the answer was emphatically NO as they took care of business there winning convincingly 72-49 setting up the championship game between them and St. Henry where the Crusaders were the slight favorites. This fast paced game was chock full of excitement with both teams having nice runs with multiple lead changes, but when the final horn sounded, your 2021 34th District Tournament Champs were the Dixie Height Colonels while also reaching their 20th victory of the season. There were big implications in this victory for Dixie for now they’d either face Ryle, Newport, or Holy Cross in the first round rather than CovCath, Highlands, or Conner, and that’s a big deal if you’re hoping to make it into the semi-finals. In the 9th Region draw, which we’ll discuss further later in this article, Dixie was selected to face the Newport Wildcats. The All Tournament Team included Noah Hoffmeister from Ludlow, Colin Chillo from Villa Madonna, Dameion Mitchell from Lloyd, Wyatt Vieth and Cody Teeten from St. Henry, Ian Snelling and Kiernan Geraci from Dixie with Billy Wogenstahl as the tournament MVP. The 35th District Tournament played at the Holmes High School Fieldhouse with a field of 4 where the top seeded Covington Catholic Colonels (24-3) faced off with the hosts the Holmes Bulldogs (5-16), and the 2-3 seed game matched the Holy Cross Indians (14-9) with the Beechwood Tigers (23-6). The 9th Region favorites, the Colonels didn’t have any trouble with the Bulldogs ending their season with a 75-44 win. The next semi was a game where the Beechwood Tigers were hoping to avenge their regular season 18 point loss to the Holy Cross Indians, and in a very heated battle again the Indians prevailed winning 67-60 setting up the 35th District Championship game between them, and the Covington Catholic Colonels. The Indians surely came to play, and gave the Colonels a nice battle for the better part of 3 quarters until the wheels began to fall off, and the stronger CovCath Colonels prevailed 84-62 and adding another 35th District Championship trophy to their case along with the many other district champions pieces of hardware from their very productive and historic past. The 36th District Tournament played at Dayton High School in the Stan Steidel gymnasium firstly had the Dayton Greendevils (9-15) vs. the Bellevue Tigers (5-20) go at it in their 4th battle of the season where the Greendevils had won the previous 3, but for the Tigers the 4th time was the charm as they took this one 63-59 setting up the semis where they had to face the top seed Highlands Bluebirds (24-4), and in the other semi-final game the Newport Central Catholic (9-10) Thoroughbreds played the Newport Wildcats (7-16) hoping to avenge their 77-44 loss to the Breds earlier in the season. As expected the Bluebirds had no trouble with the Tigers winning that one 89-25, but in the other semi-final game most everyone expected NewCath to move on into the regional tourney, but the Newport Wildcats had other plans, and really made an impressive showing over the Breds considering their previous 33 points loss, and taking down their neighborhood rivals 46-39, and advancing to the finals to face the Highlands Bluebirds where they lost that one 86-55, making the Highlands Bluebirds your 2021 36th District Champions. 9th Region Tournament Preview So with the district tournaments all wrapped up, the biggest thing on everyone’s mind was the 9th Region Tournament Draw, and how things would go now that Dixie had beaten St. Henry, and the possibility that the Number 1, and Number 2 teams in the region (Covington Catholic, and St. Henry) could theoretically be pitted against each other in the first round. Well just as people wondered, that theory became a law, and sure enough they indeed are scheduled to go at it in the first round. All of the first round games will be played at the home of the 4 District winners on Monday, March 22nd at 7:00. Covington Catholc has opted to surrender their home court advantage, and hold their first round game with St. Henry at the Holmes fieldhouse which is 2 ½ times larger than CovCath’s gym which will allow for more people as Holmes is allowing 25% capacity because of COVID precautions, which equates to 750 spectators. In the top bracket: Highlands vs. Ryle Covington Catholic vs. St. Henry In the lower bracket: Dixie vs. Newport Conner vs. Holy Cross Whereas in the district tourney games there were upsets that very few expected, I’ll be hesitant to do any predicting for the 9th Region Tournament for fear of eating my words. Sometimes things go as planned, but we all know that in tournament time anything can happen, and oftentimes the unexpected does. The Semi-Finals and the Finals will be held at the Holmes Fieldhouse: The Semi’s will be played Wednesday, March 24th at 6:00 & 8:30 The Finals will be played Friday, March 26th at 7:00 In the Highland/Ryle game most expect a certain outcome, but nonetheless, Ryle, a team that sat in the final rankings before the district tournament in the 15th spot, but now we see that 7 teams ahead of them have been sent packing. They knew what the stakes were in the district tournament, and they did what they had to do to get to the regional tournament, so you gotta hand it to them for that. The Raiders are led by Donovan Robinson, Graves Fryman, and Tyler Bush, and they intend come prepared to do whatever they can to get past the high flying Bluebirds led by invincible Sam Vinson, and his supporting cast of sharp shooters Luke Muller, and William Herald, along with the dependable play of Oliver Harris, Zac Barth, and Leyton Read. The Covington Catholic/St. Henry game is by far the matchup that has everybody talking. The Crusaders narrowly won their first meeting by the score of 61-60 when many didn’t think that the Colonels could be beaten by anybody in the 9th Region. The two are the top ranked teams in the region where most would’ve guessed that we would have seen them either in the semi’s or finals, but here they are ready to go at it in the first round. Will the senior heavy experience led by Wyatt Vieth, and Jude Bessler help the Cru prove that their first encounter was no fluke, or will the Colonels, who will certainly be in tournament time form avenge their loss to move on to the semi-finals with their talented and loaded starting 5 of Evan Ipsaro, Mitchell Rylee, Donovan Stocks, Chandler Starks, and Colin McHale, and a healthy long bench that includes the dependable play of Reece Murphy and James Wilson. The Dixie Colonels, Oh My have done themselves a terrific favor in getting to the 9th Region Tournament as 34th District winners, because firstly they get to play their first round game at home, and more importantly they had the privilege to avoid other district winners CovCath, Highlands, or Conner. The options for them for winning was either Ryle, Newport, or Holy Cross, and I’d say that if they had a choice they’d like to avoid Holy Cross because they’d certain matchup better with Ryle and Newport, and sure enough they got Newport. The Wildcats weren’t expected to be here, and just like Ryle, they ended ranked 14th, but guess what...they’re still alive. Kudos to them because they did what they needed to do to be here. They have a tough road ahead of them in the Dixie Colonels, but win or lose, they can still feel mighty proud for still being in the thick of things when nobody expected them to be. The Wildcats are led by Alex Greene, and KeAndre Nelson, and Dixie is loaded with a starting 5 all capable of scoring the ball, along with a couple of very dependable bench players. Ian Snelling, Kiernan Gerachi, Jason Summe, Jay Flynn, Billy Wogenstahl, Logan Landers can really get at it with dynamic ball movement, and reliable explosive scoring. The Wildcats have their hands full. Conner vs. Holy Cross is a particularly interesting matchup, and probably the other more intriguing game outside of the CovCath St. Henry game because while arguments could be made for either team, I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who could predict this one with any certainty. Holy Cross really likes to get up and down with a fast paced attack led by two 20 ppg scorers in Jacob Meyer, and Brandon McClendon along with the mighty Jeramiah Hicks who is a beast on the boards, and Blake Robinson who is lights out from the 3. The Cougars have strong abilities themselves with the strong all around play and great 3 point shooter Spencer Couzins, good leadership of Riley Ostebur, and Cole Skiles, and another dynamic sharp shooter in Ayden Lohr. It’s certainly going to be an exciting 9th Region Tournament to cap off an exciting season in the 9th where the Top 5 teams at one point or another all made it into the State’s Top 20 with 2 in the Top 5, not to mention a repeat for St. Henry as All ‘A’ Classic State Champs, and Scotty Draud of Beechwood becoming the All-time Leading Scorer of the 9th Region. Good luck to all of the teams! As far as the broadcasting of the games go, I can give you a bit of what I know, and a little of what I’m assuming. The Semi’s and Finals will be videod by the Colonel Athletic Network for a fee, as well as the first round CovCath/St. Henry game. https://www.covcath.org/athletics/can Mark Wehry will also being doing free audio of the semi’s and finals as well as the first round Highlands/Ryle game. https://www.859sportsradio.com/ The 33rd District tournament was on the NFHS network for a subscription fee if that is any indication how Conner might handle hosting their first round game. https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/ Dixie has been broadcasting their home games free all season long on their Dixie Heights Athletics Youtube channel, so as of now I can only assume that that’s where their first round game vs. Newport will be aired. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVCx6p8zLauhGYVx7JecKiw/videos Aside from Mark Wehry doing audio of the first round Highlands/Ryle game there are two sites possible for video, first in Highlands youtube channel where they’ve been broadcasting their home games for free all season. https://www.youtube.com/user/HHSFilmAndBroadcast/videos Or at the Highlands Athletic site where I assume they can charge a fee if they go that route. https://www.highlandsathletics.com/
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    That tournament run was the greatest perimeter shooting display most likely in Kentucky high school postseason history. They had the best player in each game but ran into some teams that were arguably overall more talented. Felt like they just couldn’t miss and because of that shooting, players stepping up, and superb coaching, they got the job done.
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    This thread is a little light on the hyperbole that the other SHDHS game thread contained. Go figure. Congrats to Coach Listerman and his Birds; I am genuinely THRILLED for Sam to have the chance to play for a regional title and get a shot to play at Rupp before his career ends. He deserves that.
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    Personally, I think the biggest beneficiaries of this law will be current kindergarteners, 1st and 2nd graders. Think about it...you're supposed to be learning the building blocks of reading, writing and arithmetic at that point, and you were stuck doing so largely (or wholly) via Non-Traditional Instruction looking at a teacher and assignments on a computer screen. Having more time to get those basics down is going to be nothing but a bigger benefit in the longrun.
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    As far as in state teams, they need to put more weight on if you play up in class and lose to a really good team, then you should get rewarded for that. As it currently stands, if you play a good much higher class team, and lose, you are not rewarded for throwing your hat in the ring with the big boys. A perfect example of this, was this past year. Beechwood’s only 2 losses were to 5A Cov Cath by 2, and 6A Dixie by 8. Beechwood also had wins over 4A Corbin, and 6A Ryle, but yet, they were on the road for the semi finals to play West Carter, whose best win was against 3A Russell, but they had a bunch of wins against mediocre to not good 4A and 5A schools. I think what you see happen in 1A, with KCD stacking up wins against mediocre to bad 4A and 5A schools and they pad their RPI. Pikeville plays much better competition and they end up worse in the RPI because of it. These are just 2 examples, there are several just like these, across the state. As far as out of state competition, that needs to change as well. Beechwood has several really good teams they could match up with across the river, but the only teams in Ohio that are willing to play Beechwood, are the ones that view Beechwood as a Harbin points cow. Nobody in Ohio that thinks they will lose to Beechwood, will play Beechwood, and with the current RPI situation in Ky, Beechwood would be dumb to play an Ohio team that would more than likely beat them, because beating them is a low reward, and losing to an Ohio team is a high risk situation. Just my thoughts on the situation!
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    In western KY. Marshall County's gym is sharp. The Marshall County HoopFest brings in top national talent year in year out.
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    From skimming the surface: 1. Male - The Bulldogs boast three of the top prospects in Kentucky - Selah Brown (DL), Vinny Anthony (WR), and Elijah Manning (LB). They return Nic Schutte at QB and Daniel Swinney looks like a very suitable replacement for Jaylin Bross. Entire o-line is back. Loaded and a firm #1, imo. 2. St. Xavier - Questions at QB. Smith and Duddy give the Tigers one of the best WR duos in the state. Jaxon Panariello looks like a future FBS linebacker. On paper, they should get the better of Trinity this year, but with the level T's program is at right now, I'm not as confident putting X at #2 as I probably should be. 3. Trinity - The Rocks should come back to earth after a historically great 2020 season, but even a reloading T is still among the favorites in 6A. Armon Tucker is one of the top RBs in the state. No Bob Beatty for the first time since 1999. 4. Manual - They have a pair of elite talents in Jawaun Northington (RB) and Malachi Lawrence (DE). The Crimsons lose enough quality bodies that I've got them at least half a notch below Louisville's Big 3, but they should have enough back to remain a fixture in the top 5 next season and potentially move up. 5. Bryan Station - Lose a very good QB and must replace a lot up front, but return basically all skill people, including one of the best RBs most outside of Lexington haven't heard of in Joey Bond. Defense should be stout, with 9 of top 11 tacklers back. Beyond that, you've got a group that includes the likes of Dixie Heights, McCracken County, and Oldham County. My sleeper pick for 6A is Daviess County. They return all skill people and QB Joe Humphreys, a possible Mr. Football darkhorse. North Hardin has been a mainstay in the top 5 for a couple of years, but I see them taking a step back to rebuild after losing a lot of talent and production on both sides of the ball. It's so hard to rank any class beyond the top 5.
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    Cincinnati Dragons Senior Kerwin Haake (Lexington KY) will be signing his letter of intent tomorrow to play college wheelchair basketball at the University of Arizona next year. Kerwin is our first college signee in the 4 year history of the Dragons. Signing ceremony will start around 2:30 tomorrow and will be streamed on our Facebook page if anyone is interested in watching. http://www.facebook.com/gcasc
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    Received my second dose of Pzifer on Wednesday. A little arm soreness. No other issues.
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    During our broadcast, mentioning the relationships made here on BGP, I mentioned Purple Haze, who while a Purples football supporter, was a major Bowling Green supporter. Brossart and Bowling Green, being in different classes and from different ends of the state have little in common, so I thought it was appropriate to give a shout out to my only known connection to the Purples, in his memory.
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    Awesome job by Coach Listerman and the birds! This was a fun journey to watch. There were some dark days early on when Coach Listerman took over the program where he was reviving/building the program but he had a vision and stayed the course. Couldn’t be more happy for him.
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    Highlands has broken the tournament record for 3 pointers which was held by Trinity.
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    Peach has as good of resume as you will find outside of maybe 10 current coaches in Ky. Solid hire for Danville.
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    You're upset that your upset pick was upset. 😂
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    I'm happy for Mick. He wanted to stay at UC but the former AD didn't want to give him what he needed to be successful. Mick felt unappreciated so went somewhere that was willing to provide him resources he pretty much begged for while at UC. Good for him.
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    Final what a game. I've seen high school teams in Kentucky look more athletic than they do. This is what makes the NCAA so much fun to watch.
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    North Laurel has a good team but I think the two games they played at Lexington Catholic a month ago kind of exposed them as relying too much on their star player. They lost by 20 and 30 in those two games and were 19-0 going into that weekend. I didn’t watch this game but it appears from the stats that Knox knew Sheppard was going to get his points but the key was stop everyone else, and that obviously worked. Coach Rupp always used the same strategy with Pistol Pete Maravich whenever the Cats played LSU back in the day.
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    1937 undefeated Male Bulldogs season. My Grandfather Bill Riley was running back on team. I took these pics from his scrapbook he made that season.
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    You definitely don't want to have a drought of draughts.
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    All draughts are decent. Droughts, on the other hand, stink. 😁
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    I find it slightly humorous that people are actually worried about microchips being in the vaccine, while they walk around with a trackable GPS gadget in their pocket every single day of their lives.
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    I am told from my senior son at CCH that the school requested the move so more students can attend. I also understand that the allotment of tickets sent to both schools was sold out in about 20 minutes for both teams. I believe this was the right move by CCH. This will allow for a loud exciting venue for the players to play in with the most people possible. The players/students need this. The seniors for both teams deserve this as this year has been no where near a normal year for them. The atmosphere will be charged with two of the best teams in the state squaring off in the first round of the regional tournament with two of the best student cheering sections "bringing the noise". I am excited for this game to happen and applaud CCH for requesting the move. Unfortunately, these teams will not be meeting in the finals and even more so one of these teams' season will end tonight. I am thankful for all of the efforts put forth to make this happen and wish the winner to bring home a state title.
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    Solid, fundamental basketball. There’s still a place for it in this day and age.
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    I question all the time whether social media has run its course in society and if we should get rid of it. That’s a perfect example.
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    Tough schedule for a new coach with a whole lot of young guys. We'll definitely see if all those reps as Freshman pays off.
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    I would say that tells a tale about who was interested in him.
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    Very classy @Mustang! As someone who knew and very much respected and still respect PurpleHaze and what he meant/means to the Purples history and his die-hard zeal for everything BG, I really appreciate this. Goes to show even if we are not very common opponents, that we have common beliefs and positive hopes for our fellow man. That seems to get lost now a days. Thank you! Go Bishop Brossart! Go BG!
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    Better than I thought. So I guess Few is removed from the UK replacement list now? You are not going to convince me it doesn't make a difference playing in the WCC. Take Baylor. If you had their same team and put them in the WCC, I believe they would max out at a lower level than they did. It's only natural. It's why I get frustrated every year when Gonzaga goes 10-2 in the per-conference slate, then reels off 18 in a row against the likes of Pepperdine and San Fransisco, yet we get to hear "this year is different." They get a #1 seed in the west, then bow out early. And its not that I don't think they have a championship caliber team, but going 2-3 months with no challenge comes with its struggles in the long run.
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    I type this up as I patiently await the tip-off of the State Finals matchup. You might as well label this entry as the "Boyle County Praise Article," even if their season ended rather ugly at Rupp yesterday. Boyle County's Trip to Rupp The Rebels rightfully ended their season as one of the last 8 teams to be competing in the state. They got their one win of the trip with an opening round victory over Paintsville 70 to 56. Luke Sheperson led the way with 25 with Jagger Gillis getting 19 and Luke Imfeld 17. The Rebels did what they had to defensively, keeping all of the Paintsville shooters mostly in check and winning the game decisively inside. Friday was not so kind to Boyle County. The Rebel defense was futile on the perimeter against the hot-shooting Tomcats of Ashland. The final score was 80 to 44 in favor of Ashland. Top Players Player of the year has to go to Kade Grundy of Somerset who did some remarkable things and set records for the Briar Jumpers. DeAjuan Stepp finished up his career for West Jessamine in impressive style as well. Sheperson and Imfeld stood out for a crowded Boyle County group. And even though a top 5 in this region is tough to do, and it can be argued that's no necessarily what I'm doing, I would be disappointed in myself if I didn't include Jaxon Smith, the heart and soul of the Lincoln County Patriots, who, after a rough start and some delays, hit all cylinders at the end of the season to fall just short of a trip to Rupp. Dennie Webb Coach of the Year discussion this year really should begin and end with Dennie Webb of Boyle County. After an up and down debut season that showed flashes of incredible potential, Webb's 2nd year showed what the Rebels are truly capable of under his leadership. Looking to next year This part is the one I am sure there will be the most discussion on. With Smith back for Lincoln County, the Patriots are going to be just as dangerous as ever. Boyle returns Owen Barnes, Imfeld, and Hagan Webb but loses Gillis and Sheperson. West graduates Stepp but returns Daniel Waters and Gavin Salva. And don't sleep on Pulaski County, who returns Cayden Lancaster, Zach Travis, and Barek Williams. East Jessamine, Danville and Somerset will all have work to do to fill huge holes from graduation. Thanks for another great year. This is truly one of the most exciting regions to cover.
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    Thanks for running the contest. It was enjoyable for me until it wasn't. At first glance I thought you had omitted me. Wish you had. I would have done fine if you had allowed mulligans.
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    Thank you @DevilMayCare for the thorough, and thoroughly fun tournament coverage. Outstanding work sir!
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    Really do not know. But, I do believe this.... all of us have a clock at the school we coach. At some point, that clock runs out and we need to move on. If Shula and Noll had a clock... we ALL have a clock. Although , looks like Saban may be the exception. 😄
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    And this is why I have a membership! To get the information because the local press is out lunch these days!
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    We can do that... but not really what I am doing. I don't want to talk anyone into anything, we hit early August, Monday morning, 6 am, they say... "Why I am here?" They have to stay because they want to stay, not because I talked them into it. When our district gives us more details, I will share that with all of our families , K-12. I have had some of our families reach out to me already for guidance. And, in every case so far, I certainly can see merit in an extra year for those guys. It is somewhat of an equity issue. Affluent families can hold their kids back. Poor families have to send their kids to school as early as possible because they cannot afford day care. Being older is a significant advantage for most males in the classroom and on the field. I have to admit.... I like the idea that poorer families have this option right now. But, I also think there is the potential for this to be a huge mess.
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    Impressive win for Western. The Warriors have never won a region title and have only once finished second, falling to Valley in 1977. It would be really cool to see them make it to Rupp!
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