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  1. The Browns are currently about a 3.5 favorite. I am pumped about this game. The Battle of Ohio!
  2. I think looking at all available information is ideal but I agree Conner and Covington Catholic are apples and oranges.
  3. I think we have to consider which Highlands team shows up, the one that obliterated Conner or the one that looked inept against CovCath.
  4. Good for Coach Wolfe for speaking out on behalf of children. And while I am at it, I wonder if Coach Wolfe is thinking about other job opportunities moving forward? My gut says a return "back home" may be an option.
  5. Things all went Highlands' way against Conner and I agree with you if Cooper starts strong this should be a game.
  6. To pick up with what Deuce was getting at (at least what I believe he was getting at) when I talked to Michael earlier this year a part of our conversation was my assessment of his skill set. I told him I thought he was two years from being NFL ready and honestly after watching him so far this year I think he will probably be ready for the NFL after this season.
  7. Aren't we all. In short, just like basketball, I think a college football player should be able to leave after one year. I think it is a joke and an abuse of high level college football players.
  8. I thought you had to stay three years, has that changed?
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