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  1. Make another run next Saturday and give us the updated percentages.
  2. I am going to support the Bengals no matter what @nkypete but as a long time season ticket holder in the past there is no way I would make an investment in season tickets now given those restrictions.
  3. As long as everyone posts within our Terms of Service it is game on.
  4. If that is the case we need to shut down everything until there is a vaccine which is not an option. We are between a rock and a hard place for sure.
  5. Right, wrong, or indifferent people are not going to wear masks and if going back to school and playing sports depends on it then there will not be any school or sports.
  6. We are putting so much on the teachers and coaches, I think they need a raise. And I am glad to hear your district is moving forward with a plan, kudos!
  7. I agree on nursing homes. In my experience we need to do much better as a society taking care of our senior citizens.
  8. I came upon that information by chance. I agree we talk about the macro a lot and not the micro and it is important to keep both in perspective. No idea RP.
  9. Yes but what I saw didn't even refer "complaints" to the health department. It was a nice "stick it" if you know what I mean.
  10. Any mention, discussion, and media regarding politics or political figures is expressly prohibited on BluegrassPreps. This includes, but is not limited to the mention or names of any elected or publicly appointed officials, both domestic and foreign, by name, title, or by the offices held (e.g. - president, governor, chancellor, minister, senator, congressman, commissioner, attorney general, county clerk, magistrate, Beshear, Clinton, Lincoln, Merkel, Obama, Putin, Reagan, Roosevelt, Trudeau, Trump, etc). Any direct references or inferences to political terminology and activities, (e.g. - government, Democrat, Republican, GOP, conservative, liberal, campaign, lobby, legislature, filibuster, caucus, etc) and anything else deemed political in nature by the BGP staff is also prohibited from the site. Likewise, this also includes 3rd party links to articles that are political in name or in nature. Additionally, the use of names/nicknames deemed by the BGP staff as references to political figures (e.g. - Andy, Donald, Tricky Dick, Slick Willy) will not be permitted on BluegrassPreps. Keeping in mind BGP's core purpose as a sports-discussion community, discussion of the the managing bodies specifically serving over high school, college, amateur, and professional sports leagues (KHSAA, NCAA, IOC, MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL et al), along with the officers, officials and the titles held by the individuals within those organizations is permitted on BGP. Similarly, high school and college/university administrators and officials, when discussed in a strictly non-political manner, are all permissible on BGP.
  11. From NKY: With all of the talk of resurgence of the COVID virus in the news, I wanted to give you a report on what is going on locally with our hospital. I know many of you, especially those of us who are older, are anxious about the recent news. I just had communications with St. Elizabeth’s CEO, Garren Colvin, who has told me that the hospital has had no spike in COVID virus admissions. There is plenty of capacity and there are currently no COVID patients on ventilators. I wanted you to have this information as we go into the weekend. Have a good weekend!
  12. I am not squirming at all and please don't make it personal.
  13. Also circulating around Facebook in NKY is what I would call the top law enforcement authority in the area saying they will not enforce the mask mandate.
  14. I have also seen businesses using the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) claiming they won't/can't question you about your disability. Just FYI.
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