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  1. I think that would be a bad move for Coach Smith.
  2. How old is Coach Ray? And although I think he had an amazing career at CCH I would be a hard pass on this one.
  3. Also, has Ginger Webb been gone long enough that Highlands can get back on their feet like Beechwood did awhile after she left?
  4. Please tell us more about him?
  5. This post was in the Open Job: Highlands thread and it is something I have been thinking about too. The Highlands program is down, the talent is not what it was (my opinion), and the expectations and scrutiny are beyond crazy. Here is the post from the Open Job thread: I would like to throw this out as an outsider. Highlands (or their fans) need to wake up and smell some reality. Chuck Smith? Tom Bolden? EDDIE EVISTON? Seriously -- why not Nick Saban? Why Not John Madden? The most desired head coaches currently see Highlands as a place to have to deal with unrealistic expectations from an extremely unrealistic fanbase. I don't know if the last staff was the problem. But I would have to be in a miserable job to want to insert myself into this situation. From the outside looking in - the unrealistic expectations, unrealistic coaching targets really make me wonder if this is a tenable situation. Highlands needs to come to grips with the fact that Tommy B, Chuck S, Bob S, Noel R are not walking through the door. The real question is -- can the fanbase deal with that? My advice -- sell the farm to get Wolfe. He is a great option and he understands the environment. If that doesn't work out change directions ASAP or you will lose out. - gbballfan21 ================== So I will ask again, all things considered is Highlands a good job?
  6. I tend to agree with you @gbballfan21 and I have been thinking about starting a thread asking if all things considered is Highlands a good job?
  7. I would LOVE to see Chuck Smith take the Highlands job.
  8. I would love to see Mike Mitchell on staff.
  9. The Bengals released this statement today: "Joe Burrow underwent successful surgery yesterday. The procedure went as planned and he is expected to make a complete recovery. Joe will begin the recovery process and we look forward to his return."
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