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  1. I agree. I love KY but I am ready for some downtown Cincy time.
  2. Airlines aside because they have us over a barrel but businesses that continue to require a mask will lose money right and left until they stop any requirements. On top of that they run the risk of running off a lot of customers for the long term if they go above and beyond what is required.
  3. June 2nd in Ohio and I just read a news report saying that date may be revised and the restrictions may be lifted before June 2nd. It is going to be a party summer!
  4. I agree, the pics will definitely help us figure out who was "exploiting" who.
  5. Imagine all the benefits you can offer recruits when you are Ohio State. Expand the playoffs to 16 teams, one and done with commitment.
  6. I just filled up in Florence, expensive but several open pumps at the Speedway I visited.
  7. Do any states have a shot clock and/or have any states gone on the record saying they are going to add a shot clock for high school basketball?
  8. Imagine that, another violation, we are done with this thread for now too.
  9. One more violation in this thread and we are shutting it down too. Many of you are making BGP impossible and I think we all know what that means in the long term. Any mention, discussion, and media regarding politics or political figures is expressly prohibited on BluegrassPreps. This includes, but is not limited to the mention or names of any elected or publicly appointed officials, both domestic and foreign, by name, title, or by the offices held (e.g. - president, governor, chancellor, mayor, minister, senator, congressman, commissioner, attorney general, county clerk, magistrate, Beshear, Clinton, Lincoln, Merkel, Obama, Putin, Reagan, Roosevelt, Trudeau, Trump, etc). Any direct references or inferences to political terminology and activities, (e.g. - government, Democrat, Republican, GOP, conservative, liberal, campaign, lobby, legislature, filibuster, caucus, etc) and anything else deemed political in nature by the BGP staff is also prohibited from the site. Likewise, this also includes 3rd party links to articles that are political in name or in nature. Additionally, the use of names/nicknames deemed by the BGP staff as references to political figures (e.g. - Andy, Donald, Tricky Dick, Slick Willy) will not be permitted on BluegrassPreps. Keeping in mind BGP's core purpose as a sports-discussion community, discussion of the the managing bodies specifically serving over high school, college, amateur, and professional sports leagues (KHSAA, NCAA, IOC, MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL et al), along with the officers, officials and the titles held by the individuals within those organizations is permitted on BGP. Similarly, high school and college/university administrators and officials, when discussed in a strictly non-political manner, are all permissible on BGP.
  10. Cooper needed a new field, I always thought it was the worst of the Boone County fields by far.
  11. In large part I agree with this too, I am definitely conflicted.
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