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  1. There is always room for improvement but serving warrants happens all hours of the day every day and it is extremely dangerous for everyone involved.
  2. If it matters to you any I disagree with almost everything you are saying in this thread today and agree with everything @sportsfan41 is saying. He is spot on, on warrants.
  3. The Eagles are 4.5 favorite right now. Just being a fan here, I will go with the Bengals and I am looking forward to watching the game.
  4. After the reading of the facts I listened to I agree on the charges.
  5. I would expect the Highlands defense to compete with Boyle but I fear they are going to be on the field too much. I like Boyle going away in the 2nd half in this one.
  6. That is my thinking but maybe with some bumps in the cruise control.
  7. Rule 2 reads in part: 2. No disparaging, taunting, or boastful comments--especially between opponents trying to intimidate each other. This includes, name calling or personal attacks toward any member, username, team, or school. Additionally this includes a pattern of posts that inflames or incites other posters (i.e. trolling or gaslighting). Also, keeping in mind the youth of our student athletes, excessive "bashing" of high school athletes is prohibited. Do not comment on the manner in which another member has posted, or any violations you find in their posts.
  8. Here are some highlights of Boone County Soph RB J Williams 139 yards 2TDs & 1Rec TD: https://www.hudl.com/video/2/6221/5f6651d0664b800b50a23376?fbclid=IwAR3_NGQg8Kz5Wcm_YWn23j56x_d1unDGSnpUS_wZH1x-r-pGV5OZda2ZV24
  9. Here are some highlights from Dixie's Logan Landers #4 Junior QB: https://www.hudl.com/video/3/11250279/5f668fe790ef020ab40ef7d8
  10. I turned it off when it was 24 to 0. What a comeback.
  11. Thanks for the game report @EastSideJunkie
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