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  1. Yes and it has been terrific!
  2. The de-escalation is up to Iran. This is a regional war that involves at least 16 countries now. From The Intercept: THE REGIONAL WAR in the Middle East now involves at least 16 different countries and includes the first strikes from Iranian territory on Israel, but the United States continues to insist that there is no broader war, hiding the extent of American military involvement. And yet in response to Iran’s drone and missile attacks Saturday, the U.S. flew aircraft and launched air defense missiles from at least eight countries, while Iran and its proxies fired weapons from Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. https://theintercept.com/2024/04/14/israel-iran-regional-war/
  3. I was thinking about the fruit I am going to order from Amazon and in addition to some strawberries and blueberries and I am going to get some apples and oranges. 👊
  4. I know right. If I was in charge and "anyone" launched 200 drones/missiles at the state of Kentucky my minimum response would be a times ten response meaning I would hit them back at least 2000 times. Furthermore, I would declare that if "anyone" attacks Kentucky again my last (2000 response) would be itsy bitsy teenie weenie compared to what I do next.
  5. As a proud Beechwood grad I sure hope you are right about the 2024 Tigers.
  6. Our No Politics Policy reads in part: Any mention, discussion, and media regarding politics or political figures is expressly prohibited on BluegrassPreps. This includes, but is not limited to the mention or names of any elected or publicly appointed officials, both domestic and foreign, by name, title, or by the offices held.
  7. This is Xfinity and not top level NASCAR but still. Sam Mayer wins in an INSANE finish at Texas Motor Speedway.
  8. I saw the same, I wonder what will replace Skyline in the building they are leaving.
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