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  1. I mentioned it in the game thread but also wanted to call it out separately. Congrats to Aric. One of the best around. He coached 2 of my boys and I hope he is around for 7 more years to coach the trips.
  2. Congrats to Coach Russell on getting his 400th win!
  3. Ja wins ROY and Brandon Clarke finishes 4th. With a healthy JJJ, the future is very bright in Memphis.
  4. I agree that it was a very casual statement which indicates it is a term he probably uses frequently. I do not think he works again.
  5. Dude is absolutely ballin right now.
  6. Just curious. Where did you buy the tickets?
  7. This. 100% this. Ms. Shirley's in Alexandria makes them even better then Graeters or Busken.
  8. Keep the carbs. Eggs, Bacon & Goetta
  9. I think Jumper was explaining that the Networks have a choice. Either get nothing because there is no season or take less than normal to insure there is a season.
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