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  1. Wouldn’t mind that. Just would be nice to have a true 3 tech pass rush guy though who can get consistent push up the middle.
  2. For me the play of Ossai over the last 6 weeks doesn’t have DE as high on my list anymore. A true pass rushing interior defensive lineman is higher up on my list.
  3. It’s 4th and 1. I think it’s hard to double someone deep when you also have to be prepared to stop a possible run in that scenario. I would assume they probably would have had multiple guys helping in the short area on him. Just simply a good play by the Chiefs.
  4. I feel like CTB is going to be a star in this league. They still have Awuzie, so just depends on how he recovers from the ACL. If he comes back and plays like he was, we have two solid corners. I honestly would sign Apple back, assuming he would be cheap again. As much hate as Apple gets, he has overall been solid and would be a great backup outside corner to have behind CTB and Awuzie. On the OL as bad as they played yesterday. I honestly thought Carman played pretty well. It was the right side of the line that got destroyed. Which Cappa will be back at the RG spot. I would like to see them try Jonah at RT some. I don’t want to move Carman again. They have moved him around already to much, let him settle into the spot be seems best at which is LT. Hopefully they can sign Hurst back to a reasonable 2 or 3 year deal and draft a TE in this deep TE draft. Still need a better interior DL pass rusher, and also probably need to draft a LB because Pratt will most likely be to expensive to keep.
  5. Are you talking about the touchdown Kelce scored? That was just two guys in Mahomes and Kelce who know each other and made a play. Kelce was running a flag route on that 4th and short. Bates was in perfect position to take away the flag route, but Mahomes and Kelce simply do what they do and improvised. Mahomes saw Kelce was guarded on the flag route and knew Kelce would shut his route down and threw it behind him to make a play. It sucks, but plays like that just have to give them credit.
  6. It won’t let me upload it for some reason. However, The two probably biggest or missed calls. Was the Chiefs punt return at the end with a block in the back on Bengals gunner on the same side the Chiefs returned ran. Then two big missed hold calls on the Chiefs Oline, on the same play the late hit on Ossai was on. Should be pretty easy for you to find those clips on twitter if you would like to see. At the end of the day the Bengals didn’t make enough plays.
  7. UK lost but I think the Cats showed that they are still now a much better team than what we saw the first half of this year. They battled all game, but Kansas made some huge threes on offense in the last 5 or so minutes of the game to seal it. Last year UK destroyed Kansas at Kansas, but then faded the rest of the year. Hopefully it’s the opposite this year and UK continues its trajectory upward after this game.
  8. What is everyone’s thoughts on Cooper this upcoming season? They are now in a district with Highlands, Conner, Boone, Scott, and Dixie. Cooper has to replace a few very important seniors, however they have a lot of talented younger guys still on the roster that contributed in big ways last year. QB-Cam O’Hara started at QB all year last year for Cooper as a freshman. He was one of the best QBs in the state as a freshman, and finished in the top 5 in 5A in passing yards with 2018 yards passing and 21 touchdowns. Look for an even bigger year from him this year as a sophomore, especially since his top two targets return. WR/S- Isaiah Johnson will be a junior next season. He made the transition to WR last year after playing QB his whole life and losing out in the QB competition to O’Hara. He ended up putting up big numbers as sophomore WR and led the team with 673 yards receiving, averaging 20 yards a catch and had 8 touchdowns. He finished in the top 20 for receiving in 5A. Look for big things from him with him now having a full year of playing WR under his belt. TE/DE- Austin Alexander will be a junior and is one of the best overall players in the state. He already has multiple D1 offers to play DE in college, and had 11 sacks last season on defense. He also was Cam O’Hara’s second favorite target to throw too. Alexander played on and off the line of scrimmage at TE. He finished in the top 27 for receiving in 5A with 34 receptions for 522 yards and 6 touchdowns. MLB/FB- Jack Lonaker- He simply is a tackling machine. He is going to be a senior this year and has led the state the last two years in tackles per game. He literally is all over the field and involved in almost every tackle. He also is used as a TE and Fullback on offense. Safety/RB- Mason Stanton- He also was just a sophomore last year, but was third on the team in tackles. While also doing a great job in coverage. He is a kid that has a big frame and is going to keep getting stronger. Look for him to be a name people hear a lot more of this season. Safety/WR- Cole Henry- Cole will be a senior this year. He battled some injuries last year, but is one of the fastest kids in the area. If he can stay healthy he is someone that is a big weapon for Cooper on both sides of the ball. Cooper also had a very talented freshman team last year that finished with the second best record in NKY, despite not having their stud QB in O’Hara. Look for a few of those players such as Ryker Campbell and Keagan Maher to make good contributions as sophomores this year. The big question for Cooper comes up front. As they are having to replace 3 starters on the offensive line. If they can get the line situated, Cooper definitely has the playmakers to be a very dangerous team this year.
  9. Never said he wouldn’t be dangerous. The man doesn’t even have to step and can still throw it over 50 yards like it’s nothing. My point is with his injury, I do think it will make the Chiefs be more willing to take what the Bengals are giving them. Which the Bengals basically have dared them to commit to running the ball the last 3 games. Yet the Chiefs kept trying to throw into 8 guys dropping back. They are still obviously going to use Mahomes a lot, I just think they will be more patient and will run the ball more when the Bengals are basically daring them to.
  10. The Bengals basically were daring the Chiefs to run the ball the last 3 times they played. This injury to Mahomes probably will make the Chiefs more content to take what the Bengals are giving them this time around. Which does worry me a little bit, because the Chiefs line is good and they can run the ball well when they decide to actually do it. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Chiefs offense get off to a good start as the Bengals try to figure out how the Chiefs are going to play this game with an injured Mahomes. However, the Bengals and Lou have earned my trust to figure it out and adjust to eventually slow them down. On offense for the Bengals as long as the line plays well, I think the Bengals score 30 or more and win the game. Who Dey! #theyhavetoplayus #ruletheplayoffs
  11. Bengals truly played a complete football game today at all three levels. Offense, Defense, and Special Teams were great today! Also should out to the line on both sides of the ball. Especially the O line, 3 new starters and yet this may have been the best the Oline has done all year in terms of both run and pass blocking. Who Dey!!! #theyhavetoplayus #ruletheplayoffs
  12. The Bengals only punted the ball twice all day. So whatever the Bengals we’re doing on offense worked just fine today. Which both Higgins and Hurst had huge first down conversions the Bengals first drive of the second half that led to a touchdown. I do look for Higgins to have a huge game next week!
  13. Good win! Both offensively and defensively they have looked much better. Now they have to figure out how to start a game, because they always seem to start off slow the first 5 or so minutes of a game still. A big decision that many may overlook is how Cal decided to keep Oscar in after picking up his 3rd foul with still 17 minutes left to go in the game. That was a great decision to leave him in there and trust him not to pick up a quick 4th foul. UK needed Oscar in, and Cal made a great decision to keep him in.
  14. I don’t get the whole opting out of district, or emails asking the commissioner to put them in a new district that you posted in a different thread. In the district they are going into this year, there may be only two games where they may go in knowing it may not be competitive. They were competitive with Conner last year, beat Scott last year, and could probably compete with Dixie. So they should stop with the excuses and trying to run away to an easier path. Go compete like you can and go win a district game or two and make the playoffs this year and then build off that.
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