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  1. I’m not saying the Bengals are going to be Super Bowl champs or anything. This is the year we definitely will find out if Taylor is the guy or not. They literally very well could lose every single game that I said they shouldn’t be scared off. My point is besides those four games I mentioned, the rest of the games are going into them that truly could realistically think they have a chance in. As you mentioned some teams who have gotten better. I also think the Bengals have gotten better too, and honestly healthier. They don’t have any easy you know for sure they will win, but overall besides those four games I said. I don’t think the majority of the games are games we can we know for sure they will lose. If they can find away to be at least .500 in the division this year. Then I like their chances of having a solid year.
  2. Let’s not forget Lamar was also hurt going into that first game last year. So they really weren’t trying to run him much, and he wasn’t looking to run much either. With that said it still doesn’t change the fact, that since Lamar took over the Bengals literally have seemed to have zero chance in any of the games. Even the game you are referring too, while the defense didn’t go off. As you said the offense did nothing, and the game really was never in doubt for the Ravens. Before Lamar took over the Bengals actually were really successful against them. After he took over, they really haven’t even been in contention in any of those games. Which is why until they show they can even hang with them, there is not much reason to have that much faith going into those games IMO. Now the Browns and Steelers the Bengals have shown they can truly play with now.
  3. See I don’t see the schedule as being that scary at all. Now the rest of your questions here are very valid.
  4. Baltimore is the one team they haven’t figured out yet. However, Pittsburgh with an old Ben isn’t much to fear anymore. As evident by a Ryan Finley led team beating them. Both Browns games last year the Bengals were right there, and honestly just blew the second game. I’m not sure why you say playing the NFC North could get ugly. The Packers are very good, however zero reason to really fear playing the Vikings, Lions, and Bears. The AFC West the Chiefs obviously would be very tough, however once again no reason to fear the Chargers, Raiders, and Broncos. The schedule is not that scary IMO. For me there is only 4 games where may go into it not feeling very good about. Those games are the Chiefs, Packers, and both Ravens games. I say the Ravens, because since Lamar took over the Bengals simply have looked horrible against them each time.
  5. While obviously a few of these other teams also would have benefitted, but the tournament getting cancelled last year really hurt UK. As they had a team that could have went on a deep run.
  6. I would say early on when he started to have Clarke run the point, but then when Clarke got hurt. He seemed to try to let Askew grow into it, and he had a little stretch in January when he looked better. Then went back down hill after that.
  7. I think it would be to remind those fans who started to want Cal out and started to drool over Pitino again. Short memories with some of our fab base.
  8. Great hire by UC! I think he will do great there! Plus when he does great, some of our fellow UK fans can add him to the list of guys they want to replace Cal with. 😄 Seriously I think this was a home run hire for UC and he will get them back on track. I think he will end up being UC fans favorite coach since Huggins.
  9. Well at least you said talent this time and not size like you did last time. You saying he didn’t have the size is what brought out all the replies, because that was just flat out not true. Now if you feel like he just isn’t talented enough that is fine, because everyone has their opinion. However, this is now the second top coach who has believed he has the talent. Which I would be willing to bet, that there were other bigger schools who called him too that wanted him. I honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if NKU didn’t even reach out to him, because they knew they would have no chance.
  10. Texas and a guy some on here said they wanted to possibly replace Cal in Chris Beard seem to disagree with this thought.
  11. It honestly probably is to shut people up. Cal has dominated Pitino, since Cal has been at UK. Yet after a bad year for Cal and UK, and a good year for Pitino. It got some UK fans starting to be all back for Pitino. So I think Swaggy Cal is coming back and wants to shut people back up. It definitely would be a bad situation if UK lost, so I like that Cal kind of has that confidence and swagger back to him now to want to take this game.
  12. Her daughter Elizabeth who is 28 is the one who has stepped up the Bengals game, and seems to be trying to address many of the concerns fans have had through the years.
  13. Haha I always love the drinking the Kool Aid line, people like to say to others. When people may not have the cranky old man, get off my lawn, complain about everything mindset. If someone doesn’t complain about something, then it cause they are drinking the Kool Aid. I just always find that line people like you like to use funny. 😂🤣
  14. He will land somewhere else. Just was to much money to pay a backup running back. He was making more money than some starters in the league. For a smaller contract, he still has good value as a number 2 back. Which is why the Bengals tried to get him to take a pay cut first before cutting him.
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