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  1. Agreed! It’s crazy how people literally don’t know how to just enjoy things! The Bengals are going to the AFC Championship game and one game away from playing for a Super title. It doesn’t matter how it happened, they won and that is all that matters! Who Dey!!!
  2. Definitely was not the prettiest game to watch. However, any win especially on the road is a good win! Now on to Auburn!
  3. It all comes down to allowing him to play and get in a rhythm. He has got to play more recently when Wheeler was out, and now has him back to playing like the player we saw last year. He definitely is one of the keys to the success of the team this year IMO.
  4. Great win, and only 7 replies. Sounds about right lol If this was reversed, there probably at least be 50 or more replies right now, even with the NFL playoff games yesterday.
  5. Not the worst thing in the world. Very doubtful that the Steelers would beat the Chiefs anyways. So would much rather play the Titans next week, than the Chiefs.
  6. Great job today! Loved it! Go Cats! Now Who Dey!!!
  7. I believe the job was officially posted on the Bellevue site last week. So it probably got posted as soon as they got back from Christmas break last week.
  8. He has played with the starters too at times, however he has been with the starters when playing the 3. Which is issue IMO. I think he is going to be a very good player possibly next year, but this year when playing the 3 he literally hurts this offense. The lineups you suggested would have him at the 4, which for this year would be better for him and the team IMO.
  9. Good win, any win on the road is a good win especially at Vandy. With that said I’m still not a fan of their big lineup Cal uses. It seems like anytime Hopkins is in at the 3, the offense stalls. With that said I do think Hopkins gave some better minutes today than he has given. However, the offense as a whole still stalls and other team goes on a run when the big lineup is in.
  10. Once Wheeler is healthy, Cal really needs to consider going with a 4 guard lineup during different stretches of the game. With Wheeler being hurt, we are now seeing the Mintz we saw last year. Him getting to play consistent minutes like he did last year has allowed him to get into a rhythm. So need to find away to make sure he is also getting plenty of minutes even when Wheeler is back, and using a four guard lineup at different points in the game would help with that.
  11. I hate when he uses that big lineup, it simply doesn’t work when he has three bigs in. Hopkins is going to be a good one, but our offense is literally non existent when he is in at the 3. Technically may be a good defensive lineup, but it doesn’t matter cause the offense is so bad when he uses that lineup teams end up scoring and coming back.
  12. Bennett proved me wrong, cause I didn’t think Georgia could beat Bama with him at QB. Good for him making the plays when it matter most at the end! Congrats to Georgia!!
  13. I could have missed something, but why would it be a nightmare at Newport?
  14. Bengals won two months ago behind a great defensive effort and running game. The bengals didn’t do much in the passing game, and didn’t try to. They stuck with the run all game. So I think the Bengals will open it up a little more this time, but will still need to be successful running the ball to slow down a very good Raiders pass rush.
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