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  1. You are missing the point. Obviously college and pro teams were going to have positive cases, because those players are going to get tested all the time. So it is no surprise, that there have been some positive test at the college and pro level. If someone didn’t think there would be, then that is very unrealistic. Which quite honestly the number of players who have tested positive for college and pro teams is pretty small. Yet you seem to be acting like they are shockingly high numbers, when they really aren’t. I don’t think those numbers at all, really tell the KHSAA much of anything on what to do. It should be expected that there are going to be some positive cases, it’s just about having as many safety measures as you can in place to limit it.
  2. I think we are seeing different things. You said you were not happy with the success rate of pro and colleges so far. Then just now said it again, when you said multiple players are testing positive, like it is something to be shocked and worried about for the KHSAA. Which imo the numbers aren’t alarming at all and were expected. Which gets back to what was your expectation? Was your expectation that teams weren’t really going to have positive cases? If so, then that is a very unrealistic expectation. So the KHSAA looking at positive test in colleges and pros right now should be meaningless. Because it wouldn’t have been a realistic expectation to think there wouldn’t be some positive test. It is just about being willing to accept that there will be some Positive test, while taking as many precautions as you can to limit it. Then if it does spike, then make changes when necessary. There shouldn’t be a worry from the KHSAA about some positive test in Pros and college, because that was to be expected and would have been unrealistic to think otherwise.
  3. I’m curious at what you expected success rates to be? They are testing everyone a lot more, than any regular person would be tested for. Were your expectations that none of these players would get it? If so then your expectations are very unrealistic. People need to realize, that majority of people have either had it, have it, will get it, or just will never even know they had it. So obviously there will be positive test, with how much they test athletes. I have not seen anything surprising or concerning at the college or pro levels. The expectation, I’m sure they even had is they knew there were going to be players to test positive. Just like there will be some during the season. Which that should be the expectation in high school too. Try to be as safe as possible, but understand either way there are going to be some positive cases at some point for every school, and that would be true with or without sports. Right now Pools, bars, restaurants, are all open in Kentucky. If that is going to be the case, then no reason not to try to have school and sports as close as back to normal as well. If kids Want to play and their parents agree to let them play, then they should get the opportunity to play. Then revisit it, if a huge spike does eventually come.
  4. It had to be assumed players would test positive. Since many people could have it, and not show symptoms. There are many people who have probably have or had it. So with colleges testing all their players all the time, even without symptoms. There are going to be some positive test that come up.
  5. See I think his circumstances meets it more than Juzang’s who’s list of finalists doesn’t match all with the reason he listed for transferring. While Sarr was deciding on staying of going into the NBA Draft, and his coach Manning convinced him to stay. Then only for Manning to be fired a day before the deadline. Leaving Sarr not much time at all to make a decision. He could say Wake Forest on purpose waited until right before the deadline to fire his coach, in order to try to not be able to leave. With that said though, you just never know with the NCAA.
  6. With Juzang being granted eligibility right away at UCLA. You would think Sarr definitely will be eligible this year. Unless Juzang presented something, I am unaware of in his appeal to play right away. Sarr should have a much better case to play right away than Juzang did. So if Juzang can get a waiver to play right away, Sarr should definitely be able to. Then again you just never know with the NCAA.
  7. All great questions. However, remember the swine flu Pandemic back in 2009 was a lot more dangerous to our youth, than this current coronavirus is. Yet even though the Swine Flu was a lot more harmful and contagious for our youth, they still didn’t cancel seasons or really games. Let’s not forget again, the country didn’t shut down to wait until there was a cure or a vaccine. It shutdown to slow the curve, not to overwhelm the health system. It was never shut down, to prevent anyone from ever possibly getting this virus. If it not overwhelming the health system, then you have to try to get back to normal. While it should still be treated with some caution, to make sure it continues not to overwhelm the health system. It is important to allow things to start getting back to normal, and not waiting until there is a cure or vaccine. The shutdown was never attended to wait until there was a vaccine.
  8. Has that been confirmed that a lot of schools as you say will do that? Or is that just what you think will happen?
  9. Post #78 has an article, that shows some members and coaches admitting to a few of these things, and also seeing some of it.
  10. I have stayed away from most of your comments, because I have disagreed with most and wasn’t worth the argument. However, this I completely agree with. Many people have forgotten why the nationwide shutdown happened. It wasn’t to wait until there was a cure or a vaccine. It was to slow the curve, so not to overrun the heath system. It was the right call to shutdown to make sure it didn’t overwhelm the health system, since it could spread fast and truly overwhelm it. However, now is the time to start getting back to normal, as it does look like it has slowed the curve as attended.
  11. I would be willing to bet there is even more that UK found out, that we may not even know about. Since, I doubt they would fire the whole staff of the most dominant programs in all college athletics over just garbage accusations as you say. So there probably does have to be something credible to it, or possibly even more to it. To where UK is just trying to get in front of this, and get their own story of it out there. To prevent possibly a far worst story of what was really going on from leaking out. I just don’t see them firing literally the whole staff of such a dominant program, over something that is just a garbage accusation.
  12. No where in my responses was I talking about drugs. My response was about the drinking they were doing, and how the majority of college students do similar things like that. However, I agree with your percentages on ones who may do more than drink.
  13. We definitely would agree to disagree then. It’s definitely more than half as you say, and would say the majority.
  14. I will say this, the garbage that you say was taking place, is something that basically all college age kids are or have taken part in. However, as you mentioned the coaches being there and allowing it while basically on a team trip is the issue. You can’t be a coach and allow it to happen, especially in front of you on a team organized trip. It’s one thing to know your college players are probably going to party somewhere, when you are not around. It’s another for them to actually be there and see it and do nothing. Quite honestly I am impressed that the administration took the right step to get ahead of it and fire them. With them being the best program in the land, I think some programs may have tried to hide it and just talk to their coaches to now allow that anymore. Instead they did the right thing, even though doing it, would create a news story about the events.
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