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  1. I’m a Notre Dame fan, but their o line is struggling this year. Plus the starting QB got injured last game, and honestly the offense hasn’t looked to great all year anyways. So I think UC defense should do a great job in this game. It honestly will come down to Marcus Freeman’s defense against UC’s offense.
  2. In case people didn’t watch. When he says biggest win, he is talking about biggest margin of victory for the Bengals since 95. Great win today. The defense continues to play great, the offense still isn’t great. However, they made the plays when they had to make them today, and that’s all that matters. The o line did a much better job today. Jackson Carman looked solid after a rough first quarter for him. Most importantly Burrow seems to be getting more and more comfortable and even called his own number for what was basically a QB draw. So it is nice seeing his comfort and conf
  3. A lot easier said than done to just have someone stand to try to knock it down. You also risk the guy attempting to jump up to knock it down accidentally deflecting it backwards and helping it go in. The Ravens should have never had a chance to kick that 66 yarder, Because they should have been called for a delay of game the play before with 4 seconds left.
  4. I haven’t seen Conner play this year, but I know they are well coached, have a very good senior group, and a very talented junior in Elijah Thompson. I believe Conner has Highlands next week. Which they have split the last four games with them. So we should know the answer to that question next week. As for Boone I think they obviously go winless again in district, and won’t have a chance at another win until the last game of the year against Tates Creek.
  5. Maybe I overlooked it, but I didn’t see a thread on this game from last night.
  6. It can be returned. It is only a dead ball if it was a two point conversion attempt that is picked off in the end zone. The refs did make a mistake by blowing the play dead. However, it had no impact because if they didn’t blow the play dead then the Dixie player wouldn’t have just ran around celebrating. He started celebrating after it was blown dead before he left the end zone. The only thing the refs could have done was say it was an inadvertent whistle after the interception. Meaning the interception still would have stand and would have been ruled a touchback, since th
  7. Very good season so far by Brossart. What is their roster like? Is it senior heavy? To where this is the year they need to try to make some noise? Or is there a lot of younger guys playing, to where this may be a start of a nice two to three year run for them?
  8. That was a fun game to watch! The only thing to say is this district in 5A is going to be probably the most exciting playoff games in the state to watch in the first two rounds this year.
  9. I’ll be very surprised if anyone even plays the Beechwood freshman close this year. As you said they are loaded this year, very impressive.
  10. Most freshman games start at 6:00, so unless they have to start later for some reason. Then it should be around 6.
  11. I do believe most teams when 8th graders play up to play freshman. They usually only play freshman and aren’t allowed to play for a youth team too. If a school has a true middle school team, then I think they could possibly play 8th grade and freshman. I may be wrong on that though.
  12. The Highlands at Beechwood game tonight should be a good game to see if anyone is interested in seeing a good freshman football game.
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