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  1. Which seats should be hot? I’m curious because I’m not sure which ones on this list should have their seats hot?
  2. Just in case it wasn’t obvious, I was being very sarcastic. I definitely believe Cal deserves a lot of credit. I believe Cal has developed a lot more players than people are willing to give him credit for.
  3. Nah Cal doesn’t coach anyone up. Every player than Cal has coached that made the NBA has came to him NBA ready. Even players that weren’t suppose to be one and done type players, that ended up first round picks wasn’t because of him. Possibly other coaches could get credit for doing such a thing, but Cal just recruits and doesn’t know how to make players better.
  4. Pitino is a great coach, but ouch this is a bad look IMO. This is from the NJ.com: “Do we have (edited) facilities?” he asked rhetorically. “Yes, we do. But we’re doing something about that.” He added: “But that’s not the reason we’re losing. Having (edited) facilities has nothing to do with not guarding.” His main complaint after this game and in the past has been his players’ lack of toughness and athleticism. “We are so unathletic that we can’t guard anybody without fouling,” he said. “For me, I’ve always enjoyed the first year, and I’m not gonna lie to you: This is the most unenjoyable experience of my lifetime. This has been so disappointing.” https://www.nj.com/sports/2024/02/after-latest-st-johns-loss-rick-pitino-laments-shtty-facilities-lack-of-toughness-and-lost-season-due-to-recruiting.html?outputType=amp
  5. I haven’t looked, but does anyone know how Damion Collins is doing for LSU this year? I know that’s where he transferred to after leaving UK after last year.
  6. Agreed. It wasn’t this game, but I remember seeing Cal tell him one game after a missed free throw to go straight up and not be falling back on his free throw. He seems to try to shoot free throws with the same flair he does on his jump shots which come from weird tough positions at times. His missed free throw against Florida would have iced the game and would have had the Cats one game back from first in the SEC.
  7. Cal is quietly putting together a type of roster we see Self put together at Kansas with solid multi year players that get better every year like a Theiro, Ugo, and Sheppard. Even though Sheppard may not end up a multi year guy like expected when he was recruited. If Sheppard stays along with those two players, along with another two and the incoming freshman. It could be the start of a very nice run again starting with this team.
  8. Great win. Great defense and just great overall toughness displayed. Also it’s been quiet on here this season. However, it was said quite a bit by some people on here last year, that Reeves isn’t a UK level type of player. Antonio Reeves obviously deserves to be here at UK. There were numerous times last year people complained saying he shouldn’t be here, and is only a mid major type player, and shows how far we fallen getting a player from Illinois State. So I will say I am sure glad he is here at UK, and he makes a huge difference for this team.
  9. If this is a close game I think UK will win it. However, could also see this being a game where Auburn blows them out. Especially with Mitchell most likely being out.
  10. Good win. Defense was better, and just overall solid game. Hopefully Mitchell isn’t out for the season with that shoulder.
  11. Defensive tackle would very much be in play for me if I was the Bengals. They need an interior pass rush, and where they are picking they could possibly get a good one. Obviously after free agency though we will have a much better idea on what direction they may go in the draft.
  12. Same trick play the Bengals ran this year that got picked off. One of those things where a coach looks like a genius when it works, and looks like an idiot when it doesn’t lol.
  13. Honestly Cal seemed to lean into having more experience players the last few years IMO and didn’t accomplish much with it. I think he went back more to what he has had success with on this team. Which even though it’s been a struggle the last few weeks, I think this team definitely is very capable of making a run. Every year we see teams make runs that you wouldn’t think at this point. So I don’t think it’s done, because I think this team will show it’s not once the tournament starts.
  14. I don’t think they should concede to it either. However it is now February and they have seemed to have gotten worse or at least given up more points since they started having two big guys on the floor at the same time since they got healthy. Having two big guys on the floor at the same time really has not done much at all to slow the other team. Theiro at the 4 with 3 guards and any of the big guys IMO is their best lineup.
  15. Honestly I think the opposite. With his skill set, I think he would be better off with the floor more spaced with a smaller lineup. Theiro at 4 with him at the 5. He is a very good passer and spread them out and let them go. It’s not like they are stopping people anyways on defense, so him being soft doesn’t change much than what we are currently seeing.
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