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  1. I believe the current plan the KHSAA has set up for this season works great.
  2. That’s a good question. I know I would have liked to have him back.
  3. At the end of the day many coaches will hire guys they are familiar with, or have had success with before. Which I agree with hiring people who you are only just familiar with is not always the best. However, hiring someone who you are not only familiar with but also have proven track record of having success with is not a bad thing. Especially when you are having to try to hire someone three months before you first scheduled game. Hiring someone you know and have had success with, is not bad at all in this case.
  4. Friends are fine to hire, especially when you have had success with them before. Which Calipari has had success with these guys before, when they were assistants for him at other places. Just look at possibly the greatest coach of all time in Coach K. He hires “friends” players he use to coach seemingly all the time to be assistants under him, and it has worked out well for him. Coaches want guys that know how they coach, and can teach the game the way they want it. It is not like Cal is hiring guys who he didn’t have success with previously, and just bringing them in just because. Just like Kenny Payne could end up being a failure in the NBA, and Cal could bring him back. Should he not do that, since Payne was his friend?
  5. It’s a good idea to hire great assistants around you. Which Flint and him had obvious success at Umass. Flint also now has 15 years of head coach experience, and now an assistant at another Power 5 school. You are acting like he may be hiring a nobody. If there was a slam dunk, can’t miss perfect assistant coach out there to hire to replace Payne. Chances are that guy wouldn’t still be an assistant to begin with. So I am not exactly sure what you are expecting with this next hire.
  6. If all this is true. Then should these colleges come out in the media on ESPN, Twitter, and let the whole public know exactly the revenue they make, and what the expenses are. Especially with paying college athletes becoming a big topic, and many siding with the athletes. You would think if the info you posted is true for most schools, they would want to get that out in the media to show it wouldn’t be really possible to pay athletes.
  7. Anytime any school loses a top assistant. I don’t think anyone ever says, yeah the assistant we hired to replace him is just as good or better. Flint would be a great hire, would he be enough to say right away that he easily replaces Payne, not at all. Losing Payne hurts, in terms of recruiting and player development. One thing Cal has done a great job at in his career though, is adjusting. How he recruits may have to adjust some now, and even how he coaches. However, he has shown the ability to adjust well to changes. It definitely hurts losing Payne though, and Cal will need to make the needed adjustments.
  8. I agree I don’t think the KHSAA will be the one who shuts it down. I think much like the Presidents in college football, it may be the Superintendents who do. Especially if schools do follow the recommendation of no in person class until end of September. I’m not sure if they would allow sports, if they aren’t allowing kids to take classes in person. Even though honestly it should make it even safer for sports, while not having in person classes. Since wouldn’t have to have the fear of an athlete spreading it possibly to other students or vice versa. So realistically it honestly makes it safer for sports to be able to move on, since there are no in person classes. However, I am not sure if the Superintendents would look at it like that. Hopefully I am wrong though. These players deserve a chance to play if their parents are willing to let them.
  9. That is the thing though, what is the difference. High school athletes are also then student athletes. Who are putting in many hours outside the school day. Then specifically when it comes to revenue, maybe not as huge in KY. However, the revenue High School brings in for big schools in other states like in Ohio, Texas, Georgia, California, etc does bring a lot of money in. Shoot in some of those states they have coaches who literally only have to coach for a living because of how much they get paid, because their programs bring in so much money. Most schools even in high school use the revenue that football brings in to pay for a lot of the other athletics. So if that is the case, shouldn’t the high school athletes be getting paid at least a little bit? If that is the line of thinking people are using. As I said I do think college athletes should be able to make money off their image and likeness. Should even be able to do endorsements. Someone like Trevor Lawrence should be able to make a money off endorsements and his name, while in college, since he has to stay so many years. With that said the PAC 12 players asking for a 50/50 revenue split shouldn’t happen. There still needs to be some line between student athlete and basically an employee. If not then, there is no reason to also not pay high school athletes some too, if they are at a school where football does bring in good revenue.
  10. I do believe players should be able to make money off their image and likeness. However, I am not sure if they should also get a 50/50 split, which I believe is what the PAC 12 players asked for. At some point there still needs to be a difference between being a student athlete and getting paid like an employee. If colleges, especially the power five colleges start paying players or given players more of the revenue. Then how long is it before we start saying high school athletes should be paid. Especially players at the big high schools, that draw huge crowds to games. I mean if you look at the big high schools in KY and Ohio. Or more specially down south like in Texas. High school football would bring in a lot of money to some of these schools. Should high school athletes also get paid then? Players should be able to make money off their image and likeness, and maybe a small stipend to help live on. However, I do think it should stop at that, because there still should be some line between being a student athlete, and an actual employee. College should still be more like being an intern for a big company. Working hard Trying to prove yourself, so you do eventually get paid good money to do the job.
  11. Anyone? Someone posted teams were allowed to use football since the end of June, is that true? I thought schools were still not allowed to use footballs until August 24th?
  12. Are teams allowed to use a ball? I thought teams weren’t even allowed to use a football still in KY?
  13. Completely agree, them not being in a conference has nothing to do with not winning a title since 1988. Being in a conference wasn’t going to make their recruiting get better, or change the requirements to get in to Notre Dame. Joining a conference wasn’t going to make their facilities better. They would make less money in a conference. You were completely right, poor coaching hires after Lou Holtz really hurt, and set them back. Brian Kelly has done a great job actually building it back up. When he does one day step down, it once again will be an attractive job. Being in a conference is not why USC became great again in the 2000s. It was because they hired a guy who was a great coach in Pete Carroll who got them going again. Being in the SEC is not what made Bama become Bama again. They were not doing much at all anymore, until they hired Saban. At the end of the day getting the coach right, is the biggest thing. Brian Kelly has gotten them to the door, but it might take someone else to kick it in.
  14. Dude it’s been two games. Even in today’s game, including the last at bat, he just barely missed. That’s baseball, two games is not really struggling.
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