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  1. That’s really impressive. Dixie has a really good freshman QB in Brach Rice, who is also the backup varsity QB. Did he play in the game, or has he moved up for good now? Either way that is an impressive win for Highlands.
  2. I believe Cooper already has Highlands on the schedule for the first week of November, which is the last week that freshman are allowed to play. Unless with all this Covid stuff this year, rules have changed and freshman are allowed to continue playing after the Varsity playoffs start. Usually freshman teams are not allowed to though.
  3. Ukat1 basically already answered it. Cooper had two solid 8th graders that started freshman football for them last season. They are now true freshman and already had a year experience playing freshman football as 8th graders They got a player back who played for Covcath’s middle school team last year. Which Cooper is actually their home school where they live, and his older brother was the starting QB for Cooper a few years back. So he just decided to go to the school where he lives at, instead of Covcath. Then I would just say probably some of those players from that 8th grade team have just grown some and gotten better. Like the QB for Cooper is really good, and he played for that Cooper middle school team last year, and has made great improvements like others have and is one of the top QBs in freshman football now.
  4. All great points. However, wouldn’t it be fair to say. That chances are Campbell probably improved since in the areas they may have struggled in that game. Much like Covcath has improved up front since that game. It’s not like Covcath is the only team who could have possibly gotten better from week 1 until now. All we know is in week one it took 3 overtime’s for Covcath to beat Campbell. Chances are Campbell has also improved since that day, much like Covcath. So I do think it is very fair to use it as a measuring stick. Since can’t just assume since, Covcath May have improved in the area they were weak that day. That Campbell didn’t also improve in the areas they were weak that day.
  5. Disagree with you on being the most diehard for the Bengals. Also you do not post both positive and negative. You all definitely are 9 negatives to 1 positive even in games they are doing well or winning. Hence, why people don’t come in the threads anymore and it’s just you two. Which is what the problem is. As I said even in wins, if people were to ever read the update threads even after a win. People would assume the team had lost, based off your all’s post. Since even on good days, you all go out of your way to post every negative thing.
  6. People stay away from threads and update threads these days, because 90 percent of the things you and Sumo comment on is just the bad. Every now and then you all may throw a positive in, but it’s rare. Which in some games, yeah there literally is not much to be positive about. However, as I have mentioned before. Even in games Reds and Bengals have won the last few years. If you were to read the update threads, you would have never have thought they actually won usually based off your all’s post in the update threads. Have you and Sumo not realized that threads that use to always have more people posting. Literally now really have no one saying anything. Besides you two just agreeing with each other’s negatives post? It is literally just you and Sumo anymore that post, and it is not because of the team struggling or people giving up for why people rarely post in these threads anymore. People wouldn’t say much about it, but as mentioned even when things are going well. You all still seem to lean more to positing more of the few negative things that may happen, than the positive.
  7. Can’t put a full game together. Last week defense played a solid game, while the offense struggled. Today the defense gets to play with the lead and gives it up. It was good to see AJ Green get going some today. Hopefully they can build off that, or at worst improve his trade value some. Randy Bullock makes a long kick, which is something he has struggled with in his career. But then he missed a big kick that would have given them the lead in the 4th. He truly is a solid kicker for quarters 1 through 3. He just is hard to trust in the 4th. Burrow played a pretty solid game. However, the interception at the end is just one of those things we will see sometimes with him being a rookie. Hopefully all these experiences, just helps him make a big jump in year two like he did in college in his second year starting. The Bengals definitely have their franchise QB in him!
  8. The case is already closed. Notice how most of these threads just have you and 16th in them these days. Which it is not because of the Bengals struggling the last few years.
  9. @Voice of Reason is not wrong. So many people no longer post in update threads in either Reds or Bengal games like they use to. Basically all it is a couple people complaining and posting every little negative thing they can find, even in a game they may be winning. Over the last few years if you look at update threads, even in games won. You would think from the update threads that the team lost. Hence, why I know I rarely post anymore in these threads either. Which I think seems to be true for most people. It is fine to point out bad things and get frustrated when things like this Colts comeback starts happening. However, even when the team is doing well. You usually still find more negative stuff from two or three people on here. It just makes it not worth getting on here. Which I know this isn’t the first time I have mentioned that either.
  10. I have always been hard on Randy, but that was a great kick from deep!
  11. You should tell the Colts that they need to go back to sleep now.
  12. What bad feel does it have? The Colts are a good team. It wasn’t like the Bengals were going to continue blowing them out.
  13. The Bengals just need to play man to man all the time it looks like. Anytime they try to play zone, they seem confused and end up having miscommunication and guys end up wide open. They are not a good zone team at all.
  14. I believe it was just last year, in the playoff game Ludlow lost to NCC 40 to 20.
  15. Can’t disagree there. They definitely have been boring to watch.
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