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  1. ONLY at Ky with a press conference, ONLY at Ky
  2. I haven’t played organized basketball since 1982 and after that today I’m ready to suit up. That was awesome!
  3. Reds get the sweep over the White Sox's winning today 11-4. The Reds improve to 9-6 move on to Seattle tomorrow night.
  4. I really love these two quotes from Coach Pope’s speech. “Players are not doing the jerseys a favor by letting them clothe them. Our guys will know quickly that it will be one of the great honors of their life to wear that jersey.” “The difference between Kentucky and every other program is that this isn’t my team…it’s OUR TEAM (points to the crowd)”
  5. Kentucky is going all out and Rupp is packed and wild. This will kill Cal and his ego. It is live on WLEX now.
  6. Reds add four more runs in the top of the 7th to led now 10-2.
  7. Reds led 6-2 through 5 1/2 they are going for the sweep today. The Reds have a two run home by Encarnacion-Strand in the 3rd inning and a two run homer by Martini in the top of the 5th has accounted for 4 of their 6 runs. Ashcraft still going for the Reds with a quality outing so far in 5 1/3 so far he has allowed 2 runs 1 earned and just 3 hits.
  8. That one surprised me some especially after Pope was named his style I think would be a good fit for Z maybe he wants to still play for Cal after all he did for him.
  9. Another good day for the Redlegs as they win today 5-0. On a great start by Nick Lodolo who threw 5 2/3 of no run 1 hit baseball. This was Lodolo first appearance since May 6 of last year. The Reds offensive attack was led by Spence Steer and Luck Maile. Steer knocked in 3 with a double in the top of the 2nd after Maile knocked in 2 with a single. The Reds only had 4 hits on the afternoon and scored all 4 runs in the 2nd inning. The Reds (8-6) will go for the series sweep tomorrow at 2:10 with Graham Ashcraft on the mound.
  10. I don't know about Great Crossing or Scott Co. (I'm pretty sure Scott has 3 dedicated teams with the type of program Coach runs) but Douglass does have 3 dedicated teams but were not asked to play in this league. They would have been willing to play their dedicated freshman only team vs. the teams but were not ask to participate. No Lexington freshman team would schedule Douglass. The Douglass freshman schedule: Trintiy Bullitt East Corbin St. X Boyle Co. Madison Cent. Great Crossing The Douglass JV schedule: Scott Co. (home and home) Bryan Station (home and home) Corbin Madison Cent. Great Crossing Looking for 2 more teams
  11. I saw a great line about the hiring of Mark Pope. Most people believe in his X's and O's but can he get the Jimmy and Joes. That's a pretty good one.
  12. Looks like he will be welcomed at Rupp on Sunday afternoon according to Barnhart.
  13. The title makes it seem like a done deal already. I don’t see this happening especially this upcoming season.
  14. Matt Jones will have Mitch Barnhart on KSR at 11 am today.
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