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  1. Some good stuff on Twitter from Boyd and Bernard on Dunlap, from those 2 it doesn’t sound like Taylor has lost the locker room as some have said. Carlos has played so well this year he should be griping, LOL!!!
  2. I’m with you on that, I think Taylor is getting better, he’s designed some really good things!! Lou HAS to go, AND some guys in the locker room with him!!
  3. I think he’s an idiot, either that or he’s got the dumbest players to ever put on a uniform!! Oh well, Burrow is elite and just too much fun to watch, he’s so smart it’s unreal and that will only get better!! Boyd is one of the top slots in the NFL, Tee is already good and going to be really, really good, AJ looks better, (although he did drop another TD pass today), Thomas shows some promise, Sample keeps getting better, Mixon and Bernard are tough, the O line continues to give me some hope!! We have ONE player on D and that’s Bates, just continues to blow my mind watching them. Where’s VOR today??
  4. Georgia travels north to Lexington to take on the Kentucky Wildcats. The Cats coming off a awful offensive performance Saturday at Missouri where they only managed 145 total yards. It will even be tougher this week against the vaulted Bulldog defense. The game currently is scheduled to be on the SEC Network at 12:00 on Saturday. GO Cats!!
  5. Do you think Anarumo knows what he’s doing??
  6. Bengals have scored 34 pts, 30 pts and 27 pts in 3 different games and lost every game!! This team should EASILY be 5-2
  7. Like I said, the D is not one bit better than last year and that’s just amazing!! I’ve got NFL Sunday ticket, think I’ll start watching other games when the D is on the field and watch my Bengs when they’ve got it, just don’t understand how the D can be that bad AGAIN, 2 weeks in a row they can’t rush the passer when they KNOW he’s gonna throw it!!
  8. All that is but also two of the Browns TD's came when they were facing 3rd and 4 and twice the Bengals were called for offsides giving Cleveland first downs.
  9. I agree those stats is more of what it says about the Bengals defense I guarantee you he will not put up numbers like that the rest of the season.
  10. Good point sumo at least my 3rd team is Frederick Douglass and they are pretty good.🙂
  11. I did not realize this but after starting the game 0-5 passing Mayfield against our defense went 22-23 for 297 and 5 touchdowns.
  12. I love the Bengals and Burrow, Lou HAS to be fired before he leaves the building, it’s obvious!!
  13. The Bengals are now 1-12-1 in games of 8 points or less under Taylor. The next two are tough ones the Titans at home next week then at Pittsburgh after the bye week.
  14. Final another very tough loss for the Bengals!
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