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  1. Cats kid to a good 2nd half start leading 49-42 timeout Michigan with 15:19 to play.
  2. So far Frederick has been a big disappointment. I was expecting some good thing he’s getting great looks just not making any shots.
  3. Not a good 4 minute span for the Cats they trail 17-12 at the under 12 timeout.
  4. Cats off to a good start tied at 8 at the first media timeout.
  5. I would like to personally congratulate the 29 seniors at Frederick Douglass. They are great kids with a bright future ahead of them. In their 4 years they had a great impact on the Frederick Douglass football program they had a 49-5 record and 16-3 in the playoffs with 3 regional titles and a runner-up. They also had 2 state final runner-ups and now a state championship. Congratulations!
  6. Just broke the news on the ACC title game on ABC.
  7. A very impressive season for the Broncos especially on defense. Douglass finishes 15-0 and scored 611 points (610 of those were scored in only 14 games) and only allowed 70 total points all season. They also in their 5 playoff games only allowed 22 total points against 4 very good teams. Congrats to a very good Bowling Green team who has some great young talent and will definitely be heard from next year.
  8. The Douglass defense has held the Purples to less than 25 total yards in the 2nd half.
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