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  1. Russell Westbrook posted today that he tested positive for Covid-19.
  2. Just a little update I go out each Sunday morning around 8 to get food for my wife and me for the week, My wife is very high risk due to diabetes and severe lung issues. Today I went in Walmart, Meijer, and Kroger here in Lexington and in all 3 stores I saw 100% of the people wearing mask.
  3. Just saw on the news that the IVY league schools have just shut down all fall sports for the league for this fall.
  4. Great enjoyed watching him play all 4 years in high school.
  5. I agree I know Collins and Henry Clay both will significantly less talented than the past couple of seasons.
  6. Fayette County coaches were told today they could not start until June 29.
  7. Not happening he is staying with the girls team.
  8. Just saw on the news that at the Univ. of Alabama they have already had several players test positive for the virus. Now while it's true they just came together since Monday the report also stated that one of the players that tested positive had been involved in several group drills.
  9. Even bigger coaches with the proper PPE for themselves and the team can start in June having meetings with 10 or fewer at a time.
  10. I watched PLD play 6 or 7 times last season. Here is my take going into the season PLD had by far the tallest team in the region 4 or 5 guys 6'4 or 6'5 and taller. Through mid January their record was 5-15. Then coach Chalk switched to playing the 5 best athletes and also the team chemistry and the remainder of the season they were 8-3 with one one of those wins at regional champion Scott Co. by 14 points in the last game of the regular season.
  11. He would actually on the radio when giving the starters for the game he would say their hometown. For example he would say "starting at guard from Huntington, WV OJ Mayo." lol Ashland also for a number of years refused to schedule Rose Hill in any sport even down to the middle school level.
  12. He was the 7th or 8th man but Dunbar was a little thin had some players quite or was dismissed from the team. Probably only averaged around 3 points or so.
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