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  1. Then gives up another, time to part ways with this clown!!
  2. Pitino originally wanted to try to play this game at Madison Square Garden and part of the Jimmy V Classic. I think Cal decided he would play at Rupp maybe just to be safe. I don't know.
  3. Per 24/7 sports report today. "Iona plans to play University of Kentucky next year." per Gale Nation Hoops tweeted last night.
  4. Congratulations on winning MVP for the defensive backs at UA camp series!
  5. Congrats to Coach Layne and the Lady Red Devils!! It's amazing that the Shaelyn Steel was a all-conference player in our middle school conference that I have run for the past 15 years. She is going to do a lot of big things during her years as a Lady Red Devil.
  6. Baylor leads 82-65 with 3:51 left to play. This one is over. Indiana will remain the last undefeated champion.
  7. Baylor still up 16 at 75-59 at the under 8 media timeout.
  8. Big run by Baylor to go back up 16 at 67-51. Gonzaga is looking nervous and scared now I think Baylor has this taken care of now.
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