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  1. In tonight's Championships 7th Grade: Morgan Co. 33 Lewis Co. 18 8th Grade: Raceland Middle 46 Morgan Co. 43
  2. In tonight's Championship's 7th Grade: Russell Middle 31 Mason Co. 26 8th Grade: Russell Middle 41 Mason Co. 30
  3. yes should win both 7th and 8th they are both undefeated. The 7th should win very easy I think but the 8th grade could be pretty good but Russell should win the Darnell girl has a younger sister that is really turning into a very good player.
  4. No they do not their girls coach is not a teacher. I just think that is what they will do with the timing of everything. I had some conversations today with an assistant asking me some info about the 7th and 8th grade middle school conference I take care of up there. I don;t really have any major inside info just my opinion after being involved with the program as a player, coach and taking care of middle school since 1978.
  5. They will hire from within one of the assistants since there is no teaching position available. It will be named in two weeks.
  6. 8th Grade Semis from tonight. Raceland Middle 51 McKell Middle 37 Morgan County 36 Wurtland Middle 25 Raceland Middle will take on Morgan County in 8th grade finals on Thursday at 7:15pm at McKell Middle.
  7. 8th Grade Semis from tonight. Mason County 35 Rowan County 29 Russell Middle 41 East Carter 19 Mason Co. will take on Russell Middle on Thursday at 7:15pm at Rowan Co.
  8. 7th Grade Semis from last night. Mason County 29 Ashland Middle 28 Russell Middle 46 Rowan County 28 Mason Co. will play Russell Middle in the finals on Thursday at 6:00pm at Rowan Co.
  9. 7th Grade Semis from last night. Morgan County 29 Raceland Middle Lewis County 29 Bath County 28 Finals Morgan Co. vs. Lewis Co. at 6:00pm Thursday at McKell Middle
  10. Ballard Southwestern Madison Central Cooper Central
  11. The 8-0 Frederick Douglass Broncos travel to Mt. Sterling to take on the 4-4 Montgomery County Indians. The Broncos are coming off a 38-7 win over a much improved Great Crossing team. The Broncos were lead in the win by the combination of QB Samuel Cornett and WR Dane Key they hooked up 6 times for 94 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Douglass defense was very good once again as they chalked up the 4th scoreless game (the Great Crossing touchdown was defensive score). They held the Warhawks to only 60 yards total offense (7 yards rushing and 53 passing). The had come into the game averaging over 31
  12. This is a big one for the Bengals if they are truly going to contend for the AFC North title this year. A win and they will improve to 5-3 and 2-0 in the division. The Ravens are playing their best ball of the season after a total beat down of the Chargers 34-6. Go Bengals!!
  13. Final after a slow start the Bengals totally dominated the 2nd half. The defense played well the entire game. Now probably on to their biggest game so far this year next week at Baltimore at 1:00pm on CBS.
  14. The Bengals answer the Lions FG with a 7 yard pass from Brandon Allen to Tate to make it now 34-3 with 5:16 to play.
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