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  1. EXACTLY!!! Take the guy who has been doing the job CLOSING to bring in a guy that has done NOTHING all year!!???? I’ve said for a long time Bell is TERRIBLE and he keeps proving me right!! Plus, they cost Miley ANOTHER win when he pitched well, please, this guy HAS to go!!!
  2. WOW!!!! Impressive debut by Givens!!! Wish we had these 3 guys since about game 50, we’d be in first place!!
  3. C’mon guys, have you read my posts?? I’ve been on the “worst bullpen I’ve ever seen” fence all year!!! It was a sarcastic disbelief post, like it took them long enough!! Got me excited they finally did!! Where did Votto find the fountain of youth??
  4. Yes, Votto has been smoking but he just got caught loafing on the bases again, if he runs hard he beats the play at 2nd easily!!
  5. Ok, I’ve defended him in the past but I give up on Aquino, he is just absolutely terrible!!
  6. At least one thing we can say for this bullpen, they take all the suspense out of it, they usually blow the lead as soon as they come in!
  7. Can Naquin not keep up with the count AGAIN?? LITTLE LEAGUE!!!
  8. Starting Hoffman again just proves several points on here that this organization is so poorly run, we as fans deserve better than this!!!
  9. Uh, I’ll have sternly disagree VOR about the quality being better today!! No way in my opinion because I watched that era!!
  10. Double switch last night and Bell takes Winker out??? REALLY??!! Wow!!?? Another great exhibition of base running tonight, I say this all the time but “just what could have Aquino been thinking!!??” Rudderless ship describes it pretty well
  11. Suarez is just pathetic! THE WORST bullpen in the history of baseball!!
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