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  1. Another base running exhibition by Votto, gets caught loafing out of the box, outfielder drops the ball and he gets thrown by 10 feet trying for 2nd, run’em out!!
  2. Did you guys see the breakdown on his use of pitches % wise???: changeup 29% sinker 26% fastball 24% slider 21% are you kidding me, who is calling the pitches???? A 98-99 mph fastball is being used 24% of the time?? Threw a lot more fastballs vs Cubs Tuesday and blew them away!!!
  3. I saw today that the Bengals currently have the 3rd toughest schedule in the NFL going into the season.
  4. This kid has a chance to be SPECIAL!!! The contrast between him and Mahle/Castillo is just night and day, they need to watch how he attacks the hitters instead of nibble nibble almost every batter, LOVE THIS KID!!
  5. I'm sure glad these kids are going to Boyle rather than Frederick Douglass. I am glad now that posters on here are starting to see and understand that a school that develops a very good program and really promote their student athletes that it might be for the kids benefit to go to one of those schools. So now their won't be any more issues for kids to go to Douglass for the same reasons these kids go to Boyle. 😕
  6. Just good natured fun VOR, don’t get upset, thought the John McEnroe reference was pretty good??? If they can keep bringing up players like Ashcraft they’ve got a decent shot to play .500 rest of the way, if they can quit slapping people on the field over FANTASY FOOTBALL, goodness gracious!!
  7. Good points all and I’m going to say that is exactly what Sadak was told by the bosses he had to do if he wanted the job
  8. Anybody else hear Larkin on the catch/no catch challenge by s Cub’s outfielder in last night’s game:?? ”The ball definitely hit the ground, the only question is was the glove underneath it when it hit the ground”?????!!!!! LOVED Larkin as a player, one of my all time favorites but that’s just embarrassing Barry
  9. .500 rest of the year??? To quote the great John McEnroe, “You cannot be serious!!” LOL. OK, since May 5 Reds are 9-10, (tonight will make them 9-11), I don’t see any way they come close, (don’t play the Pirates enough, LOL!)
  10. Final from Morehead. Congrats to Rowan and also to the Raiders on another excellent season.
  11. LAST year means nothing really, it’s what you’re doing now, especially at the stage of his career, 6th or 7th seems more appropriate
  12. Yes, up over .130 and 4 RBIs now, that’s probably good enough to bat 4th rest of the year!
  13. Yet ANOTHER example of how gutless (and or stupid) Bell is, Votto been out forever, hitting .129, 0 hrs, 3 rbis and first game back he hits him 4th, unreal!!!
  14. Did Votto retire and not tell anybody??!!
  15. I think I am looking forward to this years season and schedule more than any Bengals season in a long time or maybe ever! Here is the full Schedule: Week 1- Steelers-Home Week 2- Cowboys-Away Week 3- Jets-Away Week 4- Dolphins-Home (Thurs. Night Game) Week 5- Ravens-Away Week 6- Saints-Away Week 7- Falcons-Home Week 8- Browns-Away (Monday Night Game) Week 9- Panthers-Home Week 10- Bye Week 11- Steelers-Away Week 12- Titans-Away Week 13- Chiefs-Home Week 14- Browns Week 15- Buccaneers-Away Week 16- Patriots-Away (Saturday) Week 17- Bills-Home Week 18-Ravens-Home * Based on 2021 final standings the Bengals going into the season they have the 3rd toughest schedule in the league and the toughest in the AFC.
  16. Week 3- Bengals at Jets on Sept. 25 at 1:00pm on CBS.
  17. Week 2- Bengals at Cowboys on Sept. 18 at 4:25.
  18. Week 1- Steelers at Bengals on Sept. 11 at 1:00pm on CBS. The Bengals open with a home game vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  19. Ashland has hired Stacy Davis as its new coach to replace longtime coach Bill Brady. Davis was named the new coach about 2 weeks ago. She has been coaching the boys middle school team at Ashland Middle School for the past couple of years. Best of luck to Coach Davis. She played high school ball at Ashland.
  20. The Fairview job is now open. Head coach Mo Mullins stepped down last week after 2 years and a 15-38 record.
  21. Moose back on the IL again???!!! Just tell him and Senzel to go home and watch TV, maybe they can do that without tweaking something!!!
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