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  1. Gregg got a offer from TMC to play football next year.
  2. I believe Anderson will play more at WR this year.
  3. They haven't had a good defense since Jeese Herbst went to Dayton.
  4. SK and CovCath played yesterday I believe. Not sure what the score was.
  5. I think he will grow some more his dad was over 6'1.
  6. Big sophomore! Will the big lineman that was a Freshman Collins get playing time?
  7. The Pioneers will have the following football players playing OL/DL Cohen Schmidt WR/DB Nathan Kitchens WR/DB Carter Blades WR/DB Luke Schieber
  8. Will James Brooks son get some reps at running back?
  9. Niece is helping coach while they play at Holy Cross Summer league.
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