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  1. Nothing just giving my Augusta friend a hard time. Davie was out tonight but Evan Dennison states Russell anticipates him playing in the next round.
  2. From Evan Dennison: 50 fouls, 64 free throws attempted Campbell — 28/40 (70%) Bracken — 16/24 (66%)
  3. Maybe he didn’t make the region tournament. Regardless a big turn around from the 33 point loss on Feb 5.
  4. From Evan Dennison: Final scoring: Campbell (71) — Hamilton 22, Beiting 21, Hegyi 11, Gross 9, Jackson 5, Jones 2, Sorgenfrei 1 Bracken (64) — B. Reed 39, C. Reed 9, Commodore 8, N. Jefferson 6, Reynolds 2
  5. Blake Reed hitting a 3 to put it into OT. https://twitter.com/evandennison1/status/1374124614847201288?s=21 Cayden Reed barely misses the floater to win the game, but misses and goes to 2OT https://twitter.com/evandennison1/status/1374128764511223820?s=21
  6. https://www.go.prepspin.com/39th-district-tournament-boys-basketball-championship-march-18th-720pm/ Watch the finals here
  7. Bracken County records in the district
  8. That should have been the district final last night. What a game. Would have liked to see Augusta in the region tournament. They could have knocked off anyone the way they played last night.
  9. Riley Mastin is only a sophomore and I think was the best player on the floor tonight. What a great game from him and unfortunate he fouled out. Nate Mitchell and Kason Hinson also with great game tonight. Augusta led for 30 minutes but the last 2 went to Mason County Augusta loses nobody and will be one of the top teams in the region next year.
  10. The entire 39th District Tournament will be broadcast on PrepSpin with each game being $9.95. The money goes back to the 4 schools. 2021 39th District Basketball Tournament on PrepSpin. Monday, March 15 Augusta vs. Mason County 6:00 - GIRLS | https://go.prepspin.com/39th-district-tournament-mason-county-vs-augusta-girls-hs-basketball/ 7:30 - BOYS | https://go.prepspin.com/39th-district-tournament-mason-county-vs-augusta-boys-hs-basketball-march-15th-720pm/ Tuesday, March 16 Bracken County vs. St. Patrick 6:00 - GIRLS | https://go.prepspin.com/39th-district-tournament-st-patrick-vs-bracken-county-girls-hs-basketball-march-16th-535pm/ 7:30 - BOYS | https://go.prepspin.com/39th-district-tournament-st-patrick-vs-bracken-county-boys-hs-basketball-march-16th-720pm/ Thursday and/or Friday Championship GIRLS | https://www.go.prepspin.com/39th-district-tournament-girls-basketball-championship-march-18th-535pm/ BOYS | https://www.go.prepspin.com/39th-district-tournament-boys-basketball-championship-march-18th-720pm/
  11. https://bluegrasspreps.com/forums/topic/224933-39th-district-draw/
  12. Before we talk about seeding the Sweet 16 we need to start with seeding district tournaments.
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