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  1. PRESS RELEASE: As a spectator representing Bracken County High School, if you are ejected from an athletic event (home or away) by a referee, umpire, school administrator, etc., you will not be allowed to attend another home or away event during the entire season of that sport. This also includes post-season.
  2. My guess is Aaron Massey will be the coach for this season. He just accepted a job at Robertson County as DPP/Instructional Supervisor. He was the principal the past 3 years.
  3. The Breds have hired Jake Luhn. Luhn was the associate head coach to John Brannen at Cincinnati last year. Look like a pretty impressive resume and a great hire. https://gobearcats.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster/coaches/jake-luhn/1616
  4. Taylor Alstatt has resigned after two seasons.
  5. The St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine 9/10 Region Challenge will take place on Saturday, December 18 at Bracken County. The girls games are: 10:00 - Boone County vs. Bracken County 11:45 - Newport Catholic vs. Mason County 1:30 - Dixie Heights vs. Montgomery County NewCath/Mason went into 3OT last year. I think Dixie/MoCo will be a great matchup as well. Defending 9th Region Champs vs. 10th Region Runner-Up. MoCo is led by Hayden Barrier, who recently got an offer from NKU. Her mom, Beth Vice, was Miss Basketball at Montgomery in 1998.
  6. Nice field. It looks like Simon Kenton gave up the SKIT to Scott.
  7. Congratulations to Macy Krohman of Simon Kenton for being named 2021 Miss Softball. Macy is heading to the Univeristy of Illinois.
  8. Aden Slone at GRC is the best true guard in the 10th Region IMO.
  9. If you play this tournament 3 more times I think you would get 3 more different winners. Campbell, Scott, Harrison, and MoCo all had a chance to win in my opinion. The Camels just played a better 3 games than the others.
  10. Shelby Valley, Buckhorn, Newport Catholic are in it. Only matchup I know is Simon Kenton vs. Rowan County.
  11. Don't know anything about Coach Clouse. Any info on him?
  12. Driving an hour on the AA twice a day gets very old very quick.
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