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  1. Teams George Rogers Clark Mason County Campbell County Scott Harrison County Montgomery County Augusta Bracken County Calvary Christian Bishop Brossart Players Jerome Morton - Clark Justin Becker - Robertson Terrell Henry - Mason Blake Reed - Bracken Aden Slone - Clark Kason Hinson - Augusta Aydan Hamilton - Campbell Nate Mitchell - Mason Tanner Walton - Clark Trent Edwards - Clark
  2. I don’t think there is any scientific evidence to support this. Any relief is due to the placebo effect and will likely wear off long term.
  3. This article makes CovCath look like the victims lol. It is no secret why the schools in NKY do not want to play. As for the other catholic schools, I'm not sure for their reasoning. Ruthsatz made it sound like all the schools are just scared to play, which isn't the case. But if I'm a NKY school, if I have to play CovCath I would want it to be in the post-season.
  4. Is Coach Bundy having a change of heart? Heard he's MIA.
  5. Johnson Central’s field was renamed “Coach Jim Matney Stadium” tonight.
  6. There’s only 32 teams in 1A. I don’t know if they have NKAC for their scheduling but playing Dayton, Bellevue, Newport, Holy Cross, Ludlow, every year takes up a lot of their scheduling. Especially now being in a district with Paris, Nicholas and Bracken.
  7. Henry Clay still has classes in modular buildings they are so overcrowded.
  8. It is interesting to see these games come together at the last second with teams you wouldn’t normally see
  9. I saw this video on Twitter. Can someone explain it? “Blatant 12th man coming on the field during a crucial kick, down by 1 score in the 4th quarter by Ludlow in the @brackencounty vs Ludlow” https://www.hudl.com/video/3/16225568/6121a8983dec300cf81f8a80
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