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  1. The Undertaker is back from the dead. Cordle will have a chance to rebound and defend the post against a team of all guards. Biggest guy on the court now.
  2. I’m just hoping Bracken wins so I can be on the region tournament pass list. A least one glimmer of hope for Bracken is they are favored in the Cantrell ratings. And last time St Pat played at the Fieldhouse they shot 2/23 from 3PT.
  3. Bracken’s played at the Fieldhouse once this season and St Pat did first game of the season. Unfortunatley for us this is just another home game for Garrison.
  4. I was looking at some stuff, found out Jarvis Parsley coached Brooksville to a region championship in baseball AND basketball in 1944. Are there any other coaches who have won a championship in two different sports in the same school year?
  5. Patrick Kelsch is the obvious winner. He won All A with a bunch of freshman. Fromeyer would be my 2nd choice for winning 20 games after losing Ohmer and a tough schedule. Pendleton has Allen and Campbell has 3 returning studs, it’s easy to be a good coach with a lot of talent. Pendleton’s schedule of Bracken 2x, Calvary, St Pat, Augusta, Nicholas, Williamstown, Grant, St Henry is 9 easy wins.
  6. Thank God for the new roundabout. There would be madness at ball games without it, truly a lifesaver.
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