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  1. 5 - Russell3 - Lincoln County3 - Beechwood1 - Moeller1 - Middlesboro1 - John Hardin1 - Daviess County1 - North Hardin1 - Boyle County1 - South WarrenTB - 36
  2. 5 Trinity 3 Bowling Green 3 South Warren 1 Woodford County 1 Somerset 1 Ryle 1 Franklin Co. 1 McCracken 1 Ashland 1 Mayfield TB - 42
  3. Beloved girls basketball coach Todd Houston, formerly an assistant for Holy Cross and Conner and head coach of Beechwood, passed away yesterday. He was twice a cancer survivor. Please keep his family and the communities that loved him in your thoughts and prayers.
  4. I will refute that. All indications are Jimmy has coached his last game at NewCath. That may change, but I doubt it.
  5. If I had to guess, the list of candidates is as follows: Jimmy Pangallo Ralph Meyer Kenny Collopy George Stoll I don’t think Grant Brannen would be a candidate but I could be wrong. Honest to goodness, I think it’s more likely John Brannen takes it before Grant does.
  6. @Colonels_Wear_Blue Now it’s real. Ron Dawn has retired from coaching.
  7. Boyle County and Lincoln County will both compete for the 12th region title. Would not be surprised if they met in both the district finals then again in the regional finals. And if either get out of the region, they will have a chance to make some serious noise in the Sweet 16.
  8. Well, it appears this job isn’t open after all. Coach Dawn is retiring as principal but not coach.
  9. Is there a chance he gets both of Ron Dawn’s jobs then?
  10. In no order: Augusta CovCath Holmes GRC Valley Mason County Fieldhouse Wayne County Clay County Knott County Central Marion County Bullitt East
  11. That would put both right into the heart of the regional championship race.
  12. That tournament run was the greatest perimeter shooting display most likely in Kentucky high school postseason history. They had the best player in each game but ran into some teams that were arguably overall more talented. Felt like they just couldn’t miss and because of that shooting, players stepping up, and superb coaching, they got the job done.
  13. Highlands is both winning the “out of gas” game and keeping their shooting hot.
  14. I type this up as I patiently await the tip-off of the State Finals matchup. You might as well label this entry as the "Boyle County Praise Article," even if their season ended rather ugly at Rupp yesterday. Boyle County's Trip to Rupp The Rebels rightfully ended their season as one of the last 8 teams to be competing in the state. They got their one win of the trip with an opening round victory over Paintsville 70 to 56. Luke Sheperson led the way with 25 with Jagger Gillis getting 19 and Luke Imfeld 17. The Rebels did what they had to defensively, keeping all of the Paintsville sho
  15. I hold nothing against any out of region team losing at Clay County. That is one of the most difficult environments for a road team in the state. I will take Boyle 65 to 51.
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