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  1. Coach Menefee’s most recent position in Kentucky was at Campbell County.
  2. I took another look at the state guidelines and what they said about youth basketball. Per those guidelines, it would be acceptable to have practices June 29 (no restrictions other than less than 50 people). If the KHSAA rolls with that, and eliminates or shortens the dead period, I think we will see open gyms approved, still no scrimmages. But unlike my earlier post, it may not include any “touching” restrictions. But I imagine every school will have a sanitation policy for gyms and balls.
  3. My guess would be the dead period remains untouched and the special dead period is not lifted beforehand. Come July 10th, you will see open gyms with no contact, no sharing basketballs, no groups over 10. That will probably ride out to October 15th when we will witness what the final determination for basketball will be.
  4. Fussinger was also at one time the head coach of Dayton baseball.
  5. Nobody bled greener blood than Joe Lloyd.
  6. The school district has reversed this decision.
  7. I will disagree slightly. Will he run roughshod over them? No. Will he put up some points. Yes. Stepp will get about 12 to 16. If West has any shot at all, they will need Winter and two others to also get into that range. That will be a tall order.
  8. West Jessamine and Danville are the last two standing in a wild regional tournament. The Colts and Ads square off tomorrow at Pulaski County. West won the first meeting early in the season by 18. Who punches their ticket to the Sweet 16?
  9. 2 for 2 on my semifinal picks. The regional tournament is definitely living up to the hype. Both West and Danville playing their best right now. Tomorrow should be really fun.
  10. So I agree that Pulaski is deeper than West, however West has gotten deeper in terms of production as the season has gone along. You can see that in their later season results and stats as they have become consistently good, a quality they lacked early in the year. And with Somerset and Danville, it is incredibly difficult to beat a team 3 times in a year. I will take West Jessamine and Danville with West Jessamine to win it all, DeAjuan Stepp MVP.
  11. Regional Tournament First Round Review Pulaksi County vs. Lincoln County – The Maroons came into the regional ready to make a powerful statement and they did just that by knocking off the reigning champions 62 to 49. The Pulaski defense smothered the Patriots, limiting Jaxon Smith to only 7. Colton Fraley has proven himself to be one of the region’s best on both sides of the ball. West Jessamine vs. Southwestern – The Colts were firing on all cylinders as they put up 84 points to the Warriors’ 56. DeAjuan Stepp led the way with 30 points and 11 rebounds. Daniel Waters continues to impress late in the year as he put up 15 points, complemented by 10 rebounds. If the Colts continue their run, it will be in no small part to the contributions of this young man who has come on as of late. Cole Dysinger put up 16 for Southwestern in the losing effort. Somerset vs. East Jessamine – The Jaguars’ defense could not contain the Briar Jumpers as Somerset advances on a score of 77 to 66. Kade Grundy gave a monster performance, producing 34 points. Michael Powell (16 points) and DeQuante Jackson (15 points) led the way for the Jaguars. Danville vs. Wayne County – The Admirals defeated the Cardinals 70 to 60 in a game that saw the second district loser beat a district champion. Thomas Spencer had 27 points for Wayne County, but it was not enough for the multiple threat Admiral offense to be bested. Weekly Preview March 9th at 6:30 PM –Pulaski County vs. West Jessamine: DeAjuan Stepp for the Colts and Colton Fraley for the Maroons lead two teams that also feature a deep roster of contributing players. The Maroons defeated the Colts in Somerset way back on December 7th by a score of 71 to 67 in a game which saw Pulaski’s Zach Travis go off for 23 and Colton Fraley limited to only 6. In the same game, Clayton Winter made a statement with 21 points and 9 boards and DeAjuan Stepp put up a modest (for his numbers) 16 points. March 9th at 8:00 PM – Somerset vs. Danville: This will be round three for the two teams that make up the cream of the crop amongst the All A teams in the region. Somerset has won both matchups, the first being the 72 to 70 overtime win in the All A finals and the second being a beat down by the Briar Jumpers at a score of 82 to 59 in the Briar Patch. If Danville can limit the damage Kade Grundy can do, they will have a chance. If he gets 20 or more, it will be very tough for the Admirals to advance. The winners will play March 10th at Pulaski County at 7:00 PM. Somerset leads the series over Pulaski with 2 wins and a loss. West Jessamine beat Danville by 18 early in December and did not play Somerset in the regular season. Pulaski defeated Danville 92 to 80 on February 16th. Pulaski County remains the favorite and Danville the biggest long shot, but it really is anyone’s tournament to win.
  12. On paper this is a 15 plus win for Ryle. With that said, that margin isn’t big enough to say Dixie doesn’t have a chance to win. I will take Ryle but it wouldn’t be a total shocker to see Dixie pull it off. They have the ability.
  13. I am just saying I am happy she is getting recognition. In my opinion the 9th has been dominated by Scherr talk (and I understand why), and when I talk to non-Dixie people about Dixie, they bring up Pelfrey.
  14. I love seeing Lockard on the first team. I think she is one of the most underrated players in the area.
  15. I think Coach Dilts is at a time in his life where walking away made sense. Young family, new kid, and a job at another school all form an equation that makes it difficult to carry that extra duty as head coach of a varsity program. He can walk away knowing he got a ton out of his kids. As for who comes next, this is a job that will most likely attract good assistant coaches or retired former head coaches. I think they will see a pretty decent pool with some experience and some high potential.
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