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  1. If I had to guess, I'd say one of the following six names: - Liam Coen - Marc Lubick - Chad Morris - Rob Calabrese - Brennan Marion - Dan Mullen
  2. An Ashland product who has been on the bench for 8 years paired with Coach Thomas as a steady hand when it comes to matters on how to run a program - I think that is pretty fantastic recipe for success, all challenges considered.
  3. Another basketball season is almost upon us in what continues to be one of, if not the most, competitive regions in the state. That phrase can be hammered on even more when you talk about districts as district as the 45th features the past two regional champions in Boyle County and Lincoln County and legitimately 4 teams that have what it takes to make the regional title game when you include Danville and Danville Christian Academy. The district also features some of the best individual talent in the region, including the hands-down best returner in the region in Lincoln County's Tramane Alcorn. Outside the 45th we also have perennial contenders West Jessamine and Pulaski County as well as a handful of insurgent teams such as Somerset, Wayne County, McCreary County and Mercer County. Without further ado, let's jump in to the preseason rankings: 1. Lincoln County - Though Jaxon and Evan Smith are both gone as well as Clayton Davis, the Patriot front court returns in its entirety and the back court is buoyed by the leadership of Tramane Alcorn. Alcorn was the leading scorer last year for Lincoln and the runner-up in rebounds per game. He is by all accounts the best all around performer returning in the region. He is complemented by long-range shooting extraordinaire Colton Ralston and Will Bishop in the post. Jackson Sims and Connor Davis round out the returning core for the Patriots. 2. Boyle County - Powerhouse Luke Imfeld is gone as well as Hagan Webb. However, with one of the bigger transfers in the region, Montavian Quisenberry joins the Rebels after a stellar start to his career at Garrard County. Kason Meyers and Jakei Tarter will complement the new addition but the Rebels will have to find depth out of some newcomers as the also lost Owen Barnes to rival Danville. 3. West Jessamine - Damon Kelley's Colts might be the most well-rounded team in the region. They return their four top scorers from last year in Daniel Waters, Drew Marshall, Gavin Salva, and Brett Bush, all of whom are now seniors. Their schedule is an absolute who's-who of Central Kentucky as they play the best the 11th and 12th have to offer as well as holiday tournaments at Lexington Christian and Lexington Catholic. 4. Pulaski County - Zach Travis and Gavin Stevens, the dynamic duo from Pulaski's 30-3 21/22 campaign, are gone. Cayden Lancaster must now step up and take control of this team and with his versatility that should be a challenge he's ready to meet. Carson Fraley, now a freshman, will command the point and Jace Frye should prove to be a dangerous target if teams over-focus on Lancaster. 5. Danville Christian - The reigning All A regional champs proved last year they can compete in one of the toughest districts in the state. Powered by sophomore standout Titus Boyd, DCA will look to recreate some of the magic from last year and extend their run into the regional tournament. 6. Somerset - Juniors Indrid Whitaker and Ben Godby lead a Briarjumpers squad that loses just one player to graduation. They are probably a year out from a big regional run, but look for this team to be much improved from last year. 7. Danville - Owen Barnes, Jarius Bryant and Jalen Dunn look to achieve more consistency this year as the 21/22 Admirals struggled to string together wins. They have a soft December schedule before they launch into heavier competition in January. 8. McCreary County Central - It's the Kyle Stephens show as the Raiders lost their next three leading scorers to graduation. Whether or not he can take the intense focus opposing defenses will give him is yet to be seen but the ability is certainly there. 9. Wayne County - Never count out Coach Woods and the Cardinals. Mason Burchett, Kendall Phillips, and Antajuan Dumphord all return from last year and the possibility of a district title is definitely in play. 10. Mercer County - Evan Hart and Trevor Ellis lead the Titans into a 22/23 campaign that features a harder schedule from last year and sets them up to again compete for the 46th district title though they will still have to contend with the Colts of West Jessamine. 11. Garrard County - Though Quisenberry is gone, Ethan Cooper remains and has Mason Sulla in the post to bring some versatility to the Golden Lion offense. 12. Casey County - Ethan Willoughby should continue to make a splash scoring wise for Casey. 13. Rockcastle County - It will be a total rebuild for the Rockets, but they are in good hands with Coach Cash and look to Skyler Durham and Broedy Dunaway to be the core of this year's group. 14. East Jessamine - Hayden Frazier is the leading scorer amongst returners for the Jaguars and looks to bring them back to a competitive level. 15. Southwestern - Winless in the region last year, the Warriors look to Eli Meece to spark some success this year. 16. Somerset Christian - Noah Brummett and Braydon Moore return for the Cougars who continue to look to establish themselves among the smaller schools in the region. 17. Burgin - Todd Claunch takes the helm for the Burgin Bulldogs and looks to improve on their 3 wins from last year.
  4. @LethalPG, can you post the top ten players please? I would imagine Lincoln County could have 3 of the top 6. With that said, who is going to take the place of Jaxon Smith as the leader on the court. They have a large amount of talent and scoring coming back, but my biggest two questions are: 1) Will they have the leadership at the point to balance that offense as well as it has been the past three years? 2) Will defenses be able to key on Ralston without Evan Smith also in the lineup presenting a second three-point threat?
  5. Renewed discussion has been ignited in Northern Kentucky with the cancelling of Bellevue's football season. I'll be honest and say that although I think mergers should happen with greater frequency and we need an overall reduction of schools and school districts, I really don't see it happening in urban and suburban areas anytime soon, Bellevue and Dayton included. And I still chalk that up to the competitive jobs lost, at least as the primary factor. A superintendent is going to fight like all get out to prevent a merger if they think it will cost them their job, not too mention all the support staff below.
  6. They will get the Beechwood vs Conner game in. It kicks off in 3 hours. Storms roll in around 1. So quite possible the other two don’t happen.
  7. NDA Simon Kenton Highlands Conner FC Cincinnati
  8. Mayfield CovCath Corbin Simon Kenton Trinity
  9. Highlands NDA St. Henry Holy Cross San Diego Wave
  10. Trinity CovCath Middlesboro Eastern NCC
  11. Conner/NDA tie Campbell Highlands Campbell Xavier
  12. 1) Cal is not wrong but he phrased his point terribly and he knows it and has publicly acknowledged it. 2) Stoops angry reacted and has not publicly made overtures to heal this, but that is entirely human. His actions made this worse. 3) Those first two things are incredibly human and healable. 4) Mitch Barnhart's press conference was just chock full of stupid mistakes and it sounds like his entire handling of the situation has been horrible. If anyone comes out of this with longterm, lingering negative consequences, I think it will be him.
  13. I am spinning this off from the NKY Top Ten thread. The issue being brought up there was that NKY is overrated when it comes to football and that EKY is the dominant region, at least outside Louisville. The time frame used in that thread was 20 years. Reviewing the past 5 years, here is the breakdown for state titles: Louisville - 7 Danville/Boyle/Somerset - 5 WKY (Used the broad definition and just went west of Louisville) - 5 EKY (did not give EKY Somerset but gave them Ashland) - 7 NKY - 6 Lexington/Georgetown - 0 My takeaways: 1) Total titles is just one way to stack things up. It doesn't reflect things like Frederick Douglass having 3 finals' appearances. 2) Titles are spread out across the state with only Lexington being left behind (but if you lumped it in with Danville/Boyle and called it Central Kentucky, it wouldn't be). 3) I just cannot see from this metric how NKY is overrated nor how there is some big gap between any of the areas, let alone EKY and NKY.
  14. Highlands Newport Central Catholic Ryle Cooper Arguments also for Dixie, Conner, Boone, Holy Cross, Ludlow, Campbell, and maybe a few others, though either less recent or less consistent than the ones above. I would say it's not that it's overrated, it's that there is nowhere outside of Louisville that has the number of schools that NKY has and each has its fervent fanbase. I don't think it is fair to call NKY "a sub par geographical region" either. It's a crowded area with a lot of competition and passionate fans.
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