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  1. Big district win for Estill. Bell County comes to town next week.
  2. 2&7 Garrard Adams on carry, not much there. 3&6 1st down Garrard Pass incomplete 2&10 Pass incomplete 3&10 4&11 after QB sack Estill takes over after Garrard punt. 1&10 Estill Big run for John Short deep into Garrard territory. Flags on Estill. 1&15 Niece on keeper, flags...holding on Estill 1&long Short on carry, gain of 8 2&long Short on carry, gain of 4 3&13 Niece on keeper, down to the 22. 1&10 Tank Stephens on the carry, gain of 6 2
  3. Adams on the end a round. Gain of 4 2&6 Baker on QB keeper, no gain. Garrard Freshmen starting QB Quisinberry is out injured. Big loss depending on how long he's out. 3&6 Estill stuffs Garrard. 4&5. Garrard to punt. Quisinberry going for it on 4&5. Garrard barely gets the first down, Estill thinks they stop it but refs disagree 1&10 Golden Lions Gain of 3 2&7 End 3Q Estill 29-20
  4. Lutes on carry, gain of 3 2&7 Pass incomplete 3&7 Pass incomplete 4&7 Estill to punt. Punt takes an Estill roll and is down at the Garrard 13. 1&10 Garrard at their own 13
  5. Pass completed down into Garrard territory. 1&10 Estill So lots of confusing. Estill had ball to Garrard 48, refs then move ball back to Estill 27. 3&long... Niece on QB keeper got enough for first down but Estill gets called for personal foul. Estill still gets the first down but ball is at Estill 34
  6. Garrard returned the kickoff for a TD but flags. Blocking in back. Garrard ball at the Estill 25 1&10 Pass completed to Estill 16 2&1 QB keeper, down to the 5 1&goal QB keeper goes into the endzone. 2pt good Estill 29-20 6:08 3Q
  7. Estill ball 4&5 from Garrard 19 Pass complete inside the 5. 1&goal Niece on keeper, gain of 1 2&goal Tank Stephens on the carry, goes in from 4 yards out. 2pt conversion is good Estill 29-12 7:12 3Q.
  8. pass incomplete but pass interfernce on Garrard. 1&10 Estill at Garrard 35 pass complete but no gain 2&10 Niece on the keeper, gain of 7 3&3 pass incomplete 4&3 Garrard gets called for offsides. 1&10 Estill Short on the carry, loss of 4 2&14 Pass incomplete 3&14 Pass complete, gain of 9 4&5 Timeout Estill
  9. Estill recovers the onside kick and have the ball 1&10 at midfield
  10. Garrard has the ball at their own 38. QB keeper, gain of 9 2&1 QB keeper, enough for 1st down into Estill territory. Deep pass complete down to the Estill 6. Adams on the carry, no gain. 2&goal - Under a minute to go clock running QB keeper, down to the 1. 3&goal Garrard with TD pass. 2pt intercepted. no good Estill 21-12 Halftime
  11. Baker on the carry, gain of 5 2&5 No gain. 3&5 QB keeper, gets enough for 1st down for Garrard 1&10 Pass incomplete. 2&10 Estill recovers garrard fumble 1&10 Short on carry, gain of 5 2&5 Niece on QB keeper, makes some moves and takes it to the Garrard 7. 1&goal Short on carry, gain of 3 2&goal Stephens on the carry, down to the 1. 3&goal Niece goes in from 1. TD Estill. XP good. 2Q 2:31 Estill 21-6
  12. Estill has it 1&10 at Garrard 42 Niece sacked. 2&11 Short on carry, gain of 3 to Garrard 40 3&8 Short on carry. Gain of 6. Flags...Holding on Estill. 3&20 Pass incomplete. 4&20 Somerville punts and goes out of bounds at the 35. Garrard 1&10
  13. Estill got a TD and XP. End 1Q. Estill 14-6. Garrard ball 4&1
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