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  1. Casey County has tabbed Don Irvine as they're new head boys coach.
  2. Jackson County has named John Hallock head coach. He was an assistant at Lafayette. He had a stint at Jackson County from 2013-2015.
  3. Conor McGregor tweeted out last night that he's retiring from fighting.
  4. No. WYMT said it was an administrative position. Didn't say what exactly it was.
  5. He took an administrative position at Fairview.
  6. Dec 12 2020 at Rupp Arena. Dec 11 2021 at neutral site TBD. Dec 10 2022 at South Bend. Per Coach Cal Instagram.
  7. NBA coaching/Utah Jazz legend Jerry Sloan passed away today. He was 78.
  8. Any chance we get another round of stimulus checks? I know theirs several options on the table.
  9. Former Estill County head coach Mike Jones has been named the new head coach at Powell County. Powell County High School Facebook broke the news.
  10. From what was said was that all head coaches, assistant coaches and band directors throughout Laurel County.
  11. Super sent out an email stating that each head coach, assistant coaches and band directors throughout Laurel County will not be renewed for the 2020-21 school year. It was recommended by the Kentucky Department of education. As they do not know when athletics will resume. Could this be a sign that sports could be done until next year? Anyone have any info?
  12. Most of them were mutually agreed upon and are getting a pretty penny. NXT releases are getting 30 days pay and free to do what they want after the 30 days expire.
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