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  1. Any updates on who might get this job?
  2. Would also look to former John Hardin star and Etown assistant Brandon Johnson to be a candidate here.
  3. Had heard about this one coming a few weeks ago. Best job in the 5th region possibly. Would wonder if former bulldog Maze Stallworths name will be mentioned here.
  4. Will Freshman star guard Jaylen Rigdons dad get this job? He was an assistant last season and previously head coach at St. Patrick.
  5. Would not be so sure on Edelin being there next year from the rumors I have heard.
  6. The spacing at Rupp arena will help Etown a lot where they play 5 out with 5 guards. Plus if you are not as conditioned as they are it could be a long night.
  7. First Round Winners: Elizabethtown George Rogers Clark Ballard Bowling Green Boyle County Ashland Bullitt East Highlands Second Round Winners Elizabethtown Ballard Ashland Highlands Finalists Ballard Ashland Champion Ballard Total Points: 126
  8. James Jewell had 26 for Marion Javaughn Smith with 21 for Bardstown
  9. Sounds like Kentucky Sports Radio is partnering with WYMT to call and stream the 13th Region tournament beginning Monday.
  10. All 4th Region Tournament Games will be streamed on https://stfanclub.com/
  11. Wanted to start a thread on which regions will livestream the tournaments. So contribute if you know of anything. 5th Region will be streamed on NFHS Network through HCETV out of Hardin County
  12. Any live stream for this tournament?
  13. All Games played at Central Hardin (Eastern Times) Larue County vs John Hardin- March 22nd @ 6PM Campbellsville vs Washington County- March 22nd @ 8:30 PM Elizabethtown vs Hart County- March 23rd @ 6PM Bardstown vs Marion County- March 23rd @ 8:30 PM Semi Finals will be at 6 PM and 8:30 PM on March 26th Finals will be at 6:30 PM on March 27th
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