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  1. Danville at Lincoln County Death Valley Bowl (Aug. 19th). Lincoln Co. and Coach Jaggers will kick off his tenure vs. Danville the school Jaggers played for.
  2. Agree. I think Somerset is still a year away. They have really strong underclassmen.
  3. Todd Carman has been named head coach.
  4. That’s a big get if he’s healthy. It doesn’t surprise me. His older brother had been a standout baseball player at Danville.
  5. I hadn’t seen this on here. It had been rumored for awhile. I believe Coach Wright had been at Olney College this past season. Before that, he had been at Montgomery County. The Wildcats had a great season last year.
  6. Todd Claunch has been running the program this summer. I’m assuming it’s his job. He’s had a few head coaching positions. They struggled to field a team this summer.
  7. This list looks right. Alcorn will have a big leg up after Lincoln’s Final 4 run last season.
  8. Danville and Somerset played today, and Barnes was not there. Both teams had a few key guys out, but very competitive game with Somerset winning by 12. All A will be fun this year.
  9. How many coaches have they had the last decade? Revolving door.
  10. I was speaking of the Boys position posted on KHSAA. Coach Campbell had been the coach the past several years.
  11. This job was posted on KHSAA yesterday. Tough district with the defending State Champions GRC Cardinals.
  12. When did Corbin become a bad school district? 😂
  13. Hate to bash the kid, but there is more to football than your 40 time. Longmire speed is nice, but what about the other qualities that make up a good football player??? Patterson is a better player IMO.
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