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  1. I don't think Corbin was looking ahead against Lincoln County. Lincoln is a pretty good football team with a very dynamic player in Clayton Davis at QB. Their only true blunder this year is not being able to tackle Sloan from Wayne Co., and many teams have that issue.
  2. Micheal Merriman is out as coach after two seasons. The Rebels return the leading scorer in the state Spencer Baird. They play in a very tough district with Somerset and Pulaski County.
  3. Coach took over Garrard when the coaching turnover was high, and the team was in a rebuild. The team gradually improved each year winning more games each season. If Sebastian doesn’t miss the majority of last season they could’ve potentially had a special season.
  4. Per East Jessamine Athletics Twitter. Coach Barton has accepted a Principal job in the Franklin Co. school district.
  5. Stepp is around 6"3. He's an explosive athlete, and great in transition going coast to coast. He's not a great 3 point shooter, but has a solid pull-up game. In my opinion, he's the best athlete in 12th Region.
  6. I don’t have final totals. But, WJ was money from the field all night. #32 Breeden had to make 6-7 3’s. Tremendous shooting display.
  7. West is definitely good enough to win. My thinking is that if one of their role players (Not Stepp or Winter) get in foul trouble it's hard for them to find production. I seen PC play 9 guys the other night vs. Lincoln without much drop off. In the second game, Somerset is just a better overall team to me (doesn't mean Danville can't win). Based of our two predictions, it shows you how wide open this region really was all year.
  8. I've watched neither, so I have no clue who wins. However, sometimes the youthful nature of "too young to know better" can help in these games. Male's upperclassmen may psychologically realize this is their last shot, and may add some pressure. Regardless, should be a great one between the two teams.
  9. I'll take Pulaski Co. 68-59 vs. West Jessamine. Pulaski overall depth is the key. West only goes 6-7 deep, so if they suffer any foul trouble that'll be troubling for them. In the second game, I'll go with Somerset 75-68. The game will be much closer than the last meeting, and it's very hard to beat a team 3X. I think Coach Dunbar will have a good game-plan, and Kade Grundy is the X-factor. These two teams have seemed to be on a crash course to meet for a 4th time, and an All-County Regional Final would be quite the spectacle.
  10. Five others in double figures for Somerset. They have a great scorer, and a lot of other solid scoring weapons.
  11. Pulaski won the physicality battle. Fraley did a great job on Jaxson Smith. He kept him away from easy drives. Pulaski collective size and rebounding was impressive.
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