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  1. Timing makes sense. Somerset lost 7 SRs I believe.
  2. With summer ball right around the corner, they need to give a coach some time to implement basic principles beforehand.
  3. Off topic a little, but I think Danville Christian Academy has some staying power in the 12th region. They have a young core, and some additions for the upcoming season. I expect them to battle for the 3 seed in the 45th, and have a puncher's chance at Boyle or Lincoln.
  4. 2010-11 (Griesser), 2011-12 (Wise), 2012-13 (Happy), 2013-14 (Holland), 2014-2019 (Daniels) and 2019-2021 (Wright). Happy made the State Semi-finals game in 2013, and Coach Holland followed that up with an impressive 29-3 record the following season. Quite the run of coaches in Montgomery Co.
  5. Seniority reigns supreme in the educational system.
  6. Not sure which way Montgomery Co. will turn. Before Coach Wright, they had a young coach in Matthew Daniels. Wright had a little more success, but couldn't get over the hump.
  7. I have no dog in the fight, but there has been success stories from hiring a young coach. The notion you have to hire someone with "years" of experience is not the case. Sometimes to ignite a program, there needs to be a young/passionate coach who hasn't been beaten down by the profession. The statement "too young to know better" comes to mind.
  8. High pressure job. Great facilities and tradition.
  9. Can any 10th Region people confirm this? I've heard grumblings that he was, but haven't seen anything official?
  10. Fields was a member of South Laurel 2005 State Championship team. He has helped within the program before. Last year, he was an assistant coach at Montgomery County.
  11. I haven't heard much on it, but my sources are limited in Pulaski Co. They haven't posted it on KHSAA, which leads me to believe they may have someone in the school district in mind.
  12. Smith has transferred to Lincoln County.
  13. What has he been doing since his brief stint at Bell County a few years back?
  14. But, I get what you’re saying. Most resignations at the HS level are force outs.
  15. I don’t think “resign” in this case has a negative connotation. You indeed do have to resign in a extra duty position in a school district even if it’s for retirement purposes.
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