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  1. If at all possible, but there doesn't appear to be a set in stone requirement for district games this season (meaning there is no forfeit charged). If a district game isn't played, both teams are given a win and a loss in the district standings. I do believe, however, that most every district game that has been cancelled to this point has found another spot in the schedule to be played. October 30 and November 6 will likely see a good number of replacement games.
  2. Based on the document below, it looks like to me any county that is red shouldn’t play sports. I don’t know if that only affects home games or road games, too. Based on last week this document isn’t being followed by everyone. How does everyone else read this information? I apologize for having to cut this. I’ve included the document link as well. https://chfs.ky.gov/agencies/dph/covid19/cv19ModeofInstructionMetricsforK-12Education.pdf
  3. I think small schools suffer at times due to name recognition. Russellville has traditionally been a top ten Class 1A team with the potential to compete for state championships. The schedule for the 2019 and 2020 seasons were likely made in late 2017, when Russellville was 7-5 and had made the second round of the playoffs. They had won double digit games in three of the four seasons before that. When Russellville is making those calls about scheduling, there aren't a whole lot of smaller teams willing to accept. And when the coach says "we'll be down for a couple of years," other coaches hear that as "they'll be 6-4 and still better than us." That's how Russellville ends up playing Glasgow, Somerset, and a bunch of really good neighborhood teams.
  4. GRC assistant put out a request today for anyone who might be available to play this weekend.
  5. If I’m JCPS, I’m looking at moving this weekend's games to Saturday, with kickoffs around noon. That avoids curfew, gets an extra day of practice since today is cancelled, and hopefully sees a diffusion in potential conflict within the city.
  6. Have to think this will have an effect on Louisville high school football games this weekend. I know a few teams are playing opponents from out of the county, so you could see games moved, but several are games between two Louisville/JCPS teams. Curious how that is handled.
  7. The sixth spot seems ideal but there aren’t many good options. Fifth you play the Padres, eighth the Dodgers. Sixth or seventh means Braves or Cubs, but they’re in a battle right now so it’s hard know if you’re better in sixth or in seventh.
  8. I saw a couple tweets this morning from Meade’s stadium. Is it ready? Looks like it might be a photo finish to get to Saturday.
  9. Seems like a reasonable decision. I know the Central kids, who have yet to play this season, have to be more than ready to get on the field.
  10. I think there are questions about Taylor County. The iffy showing against Green followed by a loss to a team that was routed the week before might have made some question if Taylor should have been that high to begin with. I’ve got Taylor about 11th right now and I feel like once we’re closer to the postseason they’ll probably be back in the top ten.
  11. I think everyone feels pretty good about 1-6 (and probably 7, although Ashland hasn’t played). From 8-12 there’s any number of teams that might eventually make the list. Tilghman may have been overrated to start with, but they have lots of young talent, so I feel confident their original ranking could be spot on come November.
  12. What has happened to North Oldham? They were in the state semifinals a couple years back. I know they aren’t as big as Oldham and South Oldham but they’ve struggled to be competitive of late.
  13. Canceled and postponed have become conflicting responses to scheduling this season.
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