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  1. Been a whole lot of big time November football games played on that field dating back to all those great Harrodsburg teams. Tomorrow should add another chapter to that story. Good luck!
  2. Wouldn’t be a surprise. It seems like every meeting between these two have been classics.
  3. In the first round one team was simply removed from the bracket and the advancing team appeared to have a bye. It would appear based on the 3A bracket with Belfry and Lawrence County that for the second round and further teams will be credited with a forfeit victory.
  4. Just as a side note to this unfortunate turn of events: Henderson County's boys soccer team won the 2nd Region last month but had to quarantine due to Covid cases on their team and was unable to participate in the state tournament. Bum luck all around.
  5. Brandon Bender famously said he might declare for the NBA draft following his junior season at Ballard when they won the 1999 state championship.
  6. Rockcastle County has played twice since the first meeting on October 2 - a blowout against overmatched Jackson County and really poor performance in a loss to Lincoln County. Bell County has played four times since then, including a win over McCreary Central. I'm not sure the opponents over the last month will make a difference but I do wonder if Bell has the advantage just because of more recent game reps?
  7. Historically it has seemed like a close regular season game for Mayfield usually leads to a much wider margin in the second game. I know Murray is a different team and Mayfield isn't as good as some past versions, but I still think Mayfield clicks in November. I'm expecting a margin of at least two scores.
  8. Agreed. I think Corbin has improved every single week this season while the defense has been very good all season long. I expect a score similar to the first meeting.
  9. Oldham County definitely seems to be playing better. Bryan Station has been solid all season, so it will be interesting to see if last week's poor performance was merely a blip or something more. This should be a very good ballgame.
  10. One of the finest folks I've ever been involved with in education and athletics. Did a great job at Garrard County and had moments of success at Madison Central. Ultimately, though, Central is a tough football job. If Mark wants to coach somewhere else then I'd encourage that school to hire him.
  11. Our football postseason is too tethered to districts. I proposed a plan a few years ago that would eliminate these same playoff meetings between the same teams over and over again. The proposal was fairly well received and thanks to @ChiefSmoke it even made it to the KHSAA desk, although they didn't seem as interested. My worry is that continuing to hold a postseason where weaker district teams are guaranteed to play and subsequently get hammered by teams like Owensboro in the first round that it will slow the potential growth of the sport at schools like Breckinridge County. There are better ways to do things but we have to be willing to think bigger.
  12. For those of us unfamiliar with Ohio, can you give a geographical description of where these schools are located?
  13. Per the KHSAA website this game has been moved to Saturday and will kick off at 6pm.
  14. Belfry will host a third round game no matter what happens this weekend. They'll face the winner of Rockcastle County/Bell County. The Ashland/Russell winner will host either Fleming County or Pendleton County.
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