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  1. You do wonder if the SEC, NCAA, or whoever assigns college basketball (not exactly sure how it works) might have made the decision to keep Higgins from UK games. Not necessarily a scratch, not a blackball, but maybe just a "better for all parties" type situation. I have no idea - just speculating.
  2. No KSD this season. I think the 4/5 games (Garrard/DCA in boys and girls, I believe) will be played on Saturday, March 13. I've heard the boys semifinals will then be one night and girls the next - probably Monday and Tuesday. I think the finals are moved up a day. All of that is information passed to me so it may not be 100% accurate.
  3. East Hardin won four district titles but only one after 1971. They won the region in 1964 but then won only one region tournament game for the rest of their history. West Hardin's best results were two district runner-up finishes in 1970 and 1982. They never won a game in the region tournament. Bottom line, there wasn't a ton of basketball history coming into Central Hardin in 1990 and playing in an extremely difficult district year-in and year-out makes it tough to grow a program.
  4. Agreed. I think the black writing in the end zones and black all around the field in out-of-bounds territory gives it a sharper look.
  5. In the new turf picture, it looks like the cuts are there for soccer at both of the eight yard lines.
  6. His shot has definitely improved. No reason to think he can't shoot even better with more practice and training in the NBA. Defense and shot blocking are plus skills, although staying out of foul trouble has been a problem. I'm not sure he's an All-Star but he has the skills to play in the league. I guess Boston could get there eventually. I'm not seeing it from anyone else.
  7. Announcers from home are completely distracted. They aren't at the game so its hard to give detailed description of what's happening (and maybe more so, what they are hearing). There's no fan excitement for the announcers to comment on. So they've resorted to more and more of these discussions, interviews, and general annoyance. It hasn't been great.
  8. Would that be Burgett at Madisonville? He's a Mayfield guy, right?
  9. Covington Catholic was the slightly better team in 2019 and proved it on the field. As for 2020, Douglass probably should have beat Owensboro. However, they also struggled with Southwestern the round before. And Bowling Green was playing so well by the end of the year that I'm not sure anyone in 5A, including Douglass, could have beat them.
  10. Solid night of basketball. Louisville has a terrific crop of teams this season.
  11. Can Lyon win it? Sure, why not. But this team hasn’t played Madisonville or Hopkinsville. They beat a mid-tier University Heights club by two at home. Until I see otherwise, my pick for second region winner will always come from District 7 or District 8.
  12. Some of the leagues are playing 4-5 games while others are playing 7-8. Sixteen teams make the playoffs. If you win the FCS championship this season, it is very likely you'll play 12 games from March-May, then another 12 games from August-November. That doesn't seem like a recipe for good health.
  13. This. It’s so hard to pick between these two. And like PG said, no matter who won the first game or tonight, that doesn’t assure either team of winning in the district tournament. It’s an extremely balanced rivalry.
  14. I think that’s why NDSU played one fall game. It was basically just an opportunity for the scouts to come see him one more time. Now they’re starting a transfer from Iowa State, who, let’s be honest, is not a first round draft pick!
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