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  1. Big time hire. Owensboro Catholic has been quite good for some time. This hire is not unlike when O-Cath hired Tim Riley for basketball. Two great decisions!
  2. These are the types of things you rarely think about in single-school districts. I’d say Douglass may have better luck landing a game on October 8. Have they advertised to potential out-of-state opponents?
  3. They’ve ebbed and flowed. At times they’ve looked okay and at times not. I don’t believe they’ll beat Bardstown but I also didn’t expect them to beat Collins.
  4. I think the musical chairs got to be too tough. This seems like what @ChiefSmoke mentioned when he said Tackett and the KHSAA were willingly to work with the coaches association on scheduling. I think it’s the right move. It will be interesting to see how it effects RPI later, although RPI only affects eight teams per class - I’m sure they could modify so everyone is calculated only ten games if necessary.
  5. Crittenden County, an all sports member of District 5 and semi-regular football opponent of Trigg County, is also open on October 8 and searching for a game.
  6. Could be possible that this move is being made to set up a rescheduled Larue game on October 8. That’s fall break for Larue and they typically don’t play that week. We’ll see.
  7. RPI will play a big role in who gets to play at home. Boyle's large-school heavy schedule will probably help them get a home game.
  8. Holmes, Scott, Boyd County, Rowan County, Harrison County - one of those will be a district winner and like you said that third round matchup will be brutal.
  9. Horrible quality but the first Norm MacDonald joke I remember. I was a freshman in high school and was allowed to stay up and watch Saturday Night Live for the first time in my life. Norm was the best.
  10. Belfry’s problem is not unlike Johnson Central’s - they are always a state title contender, it’s a million miles from anywhere, and nobody but the absolute best teams will take a call to schedule a game against them. It shows up really bad when the talent takes a dip.
  11. Yeah, in Illinois they aren’t official. The AP classes and ranks them based on their enrollment, but teams aren’t officially put in a class until the postseason starts (teams have to qualify and then they’re grouped on enrollments of who qualifies).
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