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  1. Maybe a dumb/obvious question but is this young man related to former St. X coach Will Wolford?
  2. Wasn’t Hazard the school who’s principal said they were going to power through with practices ever if players tested positive?
  3. Looks nice. I know there has been some chatter about putting turf in at Jefferson County schools. It seems like this one should have been a no brainer for turf, but Ballard’s misfortune might have come a couple years too early.
  4. Yes. It was solid, informative, read pretty easy. Learned a lot about his youth which in turn seemed to spur much of his French Revolution decision making. I got it from the local library.
  5. 1995 Ford Ranger, navy blue. It belonged to my dad and eventually my twin sister. I had a brown 1986 S-10 with no power steering and bad brakes. I didn’t think it was a good choice for the test!
  6. Gotcha. I was thinking it was the junior class. Makes sense. Thanks! Agreed. Not sure any program in the state could prepare someone for that job. Trinity should be able to get an interview with most any high school coach they're interested in.
  7. That is the big follow up: any potential Beatty replacements floating around Kentucky or does Trinity look beyond the state line like they've done in the past?
  8. I'm a huge fan of musicals in person but I'm not usually a fan of them on television (I don't count West Side Story and the like that were adapted for the screen but with the same songs). I'd like to first see Hamilton on stage but the tickets are outrageous.
  9. Same. And isn't Trinity loaded with juniors this season or am I wrong? If so, seems like two more years would make sense.
  10. I think you’re right. A big loser in this is the US Olympic team, which for years has relied on colleges to train athletes in smaller sports. Now it will fall on the USOC to pump in more money. Will those athletes be as successful going forward as they’ve been in the past?
  11. I feel like the chances of non-playoff bowl games are less than zero.
  12. That will never happen. Even as a non-football ACC school, their five annual games with ACC teams plus basketball, etc. are too valuable to send packing.
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