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  1. First, a really tough place to coach basketball. Second, does the whole Bol Kuir situation, along with other transfers who have been there, play a role in this?
  2. So every player that replaces him is better than him at that task and that's a compliment for Brooks?
  3. A little info regarding the above picture: The football/soccer field and track appear to lay where the current student parking and band practice lot is located. The large parking lot center/right in the picture is where the current football practice field is located. The baseball and softball fields are on the school farm, a functioning entity located on campus (I believe it is the only on campus school farm in the state of Kentucky).
  4. For those unfamiliar, a new Garrard County High School was built just south of town around ten years ago. Athletic teams have continued to use facilities at the old school (current middle school) since then. This project is a modified Phase II of the initial build and is expected to include football/soccer/track, baseball, and softball, along with a game gymnasium. I'm not sure of the timeline since money is always an issue (and there are financial obligations to each of the three elementary schools), but it does appear that the plan is at least moving forward. If you are unfamiliar with
  5. Depending on your definition of "central," US 27 would include Harrison County, Bourbon County/Paris, Lexington, East/West Jessamine, Garrard County, Lincoln County, Pulaski County, Southwestern, and Somerset. Outside of maybe Johnny Hines at Pulaski, I'm not sure any of those schools have a current or past name that would be described as a whale for Christian County/Hopkinsville.
  6. Nippert crowd a little thin for this clash with East Carolina. How things have changed!
  7. Here’s what I’ll say about David Buchanan: I don’t coach football, I didn’t play football. I run the scoreboard and post on BGP. @ChiefSmoke cares so much about high school football in Kentucky that he has talked with me multiple times about what I think would benefit football in the state of Kentucky and has even promoted some of my ideas. I know I’m not the only one either. His whole heart was in leaving no stone unturned in an effort to make the game better for kids in Kentucky. There aren’t many like that. God bless you coach!
  8. I believe the indication was they’d still do an East/west divide for round three with RPI as the measuring stick. Perhaps @ChiefSmoke could clarify…
  9. I think Graves County dropping to 4A is very unlikely. Under the last realignment they were the 9th largest 5A school in a group of 40. While the numbers show a decline, I think Graves County will still be in 5A in 2023-26. Now the alignment after that could see them drop. But that's a long way away.
  10. I don't think anyone can give a firm opinion on that until the enrollment numbers for 2021-22 come in. Once we see those and then have three years worth of data (along with knowledge of potential wild swings due to Covid), you might be able to give a more firm estimate of what the next alignment will look like. Until then, it's mostly just prognosticating based on two (out of four) years worth of data.
  11. Looking at the numbers I think they'll be close.
  12. He isn't very athletic. When Kentucky plays against teams lacking athletic 3s and 4s he puts up big numbers. Against teams with size and athleticism, like Texas A&M last night, his numbers suffer. I've said before that Brooks plays like its the 1970s. A little stiff, doesn't handle the ball well against solid defenders.
  13. The best place to look is on this alignment link. Typically sister districts are 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8. However, the KHSAA has at times rotated sister districts where District 1 plays District 4, an so on. https://khsaa.org/final-approved-alignment-football-2019-through-2022-playing-seasons/
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