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  1. Amen to this. I assume the switch was made so he could score from first on a double to the gap, but I think he needed to be moving and he wasn't.
  2. Same. I tend to think of Hoskins as a 13th/14th Region name playing at places like Clay, Perry, Leslie, etc.
  3. This one for sure. It seems like every year there are Alcorns playing for Lincoln County and almost all of them are really good.
  4. Dennis is a great guy. I taught with him for several years in Garrard County. He coached basketball, volleyball, track - a little bit of everything. Retired a few years ago but still lives around here. Wonderful man!
  5. Announcer hadn’t even finished saying it was a homer and it was already in the seats.
  6. Try this link from the KHSAA. These are enrollments for the 2022-23 school year. Lafayette is the largest at 2,440; Madison Central is second at 2,225. Eastern is third and the largest in Jefferson County with 2,043 students. https://khsaa.org/reports/enrollments/20222023schoolenrollmenttotalsbyenroll.pdf
  7. Per their link in the directory, it appears Moore's enrollment in grades 9-12 is 1,293. I think Moore's building houses both middle and high school, which might be where the larger number you have comes from. https://khsaa.org/general/resources/member-school-directory/?school_id=192
  8. An interesting thing about St. Johns: Prior to the 1990s, a scholarship athlete could be given the value of their college housing in cash if they chose to live at home instead of in a dorm. St. John's used this quite effectively to recruit kids in New York. Those kids could live at home and pocket a few thousand bucks (or give to their families) instead of staying in the dorm. When the NCAA rescinded that rule, St. John's lost a major recruiting advantage. Their coaching hires have been spotty at best since Lou Carnesecca left, but I think losing that housing rule probably hurt them just as much, if not more.
  9. It is. Mike Jarvis was the coach, I believe.
  10. With three that good there’s no need for anymore. Great coaches, great program.
  11. And a well rested Camden who didn’t get to play in their state tournament due to some action in the regular season finale! 😂
  12. Henry Clay to Nicholas County would be quite the change. Brown is a good coach, though. I'd say its a huge IF but he would be a great hire.
  13. I was having this discussion with someone last night. There just isn't a very good time to have this event. It isn't like soccer, where you play the World Cup for one month in the summer after the league season. You can't really play this tournament after October because all of the players (especially pitchers) are just about spent. You can't play it midseason, like Olympic hockey, because a 162 game schedule doesn't allow for much time off. The only real option is when it is currently played, but then if guys get hurt it cuts into the start of their season. I think this is a good event and I really enjoy it, but I can understand why organizations and players might be hesitant to participate.
  14. How can a team be this incompetent feeding the post (or passing in general)?
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