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  1. Saw it referenced on Twitter today that Daviess County was looking for their first state title in softball. I guess technically that is correct since fastpitch didn't start until the mid-90s, but Daviess County also beat Bullitt East in 1992 for the state softball championship. It was slowpitch at the time, which was what the KHSAA sponsored because there was no fastpitch.
  2. Just now logging on to my personal computer. Everything looks great. The color is a huge plus. Font looks a little different (better) as well. Great upgrade!
  3. Congratulations to Trinity. Well deserved title, they were the best team in Kentucky this year. Trinity was also, by almost any measure, the best program in the state of Kentucky who had not yet won a state baseball championship. They're always good and had twice lost in the finals (Owensboro in 1983; Covington Catholic in 2002) so seeing them get over the hump is great for their fans. My five best programs without a state championship now looks something like this: Hazard - 14 region titles, 1 state runner-up McCracken County - 7 region titles, 2 state runners-up Apollo
  4. Not sure I’ve seen someone as mad as Joey Votto was in a long time. Have to think the home plate umpire said something as he walked away. Votto’d original beef seemed to be with the third base umpire.
  5. Nutrition and training are so much better than in the past. The amount of talented players is huge. If you aren’t taking care of yourself you’ll get passed by other competitors.
  6. Amen. I was reluctant to say anything because I’m absolutely second guessing. And I agree, hope he gets to hit at UK. He’s an almost impossible out.
  7. Tough call. I think I’d have kept him in as long as I was ahead. It was clear Morse didn’t want to use Baxter until tomorrow and was trying to leg out a victory. Ultimately he had to go to him, but it was too late. I saw Howe against Beechwood and McCracken, two outstanding teams. I wasn’t wowed either time. Not sure if he was tired this late in the season but fastball didn’t have its normal pop and he struggled to get outs. Hopefully with some rest he’ll be ready to go at UK.
  8. Only game I've seen Fulton City playing this season. Curious if they might be playing Ballard Memorial at some point? That's traditionally been played. Fulton County has already released a full schedule and Fulton City wasn't on it.
  9. It has actually happened two other times, but it hadn't happened since the late-1970s. I believe Eric Chumbler on twitter had researched as far back as the KHSAA scoreboard site would allow.
  10. Made a great hire a few years ago with Mike Sizemore. Clay County has since been ascendant while Bracken County has fallen after he left.
  11. It sure seems difficult for a lot of schools to get a correct schedule posted. Its unbelievable how many put out posters that don't match what they put on the KHSAA website.
  12. I’m all in on the chicken. Don’t like ribs. Can we all still be friends?!
  13. I can't remember which Beechwood player hit it, maybe in the sixth inning. The shot to third that Baxter jumped in the air to catch might have been the difference in a win and loss. That ball was smoked and Baxter just made a terrific play.
  14. They’ve shown themselves to be competitive against the big schools at state as well. I’m sure Trinity or DeSales would be the favorite but I suspect Hazard keeps it close and even a win wouldn’t surprise.
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