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  1. Glad to see them get a 10th regular season game. They've not had a full regular season schedule the last couple of years.
  2. Felt like Kentucky was dying to give it away with some uncharacteristic poor play during the late innings but the home run by Nicholson sent it to extras and then Daly bombs the winner!
  3. Does Pulaski have any basketball players that also play baseball? They weren't knocked out of the region until Thursday night, so if they have some multi-sport players some of them may have been absent due to baseball.
  4. That '94 Mason County club lost to Lexington Catholic in the first round of the sectional. Who will the Royals face in their next week? Those same Knights from Lexington Catholic.
  5. First regional title for Estill County since going back-to-back in 2008 and 2009. Engineers lost in the sectionals both seasons, to Greenup County in '08 and South Laurel the next season.
  6. Speaking of finals, according to the KHSAA website the championship game has been moved from Friday night to Saturday night at 6pm.
  7. Not sure where this number is coming from. Winning 479 games in 13 years would be an average of 36.8 per season, almost impossible in a state where you can only play a max of 40 games and that's if you make the state championship game every season. If you go through the KHSAA scoreboard website, he won 363 games (which is still an incredible 27.9 wins per season).
  8. Drives me nuts when schools release official schedules such as this and spell an opponent's name wrong. There's no "o" in Crittenden!
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