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  1. I was waiting for you to chime in, haha. Anything interesting going on from where you're sitting?
  2. UPDATED: Sep 11 at Southern Sep 18 at Valley Sep 25 vs. Bullitt Central (District) Oct 1 vs. Western (District) Oct 9 at Doss (District) Oct 16 vs. Iroquois (District) Oct 23 - OPEN Oct 30 at Jeffersontown Nov 6 vs. Christian Academy Louisville Per Twitter, the Bulldogs are still hoping to find an opponent for October 23.
  3. Nick Houck, the brother of Crystal Rogers' former boyfriend Brooks (who has been long suspected for her disappearance) was removed from his house in handcuffs by the FBI this morning according to the Kentucky Standard. The article said they're also searching Brooks' house, like JD said. FBI takes over Rogers investigation | The Kentucky Standard
  4. Trinity indicated on Twitter that they're looking for one more game to finish out their regular season - so they're going to hang on to their bye week. Currently only two away games on the schedule, including St. X at Cardinal Stadium.
  5. If it isn't...it's gonna be a long and very sore ride back to London for North Laurel.
  6. Current Update: Sep 11 vs. Moeller (OH) Sep 18 vs. Male Sep 25 vs. St. Xavier (at Cardinal Stadium) Oct 2 - OPEN Oct 9 vs. Ballard (District) Oct 16 - OPEN Oct 23 at Eastern (District) Oct 30 vs. Bowling Green Nov 6 vs. North Laurel
  7. Shewww...the North Laurel is a 5A team that's currently two years past their last winning season. I can't help but commend Coach Larkey and the Jags for having the cojones to face down Trinity (especially this year), but I have to question how happy Coach Beatty and the Rocks really are with that matchup.
  8. The second picture has an arrow pointing to the city's grain reserve located next to the warehouse that blew. The area in the last picture circled in red shows the former location of the warehouse. A lot of the blast was directed down into the ground, to the extent that it formed an enormous crater larger than the warehouse and the crater has now been swallowed up by sea water. Crazy.
  9. UPDATED: Sep 11 vs. Johnson Central Sep 18 vs. Whitley County Sep 25 vs. McCreary Central (District) Oct 2 at Rockcastle County (District) Oct 9 at Garrard County (District) Oct 16 vs. Jackson County (District) Oct 23 vs. Estill County (District) Oct 30 at Harlan County Nov 6 - OPEN
  10. The Golden Eagles added in a dandy season opener against Bell County. I like it!
  11. Sep 11 at Bell County Sep 25 at Simon Kenton Oct 2 at Clay County (District) Oct 9 vs. Perry County Central (District) Oct 16 at Harlan County (District) Oct 23 vs. Letcher County Central (District) Oct 30 vs. Belfry Nov 6 at Bourbon County For Reference: Johnson Central - 2019 Schedule
  12. Black & Blue Bowl 9/11 at Shelby Valley Knott County Central vs. Shelby Valley
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