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  1. UPDATED (Version 2.0): Sep 11 vs. Mayfield Sep 18 vs. Marshall County (District) Sep 25 vs. Apollo (District) Oct 2 at Daviess County (District) Oct 9 at Bowling Green Oct 16 at Hopkinsville Oct 23 vs. Henderson County (District) Oct 30 at Christian County Nov 6 vs. Graves County
  2. REVISED (Version 2.0): Sep 11 at Pleasure Ridge Park Sep 18 at St. Xavier Set 25 vs. Corbin Oct 2 vs. South Warren (District) Oct 9 vs. McCracken County Oct 16 at Christian County (District) Oct 23 vs. Greenwood (District) Oct 30 at Trinity Nov 6 vs. Hopkinsville
  3. UPDATED: Sep 11 at Carroll County Sep 18 vs. Fort Campbell (Army Bowl) Sep 25 vs. Campbellsville (District) Oct 2 at Sayre Oct 9 vs. Seneca Oct 16 at Louisville Holy Cross (District) Oct 23 vs. Bethlehem (District) Oct 30 at Caverna Nov 6 vs. Paris
  4. UPDATED: Sep 11 at Caldwell County Sep 18 vs. Paintsville Sep 25 vs. Union County Oct 2 at Trigg County Oct 9 at Caverna (District) Oct 16 vs. Fulton County (District) Oct 23 at Russellville (District) Oct 30 at Todd Central Nov 6 vs. Paducah-Tilghman
  5. UPDATED: Sep 11 at St. XavierSep 18 at South WarrenSep 25 vs. Meade CountyOct 2 vs. Shelby County (District)Oct 9 at. Waggener (District)Oct 16 vs. North Oldham (District)Oct 23 at Franklin Coun Oct 30 at Fern Creek Nov 6 - OPEN
  6. Sep 11 at Harrison County Sep 18 at Knox Central Sep 25 vs. Ashland Oct 2 at Whitley County Oct 8 at Anderson County (District) Oct 16 at Lexington Catholic (District) Oct 23 vs. Boyle County (District) Oct 30 vs. Taylor County Nov 6 vs. Johnson Central For Reference: Bourbon County - 2019 Schedule
  7. Court overturns Boston Marathon bomber’s death sentence The article states that the death sentence was overturned, but reading the article I think the more appropriate wording would be "thrown out". I believe Dzhokhar Tsarnaev can still be re-sentenced, as indicated when one of the three judges on the panel from the 1st US Circuit Court of Appeals that heard the case stated, "...make no mistake: Dzhokhar will spend his remaining days locked up in prison, with the only matter remaining being whether he will die by execution." The crux of Tsarnaev's appeal argument was that the case was not moved out of Boston to a less-biased legal venue, and that two of the jurors were not dismissed after clearly showing bias against Tsarnaev via social media posts before the trial. Tsarnaev has been in custody since his arrest on April 19, 2013, and following his sentencing in June 2015 he was transferred to ADX Florence, a supermax penitentiary in Florence, Colorado. Other notable ADX Florence inmates include El Chapo, James "Little Jimmy" Marcello, Robert Hanssen, Eric Rudolph (the Centennial Olympic Park bomber), Ted Kaczynski (The Unabomber), Ramzi Yousef (the 1993 World Trade Center bomber), and numerous other foreign and domestic terrorists.
  8. Sep 11 at North Hardin Sep 18 at Bryan Station Sep 25 vs. Lexington Catholic Oct 2 - OPEN Oct 9 vs. Paul Laurence Dunbar Oct 16 at Lafayette Oct 23 at Henry Clay Oct 30 vs. Pulaski County Nov 6 - OPEN For Reference: Tates Creek - 2019 Schedule
  9. Sep 11 vs. Bowling Green Sep 18 - OPEN Sep 25 vs. Western Oct 1 at Male Oct 9 vs. Butler (District) Oct 16 at Manual (District) Oct 23 at St. Xavier (District) Oct 30 vs. North Hardin Nov 6 vs. Valley For Reference: Pleasure Ridge Park - 2019 Schedule
  10. Revised: Sep 11 vs. Valley Sep 18 vs. North Oldham Sep 25 at Pleasure Ridge Park Oct 1 at Fairdale (District) Oct 9 vs. Iroquois (District) Oct 16 at Bullitt Central (District) Oct 23 vs. Doss (District) Oct 30 - OPEN Nov 6 at Jeffersontown
  11. Good point. Do former players "protecting cheerleaders" on the sideline count as essential? 😅 Incident involving a player and fan during Paintsville/Williamsburg game
  12. Sep 11 at South Oldham Sep 18 at Western Sep 25 vs. Waggener (District) Oct 2 vs. Franklin County (District) Oct 9 at Shelby County (District) Oct 16 at Central (District) Oct 23 - OPEN Oct 30 vs. Woodford County Nov 6 vs. Oldham County For Reference: North Oldham - 2019 Schedule
  13. REVISED: Sep 11 vs. Great Crossing Sep 18 at Franklin County Sep 25 at Franfort Oct 2 at West Jessamine (District) Oct 9 vs. Madison Southern (District) Oct 16 at Collins (District) Oct 23 vs. East Jessamine (District) Oct 30 at North Oldham Nov 6 - OPEN
  14. REVISED: Sep 11 vs. Grant County (Meadowview Regional Kick-Off Classic) Sep 18 - OPEN Sep 25 vs. Pendleton County (District) Oct 2 at Frankfort Oct 9 at Fleming County (District) Oct 16 vs. Lewis County (District) Oct 23 at Powell County (District) Oct 30 at Greenup County Nov 6 vs. Harrison County
  15. REVISED: Sep 11 vs. Henry Clay Sep 18 at Madison Southern Sep 25 vs. Whitley County (District) Oct 2 at South Laurel (District) Oct 9 vs. North Laurel (District) Oct 16 at East Jessamine Oct 23 at Southwestern (District) (Don Franklin Bowl) Oct 30 at Tates Creek Nov 6 vs. Wayne County
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