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  1. Per the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Ohio high school football season will be abbreviated to 6 games, and all teams will make the playoffs.
  2. Ha, had to look up whether that meant today was a day to celebrate beers from other countries, or if it was a day to internationally celebrate beer. It's the latter. Regardless, if you're one who loves the suds, I hope you get to enjoy a cold one today. I'm going to be, and I'm going to be headed to the lake for a week, and planning on enjoying many many more while I'm there.
  3. Updated: Sep 12 vs. Pikeville Sep 19 vs. East Jessamine (at Bath County) Sep 25 at Portsmouth West (OH) Oct 2 vs. Ashland Oct 9 at Betsy Layne (District) Oct 16 at Fairview (District) Oct 23 vs. Paintsville (District) Oct 30 at Lawrence County Nov 6 vs. Russell
  4. Not a clue about their numbers at this point...I just know my nephew is on the freshman team 😅
  5. Looks like Beechwood has revised again to replace the Taft (OH) game with Ryle, and to add Meade County as a final game. Two 6A programs. Strong work, Tigers. Sep 11 at Corbin Sep 18 at Covington Catholic Sep 25 vs. Ryle Oct 2 vs. Dixie Heights Oct 9 vs. Covington Holy Cross (District) Oct 16 vs. Lloyd Memorial (District) Oct 23 at Newport (District) Oct 30 at Newport Central Catholic Nov 6 at Meade County
  6. Sep 11 vs. Eastern Sep 18 at Waggener Sep 25 vs. South Oldham (District) Oct 2 at Iroquois Oct 9 at Atherton (District) Oct 16 vs. North Bullitt (District) Oct 23 at Seneca (District) Oct 30 vs. Fairdale Nov 6 vs. Western For Reference: Jeffersontown - 2019 Schedule
  7. Sep 11 vs. Kentucky Country Day Sep 18 at Southern Sep 25 at Atherton (District) Oct 1 vs. North Bullitt (District) Oct 9 at Fort Knox Oct 16 at South Oldham (District) Oct 23 vs. Jeffersontown (District) Oct 30 at Doss Nov 6 vs. Iroquois For Reference: Seneca - 2019 Schedule
  8. That seems like the most logical to me, yeah. I would think there are numerous 5A and 6A programs around the state looking at the same issue. The only other thing I could mayyyyyyybe see happening is Cov Cath going to a true froshmore team - although I'm pretty sure that's not what's going to happen. I have a nephew who is an incoming freshman on the football team, and to the best of my knowledge Cov Cath is sticking with traditional freshman, JV and varsity.
  9. I'm intrigued by Brooks Houck being the primary suspect as Crystal's ex-boyfriend, but his brother Nick was the one who was taken away in handcuffs. Looks like you have a picture of Brooks standing there just watching - not in custody. I guess there is some more potential for charges with Nick having worked locally as a LEO. The IRS involvement is interesting too. I can't help but wonder if that's not some kind of backup plan, kind of like it was for Al Capone. "We may not get you locked up for the charges we REALLY want to get you on, but at least the tax man can lock you up."
  10. I was waiting for you to chime in, haha. Anything interesting going on from where you're sitting?
  11. UPDATED: Sep 11 at Southern Sep 18 at Valley Sep 25 vs. Bullitt Central (District) Oct 1 vs. Western (District) Oct 9 at Doss (District) Oct 16 vs. Iroquois (District) Oct 23 - OPEN Oct 30 at Jeffersontown Nov 6 vs. Christian Academy Louisville Per Twitter, the Bulldogs are still hoping to find an opponent for October 23.
  12. Nick Houck, the brother of Crystal Rogers' former boyfriend Brooks (who has been long suspected for her disappearance) was removed from his house in handcuffs by the FBI this morning according to the Kentucky Standard. The article said they're also searching Brooks' house, like JD said. FBI takes over Rogers investigation | The Kentucky Standard
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