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  1. Assuming there isn't any drastic change that comes about in the basketball season, that means the AIT is cancelled.
  2. Brandon Smith absolutely should be invited to interview. His name was mentioned 3 or 4 times in this thread...
  3. Two of the quarterfinals games are decided by COVID. Man, that's a huge shame...Fairdale's only loss of the season is a loss to COVID.
  4. Jay Fallin at Owensboro would probably be one of the few coaches in Kentucky I'd consider for the job who doesn't have a state title to their name.
  5. My thoughts are the same. The job is the definition of demanding, yes, but it's backed by a school district that has one of the highest budgets in the state, facilities out the wazoo, and a football program that's been winning games and state championships since before any of the players' grandparents were even born. I know there's no telling, but I'd have to guess the salary for the job is among the highest of any public school head coaching jobs in the state as well.
  6. Looking at Hewitt's record as head coach, he seems like he'd be worth interviewing, but as a lifetime northern Ohio guy who's invested in his home community and teaching/coaching at his alma mater, he seems like he'd be tough to get to make the move. Removing this season, which was obviously a great one for Chardon, Hewitt only had 5 playoff wins in 9 seasons. Seems like Highlands would have to be ready to be awfully patient for the return of the Highlands powerhouse if he was their hire.
  7. Just read up on him a little. He's highly touted by Urban Meyer, who coached Hewitt at Bowling Green. He's teaching and coaching at Chardon (current OH D-III), his alma mater, and he also has a side gig as a city councilman in Ashtabula. Defensive mind...played linebacker and fullback in high school he was OH D-II defensive POY as a senior and was 2nd place in Ohio's Mr. Football voting in '98. 4-year starter at Bowling Green at linebacker. Took over at Chardon in 2011 after they'd had three losing seasons in a row. He started an assistant coach at Chardon, then took over as DC at West Geauga HS and then DC at Riverside HS. Riverside was 18-23 while Mitch Hewitt was their D-coordinator. Career at Chardon: 2011: 4-6 (Didn't make playoffs) 2012: 10-3 (2 playoff wins) 2013: 6-4 (Didn't make playoffs) 2014: 8-3 (Lost in 1st round of playoffs) 2015: 8-3 (Lost in 1st round of playoffs) 2016: 11-1 (1 playoff win) 2017: 6-4-2 (Didn't make playoffs) 2018: 7-4 (Didn't make playoffs) 2019: 10-3 (2 playoff wins) 2020: 12-0 (D-III state champs)
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