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  1. Franklin County's defensive front is stout. They're proving tough for Central to push through, but Central is about 70 yards into a nice drive and have the ball into Flyers territory now...just about into the red zone.
  2. Here's #7 Jeremiah Lee's 83 yard touchdown run in the 4th quarter.
  3. Nice play by Cooper. #8 Eli White grabs at the ball and tears it loose while one of #26 Karson Moore is dragging the Highlands ball carrier to the ground. #7 Jeremiah Lee scoops up the fumble and bolts in for 6 more points on the Cooper kickoff following the Jags' first touchdown.
  4. We had LaSalle in that mix in our original schedule but LaSalle dropped us when they revised their schedule for the COVID changes in Ohio.
  5. Conner's defensive secondary is definitely good, but was tired in the second half. Jackson Bucks had his first varsity game at QB. I thought he was a really nice runner. His arm needs work. He had a few fowl ups like you might expect out of a first start for a QB. Cov Cath's defense is good, and was in his face a lot...Conner lost a couple off O-linemen to injuries in their last game. Not sure whether or not either of them were back tonight. Conner isn't bad, but they're dealing with the injury bug, and the just aren't in the same place Cov Cath is as far as talent goes. I hate saying that because it makes me sound like an arrogant homer, and I realize that, but that doesn't mean what I said isn't true.
  6. Covington Catholic 1st downs: 16 Rush yards: 164 Pass yards: 184 Total offense: 348 Penalties: 5-43 Turnovers: 0 Caleb Jacob 12-19-0 for 184yds and 0 TDs Conner 1st downs: 6 Rush yards: 77 Pass yards: 15 Total offense: 92 Penalties: 0-0 Turnovers: 2 Jackson Bucks 6-10-1 for 15yds and 0 TDs
  7. Colonels win big on senior night. Cov Cath has outscored their opponents 168-7 in the last 4 games.
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