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  1. That's not the norm, no...but I feel like I've seen it happen a small handful of times. I think maybe I've seen one of Boyle County's various school accounts do it?
  2. They still face hate crime charges in federal court in February.
  3. He's got a solid list of offers. Hard to see him not liking UK, Cincinnati, Purdue, or Boston College on that list. I wonder if he's fishing for an offer from a particular program...maybe hoping to stay in town at UofL?
  4. Any truth to the rumors that Bryan Hoover is looking at this one?
  5. Career Points Player Name School Name Years Played 3-pt. Era 4,337 Coleman, Kelly Wayland 53-56 No 3,647 Osborne, Charlie Flat Gap 53-57 No 3,628 Taylor, Andrew Corbin 14-18 Yes 3,587 Justice, Cameron Knott County Central 10-15 Yes 3,567 Todd, Harry
  6. Pikeville 1000 Point Club 1. Mark Myers, 2268 points, 1969-1974 2. Wyatt Battaile, 2253 points, 2014-2018 3. Chase Gibson, 2171 points, 1997-2001 4. Dickie Prater, 2152 points, 1948-1950 5. John L. Butcher, 1958 points, 1951-1954 6. Doug Powers, 1884 points, 1993-1997 7. Ethan Rowe, 1772 points, 2009-2013 8. Matt Clevinger, 1722 points, 2005-2009 9. Chris Slater, 1475 points, 1987-1989 10. Woodrow Preston, 1428 points, 1949-1951 11. Tommy Adkins, 1386 points, 1955-1957 12. Emil Dixon, 1312 points, 1958-1959 13. Murray Garvin, 1308 points, 1989-1992 14.
  7. Terry Boehmker wrote a NKY Tribune about Mike Vories' induction class to the Highlands HOF. He cited 1,360 points (which I'm gonna assume came directly from Highlands). So I'll go ahead and use that one.
  8. No one had listed names/numbers for any Highlands guys except Draud. 🤷‍♂️
  9. @Red Tiger 17 ...any clue on point totals for anyone other than Frommeyer and Huff?
  10. There's a fairly compiled list of what I've seen in this thread. (I've deleted several of the posts that I've included information from in the list...just to keep the thread more "readable"). Feel free to correct any incorrect info I may have mistakenly put in there. The guys in italics I didn't see any exact numbers on.
  11. Career Points Name School Years Played 4,337 Coleman, Kelly Wayland 53-56 3,647 Osborne, Charlie Flat Gap 53-57 3,628 Taylor, Andrew Corbin 14-18 3,587 Justice, Cameron Knott County Central 10-15 3,567 Todd, Harry Earlington 55-58 3,542 Harrison, Chris Tollesboro 87-91 3
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