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  1. Jackson did not pitch this game. She pitched the first game against West Jefferson.
  2. Final Score: 54-50 Rogers with 21 Haynes with 12 (all in second half)
  3. Halftime score is Boone 27 Indian Hill 21. Rogers with 17 points to lead Boone.
  4. NKY Tribune article on the Boone County 4-1 win. Softball regional playoffs: Boone County scores three runs in seventh inning to get past NewCath | NKyTribune
  5. If you are in the NKY area I would highly recommend Teri Cain at KAOS.
  6. Nice article on last nights game. Boone County softball team comes out swinging in 1
  7. Final from Conner. Jada Collins with a walk off line drive single for the game winner. Boone advances to play the Ryle vs Conner winner on Thursday.
  8. Boone County improves to 16-3-1 overall and 4-0 in district play. Big night for Karys Black with 2 homers.
  9. Unfortunately in NKY "most" coaches only look at stats and win/loss records when voting for any post season awards. They don't into take into consideration the level of competition a team or player had played against. Sad, but true.
  10. Boone ended up winning the North Bullitt game 12-2. If Boone can clean up the mistakes and make the routine plays they will have a very good season.
  11. Great player and a terrific young lady! Maclai plays for Static Elite Shepherd now and played with Team Kentucky last season.
  12. Boone actually took the opening drive of the 2nd half down to the Ryle 16 and had a WR drop a touchdown pass. After that Boone didn't move the ball much.
  13. It sure was fun to watch a shortstop that isn't afraid to get dirty. Haley and Maclai are easily the best 2 shortstops that I've seen play this year.
  14. Thats the understatement of the year!

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