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  1. Sphire seems like he knows what he's doing. Ain't no school that loves a good hashtag like Highlands loves a good hashtag.
  2. So do we have a new two-sport athlete on the football team?
  3. I think the results of the first 5 games will tell us how far Eddie has taken the program. If it's a program with a great coach that has top NKY talent or if it's truly elite and just plain reloads.
  4. 8/13 Simon Kenton - Scrimmage (H) 8/20 Elder (TBD) 8/27 Belfry (A) 9/3 Lexington Catholic (H) 9/10 Dixie (H) 9/17 Beechwood (A) 9/24 Cooper (H) 10/1 Boone County (H) 10/8 Bye 10/15 Highlands (A) 10/22 Conner (H) 10/29 Ryle (H)
  5. Thanks. I was curious why they any of them would have cancelled in the first place. Did St. Henry end up playing Cooper in Rd 1?
  6. Someone told me that HC, WV and St. Henry all ended their freshman seasons prior to the first round because of COVID precautions.
  7. Is it a coincidence that local residents don't speed as much when their city is a speed trap?
  8. Middle school PE teacher...elementary gym, sounds like I was close but no cigar. My point still stands.
  9. Who said anything about "mysteriously"? Almost two months have passed between James heading back to Franklin County and now. Is it possible that some of the former HHS football staff members have found gainful employ elsewhere when they got jobs elsewhere? Pretty sure the coach who went to Newport was a middle school PE teacher. No idea if he's headed for a Newport day job or not, but is it completely out of the realm of possibility that his job, or some other jobs have opened up in two months time? Or is is entirely impossible that HHS realized "Oh crap, we screwed up there" and decided when they hired the next guy, they would make for damn sure that they could manufacture teaching jobs for some necessary football staff members to start working in their schools? I mean, all of this talk about "they're trying to dig up money for Wolfe" in January, could they have possibly dug up some money to at least try to catch a Wolfe by offering some teaching jobs available to his staffers? And is it possible that perhaps after they struck out with Wolfe, they still decided to offer those jobs to the staffers for the next man up? Situations change, Kenny. I don't mean to talk crazy or anything here...but momma always told me an intelligent person tries to learn from their mistakes. Would a wise person not try to handle things differently after they realize they've screwed up?
  10. My understanding is that Highlands did have a 'lil something to do with it. Promised some school district positions to be available for James' wife and an assistant or two and then walked back on their promise.
  11. So what I'm reading here is that Highlands hired a coach who is very possibly in the sunset of his career from out of his worst coaching stretch in his last 20 years as head coach.
  12. 23-20 coaching record in the last 4 years? Yeah we're ready.
  13. A great business at a fair price is superior to a fair business at a great price. HHS football can be a great business. They've had coaches from multiple states and both the college & HS football apply. If you're expecting someone to pick up and move their family from out of state for a job where they may be given the boot in 2 or 3 yrs if they don't succeed, you better be offering them a fair price to do so. I call $16K fair for that. I'm confident all my HHS friends think $16K is fair for that, and they're the ones footing the bill. Listerman is obviously a fine coach, but the expectations of basketball are not the same as football at Highlands. Just look at Listerman's record from his first few years. That's why he's not making the same as the football coach. And were they searching HS & college coaches in multiple states when they looked for new coaches to hire for the hoops and baseball team like they are for the football team? I have my doubts. Also like somebody said already the Oline coach is responsible for coaching roughly the same number of players as the basketball and baseball coaches. Say what you will about responsibilities beyond that, but I think an assistant football coach has a lot more going on than an assistant for most other sports programs.
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