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  1. For sure. I don't know many stadiums in high school sports that give the home team more of an advantage.
  2. Hazard has a couple of banners. So does Seneca. I'm not sure those kids are learning very much about life and competitiveness when they stroll around under those banners these days. Folks need to call this what it is. This is NKAC coaches having sour grapes. If Listerman and Sully and company are gonna literally take their ball and go home, then so be it. CCH follows the same set of rules they do. Like you said, CCH found very good teams to fill out the sked. The stakeholders at CCH know exactly what's going on. A decent number of them don't like having kids coming from Ohio and playing
  3. It's not that I don't feel for him if he thought he was overlooked. But if Luhn was the better candidate for the job, then sometimes "them's the ropes".
  4. You know, similarly, I've asked myself the same questions of one Robert B. Sphire. Why does someone near retirement age, living in warmer climate not far from the beach, with a better paying job and years in the Georgia public teacher retirement hopper, and experience coaching semi-pro football leave that job to come to Highlands? I guess the answers are known only unto God.
  5. I'm still waiting to hear how the transfer QB from Campbell County is possibly eligible at CCH.
  6. So according to what CWB just posted it looks like Campbell's schedule needs updating. Both Highlands and Dixie show a game against each other, which puts Campbell on the outs for 10/28 and then Dixie shows Campbell at Dixie on 10/14. CWB is that right that Dixie only has 2 home games?
  7. Just had it texted to me. Covington Catholic Freshman 8/21 vs. Elder 12pm 9/2 vs. Dixie 6pm 9/9 vs. Cooper 6pm 9/16 at Campbell Co 6pm 9/23 vs. Simon Kenton 6pm 9/30 at Highlands 6pm 10/7 at Beechwood 6pm 10/14 vs. Conner 6pm 10/21 vs. Boone Co 6pm 9/28 at Ryle 6pm
  8. Just taught myself how to edit my post, haha. Assuming game time for the freshman bowl is TBD? Also just saw that Campbell Co shows Highlands on 10/28 but Highlands shows Dixie for 10/28. I think the Campbell Co schedule came out pretty recently and I found that Highlands schedule on Twitter back in like April. Any idea which schedule's right?
  9. Highlands Freshman 8/26 vs. Harrison Co at Campbell Co Frosh Bowl 6pm 9/2 vs. Cooper 6pm 9/9 at Campbell Co 6pm 9/16 vs. Simon Kenton 6pm 9/23 at Beechwood 6pm 9/30 vs. CovCath 6pm 10/7 vs. Conner 6pm 10/14 vs. Boone Co 6pm 10/21 at Ryle 6pm 10/28 at Dixie 6pm
  10. Campbell County Freshman 8/13 at Great Crossing - Scrimmage 6pm 8/21 Freshman Bowl - TBD 8/26 at Simon Kenton 6pm 8/30 vs. Mason Co 5:30pm 9/16 vs. CovCath 6pm 9/23 vs. Conner 6pm 9/29 at Boone Co 6pm 10/7 at Ryle 6pm 10/21 at Cooper 6pm 10/28 vs. Highlands 6pm
  11. Ryle Freshman 8/21 at Miamisburg 1pm 8/30 at Conner 6pm 9/9 at Boone Co 6pm 9/15 vs. Beechwood 6pm 9/23 vs. Dixie 6pm 9/30 at Cooper 6pm 10/7 vs. Campbell Co 6pm 10/14 at Simon Kenton 6pm 10/21 vs. Highlands 6pm 10/28 at CovCath
  12. I really enjoyed following the freshman football action around NKY last year. I rarely have a chance to keep track of any teams other than CCH. I haven't seen a freshman schedule for CCH yet this year, but I've seen Ryle, Highlands and Campbell County's schedules.
  13. I'm hearing conflicting reports about Geisler's status as a Bred vs. as a Bird.
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