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  1. We do it just because it rubs the Tiger fans the wrong way.
  2. No. 1 was Eddie James and No. 2 was Bob Sphire. Not sure where everything fell into place after that. Lickert maybe? Barth?
  3. It's the Pike County Bowl hosted in Pike County so a neutral site would be defeating the purpose. Pretty sure we signed up for 2yrs of it. Being able to sit on a bus for hours and then show up and immediately regain focus to win a tough game is a very good talent to have and something we generally don't work on developing. Our inability to do that sure didn't help us when we tried to beat Johnson Central in the playoffs during the Wirth years.
  4. Part of the Pike County bowl. CCH played Belfry last year in the '21 edition.
  5. Assuming CCH will have Starks back tonight after sitting two games for his two T's against Holy Cross? CCH did awfully well against Trinity and Fairdale considering they were missing the guy who pulled down about 50 rebs in the first 6 games of the season.
  6. Colonel fans, Colonel fans, Kernel fans! If we were up 2 tds on the Birds and had the ball with 90 secs left there's no way we wouldn't be going for the end zone and we'd all be loving it! And our memories are so short, aren't they? We're complaining for a coach going for a 3 td advantage late in a playoff game when we've apparently all forgotten about that 2017 football season when CCH tried to and succeeded in putting a running clock on every team they played. "We in here talkin bout practice?"
  7. Right. So someone makes a fool out of me, there's no reason for me to be frustrated with the person making me look a fool. I should be frustrated with myself for being made a fool of. Most folks associated with the Beechies have made it clear that they're not embarrassed.
  8. It's embarrassing when an adult does something to embarrass kids. So if Rash came out and says he stomped NCC to boost his own ego and you say "who cares" I guess the answer should be "anyone who cares about good sportsmanship should care."
  9. How normal is it for a HS program to have a head coach who isn't a coordinator? I think BW did that for a season or two but as best as I can remember that's the first I've known of a head coach to do that, at least around NKY. I know Coach Sphire's son is young and I only watched Highlands in the two games against CCH, but I felt like their offensive plan was very ho-hum in both games. He also apparently had a heck of a tough time settling on a QB, which I realize was also an issue for CCH this year. But in the case of Highlands, when you're struggling to identify key players on offense whe
  10. So Newport, who lost by 29 to NCC, dressed fewer than 20 players this week against Beechwood, but Beechwood didn't manage to accidentally score like 60 points on them in a single half of football like they did last week against NCC? Got it.
  11. Of course you won't reveal anything. I'm just entertained that you know so much more about what CCH people think than, ya know, CCH people. You can say NKY has a problem all you want when in reality it's a personal problem a small handful of coaches share. Let's name some names too. Cooper, Highlands, Campbell County, Newport and Scott all decided to take the ball and go home. Newport, Scott and Campbell allegedly started it last year, although I've heard a couple of times that at least one of those games was axed from the schedule because of COVID. Ee still ended up with a fine schedule. R
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