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  1. CCH's last 4 wins have literally been their 4 district games. Explain to me, please, how to change that up?
  2. And if he is, would he consider it? I've got to think he would. Especially with all the griping he's been doing about the schools in Louisville this season.
  3. Coming to you live from the Fort Thomas Pub...
  4. We've got an argument here! Are you two gonna go take this up in the parking lot at Lookout Bowl??
  5. If voting goes the direction of "top game changer for the program" rather than "top football player" as it has a few times in the past (see: D'Mauriae VanCleave) then I think Hergott is easily among the frontrunners for Mr. Football.
  6. Untouched shot of a randomly selected Trinity alum in his natural environment:
  7. That's pretty crazy to think about. If it's true, Weinrich definitely needs to make sure that coach is off his staff in short order. Like before the end of the football season. But that also points to a much larger problem within the program, again, if true. That means that the coaching staff itself doesn't have faith in the other coaches on staff to give an athlete the proper coaching. If you ask me, the Brian Weinrich experiment has gone on long enough. As soon as the upperclassmen who were brought up in the Dale Mueller program graduated, the HHS program plummeted. Weinrich has had 4-1/2 years to get "his program" instituted, and has not been able to get it done. The end of the season makes 5 years. 5 years is exactly how long it took the CCH administration to learn that Dave Wirth, although a great guy, was not the guy to keep the program in championship form. Let's hope that the HHS admins follow that lead.
  8. How is Cam Geisler's transfer out of Highlands related to the coaching staff not all being 100% on board with Brian Weinrich?
  9. The only thing I've found for Campbell are these three: Campbell County 27 CovCath 29 (Triple OT) Campbell County 43 Conner 0 Campbell County 13 Ryle 14
  10. Thanks. Didn't know that. I was just looking around on Twitter and FB.
  11. Simon Kenton 14 Highlands 47 Simon Kenton 16 Covington Catholic 44 Simon Kenton 32 Conner 6 Simon Kenton ? Boone County ? Simon Kenton ? Beechwood ? Simon Kenton vs. Cooper Simon Kenton vs. Campbell County
  12. Highlands 47 Simon Kenton 14 Highlands 26 Ryle 6 Highlands 6 CovCath 13 Highlands ? Conner ? Highlands ? Boone County ? Highlands vs. Ryle Highlands vs. NCC Highlands vs. Campbell County Highlands vs. Cooper
  13. I've gotta wonder if Cooper and CovCath don't end up being the two teams that play in the NKY freshman championship. Cooper and CCH are both 5-0 and judging from the outcomes of both teams' games against Beechwood, they look pretty evenly pitted against one another. CCH still has Boone and Ryle to play, and Cooper has Campbell and SK left. Cooper 36 Conner 6 Cooper 37 Boone 8 Cooper 26 Ryle 0 Cooper 24 Dixie 20 Cooper 28 Beechwood 14 CovCath 29 Campbell County 27 (Triple OT) CovCath 44 Simon Kenton 16 CovCath 13 Highlands 6 CovCath 33 Beechwood 14 CovCath 44 Conner 0
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