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  1. Swimming and wrestling would be the only other two that would ever possibly have state tourneys around then. I don't think they have.
  2. Knowing Bishop Foys, that is what I'm saying. Doubt all you want. You haven't ever spoken to him.
  3. CCH is young and still developing at this point of the season. Could easily be a win by Trinity.
  4. Clearly you don't know much about the bishop of the Diocese of Covington then.
  5. Easter is April 4. Boys tourney is March 31 thru April 3, so Holy Week. If a Catholic school were to make it to the Sweet 16 I'd be shocked if they were allowed by their district to play on Good Friday, if any of those days.
  6. Exactly what I was told. I can't say if it's 100% fact, but I assumed it was since I heard it from 4 different folks in Ft. Thomas. One of them works at HHS. They're not on any committee, but I figured if they work at the school they probably had good insight.
  7. I heard the principal and Lickert graduated from HHS together and the principal had a grudge from ye olden days. Heard one of them was in the band and one of them was the star quarterback, or something like that. Imagine if Screech didn't want AC Slater to get hired back at Bayside to coach the wrestling team.
  8. Don't know if HHS asked Clevanger to interview, or if Clevanger applied himself for an interview and then reconsidered. Was told a while back that he called the day before and cancelled though.
  9. The newly ex Highlands staffers tell folks around NKY a different story. Including long tenured staff.
  10. No idea who your boys are but the CCH boys I talked to all agreed "He has a handful of explanations he gives for why he wanted to leave, depending on who he is talking to. But he told most everyone he was buddies with that he was hacked off about not starting JV basketball."
  11. All of this talk about being HC and AD. Can someone confirm or deny that part of the reason Chris Wolfe is not currently the HC is because he either hinted or straight up asked for the AD job?
  12. Yep. And he was a Highlands guy who didn't give the time of day to the middle school league coaches and players. BW hardly gave the time of day to a lot of his assistant coaching staff too. Simple answer, they had a deep-down Highlands guy but not the right deep-down Highlands guy.
  13. I hear he was unhappy not to be starting on the JV basketball team, and that sealed the deal.
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