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  1. Kaeli Ross for 3. 23-20 Russell 1:08 till halftime
  2. 24-21 Raceland 2:23 till the half Timeout Russell
  3. Downs drives for a bucket. Pence immediately answers. 22-18 Raceland
  4. A Pence and-1 gives him 14 points so far. 20-15 Raceland
  5. Bell throws down his second dunk of the opening quarter. 17-15 Raceland
  6. Round 2 between the top two teams in the 16th, this time on the Lady Lions home court. 8-6 Boyd 3:18 in the 1st quarter
  7. Pence with 10 of Raceland's 13 points. 13-9 Rams
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