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  1. Good in-state pickup by the Hilltoppers. Messer was one of the top playmakers and WR prospects in Kentucky last season.
  2. The Tomcats, missing their leading scorer, were just too good on both ends of the floor tonight. This was an emphatic message to the rest of the 16th Region by Ashland. Cole Villers paced Ashland with 23 points while Colin Porter added another 20. Rheyce Deboard led Boyd County with 17.
  3. Another Villers 3 pushes the margin to a game high 23 point lead for the Tomcats. 60-37 Ashland 5:50 to go
  4. End of 3Q Ashland 55 Boyd County 37 Eighth grader Jacob Spurlock with a couple of buckets for Boyd near the end of the quarter, including an NBA length three pointer.
  5. Villers with back to back textbook jumpers. Biggest lead of the night for the Tomcats. 47-27 Ashland 5:47 in 3Q
  6. Boyd has picked up its pace and some shots are falling for them now, but stops at the other end have been hard to come by.
  7. Villers with his second 3 of the night. 38-20 Ashland 2:30 in 2Q
  8. Porter for 3. He's got 12 points early. 31-14 Ashland 4:33 in 2Q
  9. Ashland with a quick 8-0 run to start the 2Q. 28-12 Ashland
  10. End of 1Q Ashland 20 Boyd County 12 Cole Villers and Colin Porter each pick up two fouls in the opening frame.
  11. 11-8 Ashland 2:53 in 1Q Good intensity for both teams so far.
  12. Boyd poses perhaps the biggest threat to Ashland this season in the 16th Region. The Tomcats are without leading scorer Ethan Sellars tonight. It's always fun when these two bitter rivals get together.
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