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  1. I don't know if this is what you're referring to, but this is what I found. https://boxcast.tv/view/beechwood-vs-breathitt-761478
  2. They would get Allen County-Scottsville if ACS pulls the upset over Franklin County, but if the Flyers win like we expect them to, Boyle would get the winner of Hoptown/John Hardin.
  3. Yes, a substantial one. Definitely another reason why it's an extreme longshot.
  4. File this one under "extreme longshot": Does anyone think there's even the slightest possibility that Gino Guidugli would entertain the idea of returning to Highlands, or is that a pipe dream at this point? His stock at the college level is almost certainly on the rise with the year Cincinnati's having, so maybe he's beyond their reach.
  5. Scroggins is an assistant at DeSales, but his son was a senior this year with the Colts. Not sure what the future holds for him beyond this year. I'm hoping he gets back in the game as a head coach at some point. He's too great a coach to be done at his age. Not sure about Wyatt.
  6. Lucas won his title last year with Somerset. Somebody's going to have to refresh my memory on Shaw. He's the coach at Lafayette right now, but I don't recall him winning a Kentucky state championship anywhere before.
  7. I hope this helps. - The RPI is frozen and locked in at the conclusion of the regular season. - Rounds 1 and 2 are district rounds. - RPI takes effect in Round 3, at which point the state is separated into West (districts 1-4) and East (districts 5-8). Among the four district champions in the West, it's 1 hosting 4 and 2 hosting 3 in accordance with RPI rankings. Ditto for the eastern half of the bracket. - For the semis, the barrier separating West and East is scrapped and among the four teams left it's simply 1v4 and 2v3, regardless of geography.
  8. Bowling Green and Owensboro don't play each other in the quarters. BG hosts North Bullitt and Owensboro hosts Fairdale. Barring any major upsets, we're staring at semifinal rematches from last year. BG at CovCath Frederick Douglass at Owensboro
  9. Preston is at John Hardin now. Three more: Harold Davis of DeSales Clay Clevenger of Danville Jerry Lucas of Collins
  10. It would say just as much about the new coach as anything else. It's all symbiotic. If the program and community at Highlands were all it took to maintain that high standard, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  11. Assistant at WKU in 2009. Assistant at Male in 2010 Head coach at Hopkinsville from 2011-2015. Only 21-34 in his five years there, but he started with a winless team and improved each year, winning 10 games in 2015. Head coach at McCracken County since 2016. He's 37-19 to date, pending the result against Male this week. They've won their district every year he's been there. Good football coach, but not sure he's on Highlands' radar. I doubt he would move the needle in Fort Thomas.
  12. Two good looking possessions there from Sarr. A 17 foot baseline jumper, followed by some fluid work in the post.
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