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  1. Huntington High beat Russell in the final on a hail mary from mid-field on the last play of the game.
  2. Yikes, @Colonels_Wear_Blue!!! I guess it flew below my radar. Also, excellent use of James Garner in an appropriate gif. 😂
  3. This one flew under the radar a bit, but he's been climbing the prospect ladder of late. Congrats to both Evan and the Hilltoppers.
  4. EKY's best of the past decade: Belfry Record: 120-22 5 State Championships 7 State Finals appearances 39-5 in the playoffs Johnson Central Record: 116-17 2 State Championships 3 State Runner-ups Pikeville Record: 99-28 2 State Championships 1 State Runner-up
  5. I'm not a T guy, but since no one else has posted them... Trinity Record: 114-23 7 State Championships Perfect 7/7 in the state finals 41-3 in the postseason Recognized as National Champions in 2011
  6. And that doesn't include an unbeaten state championship season in 2010, one year outside the parameter of the past decade.
  7. New look for the Cardinals this year. Big upgrade over the old look, imo.
  8. Hopkinsville takes the Best of the West crown.
  9. Collins Hill ended up winning the Hoover 7on7. Their quarterback is a top 10 prospect in the country at that position and committed to Missouri. His primary target is a top 5 overall prospect nationally in the class of '22, who is being recruited as a cornerback but also plays receiver. A pitch and catch combo that good is hard to stop in these passing tournaments.
  10. Update #3 from Hoover: Male was sent packing in the quarters. Madison-Ridgeland won going away. Good showing by the Dawgs against a loaded field.
  11. Quarterfinals Collins Hill (GA) vs. Walton (GA) Hoover (AL) vs. Greenville (SC) Christian Brothers (MO) vs. Spain Park (AL) Madison-Ridgeland (MS) vs. Male Collins Hill is the overall top seed and Male is the lowest seeded team left.
  12. Update #2 from Hoover: Male defeated the tournament's #2 seed Gibson Southern (IN) to advance to the quarterfinals. Douglass was eliminated by Christian Brothers (MO) and Highlands lost to Hoover.
  13. Update from the Hoover Hustle Up 7on7 in Alabama: Male, Highlands, and Douglass all won their first round games of the tournament this morning. The next round should be coming up shortly.
  14. I heard good things yesterday about Fleming. I was told they were one of the most impressive teams overall in the tournament and Logan Pinkley is going to be a handful to defend this year.
  15. Those are gorgeous. I love the black gunmetal/titanium finish (or whatever that is), especially paired with the St. X green and gold.
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