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  1. 94, I thought Ballard always played Manual during the season. Are they just a random opponent now?
  2. According to a twitter feed I see every so often, construction on the new stadium has started and I assume they plan to be ready by the fall.
  3. https://www.wdrb.com/news/manual-high-school-breaks-ground-on-new-turf-field-for-field-hockey-girls-lacrosse/article_c17e9884-9ba2-11ea-ab1e-677d930188aa.html Manual Field Hockey & Girls Lacrosse Teams joined fundraising efforts and have collected just over $500,000 to offset the $800,000+ overall cost of the new turf field. The new turf field will go in over the old field hockey field known as Rachel Baker Field at West Hill Street & South First Street on Manual's campus. Initial ground work is already underway after a May 20th ground breaking. This field will be completed prior to when school is scheduled to begin in August. This is a really big deal and is a very long time in the making. Fundraising efforts continue and if you have any fundraising tips for us please PM me. Hopefully this will spur other JCPS programs to try and replicate these efforts to have more turf fields in the JCPS arsenal.
  4. Hey Brown, do you know if the summer football camp circuit will be allowed to happen this year? I ask because I think this is a young man that blows up on the national scene if he's allowed to participate in those. Best of luck!
  5. @NLTanker1, who would you say at this point looks like the strongest out of state challenge? Not looking forward to the last regular season game of the season.
  6. Sorry it's taken so long to get back to this, but I did look him up! Pretty impressive! I love to learn about sport pioneers from the past carving out a trail for others to follow. Must be great to have someone with that much experience as your head coach as well! Hope all is well!
  7. All sports who already lost the entire 2020 Season! (except basketball, but arguably the most important part of the basketball season)
  8. I feel the same way about lacrosse. I was coaching my daughters Freshman team at Manual and really disappointed we didn't get to compete this spring. But moreso sad for the seniors, who put significant time and effort into being on the team for 4 years. Next year will be better!
  9. Congratulations to Jantzen! HUGE accomplishment! I have seen him play about 5 times (3 or 4 of those against BG). He is a good offensive and special teams player due to his athletic abiility alone. But on defense he is special. Always takes the correct angle to bring down the ball carrier. Very good leaping ability to swat down passes. Not sure he's as good as Clayton Bush was at anticipating where the ball was going but but he is developing that. Easily one of the best players in the state!
  10. I think Paducah Tilghman should be in the conversation for the lower part of the top 10. Lot of young talent there.
  11. Good points Lee! I knew Embry's Dad who coached at Warren East back in the day when they were a real force. That's an interesting possiblity!
  12. Well said and good insight! Thx! I do feel that following the State Championship team and coming in young and with a young team that the only outside view was for the team/program to go down. As you mentioned, he probably didn't have the best team to win region any of the past 3 years, but at BG you are likely expected to win at least 1 of those 3 region games regardless. Maybe not fair, but likely true after the State Championship year. I do think it is a really attractive job now, as the new guy will be in great position to go forward next year for sure. I'm not sure what's in the hopper for the Purples, but next year should buy the new guy some time anyway. It will surely be interesting to see who applies and ultimately who is chosen.
  13. DFire, Does this surprise you? I am not very close to the Bball program, but considering the strong team set to return it does seem odd to me to leave now. Any insight you can provide is appreciated.
  14. Congrats to the Dragons! They earned the win! Proud of this Purples team! Excellent season! Thx @DragonFire for all the information and perspective this season!
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