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  1. Alot of those competitive games were already played before the State Championships. Boyle vs Corbin for example.
  2. 1. Centrally is subjective. For the 2A participants it wasn't so central. 2. The Saturday 8 pm game is a rough slot. 6A should take their turn with this for awhile as @VF111 said, but their coaches complain about it the most and why they don't have that slot right now. 3. @VF111 While I 100% agree with you, you won't get Lynn Family Stadium. They asked and the ownership isn't interested in hosting American football games there. I'm sorry to say. 4. Feel it is fair to move the venue ever so often. It can be at UK for the majority; but change is good IMO. WKU, UofL, EKU, etc. Zero atmosphere at UK.
  3. What a great article and inspiring story. Really happy for the Mayfield community to get another State Championship, but somehow this one feels like it means a little more due to the tornado and all the adversity the Purchase Area dealt with and is overcoming. Way to go Lincoln and Mayfield!
  4. Question: How is the selection of who plays when decided for the State Championships? Why has 5A been the last game for the last 2 years if not more?
  5. How bout those Purples! It wasn't pretty and wasn't always the way you draw it up on the chalkboard, but they got the job done on a wet, wet night where they didn't have their A game offensively (heck they may have had their C- game offensively). But the BG defense delivered! They just kept coming after an August to forget and after they turned a corner with St X played as well as just about anyone defensively. Really happy for this group. They have worked very hard for this. I didn't think the coaching staff could top 2020, but I believe they did in 2023 for all they had to overcome (8 starters on D replacing, 3 new OLine, new kicker, etc.) Coach Strode did a tremendous job with that group! I also want to congratulate Cooper and their Program. They fought as hard as they could and Jake Lonaker is probably the best LB I saw this year. Man he can tackle. And they have 4 Olineman going both ways. Really impressed with Coopers effort. But gaining their 8th Championship is pretty special! It's a Great Day to be a Purple! Go BG!
  6. The weather hasn't helped either team, but both are dealing with it. The 2 turnovers are HUGE for both teams. Both teams playing below their optimum level. BG hasn't dropped that many passes in the playoffs. Jake Lonaker is a tremendous HS LB. Big series to start the 3Q. BG needs to score.
  7. 5A Player of the Year - BG QB Deuce Bailey 5A Coach of the Year - BG Head Coach Mark Spader Congratulations! Go Purples!
  8. Congratulations Trinity! Quite a season and first championship for Coach Cobb! Great effort from the Defenders! Though @coachhawk's team gave them all they had. Just seemed after that first half INT when they were driving that was kind of the end of the road.
  9. Congratulations CAL! They were the best 3A Team all year! But I have to congratulate Bell County for an incredible effort as they made this a real game. They outplayed CAL on 4th down many times, but it just wasn't enough. Great season on Log Mountain as well.
  10. I picked CAL 48-14 and it's 41-16 and not sure there has been a closer 41-16 game than this one if that makes sense.
  11. Really impressed with Bell County. That is the only game plan they could have and they executed it great! All CAL second half though.
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