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  1. For BG, Jordan Dingle was pretty obvious, but CB Dylan Echols is a real honor for that young man! Well earned!
  2. Big Congratulations to my man @coachhawk! Very well deserved! Go Station!
  3. Very tough schedule when you have a first year head coach! Good luck Blue Tornados!
  4. IMO, the fact is that where Eastern is right now, they are a team competitive with the teams not in their district on this schedule. The size of the school doesn't matter when kids that could help you on the football field don't come out for football. They won't win a district game in this district for the foreseeable future, unfortunately.
  5. Hi @nWo! I coach girls lacrosse and we have a team practicing in Louisville at 3 to 4:30 and another playing a game at 5:30. What are your thoughts about weather for this timeframe in Louisville? Thx!
  6. Very classy @Mustang! As someone who knew and very much respected and still respect PurpleHaze and what he meant/means to the Purples history and his die-hard zeal for everything BG, I really appreciate this. Goes to show even if we are not very common opponents, that we have common beliefs and positive hopes for our fellow man. That seems to get lost now a days. Thank you! Go Bishop Brossart! Go BG!
  7. That's impressive! IMG very good in all sports. The top tier of HS Lacrosse in KY is very good both boys and girls. There are rumors that KHSAA will add lacrosse as a sanctioned sport soon. We will see.
  8. Wow! Hectic finish to the 3rd with Ballard leading BG 43-38. Sounded like some calls were questionable, but I can't see it. Go Purples!
  9. True, but they are alot closer this game than the last time they played at halftime.
  10. Ballard 30 - BG 26 at the half Gabe Sisk for Ballard with 16 Buttry for BG with 9. Good game!
  11. Ballard out fast 14-2 over BG with BG a little rattled. BG rallies for the last 9 points of the 1st quarter. Ballard 14 BG 11 after 1Q Dingle with 4 boards for BG Yes, Ballard seemed to just be gunning 3 balls and not really focused to let BG back in.
  12. BIG Game! Ballard is the favorite. They earned that by defeating BG earlier in the year. But I like my Purples playing as underdogs. Need to get someone shooting the ball well besides Mason and Buttry. If they can do that, I think they can be right there. But Ballard is the favorite for a reason and have some of the state's best players. Hoping for a great game and a Purple Upset!
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