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  1. Totally agree with this, but what has changed from a Covid pandemic standpoint between Jan 1 and now? Zero other than denying JCPS sports to move forward. I will obviously support this decision but why could it not have been made earlier if this was always going to be the outcome? . I guess I'm just looking for accountability. Did you use the first vote as a sacrificial lamb vote to "appear" concerned for the virus knowing you'd turn right around and vote to play with the exact same virus data at present? Fair question.
  2. I'm bullish on East from the standpoint, I think Warren East is a solid 4A school/team. They are not the top dogs and never have been. But for a team looking for traction and building on one of the best unnoticed runs at the end of last season in 4A, Warren East is your team. As @BillNye said, East was crazy young last season with the Frosh, but that will/should pay dividends next year IMO. No one thought East would go to Russell County and win in the Playoffs last year. How many road teams won in the playoffs last year? VERY few. There is definitely winnable games on this schedule and games where they will struggle. So to get better, I really like that mix for East. Go Raiders!
  3. Tremendous Athlete! UofL is fortunate to land this young man. A lot of Hoptowns offense last season was throw it up to Jesse and let him go get it and it worked! Best of luck to him going forward!
  4. I think this is a great hire for Edmonson County! Congratulations Coach Smart!
  5. I think this is a great hire for Edmonson County! Congratulations Coach Smart!
  6. Great points Grant! I think they are also fair. I really think if they had mixed it up a bit would have at least given Jones more to think about. Would it have made a huge difference? Maybe not, but still it would have given all watching that OSU was trying to scheme/game plan against a passing attack that was very hot. Plus OSU is known for making great in-game adjustments. Not sure that happened on Monday, but that may be an unfair assumption on my part too. Still no shame of having a season where you have to petition your league to even play and go all the way to the Championship game! Well done. Concerning Dunn, that is a great question. I really feel his injury (quad, I think) really set him back this past season. I say that because they missed out on Spring ball, all 7 on 7 work preseason/regular season work. When he got back, it took him a while IMO to get going. He did get going and was the star he always was, but with that said, I think he really needs to get up to Columbus ( I "believe" he is up there for the Spring semester) in hopes of getting into Spring Ball with a chance to compete for playing time. To get playing time at a place like OSU as a Freshman is difficult, but he is really talented. He has great anticipation, maybe his best attribute. Plus, in high school anyway, I never say anyone ever get behind him or outrun him. That includes Vito Tisdale. I personally like him as a Safety based on what I saw in High School, but I think the Coaching Staff at OSU will put him in drilling/scenarios etc that allow him to get a shot at corner as well. I could see him on a nickel or dime package next year is fair I think. I will be watching OSU games to see if he gets in!
  7. I also wanted to add @John Anthony on this as well. Concerning the 4-4 defense, I felt the reason OSU did that was because they felt their LBs were just better players than any dime or nickel guys they currently had. It has been stated multiple times that the secondary just wasn't that good for OSU this year. I know they didn't draw up to put a LB on Smith. Nobody does that, it was just Sark's cunning ability to use motion in the pre-snap that caused a LOT of mis-matches which is what Sark is known for deliberately trying to cause. It was just a back matchup for OSU IMO. I'm not an OSU guy but I am really pulling for Jantzen Dunn (South Warren incoming OSU Freshman) getting his shot in the secondary at OSU. I'll be pulling for him big time!
  8. Count me in! I'll buy the gas!! Others have said he deserved a chance to reconsider and I agree with that. But you don't accept FIRST and then reconsider. If you are hesitant, fine. Do that in the beginning. I thought I read that he asked for the weekend to consider it. Then it was announced during the weekend. Sounds like he jumped the gun and then used it to shoot Highlands! Highlands deserved better than being dragged through the mud like this.
  9. I listened to Dr. Polio, JCPS Superintendent, on the radio this morning. He said there is another JCPS Board meeting a week from today. It sounded like they would be voting on what to do with winter sports in JCPS and the possibility of having no winter sports for JCPS was a possibility. Wow! I hate that for the kids if it turns out that way. It may come down to another 4-3 vote. We will see.
  10. Does anyone know if the Dunbar vs Frederick Douglass game will be streamed or radio or anything on Tuesday? Thanks in advance!
  11. Another GREAT job @DragonFire! I think this week was all chalk, as DFire was spot on in his pre-season rankings! That Greenwood-ACS game was a barn-burner for sure! Feel bad for Monroe County as they have started the season on a tough stretch. Pride was correct in BG doesn't even have all their team yet! Wow! I think the way the Purples are playing it is going to test Coach Sherrill to split the minutes in a way as not to mess the chemistry up, as they are playing really well right now! But adding projected starters back in the lineup is never a bad thing right! Concerning the schedule, I'm looking forward to the Warren Central game this Friday even though I know Central is really young this year. They will play hard. Then the Desales game on the 23rd is an interesting one before they go into the gauntlet of a schedule in February! Go Purples!
  12. Looking forward to the Warren Central game on Friday!
  13. Purples roll to 3-0 on the season placing 5 players in double figures. They were scorching from the 3-point line with close to 10 for 15 on the night. Nice defensive effort as well. I was impressed with the Mustangs effort tonight. BG was just too hot from 3 for them to keep it close. McCracken plays Paducah Tilghman and BG play Warren East both on Tuesday! Good Luck!
  14. Congrats to Coach James! Congrats to Highlands! It's a tough process, but I think this is a terrific hire! Best of Luck!
  15. Totally agree DT! That kid; I think his name is Caleb Washington is a STUD! IMO he is a Mr. Football type player. I don't want to put pressure on the young man, but moreso praise, as I watched that 8th Grade Championship game vs my Purples and he was awesome! Add that to starring on the Team Kentucky that just got to the championship game and look out 4A!
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