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  1. Wow! I've obviously seen and heard of girls on football teams as kickers, but I've never heard of them on the team and on the O and D Lines! WOW! Good luck to that young lady! Lot happening at Ballard!
  2. I'll be pulling for CovCath big time in that game!
  3. Not if you win and bring home all those RPI points!!!😄
  4. Made it to Central Hardin High School last night for a few hours as they held their annual 7v7. There was about 14 teams there including Daviess County, Fern Creek, North Hardin, Oldham County, Owensboro Catholic (2 teams), South Oldham and the hosts. I only got to watch a couple of the games, but players/teams that stood out to me included Daviess County. Their QB and WRs looked good. The N Hardin QB looked good and had some athletic weapons, but they talked alot, which I didn't like. Fern Creek looked quick but out of sync. Oldham County's QB made some nice throws and they have a
  5. I don't disagree with you BK, but everything has a beginning and end. And stadiums don't last forever. And if you wait too long to make improvements then it can turn out poorly. Ask Ballard about that, who missed an entire home football season due to their stadium was found to be structurally unsafe. I will miss the setup at the El and remember quite a few "encounters" in the stands (the Blackman game sticks out here!) due to both teams fans sitting on the one side. Won't be like that anymore and kinda sad. But very thankful for the new facility.
  6. Thank @Killowatt59! Great Photos! While I will miss many things about the El, I am SUPER excited to go to the Hoptown game (very first game) this season. Excited to see this go in! Does Greenwood have turf? I know South does not at this time. So they are the last 2 to wait for potential upgrades in Warren County. Go Purples!
  7. Good luck to Jenkins! At Fort Knox, Wow! 8 hour round trip. Long time to be on a bus. Good Luck!
  8. I hope your right! Just seems like 2021 is setting up as a tough year for the Colonels.
  9. I am shocked by this. Anyone who knows anything about Jamale Carothers is that he is a yes sir - no sir, no problems, good grades kid. Really floored over this.
  10. I just looked on the Riherds' Christian County page for 2020 at their roster from last year. They had 31 players total (which seems lean for a 5A team) and 21 of those players were seniors last season. Twenty-one. Hope they get alot that are repeating the year due to Covid. They are going to need it. They will need to replace their QB, top 2 rushing threats, top 2 receiving threats on offense. There are only 3 guys on that roster that are not listed as senior that have a lineman indicator next to it (2 DE and 1 OL/DL) I hope there are alot of incoming freshman who can con
  11. This is interesting! You know Coach Clark played at BG, and I know McCracken has scheduled BG back to 2015 (before Coach Clark) when they had a really good team with Cash Jones at QB and Zyaire Hughes (the RB/athlete that went on to play at UK). But I think this is the first game vs South Warren. Will be interesting to see if they stay on the Spartans schedule after this year.
  12. I really hope this happens for Glasgow. I'll be pulling for the Scotties!!!
  13. Just commenting on this item alone. It is really interesting to note the turnovers in this game. For South, Veltcamp threw 4 INTs, but if you were there or watched the game: 1. Was a tipped pass that the WR should have caught. 2. Burwash laid out and made a terrific catch. 3. Kabawa made an unbelievable grab on the side line that Veltcamp was just trying to throw away. 4. Rainville just made a tough catch that Veltcamp shouldn't have thrown. The 2 fumbles were mental errors though. I say all that to show BG turned South over. South just didn't hand BG the
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