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  1. Primarily defensively. Their DLine used different stunt that caused the BG Oline problems. They varied their blitzes. Brought more than BG could block at times. Moved away from just dropping back like they did the whole first half. I thought their OLine blocking was a little better in the second half as well.
  2. Congratulations Frederick Douglas. Very good team. Bowling Green missed their chances in the first half and Douglas made great halftime adjustments. While I don’t like the last touchdown, it was a good game and a very good season for Bowling Green. Go Purples!
  3. Thankful for this game. Hoping my Purples can pull out the upset. Will check in after the game. Go Purples!
  4. What a Game! congrats Bullitt East! Give Egan Mr Football. That was a Mr Football drive!
  5. Thank you @Voice of Reasonfor this! We all know our favorite QBs, but don't really know all the rest. Really great group here! One good tidbit of info for BG's Deuce Bailey; he has attempted 330 passes this season and BG has run the ball 344 times this season. That's pretty balanced. Just some perspective on the broader scan of the stats.
  6. If Bowling Green plays with the same level of effort they did at St X, it won't be much of a game. But IMO, BG used that game to refocus (they had to use it for something) and they have been much more effective since that game. You can say the level of competition helped that and you wouldn't be totally wrong, but BG has circled the wagons after the X game and it's showed in 4 straight weeks since that time defeating those 4 teams 168-27. The Purples are the clear Underdog here. Have been all season long. Go out and play your best game and the rest will take care of itself. BG 13 FD 10
  7. I was going to start by saying I can't believe this, but thinking more about it; it's just a simple mistake that cost this case and these families 5 years to get to this point. The link below is to a WDRB report about why it's taken 5 years to get this arrest: 'Clerical error' may have delayed Richard Allen's arrest for Delphi murders for years | Crime Reports | wdrb.com This is the most important part IMO: "According to a source for FOX 59, as well as The Murder Sheet Podcast, that 2017 interview with Allen was overlooked due to a "clerical error." Those sources say a civilian FBI employee either mislabeled or misfiled tip information in the system, meaning it didn't show up in the correct location during a data search. It was later discovered after the case stalled and police went back to the very beginning of the investigation. That's when they followed up and took a closer look at Allen. WOW!
  8. Jumper, Thanks for sending that information. That's really fascinating stuff and the way this is written seems to be molded from being given in court many, many times. RP, you are exactly right on #5. A lawyer can discount striations on a shell casing as speculative based on the opinion of the lab analyst, but he can't discount his defendant admitting to being at the scene that day and having the same clothes as the guy in the girls video. I'm an archery coach at Manual High School and our archery tournament director is taking his daughter (an archer at Manual) this month to South Dakota State and Omaha for school visits, as they are reportedly the top Ballistic Science institutions in the country, as that is what she wants to do for a living. Thought you guys might find that interesting too.
  9. Delphi 2017 teen murders: Arrest documents unsealed, revealing new information (msn.com) Above is a very interesting article that WLKY out of Louisville forwarded from the Associated Press. Most interesting were the new details attaching the suspect - Richard Allen - to the murder scene and the victims. Quickly: 1. They report finding an unspent bullet at the scene upon finding the deceased between them. 2. They ran a laboratory report on this bullet. 3. They inspected Allen's home in October 2022 and found a .40 caliber pistol at his home. Both Allen and his wife said only Allen has ever fired this weapon. 4. The lab report made a determination that the unspent bullet "had been cycled through Allen's weapon". 5. Allen admitted to being on the trail the day the murders happened, but denies anything about them. But the clothes he told police he was wearing match the clothes on the man seen in the video on one of the girls phones. 6. They reported that one of the girls can be heard saying "gun" in the videos they recorded that day. 7. Allen's defense attorney has requested to move the trial outside of Carroll County. This is fascinating information and seems to tie Mr. Allen down pretty well to me. But we will see how it goes from here. I would LOVE to know more about #4 and how they did this analysis.
  10. This is a link to this game from the Bowling Green Daily News: Dragons erupt in second quarter, race past Trojans for 88-43 win | Prep Sports | bgdailynews.com Dragons Loaded this year!
  11. Isn't there a decent chance these teams could meet in the King of the Bluegrass Tournament about 15 days from now? Could be the early answers needed for right now.
  12. No better source anywhere for Oldham County sports than @ColonelMike and Pegasus Sports!!! Good luck this season to all your teams!
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