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  1. I think so Tank! I'm hoping BG can keep it under a running clock. But more importantly not take a ton of injuries home! GREAT challenge next Friday. Not many want that challenge.
  2. Prep, They are competitive except at the top of 5A. Many in that boat! Greenwood has some good players and I think they are well coached, but in the fistic with BG and South Warren - that is tough sledding!
  3. The Purples come out with a vengeance on Senior Night! Everything clicked in the first half when all the points were scored. Greenwood turned it over several times. BG offense led by Javey Bunton, Cooner Cooper, and Jordan Dingle and a stout OLine. BG defense frustrate the Gators all night. BG now prepares for a very difficult matchup at Kentucky's #1 ranked team Trinity. Great job tonight Purples!
  4. Not tonight; BG locked in tonight! Good for the. Seniors on Senior Night!
  5. Another Gator turnover another BG TD. Nice pass Cooper to Dingle. 43-0 close to halftime.
  6. Greenwood fumbles near midfield after a nice pass catch. BG takes over and throws a couple to Dingle and Bunton runs and Cooper runs it in. BG goes for 2 and gets it with Bunton to start running clock with 2:30 to go in the 2nd Quarter
  7. Greenwood with good drive to the BG 20 but turnover on downs. Then Javey Bunton takes it 60 yards to the House! 28-0 BG. 2nd Quarter.
  8. I think that's what they said on the radio V! Killing Greenwood 21-0 still in the first quarter.
  9. BG up 7-0 on Senior Night! Davis Fant with a Pick 6 for the Purples! All injured Purples are back except Dez Wilson.
  10. I guess this sets the precedent that Winter and/or Spring sports will not be allowed to begin either (beyond practicing) until Jefferson County is below red. There is always hope for a vaccine, but that seems to be murky waters as well.
  11. Now can we get BG back on the O schedule too! Sorry to threadjack, but miss that game (and now the JV and Frosh game too)! I know scheduling is tough now, but there's a reason Owensboro and BG have played so many games. It's because they are great competition for one another and close in proximity and size. Need to make that happen.
  12. As I've been told, Old Hickory is where more locals go. Moonlight is more famous, as people like President Clinton and other dignitaries have dined there before. It is a good place to go. But being about 1 mile from Rash Stadium is a big benefit for me coming from Louisville when time could be an issue. And there's a reason more locals go there IMO. Am thankful for the X-BG series, gotta keep that going! Would like to see them extend it into JV and Frosh ball too, but understand travel issues, although both send their teams a decent distance to get games.
  13. Rash Stadium is a great place to watch a game! If BG doesn't have an interesting game, I may come too! With my standard visit to Old Hickory Barbeque beforehand, of course!!!
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