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  1. Agree with all above. Great opportunity to finish the District strong for the Panthers, as they will see Crittenden again, but that time likely in Russellville. Then a pretty easy game to finish the regular season vs Monroe County leads to the playoffs.
  2. I have a strong passion for high school football. The lack of it being a business and the last line of that really makes me appreciate the game aspect of it so much. To see parents and fans volunteer to do concession, take tickets, run the chains, etc. is just fundamental for me loving that local feel for the sport and how it effects the local community. Love High School Football! But I would say overall I like to watch college football more for the athleticism and atmosphere's those big time games generate. I'll watch pretty much any relatively close game, but I am a fan of the SEC.
  3. The Courier Journal did a great article on the Butler team this year. Sorry I couldn't find the link. But they spoke about kids from roughly 7 different countries that were on this team and they have bonded through soccer. It was really cool. I'll be pulling for you Butler!
  4. Great report @The Double Deuce! I didn't get to make this game but am glad to have a real report of what went on! Congrats to North, as they are clearly a very fine team. And congrats to my Crimsons who just kept battling! I'm sure they are disappointed, but sounds like they left it all on the field. And that's all you can do! Great season!
  5. I didn't realize this was such a big rivalry. Good to know! Apollo has an awesome stadium - new turf and all! I'm inclined to pick DC big, as I've seen them in the pre-season and they looked great. But Apollo's effort this season has been pretty impressive. Great job Coach Edge and Company! I would typically pick something along the lines of DC 42 Apollo 21 But I could see it being more like DC 35 Apollo 28 Just think its going to be really hard for Apollo to stop DC late in the game.
  6. LTR, it is PRPs home playoff game in a relative sense. They aren't going to host Round 1 so better be getting while the gettin is good! And St X is an easy target for a 10 spot! And a running clock.... Laughing!
  7. I don't know why more teams don't do this. I see teams all the time try to pooch kick and all this business of scheming on kickoffs or just blatantly kicking it and not being able to cover the kick. JUST Kick it out of bounds. Play at the 35 and let your defense handle it from there. Especially if your opponent has a dangerous return man or two.
  8. This was a great game! X came out really pushing the ball up on Manual. They got a couple corner kicks produced from that and on about the 2nd or 3rd corner, a Matthew Azzara #10 for X had a great ball into the box that Kendrick Flaherty got a head on and put it by the Manual keeper. It would go to the half with X up 1-0. Another important point was the wind was very strong and blew from the X goal (in the first half) towards the Manual goal. So the Manual goalie could only kick it near midfield due to the wind. That reversed in the second half. Manual came out inspired an
  9. Thanks @FrankNicodemus for all this! Great information! Great season by Highlands. Hoping my Purples could pull the upset tomorrow night. Would be tough IMO. Question for you and @The Double Deuce: how are the region #s paired up on the bracket? By a blind draw or other? Thank you!
  10. Yes, Greenwood is a Warren County team. No problem. Warren County teams include: Bowling Green, South Warren, Greenwood, Warren Central and Warren East. As @TheBarbersaid, GW opened in 1990 and he is correct, this game will get ugly quick as GW will not be able to move the ball, producing short fields for South's offense. Welcome to BGP The Barber!
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