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  1. Kinda lime green. It was an ugly car. A hail damaged, ugly car.
  2. Chairs on the Titanic. I think we’re not getting anything from college football this year.
  3. 22 for me. I’m guessing Broadcast News is the one I’ve seen that many have.
  4. Albert Brooks movie. It’s pretty good actually. But I’m a big Albert Brooks fan.
  5. I will definitely be watching it. Been a huge fan since it came out. I was fortunate enough to see the traveling company live in January. It’ll be fun to see the original cast.
  6. I guess that’d be better than nothing but it’ll be little more than going through the motions for Mayfield.
  7. We’ve honestly had a not bad run so far this year in terms of heat - at least I feel it’s been serviceable. A shame to get a heat wave but we’re due.
  8. I've never had a bad steak at Texas Road House. It's very seldom I have one at Longhorn - best we can do from chains here in Bowling Green currently.
  9. I'll admit that rare even causes me to waver a bit, but I've probably had some before that tended towards that. Medium Rare is what I order, and it is the appropriate order.
  10. Both my parents and my in-laws do well done. My father-in-law, who is a grillmaster, always talks about not liking steak. I've told him on more than one occasion it's because he's never had steak. He's had something that used to be steak.
  11. Donuts, French Toast, Bacon. I'd gain tons of weight no longer having cereal, but I won't live without those others.
  12. Ventura Highway - America Songs in that vibe. Lots of 70s songs are great for driving IMO.
  13. That’ll be Notre Dame’s first trip to Rupp since 2003, and the first matchup in the series since the final win of the near-undefeated 2015 season.
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