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  1. They have awakened in Bowling Green. I thought we might have dodged it but the air is abuzz this morning.
  2. I mean…. Maybe in a generation or two? It’s an era where people move around a lot - a very, very bad time to be bad at a sport or sports. IMO it’s not going to change any time soon and probably never what they were again.
  3. It very well could be, but Bowling Green did lose quite a bit from last year. They had two contributing juniors and then basically every other contributor was a senior. Their incoming freshman class is very talented.
  4. I think the “it works for other divisions” argument was more when the FBS kept throwing up their hands and insisting they couldn’t do a playoff because of academics and the calendar, insisting that the schedule disruption would just be impossible to overcome. It was just so clearly a lie given that other collegiate divisions were doing exactly that.
  5. Bowling Green boys had themselves a heck of a year. Football, basketball, and baseball titles.
  6. Honestly you really need to choose a national title game, because nothing before that is given. While I think Kentucky would’ve beaten Duke in 2015, there’s no guarantee of that at all. After all, Duke beat the team that beat UK. 1992 would be even less given. Personally, I’d choose 2014 as you did. I wouldn’t choose 1997 because who can say for certain what happens in 1998. Three straight titles would have been huge pressure. A 2014 title would have eradicated the undefeated run in 2015, but I’d have settled for two titles in three years. And it would have been nice to not have to
  7. Warren County (Greenwood, South Warren, Warren Central, Warren East) is officially OUT on 5th year seniors.
  8. I've usually listed the price of implementation as my leading step towards why I am not for the shot clock - coming from a school that has at times struggled to even have their scoreboard operate correctly I'm sensitive to that. But I think the low-tech argument remains people running the shot clock. I just have so little faith in their ability to do this correctly when they can barely start and stop the gameclock properly. And that's not even touching on the officials, adding one more thing for them to keep track of. Couldn't we get them to fix their terrible charge/block calling first?
  9. If that’s true, I appreciate the calling he’s pursuing but I can’t say I endorse the position he put Barren County in. And IMO it closes a door on that career entirely. I don’t see how someone could hire him as a head coach now.
  10. Aaron Mudd @NewsByAaron At tonight's @BGISD board meeting, the board unanimously voted to decline participation in the new Supplemental School Year program, the so-called "do-over school year" law. 23 students applied to retake a year of school. None were K-6 students. Bowling Green Independent voted against allowing. BG multi-sport athlete (and state champ QB) Conner Cooper appeared to be desiring to take advantage of the rule - he had changed his Twitter description to include "22’ Prospect" and he retweeted a negative impression of Bowling Green's decision.
  11. I just watched the highlights on YouTube - not just a great performance by Miley but a great game all around as his Cleveland counterpart pitched well for eight innings. Felt like there was even more drama than normal for a no hitter.
  12. I wish I could say I was surprised. They pushed that stuff through two years ago with no notice at all and yet this they have to wait two years this time around for no good reason.
  13. Now, remember the freaking lesson KHSAA. Everyone hated it in 2006 when you did it the first time, they hated it in 2019 when you did it again. STOP IT.
  14. All of it sounds horrible to me, but that's been pretty much how I felt about it since the jump. As time has gone on and it sounds more and more like the true academic benefits of this are being picked off - ie you can't leverage this to help with advanced courses to benefit you in college - then it becomes all about the athletic side which was not the stated purpose of this in the first place.
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