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  1. Bowling Green is going to win by as many as they want. They’ve won ten in a row over the Colonels, and 17 of 18. Most haven’t been close. It’s crazy to think that as solid as Christian County has been, if not for the most unlikely two minutes in 2010, Bowling Green would have won 18 in a row over them.
  2. It’s 28 for full time members, and add Army for an additional that spent time playing football. Sourced from the conference Wikipedia page. Southern Miss is the only original member left.
  3. Despite the mess at FSU - which he had a hand in - there was nothing he could do at A&M that he couldn't do at FSU (and in fact, did). Didn't stop him from going. LSU has three titles in this century - it's been near a century (82 years) since A&M's last.
  4. Very much so, given they once went 14 straight years finishing in the top 5 at the end of each year.
  5. I think we've seen the end of the competitive portion of this game.
  6. The worst thing was UK not getting an easy turnover but almost as bad is that instead of 3rd and 13, Georgia actually GAINED eight yards on the fumble. You gotta do those things right when trying to pull an upset.
  7. Kentucky should have recovered that fumble. Who cares if you think it’s incomplete - pick up the ball!!
  8. That was a knuckleball kick there at the end. I thought for sure he’d missed. I won’t often root for A&M under Jimbo, but this was one I did.
  9. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is that Sam Howell is 0-2 against FSU after him decommitting at the 11th hour and absolutely screwing them in that recruiting cycle. It’s basically the best thing about the last two years. As bad as things have felt at times, sadly, FSU could have been 5-1 right now realistically. So that’s both frustrating and good.
  10. 0-4, remain in dead last. CMC missing the week hurt, Mike Williams doing.... whatever that was hurt. Last winless team, lowest in points = I don't think this is the year lol
  11. People keep trying to say that - I don’t know why it is so hard to accept that they’re pretty even as programs and there’s going to remain a back and forth pull between them. Bowling Green has an extremely talented freshman class coming up, and prior to last night had won three of four against South, which included two straight postseason wins. In 2018 everyone declared South Warren the winner moving forward because of that dominant team and that 3 of 4 stretch I just mentioned was what followed. Let’s see if South strings together some years of wins over the Purples in dominant fash
  12. Never. They’ve only been within 18 points twice, and none since 2004. While I agree this is a relatively better shot than they’ve had for a bit, I remain skeptical. It will definitely always be a “I’ll have to see it first” deal with that.
  13. Flips the script - that’s the old school Purple way.
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