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  1. -Widen the lane? Nah. We're already seeing a lower emphasis on big men and increased three pointers in the game. Why take that even further? -Change the fouls to eliminate the 1 and 1? I could get on board with that, though I think that makes it much more difficult in comeback mode when you don't have the potential for a missed front end to eliminate their scoring chance. -Laptops and such - yeah, why not? -Six foul rule - That seems needlessly complicated. I don't see anything wrong with the five fouls as is. And if they do think something is wrong with it, just go to six. -Held ball to the defense? Big no. They do that, they better get religious about calling fouls when players go for that, because that creates a huge change in risk/reward metrics. -Timeout limitations - Sure? I do hate seeing so many timeouts called ad nauseum during the end, but I also would hate to see a situation where a team can't call a timeout to retain possession just because they happened to already have called two in the endgame. -Replay for potential shot-clock violations - I thought this was already a thing in the last two minutes. I personally don't know that I want any more expansion of replay at this point, because they frankly suck at it. -Eliminate the ten second backcourt rule - NO. Even though I don't normally see teams fail to advance across halfcourt, I'm not a fan of this, especially for what it does to endgame situations. Give the defense a chance to win the ball by forcing that turnover in the backcourt, and if they don't, don't give the possessing team 94 feet to work with in playing keepaway. -Permit use of instant replay on all basket interference/goaltending - Again, I just see that as something that will slow down the game and they really stink at replay as is. Pass. -Permit declining free throws - No way! Again, why make it so hard for a team to try to come back? -Eliminate offensive goaltending after ball hits ring or flange - Does that mean the defense could still be called for it? This is another one that I think I prefer as is. -Adjust the traveling rule.... - Does that mean they're acknowledging those things as currently illegal that they just choose to ignore? My father is very fond of saying something to the effect "when I was growing up, that was just a walk". I honestly don't care about this one because it really feels pointless anyway. -Eliminate the five second closely guarded rule - Again, when was the last time you even remember it being called in the first place? Putting that aside, do they really just love the idea of these guys dribbling out there forever to bleed the clock with no fear of losing possession? All in all, a lot of idea ranging from bad to terrible.
  2. Come on, surely you must acknowledge that this is a different situation than normal. You’re correct, you have to earn your spot, but it is a blow for something unprecedented like this to potentially deny a player a role they typically would have earned with the absence of an individual who would always have had their eligibility expire.
  3. To be honest, if you haven't heard of the University of Kentucky, I think that says more about the person. How many states don't have a university named for the state (be it University of {State} or {State} University)? Louisiana is one of the few I know of, and that's despite UL Lafayette desperately trying to co-opt it.
  4. I think about that every year. The worst part of that particular one was the cutaways to show Jennifer Hudson singing. No offense to her, but she is not what we want to see in One Shining Moment. That’s before even touching on the perfection of Luther’s version.
  5. It’s a big pet peeve of mine when a coach acts like he and his team are above calling timeouts to stop a run. I texted a buddy that Few needed to call timeout when it was 7-0 all of 1:48 into the game. But he gambled that they’d pull out of it on their own and instead they drowned. It was 11-1 when the media break came, and 16-4 when he finally called a timeout of his own. Compare that with Drew who called it to stop a 10-3 run when it went from 19 down to 12 in just under 3 minutes. He knew you don’t mess around with momentum. They went on a 7-2 burst immediately after. Gonzaga never got closer than the 7 points they trailed by 1:48 into the game. And they only touched being down 7 once more after, when they hit a three to make it 11-4.
  6. Nice! I was ranked 17,000th or so and in the 99.9 percentile before this one. Alas, I had Gonzaga winning.
  7. Per the official KHSAA stats it was 12:38. They trailed McCracken County for nine seconds in the third quarter. They trailed Elizabethtown for 21 seconds in the first quarter (the opening basket). The other 12:08 came against Ashland. All but 32 seconds of that against Ashland came in the long stretch they led in the first and second quarters. So worth noting that in total, Highlands trailed for 41 seconds in the second half. They also never trailed by more than the six points Ashland had them down at one point. McCracken led by only 1 and Elizabethtown by only 2.
  8. Also, it’s a real shame that game couldn’t have been in front of a fully packed arena. Good that it had some of it, but wow, how crazy would that arena have been if it were full?!
  9. The best game I’ve watched since the GOAT that was played in 1992, this game was incredible. I think the shine comes off it a bit if Baylor wins on Monday, but if Gonzaga completes the perfect season, we will see that shot for the rest of time.
  10. Great teams take care of the ball. Too many turnovers in this tournament from the Bruins.
  11. Elizabethtown crushing it on points in the paint and points off turnovers.
  12. With respect to Highlands and Ashland, I believe the winner of this game will be your state champion.
  13. That’s what Ashland can do when they get hot outside. Best game by them in a little bit.
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