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  1. The line definitely stepping up in this half. They’re just grinding these runs, and the chunks are starting to come.
  2. Wasn’t necessary. That was a big drive for Kentucky.
  3. Am I wrong to be underwhelmed by this supposedly dominant offensive line for Kentucky? This is the first time I’ve really gotten to watch them, and doesn’t seem like they’re opening holes.
  4. Guys, I think they should just score off an interception every drive. Why hasn’t anyone else ever tried this?!?
  5. Encouraged by Central’s fight even though they’re overmatched.
  6. Passed away from throat cancer. I'm watching the Braves/Marlins right now, they sent it to a commercial with Right Now. Could be coincidence, but wondered if that was a tiny tribute. https://www.tmz.com/2020/10/06/eddie-van-halen-dead-dies-cancer-65/
  7. It is very much correct. They jumped out to a 34-14 lead in the third, Madisonville rallied to take a 35-34 lead, and the Storm scored with less than 2 minutes left to win the game. 4A District 1 is upside down.
  8. For a team that has lost this many games, I hesitate to ever say "good shot". I feel confident that they have no shot at Franklin-Simpson or Russellville. It's tough for me to say about Hart County, Monroe County, or Trigg County. I don't think any of the three are particularly good, but I don't know if they're awful either. Assuming they get played, they're all at home, which may help. I'm hoping Hart's competitiveness with Glasgow is a bit of a mirage, but on the surface, they're the least likely of the three for me. Still hoping against hope though. If they don't beat Hart County, the losing streak will reach 50. Central has some decent talent at certain spots, and numbers are at least improving. So there is a day somewhere in the future - how distant, who knows - where Central I believe can get back to at least winning some games. Central's focus should continue to be on their middle school feeder, and working to build it. They have won some games at that level. Then the next focus has to be on actually getting those kids to the high school, and retaining them when they're there. They have young talent many years. But a good portion of that talent never makes it to their senior year. Just glance at the rosters of the teams in the area, and you'll find them. A starting RB at East, a former QB at South, linemen at Bowling Green, etc. That's not a statement about those schools either doing something untoward, it's a statement about how hard it is to rebuild in an AAU culture where players/families just bolt when things are difficult. Central experienced a downturn years and years ago after Greenwood was built, but re-established. I'm afraid I just don't see that happening this time around. Some of their issues remain internal. I still think they are not being aggressive enough in their scheduling. COVID did them a favor in knocking Bowling Green and South Warren off their schedule this year. As much as I miss that Bowling Green rivalry, that's been dead and gone in reality for a while. They showed fight in the game as recently as 2015, but it hasn't been truly, truly competitive since 2012. And South, they did a favor every time they played them, just giving them more ammunition to use against them. Ammunition that South did not deign to give them in the years when Central would have obliterated them. So a sure sign that they're learning would be those two staying off the schedule. Frankly, I think Central needs to drop from district play and go out and find 10 competitive games. They have got to WIN by any means necessary. The kids may not love no postseason hope, but they realistically don't have that now, either. Get a couple of years of .500 ball under their feet, build confidence and keep kids that allow them to build, and treat this like the literal war for their program that this is.
  9. Wilson’s turnovers have been devastating.
  10. Is it a rule that three sideline warnings gets the HC ejected? I’d never seen that before.
  11. South was missing Veltkamp for that game last year. With him healthy, I doubt it is close.
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