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    Stop pretending bad faith is good faith for the purposes of "politeness" or "dialogue."


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    Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? "All human nature vigorously resists grace because grace changes us and the change is painful." ~ Flannery O'Connor


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  1. 🏆🏆 Green County's Mikka Thompson and Katlyn Milby noamed to the All-Tournament Team. Congratulations Dragons!
  2. 🥎 Final from UK's John Cropp Stadium per the KHSAA Scoreboard. The No. 3 ranked Bearettes (33-4) advance to tomorrow's State Championship game to play No. 9 ranked Daviess County. 5th Region Champion, No. 20 ranked Green County closes out a great season with a 32-12 record. BT 10-10-1 GC 2-9-2 WP - Maria Peguero (14-1)
  3. 🏆🏆 Lewis County's Kayla Sullivan and Emily Cole named to the All-Tournament Team. Congratulations!
  4. 🥎 Final from UK's John Cropp Stadium per the KHSAA Scoreboard. The No. 9 ranked Lady Panthers (34-7) advance to tomorrow's State Championship game to face No. 3 ranked Butler. 16th Region Champion Lewis County closes out with a record of 25-10. DC 6-6-2 LC 2-5-4 WP - Raylee Roby (17-3)
  5. Perfect night for baseball in Lexington! Wondering which direction the 13 mph wind is blowing and which team that helps most.
  6. ✓ You're not wrong, and the side effects lasting longer than four hours is ok by me. I noticed the Thread Titles really stand out now too. Looks like everything is easier to read on mobile devices, clean and crisp. ✓ Really like that there's now a "bookmark" for me at Unread replies ---- when I open a thread.
  7. 🏆🏆 Lyon County's Austin Long and Jackson Shoulders named to the All-Tournament Team.
  8. ⚾ Final from Lexington Legends Field per the update thread ~ thanks @Tigerpride94!
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