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  1. Nice result for the Royals a week after the end of football season.
  2. Pretty much expected. Only one real test in the playoffs for CAL. Congrats to both squads on their fine seasons.
  3. Somebody who shall remain nameless said this would be a nailbiter. Looks like the big guy was right.
  4. I would say great minds think alike. But yikes.
  5. Defending champion GRC cruises behind Sam Parrish (26) and Jerone Morton (17).
  6. I don’t know much about Ryle. Harrison is probably the class of a relatively weak 38th District, and lurks around the 3-6 spot in the 10th.
  7. Precisely. Big schools can often reload with the benefit of numbers. I would characterize the recent success of Robertson (much like that of Augusta a few years back) as “generational” for a very small school.
  8. I watched a lot of elite NAIA basketball when my avatar was at Georgetown. It has long been my contention that one of the main differences between elite NAIA and top-notch D-1 players is about four inches.
  9. Gonna be a long season for the Devils on the heels of unprecedented success (particularly the season before last) with the best player in team history.
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