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  1. At age 84. Think “Tampa 2 defense”.
  2. Good call. You buying any lottery tickets tonight?
  3. Makes just a little more sense than Stanford in the ACC Some really long road trips ahead.
  4. You win games by scoring runs. The guy scored more runs than anyone else. Largely due to earning more unintentional walks than anyone else Bonds walked more, but a boatload of those were intentional Like I said earlier, I can make a pretty strong case for Rickey Maddux would be my pitcher
  5. I’m hearing that Mason County’s Jake Feldhaus is at Madison Central.
  6. Great night for ol’ pap. Reds win, Yankees lose. Added bonus is that the Orioles go a game up on the pinstripers.
  7. The closest active player is well over a thousand steals behind.
  8. I could make a pretty strong case for Rickey Henderson. Greatest leadoff hitter of all time.
  9. It seems to be the case of all or nothing for the Redlegs these days.
  10. Regarding the last sentence. Are you listening, JJ?
  11. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable showering with my son. Probably just me.
  12. UK had so much talent that two lottery picks didn’t start. And their coach still couldn’t win anything.
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