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  1. This happens more often than you would think. They used to say that Mason County held 6,500; but the 5,400 I think is accurate. The daughter of the guy that built the place was a supervisee of mine for years and was in a position to know, so I'm comfortable with the number. I've seen where the Montgomery County gym is supposed to be able to hold 7,000 (Wikipedia); but it's smaller than the Fieldhouse. Something along the lines of 4,500 is more realistic.
  2. You sit with Parker and this is a representative sample of the intellectual level of discourse that you’re in for. The voice of experience speaks.
  3. Montgomery County’s (relatively) new gym is nice. I haven’t been yet, but Clark County is on the list. A pair of nice smaller gyms in the 10th are at Bracken County and Robertson County. There is a downside to The Igloo, however, that might give you second thoughts about making the trip. There’s a strong likelihood that Parker will be in attendance. Fair warning.
  4. And as the ultimate demonstration of my generosity, that even includes Can’tcoach, Mustang, Runcible Owl and the Parker brat. Any other BGPers probably rate a pop as well.
  5. Any BGPer that’s in the house with me and lets me know gets a free popcorn. That is a standing offer any time.
  6. I didn't see the play, so I will reserve comment on that particular play. But as to the bolded, absolutely. Errors of omission are just as egregious as errors of commission.
  7. Hideki Matsuyama holds on to win by a shot at -10, becoming the first Japanese-born male to win a major. Rising star Will Zalatoris second at -9; Speith and Schauffle (who tripled the 16th) tie for third at -7.
  8. I well remember the days of Bobby Curtis at X. Never saw a better high school distance runner up close.
  9. Hideki went off today, shooting 65 and taking a four shot lead. Rose kept getting out of jail and was lucky to shoot even par. Jordan spun his wheels and Justin blew up to a 75.
  10. I heard something to the effect that Tiger doesn’t remember the accident, and thought he was in Florida and not California when he came to.
  11. Several big names didn’t make the cut. Notably Dustin Johnson, Sergio, Matt Kuchar, Brooks Koepka and Rory McIlroy. Lots of the usual suspects on the first page of the leaderboard including Jordan Speith and Justin Thomas. DeChambeau rebounded nicely and is T-17 at one under and six off the lead of Justin Rose, who stalled a bit and had to rally for a round of 72. Phil made the +3 cut on the number. One of the more interesting stories is Will Zalatoris. One shot off the lead. Another is what could be the resumption of the friendly rivalry between Thomas and Speith. Thomas has very much had the upper hand for the past few years, but that could be changing.
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