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  1. As a long-suffering fan (last WS championship 40 years ago, last Division title in 2014, 100 losses two years ago), this season has been a pleasant surprise. Here were the AL East over/under predictions going into the season: Yankees 93.5 Blue Jays 91.5 Rays 88.5 Red Sox 78.5 Orioles 76.5 With last night’s win, the Birds have now won 100 games and clinched the division as well as AL home-field advantage. They’re a year or two ahead of schedule, and have what is widely regarded as the best farm system in baseball. Anything else is icing on the cake.
  2. My boyhood idol. Along with Johnny U, the embodiment of sports in Baltimore when I was growing up. “In New York, they named a candy bar after Reggie Jackson. I’m Baltimore, they named their children after Brooks Robinson”.
  3. Riveting to the last second. I was on the edge of my recliner.
  4. I’m happy when Notre Dame loses. Even if it’s to the Buckeyes.
  5. The answer is to go back to the often inconsistent “forward progress” interpretation and to eliminate allowing pushing the back from behind.
  6. Close game but not a well-played game Steelers almost ALWAYS find a way on MNF.
  7. 9.5% plus a little uptick with the 17th game.
  8. There was some improvement in the second half. I thought they said that in the first half the Ravens had 17 first downs and the Bengals had run 17 plays. Still a lot to be concerned about, especially run defense. Maybe that will improve playing against QBs who aren’t a threat to run.
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