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  1. Son and family live in Idaho. They built snowmen last weekend.
  2. It's a stretch to think that Gruden's conversations fell on completely deaf ears.
  3. No shutout, but this is something like 28 points surrendered all season.
  4. Not a lot of love lost between these two programs.
  5. Either side could have won it a couple of times over. Maybe they’ll stink it up the rest of the way, but I like what I’ve seen so far. Two plays from. being 5-0.
  6. Sting-ring. There’s an image for you.
  7. Chris Taylor with a walk-off 2-run big fly to send the Dodgers on to San Francisco.
  8. Rereading Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch.
  9. AL wild card game is in the books. On a side note, this is always one of my very favorite sports days of the year. The day the Yankees are officially eliminated.
  10. Nothing quite like Friday night lights.
  11. Harrison County, Holmes and Scott.
  12. Some of you are missing the gist of my prior post. I said that Kentucky football is better when HHS is relevant. Not dominant. If any team goes from irrelevant to relevant - particularly a past powerhouse - that elevates the state of pigskin in the Bluegrass.
  13. Great win for the Cats. Defense was stout.
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