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  1. Not surprised at this result at all. Green Bay has been fortunate winning as many games as they have during the regular season as they did. It almost had the feel that they were due for a loss.
  2. Was just thinking that about the #1 teams. When is the last time no one was #1 going into both conference title games? I’m sure it’s had to be a very long time.
  3. Very happy with the win obviously and I figured that they would. Next week’s game will be very hard regardless of who it’s against. It’s amazing that they advanced as far as they have!
  4. I really like the Bengals chances Saturday. Yes, there’s concern at DL and Henry is back for Tennessee. I don’t see Henry getting the carries that he typically has before and I think they have to rely on passing more than some think. I think it’s going to be a close game and that the Bengals leave with a win.
  5. Crazy ending for sure. The Cowboys played ugly too long though.
  6. Just happy that the Bengals finally got their playoff win. I also feel pretty good about their chances playing Tennessee on the road if that happens, which likely is. I’d far rather play the Titans than the Chiefs or Bills on the road.
  7. Happy to see Georgia win, the second half was fun to watch.
  8. At least they are off to a good start in conference play.
  9. It’s a top three, maybe five for me. Either way I’ve really liked it a lot.
  10. Good for him and he should be long gone from them and the rest of the NFL. He had no reason for another chance already IMIO anyway.
  11. Very happy for the Bengals. Joe Burrow is clearly the best quarterback in the AFC North and one of the best in all of the NFL. It’s equally impressive how well he’s played with the sacks and pressure he’s faced all season. With that in mind, Cincinnati MUST do a hell of a better job with protecting him and their needs to focus primarily on after the season is over is OL. Burrow will not be able to do this season to season taking the kind of sacks and pressure that he has. He’s already shown how phenomenal of a quarterback he is and he can do even more so.
  12. Norte Dame blew this one to say in the least. I know it’s only one game under Freeman, does this add any more opinions of what’s to come for the Irish? Outside of the playoff teams, Norte Dame may have been playing its best football prior to bowl games beginning.
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