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  1. The Red Storm will be relevant very soon. Pitino and New York, that will be scary enough just from a recruiting perspective along with whoever else gets recruited. And he coaches amazingly as everyone knows. He’s older obviously but I think he’s got some time left in the tank. The Big East was good already, it just got very good.
  2. I don’t think the Ivy or a similar league belongs. As an example though, and with belonging, TCU made it and got absolutely walloped by Georgia. It isn’t saying that Georgia wasn’t the best team, but could have someone else potentially given them a hell of a run or beat them? Very possible. And this applies as much to TCU and the rest selected. College football and basketball are obviously different from one another, but it makes an interesting case to me.
  3. Absolutely and I think it will continue if not grow further.
  4. How wild is it that the Sweet 16 has 11 conferences representing it? Has this happened before? And with college football obviously being a totally different sport, doesn’t this solidify that the football playoff needs expansion, even more than some may prefer? Definitely interesting to think about. And speaking of the power conferences, the B1G underwhelmed to put it mildly. One team remaining and of course the team/coach that shouldn’t surprise anyone. The ACC has one remaining out of five teams selected. And Miami showed they are the best of the conference against Indiana tonight, even with their ups and downs. The SEC and Big East have represented by far best of all conferences. Just some thoughts, still crazy to think about how many conferences are being represented in the coming Sweet 16!
  5. That’s what makes him so interesting. Don’t know how many seasons they have been on borderline of okay/good but played well in the tournament. Even with no national championship since 2000, Tom Izzo is very good and most coaches can’t do what he has with several of the seasons like they had been.
  6. I agree with you on all points. I also believe your point is valid about many being unrealistic with expectations of UK basketball. Granted, the more Final Fours made and championships won, the more successful. But to flip your point, what does this say about Spartan fans and being more realistic/unrealistic? I’m sure there’s plenty who have wanted him gone, but I believe that the majority is happy with him. I believe it was said during the game that Michigan State has made 15 Sweet Sixteen’s over the past 25 years, which is impressive. I believe they also said that Izzo has second most Sweet Sixteen appearances. Either way, I totally agree that Izzo would make an interesting case study with UK and other programs based on his overall career coaching statistics.
  7. Kind of surprised at this one and not. I felt like Marquette had a solid chance of advancing far, but Izzo can’t ever be counted out. He’s one of the best in the business and showed it again today. Even with Marquette losing, the Big East has done pretty well to this point.
  8. I believe this was a pretty solid statement win for the Huskies. Lots of noise about other teams but UConn saying they are alive and well.
  9. I agree, seemed like Pitt couldn’t do very much against them.
  10. Awesome, happy for them! Haven’t been to Transylvania U for a long time. I always thought they had a very nice campus. I had a friend who played baseball for them back in the late 90’s.
  11. The Cougars were a little rough starting but as the game went on, they looked really good. Between the break and with getting healthier, they may well be the team to beat.
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