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  1. It was obviously a smart decision. Still a bummer though, this tournament had the makings of an amazing one with how wide open it was. Can’t believe this is my first time back on since everything began shortly before the distancing and quarantine things began.
  2. Was glad to see them win convincingly after the last couple games.
  3. The Cards are playing some very bad basketball to say in the least.
  4. Bad loss to say in the least. They were bound to lose at some point the way they have played their last several games.
  5. How Wake Forest was up on them earlier in the game how they were is beyond me, but at least Louisville won the game. Go Cards!
  6. He is very down to earth, hated seeing him leave NKU, but was thrilled for him getting the UC job.
  7. I totally agree, going to be a very fun tournament to watch.
  8. At least they are winning the games they should be. They have had some rocky starts to say in the least lately, but at least finishing strong. Go Cards!
  9. No idea what’s happened with Ohio State based on how they began their season. Biggest puzzle of any college basketball teams IMO.
  10. Green Bay looks like they haven’t played football all season.
  11. NKU has looked good early on, hopefully they continue playing as they have.
  12. Nice win last night, go Cards!!!
  13. After last nights head to head game, it’s very clear that Burrow is better than Lawrence. Burrow has had the type of year that most college quarterbacks will never have and made it look easy, which is just as, if not more scary. I still believe that Lawrence is a really good quarterback, but I was amazed with how many overthrown passes he made last night. Between both teams differences after halftime, LSU could have easily scored more than what they did. With consideration to how many ranked teams that LSU has beaten, how they have beaten them, Burrow, and more, this could be considered one of the all time best college football teams to be fielded.
  14. I think that it will probably be a better game and that the 49ers win again.
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