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  1. I’m a little surprised at this result, not too much. I figured Beechwood would win this pretty easily, which says how good they are because Newport Catholic is a good team.
  2. Seems like Ryle has really improved from earlier in the season, congratulations to the Raiders.
  3. Beechwood is playing in very strong form and seems to have everything going right now.
  4. The game could have finished differently maybe. Dayton had a very long touchdown run called back by a hold with time to go in the 4th quarter. Coach Herbst must have seen something he didn’t agree about with it and got penalized after they came back. Is what it is though. I would like to see another game between them.
  5. After Dayton went up 12-0 early in the third quarter, Ludlow scores 22 unanswered points to end the game. Tough loss for Dayton, congratulations to the Panthers.
  6. After penalty, Coach Herbst has a penalty and backed them up deep. Dayton ends up punting.
  7. Dayton with nearly an 80 yard touchdown run called back by a hold. They can't catch a break right now.
  8. Turnover on downs, Ludlow ball. Looking like it's over. Ludlow ball at the Dayton 36.
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