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  1. Just bought a Traeger last weekend and had it delivered a couple days ago. Starting easy today with a pork tenderloin. Pumped to try it out!
  2. Most likely. Now if there were same way to actually pull the true top 12 teams in the nation, there could be a little more variation, but not much. There is not a three point line, foul trouble, or a singular pro talent that can pull you along like in basketball. Football more than any other sport is about depth and attrition. The big boys have it, most do not. A 9-2 Bowling Green team is not going to reel off three or four straight wins versus upper-echelon P5 schools.
  3. Per a FB post I saw: Dresden, TN. Believe that is where he came from.
  4. With you here. I'm sorry, I don't need to see a 7-5 Buffalo team in the expanded playoffs. This isn't March Madness.
  5. I am pretty well in-line with most of your thinking. I always hate the argument, "well, other divisions have a 16+ team tournament and it works." Well, yeah. Make it 43 teams. Whatever number you set "will work" in that someone is crowned champion, but there is a sweet spot between doing nothing and over-saturation. And for the record, expanding the field means nothing. North Dakota State has won 8 of the past 10 FCS titles. In Division 3, only five schools have won titles the last 23 years (18 by two schools). It's not as if the wealth is spread across these divisions.
  6. Ribs x 1,000. We can now close this thread.
  7. And he wasn’t fully healthy in the bubble. But that was the most challenging title any team has ever captured, ending with a win over an injury-riddled #5 seeded Miami Heat squad. LeBron will tell you all about it. 🙂
  8. I've been on the record multiple times on how I would be reluctant to commit to Davis for any extended period due to his brittleness. As a GM you would have to close your eyes and take the risk. When remotely right, he is more impactful on the defensive end than any other player in the NBA. He irks me at times on offense, but to put it simple, you can't turn away an all pro talent. It's the exact same argument you can make for Embiid.
  9. I am not a fan of CP3, but I can't deny the impact he has had on franchises the last few years. Dude is the epitome of a floor general and has allowed Booker, et al. to flourish. He is "washed" in the sense when you need him most, it seems he comes up gimpy.
  10. Booker has an interesting game. He is not some kind of dead-eye three point shooter, but the casual fan may think that (last night he was on from deep). He has an old school mid-range or get to the rim type game. Still a little weak on the defensive end, but the addition of Ayton has helped that. Also, Booker is an incredibly underrated passer.
  11. As I mentioned earlier, it is pathetic the SEC waits this late in the game to vote on something like this.
  12. I like your thought process, but you are going sliding doors theory on us with 1997. Back-to-back-to-back would have put UK in another category. That said, I would roll the dice with 2015 in hopes they could pull off what no other team has done (i.e. 40-0). No guts, no glory.
  13. Could that be because of staffing? Not sure people understand how hard it is to fill jobs these days.
  14. I know my local department has not done them for over five years. Again, I'm sure there are some exceptions to the rule.
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