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  1. They were throwing this out on Friday on the BS Podcast. If the o/u was set at 7.5 games, what would you take?
  2. Updated standings through Week 7. Philadelphia 2-4-1 Washington 2-5 Dallas 2-5 New York 1-6 This is fascinating.
  3. Yeah I could see if you never caught any of them until well after the fact you would feel that way. I was born in '82 so I was in the middle of it as youngster. I bet I've watched all three of the originals 10+ times. Episode 1 I thought was horrendous, outside of Darth Maul, so I have not kept up with any of the rest. So given that, my only hot take is the C-3P0 should have been dissembled and converted into a Coke can after five minutes on screen. What a pest. Again, probably not a hot take because I assume many feel the same way.
  4. The originals came out in '77, '80, and '83. Episodes 4, 5, and 6, respectively. The next one was released in 1999 (Episode 1).
  5. Had you ever seen the originals (4-6) before watching Episode 1?
  6. I got out on following recruiting because it means less and less each year. Yes, it is awesome to have the 5-Star blue chippers. But the amount of Freshman that come in and have a sizeable impact is small across the board. The late off-season transfers and reclassifying makes it hard to evaluate. I would rather take a gamble on a guy like Sarr than a gamble on a developmental project.
  7. Not saying you are right or wrong, but generally these things even out. If he cost UK 3 titles by switching ball screens, that would put him at 4 in a span of 10 years. Only John Wooden has ever done that. The NCAA tournament is a series of "press your luck" games and the best team wins half the time, I'd say. Point is, it is a lot more complex than that. If something that simple cost UK three titles, there are five times the amount games they won because of something else Calipari did.
  8. Yes, they are expanding to 7 teams. Division winners are slotted 1-4, irrespective of their records. The NFC East team will presumably be the #4 seed and play at home the #5 seed, which I assume will have at least 10 wins. 11 is more realistic, 12 is possible.
  9. I am not a fan of the rule, either. I would be good with the automatic playoff slot being awarded, but if you are a wildcard team with a better record then you host. This unfairly occurs quite frequently. In 2010 the Saints had to travel, as an 11 win team, to 7 win Seattle.
  10. The 2010 Seattle Seahawks won their division at 7-9, tied with the Rams and just ahead of the 6-10 49ers. I can't see three teams from this division reaching 6 wins. And for as bad as the 2010 NFC West was, I never viewed it as incompetent as this disaster going on now. I could see someone getting to 8 wins or so because their divisional opponents are so bad. Let's not forget the Eagles won it at 9-7 last year, so it was a poor division then.
  11. It was a terrible missed call. That said, Dallas was still going to lose that game by 25+.
  12. Updated NFC East Standings Dallas Cowboys 2-4 (should probably be 0-6) Philadelphia Eagles 1-4-1 NY Giants 1-5 Washington Football Team 1-5 If you take away the wins they have had against one another, the NFC East is 1-14-1 against all other foes, if my math is correct. Dallas' fluky win against the Falcons may end up being the difference in the division.
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