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  1. My God Drew Brees was awful. The turnovers gifted the Bucs half of their points. I thought Brady played well despite his numbers not being that flashy.
  2. I think that’s fair. With Sarr, I think people set expectations higher than they should have. The guy has been around 3 years so we had an idea of what he would be. A solid contributor but shouldn’t be relied upon to be a team’s focal point.
  3. I hear you, but what you’re describing is unrealistic. I would also argue the amount of “shooters” drafted is much less than you believe. It’s potential that may or may not morph into good NBA shooters. Look at last year’s draft. Only 2-3 guys I would describe as someone who can fill it up.
  4. Again, this is the type of team “UK guy” has pleaded for, devoid of NBA ready talent; so, you should be happy about this. Only thing missing is five other players on the roster from Kentucky that “care about the name across their chest,” and Travis Ford coaching.
  5. I think fans are hilarious. If we were looking at multiple seasons of distress in a row, then ok. But 40% of a season of sucking - coupled with the pandemic and odd schedule - doesn’t earn you a pink slip. If it did, college basketball would go away.
  6. I believe Green Bay is a bit overrated, but I can't take busted-hand Jarred Goff (who I don't trust healthy) to steal a victory. Give the 6.5
  7. Not exactly a great match-up coming off Tuesday's debacle. Auburn loves to put you in space to defend. Kentucky doesn't need that.
  8. They are uncertain on the snow chances, but it does appear temps will be near or dropping below the freezing mark with some gusty winds. Josh Allen is from Wyoming where the weather is like this nine months out of the year. I am trying not to get too worked up over last week's Ravens' win. Lamar got it going, but Tennessee has one of the worst defenses in the NFL and it was a battle for them to hit 20 points. And like Tampa, Baltimore was the beneficiary of playing bad competition down the stretch which made people believe they were back to last year's level. Buffalo isn't exactly the "Steel Curtain", either, so it will be interesting to watch. I could see a lot of points being scored.
  9. And in fairness to Saban, it wasn't like he was fired, he simply left after two ho-hum NFL seasons to coach Alabama. I will never forget how huge of a jerk he was when the Bama rumors started swirling.
  10. I am intrigued. I have always viewed Urban as one of the greatest college coaches ever and a change agent, so we shall see how this translates.
  11. Again, the food selection is nowhere near comparable. I might be more in-tune with that sort of thing than most, but Costco has an abundance of organic options that Sam's Club does not have. It is challenging to find bulk organic/healthier groceries and Costco provides that.
  12. The Saints dominated both matchups against the Bucs with the ability to apply pressure on Brady. The Bucs have been on a tear of late, but they've also benefited from probably the easiest NFL schedule on their current winning streak. The best team they've beaten on this streak was last week against the 7-9 Washington Football Team or the Minnesota Vikings (a game they should have lost). They always say "it is tough to beat a team three times in a season," though history shows the win % is only 33% for teams who were swept during the regular season.
  13. A few weeks ago it was rumored to be Brees's last season.
  14. Costco times 1,000. Costco offers healthier food options and more perks.
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