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  1. I think we have found the Peter Principle line with Kelly in Oregon where he was somewhat off on his NW American island. It has been a mixed bag of results since his departure. He is an odd duck who has described his best coaching job ever as being at New Hampshire. Most remember Kelly's tenure in Philadelphia, but many forget he coached the 49ers for one season before being terminated.
  2. That picture is awesome on so many levels.
  3. Just rewatched this game for some reason. Harrelson was tremendous. Craft was able to assault guys on the perimeter. We have a ways to go, but thank God they now have the restricted circle which somewhat helps with the charge call… every play 3 or 4 guys go flopping to the ground on drives.
  4. He has a bizarre hitch in his FT shots.
  5. Who on their bingo cards had Onyenso leading UK in minutes at 36?
  6. There was no toying around with the big guys. Bradshaw and Big Z (who maybe put together the worst 30 seconds of basketball ever) looked overmatched, so they enjoyed the rest of the game from the sidelines.
  7. He was exactly what UK needed. The pace seemed a little quick for him at first, but once he got reinserted he excelled.
  8. I get Auburn missed some open looks so it could have been a different game, but this game was actually frustrating on some level because UK showed they can be a competent defensive and rebounding team. Hopefully that continues because that is how you win when it matters.
  9. Steve Wilks was fired as the 49ers defensive coordinator. Dude seems like he can coach and thought he deserved another shot after making the Panthers look like a real NFL team the prior season in an interim role.
  10. The juvenile suspects have officially been arrested. Some cool stories about Andy Reid and an offensive lineman of the Chiefs comforting those in distress. Hopefully everyone else makes it through ok. People consume opinion and deem it media (in the news sense). I can assume this is like any gun incident where people rally to their corners and there are calls to ban this or that, call for more background checks, etc. vs. the other side rallying to say doing X, Y, and Z will not change anything or people's hearts and any barriers to arm ourselves is lunacy. I fall into the camp of numbness. Mass shootings with innocent bystanders, domestic (gun) violence between family members, rural/metropolitan parades, or "crime-ridden inner-city" shootings are a by-product of American gun culture. I have learned to accept there is no solution or one on the horizon and just cross my fingers that I do not one day find myself in the crossfire. Seriously, when I heard there was a shooting during this parade - indiscriminate or not - my reaction was like everyone else on here: "That is sad," but like me, your shock level was at what, a 2 out of 10? It is what we do.
  11. Not a bad investment. I am in the minority, but I thought the halftime show sucked. And I like Usher. The first half of it I could barely hear him.
  12. Thought this was a fitting headline from a USA Today columnist: Kansas City rally was about celebration, then America intervened.
  13. Yep. One of the guys was on the Today Show this morning. Hero.
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