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  1. My friends have done a cemetery tour before and they loved it. I also did a cocktail tour at some of NOLA's most famous establishments. Could have done without that. I always hit up Acme every time for oysters. I dominate them. Antoine's is known as the birthplace of Oysters Rockefeller. Whether you get that or not, the restaurant is good and I enjoy the vibe of the bar. We went down for a friend's 30th birthday a few years back and rented out a room for our group. See if you can get a tour of their wine cellar.
  2. I've been multiple times. Bourbon Street stinks. Literally, it smells. It can be a good time but can also be a pain getting around on the weekend. There are so many people jammed in at spots. I think a trolley ride to the Garden District is cool. Food wise. It's hard to go wrong here. Just off the beaten path a group of us rented a VRBO in October 2019. Around the corner was an amazing place called Willie Mae's. Pretty well known for a neighborhood establishment. https://williemaesnola.com/ Obviously you have your famous dine-in spots I'm sure you will hit (eg. Cafe du Monde). We also went to the WWII museum when we were down. I highly recommend it. It is really cool.
  3. I am in agreement with much of what you posted, but to provide my commentary: For perspective I watch 10 times the amount of NBA to college where the level of play is vastly superior as are the athletes on the court. RE: Lane widening. It can get clunky in the college game. I don't know if the players possess the skill level for it to matter much. RE: Elimination of the 1 and 1. I much prefer how the NBA does it. It is not as much about the 1 and 1 a it is you can be at seven fouls in a matter of minutes. I want something that allows for a reset. Why can the women's game go to quarters but the men's game cannot? I don't get it. RE: Use of technology. Seems like a no-brainer. RE: Six foul rule. Just make it six fouls. Why are we legislating when the fouls can occur for players? It does need to be bumped up from five, imo. Right now the foul limit is equitable with the NBA game. Again, the NBA players are more skilled. Other idea is to keep it at 5, but over 5 the team is awarded 2 FTs and the ball. RE: Held ball to defense. Heck no. Jump the ball up, please! RE: Timeout limits. Again, this is an NBA rule (kind of) where teams can only carry a couple timeouts into the final minutes. They also allow for ball advancement which is a cool twist. I am fine with this. RE: 10 second backcourt. Heck no. The game is slow enough already. RE: Declining FTs. Why? So a team can keep lobbing it up to a 7 footer, get fouled, take it out until the time runs out? RE: Goaltending. I am open to it if it goes for both offense and defense. RE: Walk/travel. I don't understand what they are changing here? RE: Five second closely guarding rule. I already thought that this was all but gone from the game? But yes, eliminate it.
  4. Please note these are still in the proposal stages.
  5. Other fun COVID-19 shot fact. It is not officially a COVID-19 shot unless you post about it on Facebook with a couple of hashtags like #gettheshot or #grateful.
  6. My first shot was gene therapy and population control, today's second shot was the formal microchip implementation. I am about an hour post second shot, and I am faintly starting to hear a voice - presumably Bill Gates - whispering in my ear. I understand it gets louder as the days go on.
  7. Yeah I've never followed the rationale behind wanting to ban it. I suppose the only thing you can equate it to is illegal defense in the NBA. The rule no longer exists, but it does provide for a defensive three seconds now.
  8. Replay is one of the umpire crews in rotation in NYC. So it is kind of how you describe, unless I am missing something about your post.
  9. We went to the Central Coast region (half way between LA and SF) a few years back and I fell in love. I’ve not done Napa, but the friends we were with had and they say Napa, while beautiful, is much more expensive and pretentious than the Central Coast. I’m more of a fan of the wines from this region, too. Nearby is the Hearst Castle which is really cool. HWY 1 goes through here - and San Luis Obispo - so you will have a blast. My only food recommendation is to pull off at Arroyo Grande and go to Frutiland La Casa del Sabor.... Assuming you like Mexican. It’s nationally renowned. Thank me later.
  10. If I had to list five things I associate my college experience with, DMX would be nestled between fraternity and study abroad. Also in the top five are peacoats and tequila shots.
  11. bugatti


    I was actually considering going to a pineapple and lavender farm. With food, I most excited about getting fresh fish.
  12. bugatti


    For activities, so far, I have a helicopter ride booked the goes around the north part of Maui and over to Molokai and tickets reserved for the sunrise on Haleakala. I also plan to do a four mile hike on the Waihe Ridge Trail by myself one morning and book some snorkeling, which I've never done. And obviously the Road to Hana. Couple of nice restaurants reserved and a few others mapped out.
  13. It's so dumb. It sounds great in theory, but people greatly discount how few fans attend some of these games already and it neglects 90% of the top teams reside east of the Mississipi. This was the first Final Four ever to have four teams from west of the Mississipi.
  14. Yep. And honestly, it is a great formula. They have the talent to win it all as evident by their ability to compete with teams early in the season. I give them props for scheduling tough OOC games and being highly competitive. Even if they drop a couple games early, the conference tilt allows them to rise in the polls and get up to a high seed and slotted to play in the West bracket, which traditionally is the easiest of the brackets. A break here and there and you can find yourself in the Final Four with the unpredictability of the tournament. Before Baylor the highest seed they played was #5 seed Creighton, a fringe top 25 team. (Another classic example of why I fundamentally dislike the NCAA tournament.)
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