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  1. If you're all in on a "family movie" that promotes bad parenting, sexual innuendo, and racism, then sure, a Christmas Story is for you. 😄
  2. The person on the left is "A Christmas Story." The person on the right is "Bad Santa."
  3. With you both. If Sharpe is willing to play this season, I say go for it. If he is half as good as advertised, Sharpe could be the difference in UK being really good and UK being a title contender. Spare me the team chemistry crap. It's a gamble worth taking.
  4. So it this movie going to be set in the 70s? Ralphie would be approaching 80 if set today.
  5. Like many on here, I've watched this movie oodles of time (seldom a start-to-finish type movie). It was fun in my youth, but by the time I was a teenager I came to the realization that this movie just sucks. However, this intrigues me from a nostalgia sense and I'm all in on bringing back original cast members to years later sequels (see Cobra Kai).
  6. Can't tell you how bummed out this makes me. Friggin love Meat. I regularly will check his website to see if he is touring, and if so, if it is anywhere in close proximity because I would have been there. I'm guessing Paradise by the Dashboard Light is one of my top 5 most listened to songs of all time.
  7. Was it the Florida game last year he came back and looked like a difference maker? That was probably his apex moment in a UK uniform, I'd say. I think it was a couple weeks ago where I said he just gets lost on the court, as in I couldn't tell you if he played 8 minutes or 38 minutes. Something just hasn't fully clicked with him.
  8. I had a dream the other night the Bengals defeated the Titans. Before you think I am Joseph of Canaan, most of my prognostications are typically off base. I'm torn with this game. I think many Northern Kentucky folks don't realize they aren't the team of choice the further west you head in the Commonwealth... that would be the Tennessee Titans. So they are my "hometown" team, but never really had a liking to them. As a kid I went over, with my aunt, to Mike Brown's house to visit his wife, so I've always held onto that and believe I am part of the organization 🙂 If I were a betting
  9. Jesus. Praying and thinking of you during this difficult time, JD. 🙏
  10. Yes. I've not put much stock into the "cases" narrative for some time. Ideally cases would be a metric to judge those that are ill to the point they need to see a doctor.... so an argument can be made at home tests will alleviate some of that, which is a good thing.
  11. Not just a big factor, it is THE factor of this game. SF is not a blitzing team as they are able to "get home" with their four up front. If that is out the window, then huge advantage Green Bay. On the other side, the 49ers scheme incredibly well and should be able to run the ball on a suspect GB rush defense.
  12. My assumption is Dallas did not rehearse this beyond mimicking the motions with the offense. Teams that lack basic fundamental discipline don’t coach that well.
  13. I think one thing people are missing on the final play re-spotting by the official… Dak started his slide at the 25 yard line. The ball is supposed to be spotted at that point. The Cowboys’ center had the ball ready to snap where Dak ended his slide, near the 23 yard line. The ref was simply trying to appropriately place the ball where it was supposed to be spotted. Of course Dallas is so poorly coached and lacks basic understanding of the rules, they don’t get this and believe the ref is the reason they lost.
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