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  1. The FCS level is needing at least 50% participation for a championship tournament to take place. The Pioneer League and presumably Big Sky conference about ready to opt out, that puts an end to that. This does not prohibit leagues from still playing their own conference slate. I still do not understand how this affects eligibilities.
  2. Science also tells us the best form of birth control is abstinence, but other safe measures are encouraged, though nothing is full proof 🙂 The Rona is nowhere contained worldwide, but we are the Washington Generals of COVID-19 responses, so in comparison I would say it is contained.
  3. I was too. They've done a nice job with the setup. The longer it goes on will be the test. The Pelicans practically eliminated themselves last night.
  4. It would not shock me to see this come to a screeching halt any day now.
  5. Well, it makes sense for this year. On some level I appreciate the fact MLB is able and willing to modify on the fly, on the other hand it is painfully obvious MLB management is an incompetent mess. We are basically one week into this thing and MLB has within the past seven days had a team quarantined, tweaked how the playoffs are set to run, and now determines this seven inning double-header thing.
  6. Maybe? No doubt they have taken a step back, but I think it is more of an organizational issue with their hires. Lou Holtz had the Irish as a top program through his tenure, they hired Bob Davie the latter part of the 90s and the program changed for the worse overnight. George O'Leary has his fiasco and they scramble to hire Ty Willingham and it just never looked right as he was in way over his head. Charlie Weis could draw up offensive plays, but he treated the job as an offensive coordinator job and that was it. Strength and conditioning diminished, as did the level of recruiting. Brian Kelly is competent, but I can't stand the guy. By the early 2000s Notre Dame became the "it would be great to coach there, but it is an unwinnable situation" job because of the expectations. All that said, Notre Dame has still found their way through a series of questionable hires to make some BCS bowls, appear in a national title game, and make the college football playoffs. Aside from those that have brought home the bacon, no other program can lay claim to that (well, maybe Georgia). Them not being in a conference is not why they haven't gotten over the "good to great program" hump, it is deeper than that.
  7. I used to describe myself as Nortre Dame fan. I still root for them, but don't really keep up with them all that much. But it has always cracked me up how much Notre Dame not being in a conference bothers people. The reality is Notre Dame was decades ahead of other teams/conferences in admitting it was all about the money.
  8. We finally got back our refund. Attending what may be the only KY Derby ever in September was cool in theory, but with all the limitations in place it was not worth it.
  9. I will admit having a big tomahawk unveiled on a plate is pretty awesome.
  10. If we are going strictly by the products listed as you see them, from a functionality standpoint I would probably eliminate the A1 sauce. The others are much better suited for mixing with other products for a well rounded pantry. If we are going by taste and enjoyment, goodbye to the Miracle Whip.
  11. The way I understand you get succulent flavors because of bone marrow seeping through. While penetrable, you can't really accomplish that in the 15 minutes or less it takes to prepare a steak. Bones take a while to heat and become permeable which is why the temps are different (i.e. colder) near a bone. Now maybe at a fancy steak house their setup can accomplish that, but their meat quality is vastly superior. My theory is most people overcook steak and near the bone it tastes better simply because it is 10 degrees cooler, which is how it should be prepared.
  12. Trying to compare the quality of meat and cooking capabilities between a Jeff Ruby's and what 95% of regulars go with is the biggest difference here. For your average Joe Ruby with a two-burner gas grill and $10.99/lb ribeye, the bone is not going to make a difference. It scientifically doesn't make sense.
  13. I am lukewarm on this whole thing getting started. Aside from LeBron I am not sure most of these guys have much to play for. Kawhi you can argue can make a statement with three finals MVPs with three squads but who knows what motivates him. His team has checked out and only half of them playing. The Nets are fielding a JV squad. Lou Will is eating dinner at Magic City. With the pending cap reduction there isn't as much motivation for guys chasing the bag.
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