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  1. Scooby Doo Tom & Jerry Looney Tunes
  2. Some of you who've been around here for a while are familiar with @gold sunrise, who was a long-time moderator and avid fan of Kentucky High School Basketball, and in particular her beloved GRC Cardinals. She's been a good friend to many here on this site. As some of you are aware, goldie has not been around much for quite some time due to a battle with ALS. Her health has been on a steady decline for the last few years, to the point that she is now under Hospice Care. She has a caregiver that takes care of her Monday thru Friday, and then her husband and son provide care on Saturday and
  3. Hope it's a great day filled with as much UK blue as possible. Love ya, brother!
  4. I heard someone say that they didn't remove the most offensive part of the team: Cleveland.
  5. If you had to associate a certain food with summer, what would it be? It would either be Grilled Cheeseburgers or Ice Cream for me, but I'd probably give the nod to Ice Cream. What say you?
  6. I don't go to the State Fair, but if I did, this would be the sole reason.
  7. Not a seafood fan at all, but Cobalt is the name all the locals seem to enjoy.
  8. Went to Orange Beach at the end of May/early June. Our fourth time going to that area (Gulf Shores, Perdido Key, Orange Beach). We really enjoy it there.
  9. That was the battle on the Taste Buds podcast today. Which one would you pick? S'mores for me.
  10. Usually just ketchup for me. What do you put on your hot dog from the grill? Or do you just eat it plain?
  11. I had it once and liked it. Agree that it's not as good as the regular.
  12. I get it. Mountain Dew or Mellow Yellow are the only sodas that would come close to quenching my thirst. Only water & unsweet iced tea can do that.
  13. Have you had Dr. Pepper Cream Soda?
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