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  1. Yesterday, Harrison County announced 5 new cases--all under the age of 40. A 38-year-old, 14, 13, 10, & 7. Each of the juveniles are related by recent travel. Kids getting this, especially elementary-aged kids, will be the death knell for football & probably a traditional school day this fall.
  2. I've been to a total of two stores where mask-wearing was enforced, and both times were before the recent thirty-day mandate. Barnes & Noble and Guitar Center, both in Florence. Been to around 4-5 gas stations and none of them enforce it. Kroger in Florence, Meijer in Cold Spring, & a Mom & Pop grocery in Falmouth...none of them enforced it. Smashburger in Highland Heights didn't. Half-Price Books did not, but I was thanked by an employee for wearing one. Having said all of that, I do feel like more people are wearing masks these last few days. Just sharing my experiences.
  3. Even though it does happen in basketball, it doesn't happen very often. At least not around here.
  4. I heard just a tidbit or two about Christ when all this first started. Haven't heard anything since. I do hear a lot about Nursing Homes and that's been scary. I really feel for residents and employees. So much risk.
  5. Seems to me that if you're not comfortable playing non-conference games, then you shouldn't play any games.
  6. Good news. I don't hear much about the local hospitals, so thanks for posting. I wonder how things are in Cincinnati. Or Lexington.
  7. My Beretta had the paint peeling off the top. It was more gray on top than white.
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