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  1. Listened to the first one and I liked it. Thanks for the recommendation. You (and others) might want to check out a new one called "The Piketon Massacre" which focuses on the Rhoden Family murders in 2016. We had a thread on here somewhere and we discussed the case quite a bit. Just one episode so far.
  2. Really good win. Good to see Votto back with the big bomb, and the bullpen was impressive too.
  3. Same. Deuce is the only one I know that seemed to like it.
  4. I'm just a child star, but it seems odd that the doctor is so resistant to her getting tested. I don't see what it could hurt. Regardless, glad she's feeling better.
  5. And that's what matters.
  6. Very possible. It's been a while since I heard that number.
  7. To make a lot of money, you have to provide original content that generates a bunch of views. Something like $5 for every 1,000 video views, and that's on the generous side. That's not from personal experience, but I have heard others discussing it.
  8. Anybody have a guillotine I can borrow? Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm not sure if I have ever eaten it.
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