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  1. Because the SEC consistently dominates the National Championship. The conference has earned getting sucked up to. I don't think it's always been the best conference, but in the last several years, they regularly have the best team. I personally find it comparable to Kentucky High School football. People often debate who the best team in Kentucky is on a yearly basis. Almost always, it's a 6A Louisville school. Championships speak volumes. I'm not a KHSFB expert by any stretch, but I can tell you with confidence that the best Louisville has to offer in 6A will very likely win the whole thing. I totally understand the frustration. But College Football has always had a flawed championship system. Always. While I don't think Florida State is a Top 4 team, it's ridiculous that they go undefeated and are left out. It's happened other times too, including an undefeated Auburn being left out one season.
  2. Did any team in the country take a bigger dump than USC did the second half of the year?
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