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  1. I hate this. Pratt seemed like a really good guy. Did a nice job doing color on the radio broadcasts. A true UK legend.
  2. Tom Brady Joe Montana Peyton Manning Drew Brees Johnny Unitas
  3. I haven't watched a single pitch all season.
  4. They beat us by 34 points in 2018. They beat us again this season. With Sharpe not playing, they'll have two consecutive recruiting classes better than ours. And this upcoming class isn't even comparable. They just pulled an assistant from our bench. I just don't like how the program seems to be trending. I've not given up on Calipari, but I have nowhere near the confidence I have had in him in the past. He's just not securing the talent he once was.
  5. I don't think Lucas sees it as a lateral move. But the headline is that a UK assistant left to take an assistant job at Duke. At the end of the day, I don't think this happens in 2015. But it's happening in 2022 because Duke is beating UK on the floor and in recruiting. We'll have to see if Scheyer can keep things going. With the talent he has next year, he should be able to.
  6. It's perceived as a lateral move. Look at the headlines when you search Jai Lucas. People only see a UK assistant leaving to become a Duke assistant for a guy who's never been a head coach before. It's a bad look for Calipari, who is already losing most of his recruiting battles with Duke.
  7. Sort of what I was thinking. It's more a bad look for Cal than anything.
  8. The Manning hire is excellent. He can give Payne a major program head coach's perspective. Smart hire.
  9. Also, I thought you had your degree, so kudos to you for doing so well. That's awesome!
  10. Spot on. As I said before, a humongous chunk of education spending doesn't go where it should.
  11. I want to give employers freedom, but I am with you here. A degree, to me, means you know the job. It doesn't mean you can do it. And it certainly doesn't mean you can do it well.
  12. Was this Josh Jameison a name that UL fans were expecting or familiar with?
  13. I want to say those are alarming numbers, but "alarming" isn't a strong enough word.
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