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2023/24 Massey Ratings - KY Girls Basketball
Massey's Top 25

1. Sacred Heart (2-0) W #25 S Kenton 69-46, W #4 Pikeville 68-50.
2. GR Clark (1-0) W PL Dunbar 69-22.
3. Cooper (1-0) W at New Cath 68-34.
4. Pikeville (1-1) W at Morgan Co 70-51, L at #1 Sacred Heart 50-68.
5. Ashland (2-1) L at #13 Russell 47-57, W WV #2 G Washington 53-34, W at Knott Cent 60-43.
6. Cov Holy Cross (2-0) W at Brossart 73-29, W #25 S Kenton 75-68.
7. O'boro Cath (2-0) W #31 Bowling Green 64-53, W Muhlenberg Co 88-44.
8. Anderson Co (2-0) W at Great Crossing 43-33, W Grant Co 65-28.
9. Ryle (1-1) W at #15 Notre Dame 51-36, L at #14 Franklin Co 46-66.
10. McCracken Co (2-1) W a Murray 52-23, W Marshall Co 65-34, L at #31 Bowling Green 50-53.
11. N Laurel (3-0) W #19 Pulaski Co 59-43, W at #26 SWestern 75-46, W at Mercer Co 62-44.
12. Franklin-Simpson (1-0) W Glasgow 58-32.
13. Russell (2-0) W #5 Ashland 57-47, W at OH #45 Portsmouth 52-48.
14. Franklin Co (2-0) W at #27 Montgomery Co 67-63, W #9 Ryle 66-46.
15. Notre Dame (0-1) L #9 Ryle.
16. Boyd Co (1-0) W Morgan Co 61-43.
17. Corbin (2-0) W at Whitley Co 70-27, W at Bell Co 84-50.
18. Butler (1-1) L at #22 Manual 56-75, W Oldham Co 79-48.
19. Central (2-0) W at Fern Creek, W at PRP 42-40.
20. Pulaski Co (1-1) L at #11 N Laurel 47-57, W #23 Meade Co 78-56.
21. F Douglass (2-0) W #45 Madison Cent 63-43, W at #33 CAL 65-55.
22. Manual (2-0) W #18 Butler, W Male 64-48.
23. Meade Co (0-2) L #28 Bethlehem 60-79, L at #19 Pulaski Co 56-78.
24. Henderson Co (2-0) W McLean Co 66-29, W at #37 Breckenridge Co 68-53.
25. S Kenton (0-2) L at #6 Cov Holy Cross 68-75, L at #1 Sacred Heart 46-69.
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Statewide Rankings - Week 11
*Another week of a unanimous number 1 in Great Crossing. Given the rest of their schedule, it would be shocking if they didn't maintain this status these last two weeks as well.

*35 teams were rated in at least one poll, same as a week ago.

*Campbell County (Nations Elite 22, KSR 25), University Heights (KYHSZ 24), Spencer County (Nations Elite 25), and Wayne County (KYHSZ 25) joined the rankings, while Butler County, North Hardin, South Laurel, and Walton-Verona all dropped out.

*Our unicorns this week (teams rated by only a single outlet) - Bell County (Martin Media 20), Elizabethtown (Nations Elite 20), Danville Christian (KYHSZ 21), Lloyd Memorial (KSR 23), and the aforementioned University Heights, Spencer County, and Wayne County. Danville Christian, Lloyd Memorial, and Elizabethtown were both unicorns last week, by the same outlets.

*The Sweet 16 draw came out this week, and using these rankings as a barometer, no one is sitting better than Lyon County. The Lyons have an average ranking of 4.66, and in their quadrant of the bracket are Regions 1, 5, and 16. Boyd County is the only team from any of those regions rated in even 5 of the 6 polls, and their average rank is 17.8 in those five polls. There are some juicy first round matchups if the ranks hold, with Region 11 (Great Crossing/Lexington Catholic) facing Region 8 (North Oldham) in a matchup that would produce two top ten teams by average, with Region 9 (Newport/Covington Catholic) vs. Region 10 (George Rogers Clark) and Region 13 (Harlan County) vs. Region 4 (Bowling Green) coming very close to matching that.
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Statewide Girls Basketball Poll (2/14/24)
1. Sacred Heart (16 First Place Votes)

2. Cooper

3. George Rogers Clark

4. Covington Holy Cross

5. Pikeville

6. Owensboro Catholic

7. McCracken County

8. Anderson County

9. Franklin-Simpson

10. Ashland

11. Butler 

12. Franklin County 

13. Notre Dame

14. Ryle 

15. North Laurel 
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2023/24 Massey Ratings - KY Boys Basketball
2️⃣5️⃣ A review of last week's Top 25 ~

Most matchups last week went to chalk, with some intra-District minor upsets in the 42nd accounted for.

🦁 🟣 Game of the week - Last night's 90-89 double overtime win by #6 Lyon County over #10 Bowling Green.

🐎 Frederick Douglass, missing leading scorer Armelo Boone, went 0-3 last week. Toughest of them was a 60-62 overtime loss at #63 Sayre in District play.

😺 Upset of the week - #23 Ashland's 48-59 loss to #83 Fleming County at Flemingsburg. The Tomcats have been on a slow slide down the Top 25 of late. Does their loss to "The Battlin' Biggs'" nudge them out of elite consideration?

⚔️ Farewell Trojans, we hardly knew ye. North Hardin made a surprising, first time appearance at #25. They promptly lost games to Taylor County and Franklin County.

1. Great Crossing (2-0) W #21 H Clay 69-60; W #9 GRC 73-53.

2. Lex Cath (2-0) W Madison Cent 48-36; W PL Dunbar* 78-43.

3. Cov Cath (1-0) W Cov Holy Cross* 78-55.

4. St. Xavier (2-0) W Collins 81-72; W #14 DeSales 81-72 (OT) - runner-up GOTW.

5. N Oldham (2-0) W at Owen Co 68-50 ; W WEB Du Bois 77-48.

6. Lyon Co. (2-0) W at Trigg Co.* 92-36; W #10 Bowling Green 90-89 (2OT) GOTW.

7. Trinity (2-0) W at #31 Ballard 63-59; W Waggener* 78-35.

8. Newport (2-0) W New Cath 73-51; W at Conner 71-50.

9. GRC (2-1) W #19 F Douglass 56-50; W #30 Madison South 72-54; L at #1 Great Crossing 53-73.

19. Bowling Green (2-1) W at Owensboro 73-59; W at #40 Warren Cent* 46-41; L at #6 Lyon Co. 89-90 (2 OT) GOTW.

11. Manual (3-0) W at Fern Creek 80-71; W F Parker* 96-41; W at Shawnee* 86-60.

12. Male (3-0) W at Central 78-71; W at Lou Collegiate* 78-37; W at #27 CAL 64-61.

13. Evangel Christ (2-0) W at #44 S Oldham 85-79; W Christian Co 87-46 at Lyon Co.

14. DeSales (1-1) W at #44 S Oldham 85-79; L at #4 St. Xavier 72-81 (OT) runner-up GOTW.

15. Harlan Co (1-0) W at Harlan* 83-52.

16. Bryan Stn (1-1) W Scott Co* 64-55; L #21 H Clay* 58-63.

17. Oldham Co (2-0) W Gallatin Co 101-74; W #26 Lloyd 63-61.

18. Cooper (1-0) W at New Cath 63-42.

19. F Douglass (0-3) L at #9 GRC; L at Sayre* 60-62; L #20 Woodford Co 57-68.

20. Woodford Co (3-0) W Lafayette 66-44; Wat #19 F Douglass 68-57; W Harrison Co 63-54.

21. H Clay (2-1) L #1 Great Crossing 60-69; W #16 Bryan Stn* 63-58; W Sayre* 67-64 (OT).

22. Henderson Co (2-0) W Webster Co* 41-35; W at Union Co* 71-44.

23. Ashland (2-1) W at Magoffin Co 66-52; L at Fleming Co 48-59 UOTW; W at Menifee Co 85-50.

24. Boyd Co (2-0) W at Russell 93-65; W Perry Cent 88-72.

25. N Hardin (0-2) L at Taylor Co 68-74; L Franklin Co 73-75.
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NKY Girls Basketball Top 10 (2/5/24)
We have reached the point where there are only 3 weeks remaining in the regular season before we get into Districts and Regional Play.  In my humblest of opinion this area has a Big One, then a tier with Two, Then a tier of Two, Then I'd put Highlands slightly above the "rest of The Top 10".  I'm sure, like me, everyone is bummed that #1 Cooper and #2 Holy Cross aren't playing this week, but honestly, if I'm Ted Arlinghaus and I have any shot of pulling the upset at Truist in the 9th (not a great shot, but a shot nonetheless), I'd rather Coach Holthaus and his veteran team not get a dress rehearsal a few weeks early.  Oh well, we'll have to wait for that one and hope it comes to fruition at NKU although a lot can happen along the way (like Ryle coming out of the half of the bracket at NKU that Cooper isn't on).

Last week saw the biggest upset in the NKY Girls Basketball sphere this year with Campbell County beating Notre Dame....shocking.  On the same court that Holy Cross had given Campbell County a 32 point loss 12 days earlier, Notre Dame dropped one.  However, Campbell County still can't jump into the Top 10 because they've lost 4 of their last 5 (with that NDA win the lone exception), including a home loss to Scott (which uses that to vault themselves into the Top 10).  I struggled with Dixie / Grant County again this week for 7th, but defaulted back to Dixie has been playing well and has an early season H2H win vs Grant County on their resume.  I'm not 100% sure that game would go that way again, but I'm also not 100% sure it wouldn't.

Lastly, before we unveil the Top 10, congrats to Simon Kenton on the HUGE win over KY Top 5 Anderson County -- that is super impressive for Coach Stowers and the Lady Neers.  They are in the midst of a brutal part of the schedule, so great to get a win and now get a little bit of a breather this week before back into the frying pan next week with Holy Cross (KY #6) and Sacred Heart, part deux (KY #1).  Here we go....
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Statewide Rankings - Week 9
*All of these comparisons will be to the polls released two weeks ago, since last week's were mostly a wash with fewer rankings and no new games.

*We're up to six polls this week! In addition to Martin Media returning after a week off and Nations Elite after two, I found Big Things Kentucky has released rankings, and so they join the group. Big Things Kentucky only rates the top 20 teams, and the Media Poll only had 20 as well this week, so expect a few more "unicorns".

*We have a consensus at the top! Great Crossing was unanimously #1 by every outlet, and was unanimous by the Media Poll voters (all 16).

*38 teams were rated in at least one poll, up two from two weeks ago, the last time we had as many as four rankings. Six teams were rated this week but not the previous one - Cooper (Media 18, Nations Elite 18, KSR 18, KYHSZ 18), Oldham County (Nations Elite 22, KYHSZ 23), Ashland (Nations Elite 21), South Laurel (Nations Elite 23), Lawrence County (KYHSZ 24), and Elizabethtown (Nations Elite 25). You may notice the overlap there in by and large which outlets added new teams to the mix. Breathitt County, Daviess County, Fleming County, Madison Southern, and Murray all dropped out. Breathitt County had ridden into the ranks following their 14th Region All "A" win, but have dropped four of five since then. Daviess County lost to Owensboro two weeks ago, their only loss since December 9th, but didn't have the body of work to hold on. Fleming County was rewarded with a rank after nocking off DeSales, but drops following a loss to Montgomery County. Madison Southern had been ranked for a while, but have now dropped four of five, and two nights ago lost to 7-11 Jeffersontown. Murray is the oddest one - apparently their loss to Evangel Christian in the All A was enough to knock them out.

*With the increase to six polls, and two of them having only 20 teams ranked, we had a jump to 12 unicorns (teams rated by a single outlet). Those were Corbin (Nations Elite 20), Hazard (Martin Media 20), Ashland (Nations Elite 21), North Hardin (Martin Media 21), Pikeville (KYHSZ 21), Adair County (Martin Media 23), Lloyd Memorial (KSR 23), South Laurel (Nations Elite 23), Bell County (Martin Media 24), Lawrence County (KYHSZ 24), Butler County (KYHSZ 25), and Elizabethtown (Nations Elite 25). Unsurprisingly, the 20 team polls had no unicorns. The Media Poll and Big Things Kentucky each had 16 of their 20 teams rated in every single other ranking.
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NKY Girls Basketball Top 10 (1/29/24)
Well first and foremost, Congrats to the Holy Cross Indians on defending their All A Classic State Championship; that is very impressive!  That is HC's 3rd All A State title in 10 years (2015, 2023, and 2024)...heckuva run.  They also allowed NKY to sweep the Boys and Girls titles for the 3rd time ever (2012, 2015, and 2024), so that is awesome as well (Congrats Newport Boys!!!).  Way to rep the 9th and the N-K-Y!!

Also, congrats to Cooper for a great tourney down at the LIT, suffering a narrow loss to Sacred Heart in the semis.   Cooper just keeps playing at an incredibly high level, and I believe they'll be the 2nd ranked team in Kentucky in the Statewide Media Poll when it comes out on Wednesday (or at least they should be...but I know GRC gets a lot of love from the media in the central part of the state).  Coach Holthaus and his ladies, assuming they get out of the 9th and don't draw into SHA's half of the bracket, have a great chance to play for a KHSAA Kentucky Sweet 16 State Championship.  They are that good.

A couple of quick notes for this week's Poll.  First, you'll see I flipped SK and Highlands in spite of SK not winning a game.  Playing SHA, in Louisville, closer than Highlands played Ryle at NKU was the key factor.  SK continues their brutal stretch of games, they will be hard-pressed to get a win in either game this week, but they play everyone tough and they compete...two things you have to love.  Also, St. Henry's win over Conner was both unexpected (congrats Coach Smart!) but also tossed the bottom-half of the poll into a bit of disarray.  The three 10th teams in the area have some gaudy records but they all lack for quality wins, and they each have taken some head-scratching losses along the way (either in opponent or margin of loss). 

There are some great games to get out and see this week:  Cooper vs Simon Kenton, Cooper at Notre Dame, Ryle vs Frederick Douglass, Simon Kenton vs Anderson County, Dixie hosting Sacred Heart (gulp), Grant County at Walton Verona, and the battle for 10th in the poll:  Bishop Brossart visiting St. Henry.  Get out and see some hoops this week!!!
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The good jobs?
Missing Friday nights so I thought I would bring this up to hear everyone else's opinion.  This is a tough question that usually only people close to a team or school can know. Which coaching jobs would everyone consider the really good jobs?  I know a few that I think probably are.  But a lot of those are just going by what I see written on here, success on the field, fan and community support, the word of some of the coaches I know.  Of course it's just my perception, only the coaches at these school really know if they are supported, helped and what not.  Not a real serious discussion, not looking to have any schools bashed or put down, just really wanting to know which jobs most people believe are really good places to be. I'm not looking for the jobs most consider bad jobs. Might be a few that many think "used to be" really good but now, not so much.  Just look for some off season discussions while many of these open jobs are being filled.  A program might not necessarily be a team that wins a lot to be on this list.  Don't think State Titles are a requirement to make it.  I know nobody coaches high school athletics for the money so money might not be much of a factor but it may not hurt.
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Statewide Rankings - Week 7
*36 teams were rated in at least one poll, one up from a week ago. Seven teams were rated this week but not the previous week - Butler (KSR 24th) and Danville Christian (KYHSSZ 24th) both returned after one week absences, while Breathitt County (Media 21st, KYHSSZ 22nd), Daviess County (KSR 25th), Fleming County (Media 24th), Lloyd Memorial (KYHSSZ 24th), and Murray (KYHSSZ 25th) all debuted. Ashland, Campbell County, Cooper, Elizabethtown, McCracken County, and South Laurel all dropped out. Ashland, McCracken County, and South Laurel were all unicorns last week, ranked only by the media poll. Cooper had broad support last week, ranked by three outlets, but a loss to Ryle eroded their support.
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NKY Girls Basketball Top 10 (1/15/24)
Good morning NKY Girls' Basketball fans!  We had a terrific week of basketball around NKY, and in a few cases, it was teams in defeat that showed an awful lot about what they could be capable of.  Holy Cross losing by 2 at GRC (KY #2) was very impressive, doubly so when you decipher some of the "oddities" of the game management.  Ryle played Cooper on Friday night right to the end, and doing so without the future Penguin, Sarah Baker, in the 2nd half.  Simon Kenton had Notre Dame on the ropes in Park Hills before a late Panda flurry turned the game in the last minute.  

I contemplated flipping NDA and HC this week, but as the schedule gods' would have it, they'll settle it on the court in Park Hills on Wednesday.  I've said all year I think NDA wins this game, but HC is undoubtedly playing better right now, plus you add in the rivalry layer, and the former coach leading the home team, well, you get the picture, it will be GREAT.  Pack the stands for the young ladies.   Alas, the only movement this week is replacing WV at #10 with red-hot Conner (winners of 6 of 7), who, coincidentally, also has a head-to-win over WV anyway.  Here is this week's top 10, and others, along with their opponents for this week!  Bundle up!!
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Statewide Rankings - Week 6
First the Media poll:

1. Great Crossing (10 FPV - up 1 from last week)
2. Lyon County (6 FPV - down 1 from last week)
3. Lexington Catholic
4. Trinity
5. Covington Catholic
6. Newport [Up 1]
7. Manual [Up 1]
8. Evangel Christian [Down 2]
9. St. X [Up 1]
10. Harland County  [Down 1]

11. Bowling Green
12. George Rogers Clark
13. DeSales  [Down 1]
14. Frederick Douglass
15. Woodford County

Others receiving votes: Henry Clay 36, Male 21, Ashland Blazer 5, Corbin 4, Bryan Station 3, Henderson County 3, North Oldham 3, McCracken County 2, South Laurel 2, Bell County 1, Cooper 1, Hazard 1.

No new teams in the top 15, and very little shuffling.
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Statewide Media Poll for Girls Basketball (1/4/24)
1.  Sacred Heart (14 FPV)
2.  GRC (2)
3.  Cooper (NKY)
4.  Pikeville
5.  Owensboro Catholic
6.  McCracken County
7.  Ryle (NKY)
8.  Pulaski County
9.  Notre Dame (NKY)
10. Anderson County
11. Corbin 
12. Franklin-Simpson
13. Meade County
14. Boyd County
15. Covington Holy Cross (NKY)
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Statewide Rankings - Week 5
* 15 teams are consensus rated by these five polls (listed according to average rank):
Lyon County, Great Crossing, Lexington Catholic, Evangel Christian, Trinity, Covington Catholic, Newport, Harlan County, Bowling Green, St. X, DeSales, Woodford County, Male, George Rogers Clark, North Oldham

*Notably absent from that list is Manual, who Martin Media chose not to rank - their average rank in the other four polls is 9th, so a glaring omission. Manual's only loss to this point is by 8 points to Great Crossing on the road. Their schedule includes a 10 point win over Madison Southern, who Mr. Martin ranked 16th. I'd say he might have forgotten about them, but he did choose to remark "Louisville, KY" when someone asked where Manual was, so doesn't seem accidental. Probably the biggest miss in these polls.

*Frederick Douglass is another notable name that is absent from Martin Media's poll, with an average ranking of 13th in the other four. Their only losses are to Great Crossing (his #2), DeSales (his #19), and Lyon County (his #1). They do not really have a win to really circle yet, just the quality losses. Is this lack of ranking justified?

*Not to pick on Mr. Martin, but a wild oulier in the other direction is Henry Clay. Martin Media has them 4th - no one else has them ranked in the top 14, and Nations Elite doesn't rank them at all. They are 13-0 - how far should an unbeaten record carry them up the ranks?

*Nations Elite and KSR are the only polls without a unicorn - that is a team that they rate that none of the other four do. The Media poll has two - McCracken County (23rd) and Hazard (T-24th). Martin Media has Adair County (18th) and Butler (21st). Finally, KYHSSPORTSZONE has Pikeville (19th). Are any of the other polls overlooking one of the teams listed here?

*Lyon County and Great Crossing are the only consensus top 5 teams, ranked 1st or 2nd in each poll. Lexington Catholic narrowly misses, coming in at 6th in the Nations Elite poll. Those three teams plus Trinity and Covington Catholic are consensus top 10 teams.

Any other observations jump out to anyone?
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Statewide Rankings - Week 3
-Great Crossing remains a consensus #1, as one would expect. They had a light week this past week, with their only game a shellacking of Western Hills by an 84-39 score. They attempt to capture the King of the Bluegrass title this week.

-This time Lyon County is the only other consensus top 5 team, as KSR nudges Frederick Douglass down to 6. Covington Catholic is also a consensus top 10 team, ranked 4th in both KSR and Martin's polls, and Newport is also a consensus top 10 team, ranked as high as 2nd in Martin Media's poll.

-Last week we noted Fairdale as an out of nowhere rank, with only Nations Elite having them ranked and having them 6th. This week they plummet to 24th, just barely hanging on, after falling by 18 to Bowling Green. Nations Elite has Bowling Green only one spot ahead of them. The other two continue to have the Bulldogs unranked.

-Speaking of Bowling Green, we have a repeat of the same pattern from a week ago. Martin Media has Bowling Green ranked 8th, the other two have them 21st and 23rd. A very large disconnect. Perhaps this week will bring clarity as the Purples are in the King of the Bluegrass tournament.

-Manual is probably the most curious team that isn't consensus ranked. Martin Media does not have them in the ranks while Nations Elite and KSR both have them in the top 16. Manual's only loss this year is by 8 to top ranked Great Crossing, and on the road at that. They walloped Ballard by 21 four days ago.

-I'm not sure what Mason County has done to be ranked 13th in Martin Media's poll. They're 5-1, but have a loss to Rowan County and close losses to the likes of Green County and Greenup County. Neither of the other two outlets have them ranked.

-KSR remains the one with the most teams shared by other outlets. Butler County is the only team they rate that neither of the other two do, and they're only 25th. We'll find out a lot about them when they face Trinity tomorrow.

-Washington County has a variance in rank from 7th in Nations Elite to 25th in Martin Media's poll. They take on Newport tomorrow, ranked in the top ten of all three polls.

Anything else jump off the page to anyone?
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11th region Week 3 rankings and review
Things in the 11th region are really heating up with lots of in region matchups this past week! Great Crossing, Lexington Catholic and Henry Clay all stayed undefeated while Bryan Station took their first loss. This week will start lots of big Holiday tournaments with Great Crossing and Frederick Douglass traveling to Fairdale for the King of the Bluegrass being the highlight. Will one of the 11th region schools take the crown and be the King I think the both have a very legit chance. Let's dive into the rankings.

1. Great Crossing (6-0)

Defeated western Hills 84-39

2. Lexington Catholic (7-0)

Defeated Paul Lawrence Dunbar 87-48

Defeated Saint Andrews FL. 85-49 

3. Frederick Douglass (4-1)

Defeated Montgomery County 86-45

4. Bryan Station (6-1)

Defeated Lafayette 79-39

Lost Woodford County 74-64

Defeated Moore 98-93
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NKY Girls Basketball Top 10 (12/18/23)
One thing is for sure, while there is no movement at the top of the Top 10 this week, the middle and bottom (and others) is a bit of a jumbled puzzle to try and put together and decipher.  NewCath had the Charles Dickens' week, the best of times (nice win over Dixie), and the worst of times (losing by 22 to Grant County). Grant County is looking more like the team we had in our Top 10 to start the season, and less like the team that struggled to find their way in the first couple of weeks.  Campbell Co had a great win over district rival Bishop Brossart, and the Camels are off to a great start.  

Additionally, this is a week where most of our top teams are going to be down in the state playing in either the Queen of the Commonwealth (amazing field!!) or the White, Green, Maggard Holiday Classic in Lexington.  The exception being Notre Dame (and Brossart) who are playing in an inter-state event at McNicholas H.S. in Cincinnati with Ursuline.  We will know a lot about our Top 5 teams as they will certainly be battle-tested this week, especially those 3 that earned the invite to the Queen of the Commonwealth (the girls' version of the King of the Bluegrass).  I hope everyone stays healthy, learns a great deal about themselves and their team, and their families stay safe traveling the highways of the Bluegrass.  Should be a fun week heading into Christmas!  Here we go....
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9th Region Week 2 Rankings & Review
Though there were a lot of good games featuring 9th region teams this week, there were only a few interesting contests between teams both from the 9th region. However, those games were good. None stood out more than Covington Catholic versus Newport, a matchup between the two hands-down best teams in the region (at least for now). 

I believe we can look at the region early on as distinctly segmented - 1 & 2 in a group of their own, 3 beside themselves at the moment, 4 through 7 as the other legitimate teams to make a run, 8 through 12, maybe 13, as the last group before you get to all the other schools competing in the 9th.

1. Covington Catholic - They came, they saw, they beat the Newport Wildcats on their home court. Their earlier game in the week was a blowout win over St. Henry. Brady Hussey, Caden Miller and Athens McGillis represent the three headed monster racking up the most offense for the Colonels and it was no different against Newport. Cash Harney, Luke Carroll and Nolan Ruthsatz round out the top contributors, at least this early in the season. They host St. Xavier of Ohio and NCC this week before facing La Lumiere of LaPorte, Indiana later in the week.

2. Newport - Sure, the Wildcats are no longer undefeated. But they have certainly opened the season impressively. Before falling to CovCath, Newport defeated Boone and Dixie. Taylen Kinney is up to 19 points per game and DeShaun Jackson is the other double digit scorer for the Wildcats at 13 points per game. They face Ryle and Huntington Expression Prep of West Virginia this week.
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Bell County's Daniel Thomas is KY's 2023 Mr. Football
Hard to argue against it after the season he had. The yards and touchdowns are both state records and he carried the Bobcats to the state finals. Congratulations to Daniel on the well deserved recognition. 

Daniel Thomas (RB/LB, Bell County)

2023 Season: 400 carries for 3,817 yards and 54 touchdowns | 94 tackles | 1 sack | 1 scoop and score

• 3,817 single season rushing yards (#1 all-time)

• 7,143 career rushing yards (#8 all-time)

• 54 single season rushing touchdowns (#1 all-time)

• 104 career touchdowns (#9 all-time)

• 400 single season carries (#5 all-time)

It took over half a century for the single season rushing record to fall. Thomas has improved on the previous number by 456 yards. This one may stand at least that long, but records are made to be broken.
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Kentucky high school basketball coaching legend Billy Hicks has passed.
I just read multiple reports on Twitter that longtime Scott County Coach Billy Hicks has passed.  Terrible news to start the week...prayers go out to his family, former players, and friends. 

Coach Hicks is the All-Time KHSAA leader in wins with 1013 over 4 schools ( Evarts, Harlan, Corbin, Scott County).
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BluegrassPreps.com Mr. Football Watchlist (12/4)
The Kentucky Football Coaches Association Has Selected The Following Players As Finalists For Mr. Football (In Alphabetical Order):

Avery Bodner (RB/DB, Boyle County)
Season to date: 151 carries for 1,274 yards and 22 touchdowns | 378 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns | 87 tackles | 15 TFL | 7 sacks | 1 interception | 2 fumbles forced and 2 recovered, including a scoop and score

Cutter Boley (QB, Lexington Christian Academy)
Season to date: 172/268 for 2,187 yards and 24 touchdowns with 9 interceptions | 5 rushing touchdowns

Zane Cartwright (QB, Mayfield)
Season to date: 149/207 for 2,452 yards and 33 touchdowns with 2 interceptions | 158 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns

Sage Dawson (QB/DB, Boyle County)
Season to date: 137/194 for 2,509 yards and 29 touchdowns with 5 interceptions | 385 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns | 2 fumbles forced and 1 recovered for a scoop and score

Max Gainey (WR, Male)
Season to date: 57 receptions for 1,019 yards and 20 touchdowns | 2 rushing touchdowns | 3 kick return touchdowns

Brady Hensley (RB, Lexington Christian Academy)
Season to date: 235 carries for 2,408 yards and 43 touchdowns | 213 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns

Cole Hodge (QB, Christian Academy of Louisville)
Season to date: 283/380 for 4,104 yards and 57 touchdowns with 7 interceptions | 625 rushing yards and 10 touchdown

Daniel Thomas (RB/LB, Bell County)
Season to date: 400 carries for 3,817 yards and 54 touchdowns | 94 tackles | 1 sack | 1 scoop and score

Noah Wallace (RB/LB, Raceland)
Season to date: 182 carries for 1,198 yards and 15 touchdowns | 1 receiving touchdowns | 82 tackles | 1 sack | 2 interceptions

Additional Players Featured This Week

William 'Tutt' Carrico (WR/DB, Owensboro Catholic)
Season to date: 95 receptions for 1,919 yards and 30 touchdowns | 2 rushing touchdowns | 107 tackles with 12 TFL | 13 turnovers created, including 6 interceptions

Jutarious "Juju" Starks (RB/DE, Mayfield)
Season to date: 208 carries for 1,827 yards and 32 touchdowns

Evan Pitzer (QB, Covington Catholic)
Season to date: 170/243 for 2,592 yards and 32 touchdowns with 5 interceptions | 637 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns
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Bowling Green 28 Cooper 14 (5A State Championship)
Cooper received the opening kickoff and the Jags started on the 19. The teams traded punts and Cooper fumbled the punt giving Bowling Green the ball on the Cooper 34 and a Deuce Bailey to Matthew Kline TD pass to put the Purples up 7-0.  Cooper punted and two passes from Bailey to Trevy Barber later, it was 14-0 BG with 555 to go in the 1st.  Cooper answered with a 24 yard TD pass from Cam O'Hara to Isaiah Johnson to make it 14-7 Purples.  The Purples next drive ended with a Lucas Hughes INT and Cooper ball at their 45.  BG stopped Cooper on downs at the BG 46.  BG's next drive ended with a Jack Lonaker interception. Another muffed punt gave BG the ball at the Cooper 19 and ended in a Deuce Bailey to Jaxen Smith TD pass for a 21-7 Bowling Green lead with 412 left in the half.

The Purples started the second half on their own 46. After some back and forth a long Deuce Bailey run to the Cooper 36 and another run by Deuce Bailey to the 2, set the Purples up.  A Bowling Green touchdown by Jaxen Smith with 335 left in the 3rd quarter put Bowling Green up 28 to 7.  The Jags came right back with an O'Hara to Alexander TD pass to make it 28-14 BG with 1145 to go. That ended the scoring in the game. 

Congrats Bowling Green!  Congrats Coach Spader!
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Trinity 41 Bryan Station 20 (6A State Championship)
Trinity won the toss and deferred, Station started on their own 17 yard line and punted from their own 1 yard line.  Trinity started on the Station 26 yard line but settled for a 30 yard field goal to go up 3-0 with 708 remaining in the 1st quarter.  Station and Trinity went three and out on their next possession.  Station started on their own 35 after a T punt.  A Trenton Cutwright scramble and run set Station up at the Trinity 26.  Station converted on a 2 yard Kalen Washington touchdown run after a nice throw and catch from Cartwright to Javari Burnett to make it 7-3 Station.  Bryan Station's Dahvon Frazier hit the Trinity QB causing a fumble and turnover.  A few plays later Kalen Washington punched it in from 2 yards out to give Station a 14 to 3 Station lead 4 seconds left in the 1st q.  Trinity answered with a Clinton Sansbury 1 yard run to make it 14-10 Station with 851 left in the half.  On Station's next possession they muffed a punt and that gave the Shamrocks the ball at the Station 22.  Trinity converted that miscue into a short FG to make it 14-13 Station with 534 remaining in the half.  Station was driving but Trinity's Robert Morrow intercepted Cutwright at the Trinity 15.  After a long drive Clinton Sansbury ran into the end zone untouched to give Trinity a 20-14 lead with 31 seconds left in the half.  The Trinity defense sacked Cutwright twice to end the half. 

Trinity received to start the second half and the drive resulted in a Zane Johnson to Lucas Sasser 18 yard TD reception to put Trinity up 27-14 early in the 3rd quarter. Trinity scored again on a three yard run by Sansbury to go up 34 to 14 with 350 left in the 3rd quarter.  Trinity recovered an on side kick at the Station 49.  Trinity punted to the Defender 2.  The 3rd quarter ended with Trinity possessing the ball on the Bryan Station 39 yard line. Trinity turned the good field position into a Jamaurion Berry 11 yard TD run to put the Rocks up 41-14.  Station came right back and scored a touchdown on another short Kalen Washington run to make it 41-20 Trinity, with 440 left in the game. 

Congrats Trinity!  Congrats Coach Cobb!
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Christian Academy of Louisville 41 Bell County 16 (3A State Championship)
Bell County returned the opening kickoff to their own 25.  The Bobcats went for it on 4th down deep in their own territory and made the first down and went on a 75 yard drive that took up the whole 1st quarter.  Bell County scored on a one yard run by Blake Evans and Evans added the two point conversion and with 1114 left in the half Bell County leads Christian Academy of Louisville 8-0.

CAL took their first possession and went right down the field capping it off with a 1 yard Cole Hodge TD sneak/run to make the score Bell 8 CAL 7 with 908 left in the half.  Bell took the ball again and grinded it out and went for it on 4th and 8 from their own 34 only they didn't get it.  CAL took over on downs and turned into a short Cole Hodge TD run to make it 14-8 CAL with 147 left in the half.  Bell got the ball back and ran out of time grinding it out for a halftime score of Christian Academy of Louisville 14 Bell County 8.

CAL received the second half kickoff and a Cole Hodge to Justin Ruffin TD pass put CAL up 21-8 with 912 left in the 3rd.  Bell once again went to their ground and pound rushing attack and faced a 4th and 8 from their own 49 but a CAL pass interference call gave Bell at first down at the CAL 36.  On the next play Daniel Thomas took it to the house to make the score CAL 21 Bell County 16 with 330 left in the 3rd quarter.  CAL returned a short kickoff to the Bell 38.  After another Hodge to Ruffin pass to the five, Cole Hodge ran in untouched for a TD putting CAL up 28 to 16 with 227 left in the 3rd quarter.  Bell drove down to the CAL 20 yard line before fumbling the ball.  John Cobaugh scooped the ball up and went 80 yards for the TD to put CAL up 34-16 with to start the 4th quarter. After a couple changes of possession, Cole Hodge connected with Conner Hodge for a short TD pass to make it 41-16 CAL with 323 left to play and that was the final score.

Congrats Christian Academy of Louisville!  Congrats Coach Cantwell!
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Boyle County 41 Covington Catholic 0 (4A State Championship)
Boyle County received the opening kickoff and drove to the Colonel 14 before being stopped on downs.  CovCath went three and out with 628 left in the 1st quarter. Boyle scored first on a 13 yard Montavin Quisenberry run for a 6-0 Boyle County lead.  Boyle stopped CovCath once again and ran down the field ending with a Avery Bodner 1 yard power run to make it 13-0 Boyle with 829 left in the half. Next an Austin Bodner interception set Boyle County up on the Covington Catholic 27 yard line. A Boyle punt pinned CCH deep.  CovCath had to punt it right back and Quisenberry returned it 39 yards for a TD to put Boyle up 20-0.

Boyle County stopped Covington Catholic on downs at midfield to start the second half. From there Boyle marched down the field and scored a TD on a Avery Bodner 9 yard run to put Boyle up 27-0 with 714 left in the 3rd quarter.  Once again the Rebels stopped the Colonels on downs and it resulted in a Sage Dawson 9 yard touchdown run to make it Boyle County 34 Covington Catholic 0 with 40 seconds left in the 3rd quarter. A Sage Dawson to Gio Brown 32 yard TD pass finished the scoring. 41-0 Boyle, Running Clock. 

Boyle County finishes 15-0.

Congrats Boyle County! Congrats Coach Haddix!
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Mayfield 53 Owensboro Catholic 48 (2A State Championship)
OC received the opening kick and fumbled on the first play from scrimmage.  Mayfield turned that into a 40 yard FG to go up 3-0 to start the game.  On OC's next possession they punted and Mayfield drove right down the field to go up 10-0 on a 4 yard TD run by Jutoriaus Starks. Owensboro Catholic immediately answered with a 29 yard TD pass from Brady Atwell to Tutt Carrico. Mayfield answered back with 253 left in the 1st quarter on a long Zane Cartwright to Braden Morris pass to make it 17 to 7 Mayfield.  Early in the 2nd quarter Owensboro Catholic muffed a punt and gave Mayfield first and goal.  Jutoriaus Starks wasted no time scoring his second TD of the game with 904 left in the half to put Mayfield up 24 to 7. Owensboro Catholic went the length of the field in less than two minutes and Brady Atwell ran it in from nine yards out to make it 24-14 Mayfield with 740 left in the game. Xavier Biggers took the kickoff to the house to make it 31-14 Mayfield Cardinals. OC's next drive ended with a 64 yard punt to the Mayfield 13.  Mayfield drove the length of the field and settled for a 35 yard field goal by Lincoln Suiter. The Aces went right back down the field thanks to a Dre’Mail Carothers pass to Mitchell Sims to set up a three yard Brady Atwell TD run with 25 seconds left in the half to make the score Mayfield 34 Owensboro Catholic 21.

Mayfield started the second half on their own 37 yard line.  3 plays later Cartwright to Biggers on a 40 yard TD to put Mayfield up 40-21 after a failed 2pt conversion. Atwell connected on long pass to Tutt Carrico down to the one yard line.  On the next play Atwell ran it in to make the score 40-27 Mayfield early in the 3rd.  Mayfield answered right back with a Jutoriaus Starks TD run to make it 46-27, Mayfield Cardinals.  Four plays and 64 yards later Atwell to Tutt Carrico for another TD to make it Mayfield 46 Owensboro Catholic 34 late in the 3rd quarter.  Another Atwell to Tutt Carrico long TD pass with a great run after catch to make the score 46-41 Mayfield early in the 4th quarter. Mayfield came right back on a long Jutoriaus Starks TD run to make it 53-41. Another Atwell to Tutt Carrico pass and short TD run by Atwell made it 53-48 Mayfield with 723 left to go in the game. Good field position and the triple threat of Cartwright/Biggers/Starks was not enough as OCath stopped Mayfield on downs.  Mayfield returned the favor with a Tre Jackson sack of Atwell.  Jutoriaus Starks ran for a Mayfield first down and Mayfield is in victory formation up 53-48.

Congrats Mayfield!  Congrats Coach Morris!
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