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  2. Jenna Adkins with another Russell 3. 50-48 Boyd County 5:53 in the 4th
  3. Interesting that Spencer played zone tonight against South Oldham. Conventional wisdom suggests you can’t play zone against the Dragons because they’ll just shoot over you, but it clearly wasn’t the case tonight.
  4. You honestly believe that? The term is usually "scratched".
  5. FINAL Spencer Co 66 South Oldham 51 Jake Whitlock with 25 points, Sam Conley with 24 to lead Spencer. No Dragons reached double figures; Ben Michel, Zack Dolan, and Andrew Nunley all had 9
  6. Back to back buckets from Bell draws Russell within six. 46-40 Raceland 5:19 in the 4th
  7. Floyd for 3, followed by a tough Bell bucket in traffic. 43-36 Raceland
  8. 41-33 Boyd County Turnovers killing Russell right now.
  9. Pence continues his hot night with back to back baskets. 37-31 Raceland 2:58 in the 3rd Timeout Russell
  10. 😳 WOW love it. Next couple years will definitely be fun to watch.
  11. Doak with his ninth and tenth points. 33-31 Raceland
  12. Jerry McIntosh (‘80) holds the Owsley County record at 65 points vs Hazel Green Academy.
  13. Quick 5-0 run to open the 2nd half for Boyd. 27-25 Lady Lions
  14. Spencer pushing the lead back out to 13. Spencer County 54 South Oldham 41 4:49 left
  15. I think Scott or SK would be good for either of them and/ or Trinity.
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