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  2. How are JCPS handling fans/ crowd size? I'd like to go to this game.
  3. Tulsa at Arkansas State North Texas at Houston
  4. They don’t want to know man. It doesn’t affect them.
  5. This. There are several aspects in this case that you can say might be racist. A cop firing back after being shot is not one of them. As @sportsfan41 said earlier, this became about self-preservation at that point. If the cops entered with guns blazing, it would be a completely different situation. THEN you would have a legitimate argument that the shooting itself may have been racially motivated. But, to the best of my knowledge, that's not what happened here. I hate that we seem to be in this all or nothing type of mindset where either the police did everything completely wrong...or they did absolutely nothing wrong. Real life is rarely that cut and dried.
  6. If at all possible, but there doesn't appear to be a set in stone requirement for district games this season (meaning there is no forfeit charged). If a district game isn't played, both teams are given a win and a loss in the district standings. I do believe, however, that most every district game that has been cancelled to this point has found another spot in the schedule to be played. October 30 and November 6 will likely see a good number of replacement games.
  7. Wow!!! Just don't know what to say. I will be VERY disappointed if fans are not allowed into basketball games but with decisions like this I don't think I have a chance to get to watch games from the stands. Football games that are OUTSIDE are overboard on restrictions. I can't image that basketball games inside won't be more than overboard! I'm not a parent of a player so I think my chances of getting in are slim to none. Hate to see this happening. I think we are doing an injustice to our high school athletes. I probably sat next to someone last year at a basketball game that had a cold or even the flu. My choice to go see the game and I lived to tell about it. At what point do we realize life has to go on??
  8. The canceled district games get rescheduled later on in the season? Is that how it works?
  9. Manual has as good a defense as anyone in Kentucky. Manual 40 North Bullitt 7
  10. Country you are right, I was too quick to judge . Although i do like both of the Mercer county backs. i don't believe even the stats will tell the true story on which back may be or may not be better. McAllen is running behind a junior college o-line while in high school and although Mercer has a pretty good line it does not compare to the o-line that Boyle has. I did not intend to turn this into a running back comparison. But it will be fun to watch all three backs are pretty good. Good luck to Mercer i hope they can pull off the shocker. Thanks for the time change info Chief. I will try to make it if i can still get a ticket.
  11. The pass and catch starting at the 2:30 mark is as pretty and difficult as they get.
  12. Yes even offered to come back to Dunbar again this year. They were scheduled to play on Sept.11 but they cancelled that one as well. They are having senior night tomorrow night with no other team. So Douglass is now traveling to Ballard.
  13. What am I missing? Did Douglas reach out to Dunbar to play when their game got cancelled with Great Crossing?
  14. That is a good point. If they announced, then Walker probably would not have shot at them. I do stand by my comment above that once Walker shot at the officers, they had the right to shoot back. The way they shot back is where they could be guilty of an offense if it was reckless.
  15. At Midnight Thursday night, there are presently 13 football games that are cancelled due to Covid implications. My concern is that it seems that "new rules" are coming into play, above and beyond the health of that individual football team, making it tougher and tougher to play football. If Fayette County is a RED ZONE (25/100,000 per day), the majority of the cases are in conjunction with the University of Kentucky, not the Lexington High Schools.
  16. And also Dunbar-Great Crossing in football and Henry Clay-GRC in girls soccer. May be more that I’m not aware of.
  17. Yes they are playing Ballard on Sat. morning.
  18. It appears the Douglas vs Scott Co game has been canceled.
  19. Glad Douglass found a game. Its also a bonus because it should be a much better game for them I feel than Dunbar would have been since they did not want to play at all.
  20. Thanks for putting up the thread for me! I just learned of the schedule switch this afternoon at work and have been busting my butt all day trying to change broadcasts schedules during breaks at work..... North comes in after falling 54-31 to Louisville Western last week on the road. The Mustangs ran the ball well, but fell behind 22-6 at the half and had to go to the air. A young team with just 6 seniors - 27 of the 45 varsity roster positions are filled by sophomores and freshmen - the Mustangs will likely take some hard lumps early on but their season success will hinge on how fast the youngsters learn. South rallied in the final two minutes of their game last week, taking advantage of a special teams snafu by Oldham County to win, 28-21. A bad snap on a punt forced the OC punter to chase the ball down and hastily punt the ball from the 1, giving South the ball at the Oldham 32 with barely 2 minutes left. Trailing 21-20 at the time, South took just one minute to take advantage of the short field and push across the winning score, 28-21. The Dragons showed a prolific 1-2 punch in the running game last week, with a backfield composed entirely of first-time starters. Kayden Anderson (FB) proved to be hard to bring down between the tackles, and he provided the "thunder" to speedy Ethan Snider's "lightning" to lead the way. Sophomore Jack McCubbin only got a handful of carries - he'll have to earn those - but showed some promise in getting the edge and turning upfield for some solid gains. Both North and South have the potential for some big plays through the air. First time starters at QB - 6-0 Junior Nick Freeland of North and 6-3 senior Alex Brown of South - both have decent arms and big-play receivers on the outside in Anthony Estrada (SO) and Blake Wetzel (NO). If either QB-WR combo starts to get their timing going this week, the two secondaries could be in for a difficult night. In the trenches, South boasts more size than North, and the Mustangs will be challenged at the point of attack. That would be where South would seem to have their greatest advantage at this early point in the season, and it's why South has to be favored in this game. The Dragons particularly had success running behind the right side of their big offensive line last week, behind center 6-3 268 pound center Will Moore, 6-2 252 pound junior RG Ethan Phillips, and 6-3 280 pound RT Garrison Muth. But North coach Joe Gamsky knows South. A former star player for the Dragons who got his first coaching job in Crestwood under Jamie Reed, Gamsky knows the Dragons and what they want to do. He's big on his linemen, and it's not as if the Mustangs are bereft of size. On offense, both guards are big - Tyler Vance is a 234 pound sophomore and Scott Pforr is a 215 pound senior who is a returning starter from last year. On defense, the Mustangs' nose tackle is just a freshman, but Wyatt Drury (5-6 287 pounds) will be a load to move. Offensively, North will try to feature senior running back Austin Gibson, a multi-purpose back with D1 speed and good hands. If North can play ball control football, keeping the ball on the ground and the South offense on the sidelines, an upset may well be in the cards. Broadcast: 6:30 pm live video on www.pegasussportsky.com
  21. Charlie can REALLY run, not sure on the arm strength. Rodriguez and Leen also standout. Both of those guys are going to be really hard to keep off the field next year.
  22. I know Ballard has big expectations, but I like FD in a close one. FD- 21 B- 20
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