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  2. I do think this one of the best jobs in the state. But it will take a coach with a big ego to not care about hearing Dale's name mentioned every time they lose a game many think they shouldn't. There are many that fit that mold but it will have to be the right person. I think it's a great job.
  3. I heard that Chuck may join his son's staff at SW next year. Brandon played at Western and I know he loves the area. I think he would be a great hire but I don't think he's leaving Bowling Green anytime soon.
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  5. No one said you couldn't mention names. My whole point is that why would a good coach in a good situation leave to go to Highlands at this moment in time? This isnt 6-7 years ago. And whether you like it or not, there is an overwhelming perception across the state that your fan base is a little unrealistic. And coaches are very in tune to that in todays coaching climate. If you don't believe me, fine, could care less. Its my opinion and I am sticking to it. (For reference--some of the names that have been thrown out are like a who's who list of never going to happen or at least not real likely). With that said, Brandon Smith sounds like a great move. A proven winner who has won his own championship, who was independent enough to strike out on his own (and it appears that he did while trying not to trade on his Fathers success). Off the top of my head, it reminds me of Justin Haddix going to Corbin. I just come from the school of thought that, being realistic and having a true understanding of where things are, give Highlands their best chance to get the best coach for their situation. Gino, Tommy B, etc are not walking through the door ..best to focus on realistic options.
  6. Coach wanted the players to have a game because they had already missed out on so much this year with COVID rules. He could have traveled hours in the state and cost money, kept it a bye and no revenue, or played at home against Moeller with gaining revenue. Any choice wouldn’t have satisfied the “fans”. But, his only concern was what the players wanted to do because it was their season. And he did what the players he asked wanted to do.
  7. Manual beat North Bullitt 48-21 and not sure if North Bullitt scored once game got out of hand or not. I think BG puts up as much as Manual and holds North Bullitt to 14 or less.
  8. I’m thinking 4th or more than likely a 5th round pick.
  9. All really good players and the DL definitely the strength of the team. I think Ben is probably getting recruited for O Line, but I think he's their best defensive player as well.
  10. I do believe that is correct. They can all reapply once a new coach is hired. However, I have to say, I've heard a lot the last few days, and I'm pretty sure this was mentioned on here in a thread even last year, that this was a pretty dysfunctional staff. It seems there was a fair amount of openly questioning each other, coaches doing their own thing, and in some cases just completely blowing off the head coach. Now, from my perspective, I think that also has to fall on the head coach if you're keeping those guys on your staff, but I would also have to think this isn't exactly a secret in coaching circles and anyone we've been talking about coming in would most likely be aware as well.
  11. I hope Moeller isn’t. With the new RPI system that game cost Highlands a home playoff game not to mention translates to lost revenue. How many RPI points again did we gain by losing to Moeller? Find a game that you can win in Ky to help your RPI. No reason we should of been traveling to Hebron 2 years in a row. You’re better off not playing Moeller. You got nothing for that!
  12. I do not know. I’m sure the 6a schools in the area would be because they typically are on it. I heard maybe Bowling Green.
  13. Wright was the difference when North Hardin beat Belfry 21 to 20. Without him North Hardin would more than likely have one loss. Good athlete. Stepped up when his team needed him.
  14. Not sure Knox Catholic, Scott Co, Simon Kenton, Moeller, Boyle Co... to name a few would be considered scaling back the schedule.
  15. That's really cool, a lot of respect for him doing that for his kiddos!
  16. He turned around a down and out program at Hopkinsville and was hired at McCracken Co. Has got them in the right direction. He was an assistant at Male under Woolf.
  17. How much would this job pay a coach?
  18. Dickhaus was named first team All-Nky for O-line this year. Really strong defensively as well. CCH had two others from their DLine Named 1st team All-Nky. Wilson(jr) and Stegman(sr)
  19. Highlands job is not for a coach with rabbit ears or the sensitive soft side that gets his feelings hurt by words or criticism. If a coach is worried about his job then he is already defeated at a program like Highlands. It’s hardcore expectations that demand an ego out of this world or an overqualified coach to be successful including really good position coaches. Incredible expectations and pressures to succeed, win and win big. Guys like Homer Rice, Mike Murphy, Roger Walz, Bill Herrman,, Tom Duffy, Dale Mueller all won and won big in their own way. Some took longer then others but they all improved. Anyone know what everyone of those great coaches had? Great defenses and the ability to delegate responsibilities to other coaches and also know the strengths and weaknesses of your program as a whole. Not a single one of those coaches succeeded by themselves, not a one. None of them made excuses, they found ways to Win because that’s what the job demanded regardless of the circumstances. If they didn’t win they fixed it. None lost very often if ever at all. Who is applying?
  20. They’re all welcome to reapply once a Coach is Hired. That is my understanding. Anyone else know how that works? Certainly we have someone on this site that’s been through this.
  21. Which is more than fair since some schools would take a big and unavoidable RPI hit playing district opponents in the first and second round.
  22. By now everyone knows the status of Weinrich, but what about the rest of the staff? Not sure how a situation like this works.
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