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  2. Hergott will be tough for Newport to contain. I look for BW to be playing their JV for the second half.
  3. Can you buy tickets at the gate or do you have to get them online?
  4. I’m only spit balling but if I had to guess. It was likely a pistol and the magazine was removed or emptied but the chamber never cleared. Me personally, I wouldn’t let someone handle a gun around me as a prop without visually clearing it myself. Such an easily preventable tragedy.
  5. I delete a bunch of those every Friday from St. X Football facebook page. So annoying!
  6. We don't. People will only accept what science they want to believe.
  7. The numbers are huge no matter how you count them but I do wish we would do a better job studying all things COVID and releasing that information. It is a shame we have to look to places like Israel for the best science.
  8. Right, I have definitely noticed it leaching into NKY. After awhile predators need to find new territory so it makes perfect sense to me.
  9. Kind of like not believing any numbers.
  10. You don’t use them as paper weights? Me neither.
  11. The news has been full of shootings in Cincinnati. It’s an every day occurrence at this point. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there and NKY is beginning to experience more of it but the media hasn’t kept up with it as much.
  12. Yes, that’s why I said nobody must have checked it including Baldwin. I’m still not saying it’s his fault. Very few actors are real gun guys, like Keanu Reeves, or Michael B. Jordan. It was probably the 100th time someone handed Baldwin a gun and he went through his normal motions.
  13. As soon as I posted that I knew you would correct it. 😂
  14. It’s these tiny little microscopic mindsets that can avoid disaster with a pistol. For an ND or catastrophic accident to happen, a lot usually goes wrong.
  15. Did I hear the report right, was there a live bullet in the gun that Baldwin used? If so, there mostly certainly should be some criminal charges. Against who is to be determined but man is that true?
  16. Correct, definitely not a slight at Conner, @theguru, just the media age we live in now. and I thought it was hilarious, because maybe this game will be the “Rise of the Mummy” aka the Park Hills Mafia if Conner can pull out a W against the Blue Boys 😂
  17. Franklin Simpson ain’t winning their last game.
  18. Yes, @859Radio has us covered! Big 5A game with huge district implications. Cooper has a 7 point loss to Ryle and a 4OT loss to CovCath. Highlands seems to have their QB decision made and are getting healthier week by week. HHS held CCH to 8 points and snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory. Cooper has more confidence in this game than maybe any in their brief history of this rivalry. Highlands wants to regain the confidence they had with wins over Bowling Green, Simon Kenton and Campbell Co early in the season and only have a win over Boone County since. On paper this looks li
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