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  2. Made it to Central Hardin High School last night for a few hours as they held their annual 7v7. There was about 14 teams there including Daviess County, Fern Creek, North Hardin, Oldham County, Owensboro Catholic (2 teams), South Oldham and the hosts. I only got to watch a couple of the games, but players/teams that stood out to me included Daviess County. Their QB and WRs looked good. The N Hardin QB looked good and had some athletic weapons, but they talked alot, which I didn't like. Fern Creek looked quick but out of sync. Oldham County's QB made some nice throws and they have a
  3. Any place to get updates from the EKU 7on7 tournament?
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  5. Aug 6 - E-Town (scrimmage) Aug 13 - Lex Christian (scrimmage) Aug 20 - Cal Aug 27 - Fairdale Sept 3 - Ballard Sept 10 - North Oldham Sept 17 - Oldham Co Sept 24 - J-Town Oct 1 - Atherton Oct 8 - North Bullitt Oct 15 - Seneca Oct 22 -Central Hardin
  6. Per the practice schedule I saw they had a 7v7 and lineman challenge with Central Hardin last night. They have a 7v7 vs Doss next Wednesday and are at Western Hills for a 7v7 and lineman challenge next Saturday. That should do it before the first scrimmage vs E-Town on Aug 6.
  7. From what I’ve taken away from the whole ordeal is that A&M wasn’t let in on the conversations and was purposely left out of the conversations. I think they have a right to be upset about that.
  8. USA women just beat Japan 25-4 in water polo.
  9. Do you know why the change? Covid reasons related?
  10. If they are fielding 2 separate “teams” - they should not be able to practice together. Isn’t that essentially a scrimmage? If it’s 1 team, shouldn’t they be limited to 10 games?
  11. Smith also played at North Texas - that makes a total of 5 colleges. Not exactly a sign that he knows a lot about what it takes to be successful in college.
  12. I know Barren Co has a nice one they built it attached with several classrooms so on the field side it has a really nice look to it.
  13. Over the years I’ve heard that very few schools could compete with Texas on even ground. Stars never aligned for long though.
  14. That sounds kind of familiar lol.
  15. So A&M is basically admitting that, on even ground, they can never compete with Texas, at anything. Quit craying and get better.
  16. Huntington High beat Russell in the final on a hail mary from mid-field on the last play of the game.
  17. I get it to an extent, or at least the reasoning. Pitching playing in the SEC is definitely something A&M has used when recruiting against Texas.
  18. Maybe not but USA will still dominate the medals.
  19. Probably so but I’m not sure it looks like 2016 or even 2012.
  20. At least one thing we can say for this bullpen, they take all the suspense out of it, they usually blow the lead as soon as they come in!
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