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  2. Tied 0-0. Madison Central with 2 outs in the top of the 1st.
  3. I agree. I love KY but I am ready for some downtown Cincy time.
  4. I would be fine with Derek Cooksey or any Coach who would stay and build the program from the ground up like Mandy Layne has done with the Girls. I think there will be several coaches interested.
  5. Murray Garvin is the new coach at Dunbar. Previously was the head coach at South Carolina State.
  6. I have heard Derek Cooksey is leading candidate for the job. Brett is much more comfortable as an assistant to his brother, so he will not apply. Derek did a solid job at Fairview with not much talent. He Seems like the logical choice.
  7. Ohio just lifted their mask mandate effective immediately. This marks one of the few times in life I would actually consider going to Ohio vs staying in Kentucky, for a night out.
  8. This is how I viewed SB128 to begin with, why repeat a year if you are okay academically?
  9. Was just told he is leaving and taking his talents to Louisville
  10. Most likely. A host of states - even some of those you would describe to be more cautionary (eg. Minnesota today lifted their mask ban today) - as well as cautionary businesses like Trader Joe's is saying adios to the masks. The dominoes will quickly fall.
  11. I just did the trek to Hawaii. You can do it. If that is the "sacrifice" you have to make to take a vacation, don't let that deter you.
  12. Estill County has named Brian Crowe, father of Blake Crowe, interim head coach for the rest of the season. I'm a big Coach Crowe supporter and would love for him to stick around for a long time. Brian was head coach for several reasons before stepping down couple years ago.
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  14. The ironic part is, when the cabin doors are shut and you are flying, that's about as safe as environment as you can get because of the air circulation... I am a big air circulation guy. Standing around the airport or boarding/unboarding planes is when you are susceptible. Unfortunately you can't have one without the other.
  15. Honestly, I’m a huge fan of the idea that masks should be required on airplanes from now on. Airplanes are gross. Pre COVID, I would almost always get some sort of head cold or something when flying. I’ve flown quite a bit since COVID wearing a mask and feel 100% when I get off the plane.
  16. There were two assistants last season with head coaching experience, Derek Cooksey and Brett Cooksey. Will one of them get the shot or is the thought Russell will go outside the program?
  17. Airlines aside because they have us over a barrel but businesses that continue to require a mask will lose money right and left until they stop any requirements. On top of that they run the risk of running off a lot of customers for the long term if they go above and beyond what is required.
  18. They do, and I imagine many will. Still having to wear them on a plane doesn't bother me much. Places like airports will be "hot beds" for continued spread because of the diverse crowds.
  19. It looks like masks are still going to be required on public transportation like planes and at airports. That's the requirement that I want to see lifted because my wife and I want to travel out west (without wearing a mask on a plane). I think businesses still have the ability to choose that customers wear masks on their property.
  20. June 2nd in Ohio and I just read a news report saying that date may be revised and the restrictions may be lifted before June 2nd. It is going to be a party summer!
  21. All restrictions in Kentucky are being lifted on June 11th.
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