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  1. Trinity advances to play PRP in tomorrow night’s last game of the night.
  2. The LIT is going to be fun. 6-7 teams who could win it depending on the draw/matchups.
  3. Freshman Zee McCown scores 31 for PRP in win at Ballard.
  4. The encyclopedia does have every district, regional and state result year by year, it also has every year’s Louisville Invitational Tournament results (game by game)—100th Anniversary Edition only. It also lists number of Allstaters by school, year by year record, by coach, and lots of pics. Both boys and girls basketball histories.
  5. Perhaps some of it was my bad....I know some schools on the list are female only schools...therefore, no data for boys b-ball. Some schools may not have been members of the KHSAA, but members of the KHABL? before it folded and all-black schools were integrated into city and county school systems....those schools data are not all in the Encylopedia.
  6. I thought some of you might enjoy this list...Stats are through the 2018-19 year. All records come from the Kentucky High School Basketball Encyclopedia 100th Anniversary Edition and KHSAA website. khsbb by win percent.pdf
  7. A new holiday tournament (the Century Mortgage Derby City Jam) will be held in Louisville co-hosted by PRP and Fern Creek. Games will occur on Thursday-Sunday December 19-22, 2019. Competition will include 12 teams divided into 3 pools. Top team from each pool advances to single elimination bracket in Gold Division. Middle team from each pool advances to single elimination bracket in Silver Division. Bottom team from each pool advances to single elimination bracket in Bronze Division. Pool A: PRP, Paintsville, Seneca Pool B: DeSales, Glasgow, Manual Pool C: Jeffersontown, Owensboro, Waggener Pool D: Central, Fern Creek, Valley Schedule: Thursday: 6:30 AT PRP DeSales vs. Manual 6:30 AT FERN CREEK Valley vs. Fern Creek 8:00 AT PRP PRP vs. Seneca 8:00 AT FERN CREEK Jeffersontown vs. Waggener Friday: 6:30 AT PRP Glasgow vs. Manual 6:30 AT FERN CREEK Owensboro vs. Jeffersontown 8:00 AT PRP PRP vs. Paintsville 8:00 AT FERN CREEK Fern Creek vs. Central Saturday Morning: 10:00 AT PRP DeSales vs. Glasgow 10:00 AT FERN CREEK Waggener vs. Owensboro 11:30 AT PRP Paintsville vs. Seneca 11:30 AT FERN CREEK Central vs. Valley Saturday Evening: 5:00 AT PRP A3 vs. B3 5:00 AT FERN CREEK C3 vs. D3 6:30 AT PRP A2 vs. B2 6:30 AT FERN CREEK C2 vs. D2 8:00 AT PRP A1 vs. B1 8:00 AT FERN CREEK C1 vs. D1 Sunday: 2:00 AT PRP Bronze Championship (winner of 5:00 games) 4:00 AT PRP Silver Championship (winner of 6:30 games) 6:00 AT PRP Gold Championship (winner of 8:00 games)
  8. Played 4 eight minute quarters. JV followed playing two 10 minute halves. PRP won that game too....40something to 20something.
  9. Coach Richie Hawks retires from coaching after being with the Panthers since 1992. Served alongside coaching legend Bill Miller from 1992-2018. Served as head coach in 2018 and 2019.
  10. The school announced today that Larry Kihnley is the next coach.
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