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  1. And while we are at it, the former 8th region schools of Bullitt County want out of the 6th….return to the 8th or move to the 5th?
  2. North Laurel should have lost last night to PRP. PRP beat themselves down the stretch of the 4th quarter by poor ball control (plus free throws throughout the game).
  3. Final from Lexington Catholic. PRP plays Woodford County at 3:00 tomorrow for 5th place in the WGM Holiday Classic.
  4. December 20-22, 2021 Three top 20 teams from BGP’s ratings will compete in this tournament hosted by PRP and Western High Schools. Includes 7 KY teams and perennial IN power Jeffersonville.
  5. Western beat Lexington Catholic at PRP in the preseason scrimmage. PRP and Western did not scrimmage each other.
  6. 5 quarter scrimmage PRP 105 Ballard 99 PRP. 25-20-19-28-13 Ballard 18-16-25-12-28 4 quarter final score PRP 92 Ballard 71 all varsity scrimmage
  7. Western 63 Lex Cath 52 at PRP PRP 99 Hancock County 44
  8. As for the gate prices…every game I have gone to this year I have had to pay $10….at Doss, at Western, at Butler, at PRP. As I understand, the Metro Athletic Directors chose to raise prices this year. There are no children tickets….under 12 free. Schools can give discounts to students…$5 for students. At least that is what I have seen at JCPS schools….and possibly even DeSales (think I had to pay $10 there too).
  9. How many years has it been since you've seen a top 25 without PRP in it?
  10. Isn't University Heights a private school, although neither Catholic nor Christian. That would eliminate several of these years from the list.
  11. Final. Western will play Bullitt East Saturday evening for the 6th Region Title.
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