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  1. I agree. In the QB1 show it made him seem normal. Today shows how he really is, almost like his brother. His receiver was offside big time and he flipped out. It wasn’t a judgement call, it was clear cut as can be. I like Pat Mahomes but today was terrible.
  2. I agree. Why would he take the job at place like Beechwood if that’s the case? I’d imagine he knew what the pay was before he signed on.
  3. The fact that he ran the ball that much AND played LB is also noteworthy.
  4. 3rd time this year for 100+? That is awesome. Is it skill, opponents not being very good or a bit of both? Good luck the rest of the way.
  5. Watched it on 859 Sports Radio. Great job per usual. To me the body language from Newport was “we are the bully’s on the block” and outside of the first quarter that wasn’t true. I felt like they needed to work the ball inside way more, and weren’t knocking down the outside shots. CovCath had Miller playing very aggressive around the rim even with 3 fouls and as 859 said CovCath won the majority of 50/50 balls.
  6. Like said above, FSU gets some kind of money to play in this game and the HC gets a bonus for making/winning this one. Outside of that I’d be ok not playing. Remember this is put on by the Orange Bowl not the NCAA, just like the playoff.
  7. Kid from Eastern flopped and the kid from Seneca said something to him. Kid from Eastern seems to be the one who started the whole thing. Whatever the rules are for leaving the bench need to be fully enforced as well. If not then it’ll just be like another weekend at a money grab AAU tournament. Can’t have a crime if their is no punishment.
  8. Is it as simple as recruiting the hallways, if you have a very good coaching staff? Are there economical factors that would keep kids from playing (working on the farm)? I feel like if you get the numbers and have a good staff in place to en there should be zero issues with competing. There are many rural schools that compete every year .
  9. Is this hire the cause for the huge jump in numbers? Or something else? Good luck to the new coach.
  10. Does this increase the amount of Preferred Walk-On offers to high school seniors? Kind of like a tryout for a scolarship.
  11. Biggest question is how did it start. Player for Eastern not helping the situation by clapping at the Seneca players. Was anyone going to help the other player from Eastern that was being pushed all the way across the court?
  12. This is such a great tradition and great honor for any NKY football player awarded this. It was a huge deal for any NKY player "back in my day" to be named to the Top 24. I love how the tradition stays alive.
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