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  1. Best Chinese Buffet in the Cincinnati area is the Szechuan House which is located in Sharonville, OH. Their eggrolls, moo shu pork, black & pepper chicken and crab rangoon are fantastic. The place is clean and doesn't feel like a "buffet". As far as Thai food, I've been big on Thai Namtip off of Northbend road in the Cheviot, OH area. Their Southern Style Fried rice with chicken is amazing. I've asked for the recipe on several occasions, I think I'm making progress.
  2. Welcome to the party guys and gals.
  3. Ha, I wish. Just a walk in the woods. Although, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express one time.
  4. I saw several on my cicada patrol on Saturday. The holes are everywhere. Should be any day now.
  5. I heard on the radio that the Coast Guard reopened river traffic this morning.
  6. There's a Ginger Ridge Rd on Rt. 52 in Ohio not too far from Zimmer power plant. Co-worker tells me I need to buy property back there... says I'd fit in with all the other red heads.
  7. Who would want to walk into this mess at UC after the way this situation has been handled.
  8. Officials seem a little Bulldog friendly.
  9. 45-20 Baylor at the half. Houston looks like they've quit.
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