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  1. It’s not really close IMO. He’s the GOAT.
  2. Only a lopsided score to make themselves feel better.
  3. Wallace beat Trinity his first year at X, but yes, this is one he needs to win IMO.
  4. Well some claimed they were back after their Week 1 win against Bowling Green. So you've missed that particular bandwagon. 😂
  5. Then that is the parents' fault, not the "fools" in professional sports...
  6. I don't think this is automatically the case for programs that play juniors. A lot of the times, especially in programs with huge numbers, it will be like @LongTimeReader described, playing juniors who are buried on the varsity depth chart to get them reps. As someone who played in a tiny program (fewer than 30 kids total), often times we had to play juniors on JV, even juniors who would play on Friday, simply to be able to field a JV team. @Bear3hit the nail on the head, the purpose of JV is different at every school.
  7. For reference, Trinity's four opponents are 14-4. Assuming Trinity actually lost to Moeller and it wasn't a Covid forfeit, that would put the mark at 18-5.
  8. Oldham County's opponents are a combined 6-13, the worst of them being Simon Kenton at 0-4. The one team with a winning record that OC has beaten, Fern Creek, their opponents have a combined record of 1-13.
  9. Luckily, most of this will get worked out in the coming weeks. Great opportunity for discussion in the meantime.
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