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  1. It's not Kentucky blue, so it's fine.
  2. The sooner people can accept this (kinda shocking they haven't), the sooner we can enjoy CFB without worrying about who "deserves" a shot.
  3. Glad you said this. Some people seem to think this changes things for the G5, and IMO it doesn't change much at all. Sure they may get into the Top 12, but they still aren't winning a National Championship. This is 90% optics, and once the new-ness of 12 teams wears off, we'll be looking at the exact same 3-5 champions every year.
  4. Very competitive game throughout, Danville was just able to get a couple hits and one bomb which was the difference.
  5. Kroger fried chicken is really good, at least around here.
  6. Great ribs are absolutely killing great fried chicken, so I went with ribs.
  7. It's not about atmosphere, it's about elements. Nobody would argue that the SEC has some of best atmoshpere's in CFB.
  8. I think playing every game up to the semis on campus is exactly what should happen. The SEC would NEVER go for that.
  9. Was it really though? BCS used computer numbers as ranking didn't it?
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