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  1. Whoops. LOL. CovCath and maybe Scott County would be in the discussion as well in that case.
  2. We could discuss other teams, but it wouldn't be for the top spot. Trinity has been in a class all their own. Seven titles in that time frame.
  3. Great point. The number of true positives would go down in that scenario, but the death rate would go up.
  4. Which do you prefer, the pool or ocean? For the sake of the poll, with a pool you get a nice sun deck and with the ocean you get the beach. For me, it's not even close... Give me a big pool and a nice sun deck eleventy billion times over the beach/ocean.
  5. I mean, it would be pretty hypocritical to allow everything to reopen and then say we can't play high school football because it isn't safe. Of course, no one would be surprised if that were to be the case, but you can't open everything and then in the same breath try to argue that high school sports aren't safe.
  6. The five star guard will play for the Lady Vols. Congrats to Brooklynn!
  7. It's filthy right now. It won't be in a couple hours. 😎
  8. Hot + No Rain = Fresh rides.
  9. If you go to upload a new avatar, it will allow you to crop it to the allowed size.
  10. That makes sense. Also means zero percent chance I attend.
  11. Sign me up for that one, as long as it's in Ft. Thomas.
  12. I remember my first time seeing him at KOB in 2018. Kid is a player. Well deserved.
  13. Every day on this year I think that the reason the Mets are terrible is because of the world's worst contract.
  14. You can also make it your "default stream" so that you can just click the "unread content" anywhere on the site and it holds those settings.
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