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  1. That’s not a bad schedule for them. They should go 4-1 at home without much issue and probably 2-3 on the road.
  2. Still not great IMO. Pitt and GT on the road could be tough ones. I expect Miami, FSU and VT to be decent, but those are in Louisville. ND is the only one I look at right now as a guaranteed loss.
  3. Pioneer League will not play in 2020. This means no football for Morehead State.
  4. No kidding. UofL’s QB room is pretty full over the next few years but I’d say Satterfield and Co. will definitely be checking this kid out with him being in town.
  5. He visited UK in December. Moving closer to where he’s gonna go to school perhaps?
  6. Kid looks like the real deal. I’ll have to keep an eye on him.
  7. Big change for the state fair, only participants will be able to attend. No midway, no food vendors.
  8. To the anti-mask crowd, one person wearing a mask testing positive validates them.
  9. Apparently no one in NKY is wearing them, so not really hard to believe.
  10. I may be the only person that feels this way, but I was kinda bummed we lost Clemson. The only way it's better is if you got ND at home. Other than that, I'm happy with it.
  11. Yeah I think Nicole is just recency bias. If we're talking about star power or real All-Stars, Derrick should have been on before Nicole, IMO. Surely they asked Derrick and he said no.
  12. Same! I've definitely watched Dr. Will. I started watching "live" in Season 15 where Andy won, watched every episode since. But I've also gone back and watched several other seasons before that. I was disappointed that we didn't have any of the three you mentioned as well. I don't even know who the most "famous" cast mate is in this season, maybe Janelle?
  13. 9/12 - Western Kentucky 9/19 - Miami 9/26 - @ Pittsburgh 10/3 - Open 10/9 - @ Georgia Tech (Friday) 10/17 - @ Notre Dame 10/24 - Florida State 10/31 - Virginia Tech 11/7 - @ Virginia 11/14 - Open 11/20 - Syracuse (Friday) 11/27 - @ Boston College (Friday) 12/5 - Wake Forest
  14. Glad we are getting Big Brother this summer, even if it’s a couple months late. I’m excited to watch some of the players I don’t know from earlier seasons.
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