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  1. I think it is very serious, don't in any way consider it fake news, and I still question the numbers sometimes.
  2. Do we believe that is what is happening? I don't know if I do.
  3. UofL has suspended basketball activities for two weeks because two members of the program tested positive for COVID.
  4. Take it to the bank... The people that will complain the most about football being canceled will be the ones who won't wear a mask now.
  5. I numbered your post so I could respond appropriately. 1. I asked the same question last week in here. I think it's probably safe to assume it is not being tracked when the same person tests positive multiple times. Meaning, if I test positive more than once, that's being counted as multiple cases when it should only be counted as one. 2. This is a dangerous mindset. You know hundreds of people and only know of one positive. Others know many less people and know several positives. This is a prime example of "if it's not happening to me, it isn't real." 3. I've gone back and forth on how I think deaths should be tallied. If someone has multiple issues prior to COVID, it's hard for me to consider that COVID death, especially if they are 70+. 4. Of course there are tons of people not wearing their masks correctly, but that isn't a reason not to wear them at all. Instead, if you are wearing your mask too, maybe try to correct them. They are obviously wearing them, so they are at least making the attempt. I've had the opportunity to correct a few different people and they were all receptive. Not saying everyone would be, but many likely are.
  6. Good luck battling who is a family member and who isn't.
  7. Hospitals, fire, police, EMT, pharmacies and groceries. We had WAY more open than just those things.
  8. The numbers are fluid, so I’m not sure what you mean.
  9. This is EXACTLY what should have happened, and is exactly why we've been far behind other countries from the get go. Yep. We never shut down. We just made it look that way.
  10. Thank you. I'm glad some people get it.
  11. This is not really a debate, IMO. Cheeseburger.
  12. Some pretty disturbing stuff in this article from the Courier. If any of this is true, the corruption inside LMPD is even worse than I thought. "LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Breonna Taylor's shooting was the result of a Louisville police department operation to clear out a block in western Louisville that was part of a major gentrification makeover, according to attorneys representing the slain 26-year-old's family. Lawyers for Taylor's family allege in court documents filed in Jefferson Circuit Court Sunday that a police squad — named Place-Based Investigations — had "deliberately misled" narcotics detectives to target a home on Elliott Avenue, leading them to believe they were after some of the city's largest violent crime and drug rings. The complaint — which amends an earlier lawsuit filed by Taylor's mother against the three Louisville officers who fired their weapons into Taylor's home — claims Taylor was caught up in a case that was less about a drug house on Elliott Avenue and more about speeding up the city's multi-million dollar Vision Russell development plan." https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/crime/2020/07/05/lawyers-breonna-taylor-case-connected-gentrification-plan/5381352002/
  13. Hopefully it isn’t two years from now.
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