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  1. I've heard of others doing this as well.
  2. You're entitled to your opinion. I would be shocked if any district kept a team out of the State Tournament for that reason.
  3. You think CovCath doesn't play if they are in the Sweet 16?
  4. No chance a district keeps their team out of the Sweet 16.
  5. "She can turn off the light and be in the bed before it gets dark." 😂 I miss those "Thackerisms." He always kept us cracking up!
  6. I've always heard working the pole was pretty lucrative.
  7. Yeah, it's trying too hard, but I get why they do it. Nobody likes Hills. 😂
  8. Highlands has a turf infield. Trinity, St. X and Ballard all have turf.
  9. Definitely. That visitor side was extremely dark compared to normal.
  10. It was crazy how much light you lost with just that one pole being gone. It was very noticeable.
  11. For $100k that thing better light I-65.
  12. You'd have to bend it, but you could still get a strap in there. I'll take the 10 racks, hold the cheeseburger. 😂
  13. You could easily fit $10k into a Happy Meal box, FWIW.
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