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  1. The answer is simple. It's poor or absent parenting.
  2. Likewise. I just don't see any way they fire him, unless they lay a total egg in the bowl game.
  3. You're both right, IMO. Stoops has obviously worked out great for UK. But he's also pulling in higher quality recruits. The fact that Satterfield does not have a "QB of the future" on the roster is troubling at best. Couple that with a lack of size and you can see why a lot of Louisville fans are ready to move on. I don't know what the right move is.
  4. The Steelers are bad and will be until they have a new defense and a new QB.
  5. Satterfield made a statement along the lines of “Levis doesn’t run that much.” Things like that are impossible to defend. Everyone knows what Levis is capable of. He also said he didn’t believe Louisville was physically overmatched. He’s watching something different than the rest of us.
  6. It’s probably an effort to give Satterfield and Co. a bit more slack, tbh.
  7. I would say that’s exactly right. It’s definitely not 70 kids in their first year in the program.
  8. Total domination from the Cats, for the third game in a row. Louisville is simply unable to compete on the offensive and defensive lines, completely outmatched. You can’t beat a good SEC team with mid-major interior lineman. On to the bowl game, I guess.
  9. It’s not running up the score if they can’t stop the run, IMO.
  10. It’s something like 19 or 20 starters would be back next season, I believe. That’s assuming they all return. Schedule is a little lighter next year too. I just don’t see any way they can him after this season.
  11. I think he’s probably a good football coach, but I do think he is not willing to adjust his philosophies to the ACC play. The one thing I’ll say in his defense… 70 of 115 players on the roster are listed as freshman this year. Who would do better than 6-6 with that roster?
  12. It’s warm depending on who you talk to. It would be hard to argue against anybody who thinks that. To have 10 days to prepare and still look this bad is hard to overlook. The fact that it’s happened against the main rival obviously makes it worse.
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