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  1. I'm not saying Highlands won't get a quality coach, because I believe they absolutely will. I just don't think getting any candidate they want will be as easy as it may seem.
  2. Because other coaches have good jobs too. As good if not better than Highlands.
  3. Yes. Highlands is a good job, of course. The question they will face during this coaching search: Is it good enough to lure a good coach away from their current good job?
  4. And some "insiders" don't realize that Highlands isn't going to just be able to pick whoever they want and expect them to come running.
  5. Now you've really done it. 😂
  6. For the record, I don't blame anybody for opting out, especially in 2020.
  7. Serious question... Does he have draft stock?
  8. Yes, IMO. Boyle, LexCath, Franklin County, Corbin, Johnson Central, Central is quite a step up from 2A.
  9. I just meant at Beechwood in general. He's got the hardware. Is there really a big difference in a 2A title versus a 1A title? No, IMO.
  10. He doesn’t have anything left to prove at Beechwood. He would definitely have the resume.
  11. Agreed. Gran will be the first casualty IMO and if/when Stoops gets rid of him, that buys him a few more years, at least.
  12. He did, and nobody wanted to listen.
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