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  1. Josh Minkins in the portal for Louisville.
  2. Exactly this. If it were truly about Travis being out, they should have dropped FSU in the next poll following the injury. What I think happened is they expected FSU to lose to Florida without Travis, and that didn't happen.
  3. A transfer of a different sorts, perhaps?
  4. So far Louisville has had three players enter the portal: DL Victoine Brown DE Popeye Williams CB Marquis Groves-Killebrew
  5. Using the KHSAA comparison... Trinity is usually the cream of the crop in 6A and statewide. If we applied the same logic to high school that we do for college, that would mean we always think 6A is the best class because Trinity and Male dominate. How many years do we really think that after Trinity and Male, the next several "best" teams are all in 6A? Not often. Having the best team, or even the best two teams doesn't make a league the best.
  6. I wonder which conference has the most bowl eligible teams?
  7. Here’s something else to think about… Jordan Travis was out last week when the CFP committee ranked FSU #4, was he not? So then how after winning their conference championship game and finishing 13-0 do they drop a spot, with the same team that they were ranked #4 with? Clown show.
  8. Georgia isn’t one of the four best teams?
  9. There are very few scenarios where I will root for Kentucky. This ain’t one of them. 😂 I don’t root against them very often, but I root for them even less.
  10. I would pick Louisville to beat USC at full strength, so assuming everyone for Louisville plays, the Cards win.
  11. “Centrally located” is just a lazy way to say they just want it to be at UK because UK is their team. If Louisville actually bid on the contract, there wouldn’t be a good reason to have it in Lexington over Louisville.
  12. I would be surprised if there weren’t quite a few from both that don’t play, to be honest.
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