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  1. No way CCH is #1. LexCath and Ballard at minimum are better, and St. Henry already beat them, and should be ranked ahead of CCH.
  2. We are already seeing many businesses in places where mandates are being lifted still requiring masks. I suspect that will continue. I don’t understand the rush. We’ve done that before, and the numbers spiked every time. We’re almost there. We can wait a little longer.
  3. “Tornado Alley” definitely seems to have shifted to Dixie Alley over the last decade or so.
  4. I’d say there’s zero chance any of them return.
  5. This is a video someone took of the same storm I was “chasing” that day. The video starts on I-65 North (Male High School can be seen on the right), then onto I-264 East, ending on the off ramp to Newburgh Road. There is a little bit of language.
  6. In those 2011 storms in Louisville, I saw the lowering that would be one of the tornadoes that touched down in NE Jefferson County. On the same day, my girlfriend saw the Churchill Downs tornado.
  7. Does John Higgins officiate high school games? Is the University of Kentucky now a high school?
  8. Just like a school can't "blackball" an official.
  9. Then they shouldn't be officials. Not to mention, a school can't control what officials are assigned to their games.
  10. Sure, but the thread title isn't "What Should Highlands Goal Be?"
  11. Got my first dose scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.
  12. I think the black on the outside makes a huge difference.
  13. I'll start. Many around the program think the talent is there to win games they lost over the last couple seasons. With that in mind, I'm going 8-2 with losses to Bowling Green and CovCath. I don't know anything about McNicholas, so I'm giving the Birds the win there by default.
  14. From @Rocket Man's post in the other thread, here is Highlands 2021 Schedule... How do you think the Birds will fare under new coach Bob Sphire?
  15. TheDeuce


    Three bridges in Frankfort are being temporarily closed because there is apparently a marina that has broken loose from Herrington Lake that is coming down the river and they are worried it may strike the bridges with the high water.
  16. That's because he's from Kentucky. If he wasn't not a single person would be calling for him to play more.
  17. TheDeuce


    Ohio River in Cincy going into moderate flood stage early Thursday morning.
  18. Basically all the tornado sirens in the state going off at the same time.
  19. TheDeuce


    Kentucky River at the Frankfort locks will be just below major flood stage by Tuesday evening and crest sometime on Wednesday.
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