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  1. Kroger fried chicken is really good, at least around here.
  2. Great ribs are absolutely killing great fried chicken, so I went with ribs.
  3. It's not about atmosphere, it's about elements. Nobody would argue that the SEC has some of best atmoshpere's in CFB.
  4. I think playing every game up to the semis on campus is exactly what should happen. The SEC would NEVER go for that.
  5. Was it really though? BCS used computer numbers as ranking didn't it?
  6. My girlfriend works in an outpatient OT/PT clinic and she doesn’t think they’ll be able to stop wearing makes any time soon.
  7. For the first time since May 11 last year, I won’t have to wear a mask at work starting tomorrow.
  8. They got a ring in a shortened season in a "controlled" environment. I know they count it, but if that's the only season/ring he can stay healthy for, that's a big check to cut.
  9. Something he is still very good at is settling a team that may be losing momentum. You could see that last night.
  10. I knew he was a baller, for sure. During this series though, he showed he had some killer instinct mentality, and I’d imagine that will only grow with his game evolving. I’m excited to see how his career progresses.
  11. I’m going on record as saying DBook is going to be the next big thing in the NBA. The bubble last year was just a glimpse, and after this first round against the Lakers, Booker showed what he’s capable of. I think with a more solid PG (Chris Paul is washed), Booker can flourish in PHX.
  12. Simple question... Are the Lakers getting their value in AD, given he cannot stay healthy to save his life? Is his max contract “worth it?”
  13. It's not really debatable, IMO. Pick any championship team from K's era and have them play any from the Wooden/Rupp era... The older team would get boat raced. The competition isn't comparable.
  14. Adam Sandler is probably one of the more famous people that I do not find that funny at all.
  15. I've considered it, but fire fighting is/would be more up my alley.
  16. I'm going to enjoy you all crying about this all next year. 😂
  17. How would K retiring affect who wins the title next year?
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