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  1. "This has been a paid advertisement."
  2. I think that if someone isn’t being satisfied in their relationship or marriage, they should absolutely explore other options.
  3. I believe Fick, for a number of reasons. But I always chuckle at coaches saying they aren't interested or are never taking calls because virtually every coach that has ever been hired said the same thing right before they left.
  4. The only time it's not acceptable for seniors to play JV, IMO, is when those same seniors are getting time on Varsity.
  5. They could be 0-6 after the next two weeks and still be there.
  6. If that were to happen, it would be a great opportunity to host some people needing to take their mind of life for a while. I'm sure Male would take care of them.
  7. Cases down for the second straight week in Jefferson County.
  8. Perry County KY has the worst Covid case rate over the last seven days in the country. Rockcastle, Clay and Knox counties are also in the worst 10 counties nationally over the last seven days.
  9. Agreed, but that's now two posters that have mentioned it and I haven't seen it anywhere on BGP.
  10. I'm gonna ask again, for anyone to answer... Who is saying Beechwood is the best in the state and where are they saying it?
  11. I think UC wins, and I also think they need to score as much as possible in these P5 games.
  12. We could have a very different opinion of Trinity in the next two weeks. But we may not.
  13. Does Urban Meyer have his bags packed yet?
  14. I’m watching it and tough is an understatement.
  15. Every game I watch I detest Roethlisberger more and more. I can't wait until we draft a QB.
  16. Class 6A 1. Male vs. #3 Trinity 2. St. Xavier vs. Elder (OH) 3. Trinity at #1 Male 4. Manual at La Salle (OH) 5. Bryan Station at Tates Creek 6. Ballard vs. Butler 7. Daviess County at 4A Madisonville North Hopkins 8. Ryle at 5A #5 Highlands 9. Central Hardin vs. Henderson County 10. Oldham County at 5A South Oldham
  17. Class 5A 1. Frederick Douglass vs. 6A Henry Clay 2. South Warren -- OPEN 3. Owensboro at Breckinridge County 4. Covington Catholic at 2A #1 Beechwood 5. Highlands vs. 6A #8 Ryle 6. Southwestern at 3A #2 Mercer County 7. Bowling Green at 4A #3 Boyle County 8. Woodford County vs. 4A #6 Franklin County 9. Cooper -- OPEN 10. Graves County at Grayson County
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