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  1. If I bet UofL, it would be to bet against them covering. Years ago there was a stretch I swear they didn't EVER cover, regardless of the opponent or the spread.
  2. Running, I agree. Throwing, not so much.
  3. I have never and will never bet on Louisville, so I’m not your guy there. 😂
  4. I thought the rumor was that if any B1G teams play, they are all playing?
  5. I think most probably already think OSU is Top 4. Instead of playing their way in, OSU would be trying not to play their way out, IMO.
  6. If Louisville can stop the run, I like their chances.
  7. https://www.wave3.com/2020/09/15/city-reaches-agreement-with-breonna-taylors-family/ LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Attorneys for Breonna Taylor’s family have reached an agreement with the City of Louisville, WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters have learned. The settlement includes a significant amount of money reaching into the millions of dollars, sources told WAVE 3 News. It is expected to be one of the largest settlements following an officer-involved shooting in Louisville police history. Taylor, 26, was shot dead when LMPD narcotics officers served a warrant at her home on March 13. The agreement also includes a long list of reforms for the police department. Some of those changes include policy updates for the way the department executes warrants. Other mandates address police accountability. Good. Now charge them. And while we're at it, take the settlement out of the LMPD pension fund, not from taxpayers.
  8. The Panthers got off to a slow start last week, eventually leading to a 40-20 loss to their neighbors from Shelby County. Western Hills went on the road to dominate Paris 39-0. Can the Panthers rebound in this Capital City showdown, or will the Wolverines make it six in a row against the Panthers?
  9. Teams and landscapes change from season to season. A team being .500 the previous year certainly doesn't disqualify them from being Top 10 the next, IMO.
  10. This likely won't be close. Purples easy. And Mike Linnig's is the SPOT.
  11. I'm picking the small school! As @Tigerpride94 pointed out, if CovCath is the best in 5A, this should be a win, and a comfortable one IMO.
  12. I'm just asking where you think they should be ranked. If you're that confident they aren't Top 10, seems like you'd have an idea where they should be.
  13. Announced attendance was under 12k. The upper deck was completely closed, no one was up there. Where we were looked similar to the spacing everywhere else in the stadium, and the closest people to us were at least ten feet away, so it felt comfortable.
  14. A freshman team may show potential, but that doesn't mean a good freshman team translates into a good varsity team in 2-3 years, even with proper recognition and attempted development.
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