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  1. There’s the Skyline Scott we all know and love.
  2. Shedeur is him. Dude throws a SEXY ball almost every time.
  3. Cards took the foot off the gas and it almost cost them.
  4. Cards bullying IU so far. 21-0 Louisville just before half.
  5. There are a lot of Kentucky kids who've dreamed of playing for UK, program prestige doesn't matter to them. Could be the case here. There are also instances when local schools don't show much interest initially, and then when a big school offers, they suddenly become interested.
  6. Trinity will not beat anyone of substance with this many mistakes.
  7. You could even throw Calipari in this as well. He is on TV literally every March during tournament time.
  8. I don’t really see it as being any different than the attentional the Alabama’s and Clemson’s of the world have always gotten when they were really good.
  9. People are already growing tired of it, but it’s because they don’t like Deion’s style. There are some underlying things here as well, IMO, that I won’t get into. For the continued naysayers, if Deion is your coach and he had resurrected your 2-10 football team, you’d love him.
  10. Yeah, I just don't see that as a district issue. Those schools made that decision on their own. I'm not sure it's a terrible policy, FWIW.
  11. I'm certainly no JCPS apologist, but how is that a JCPS thing and not a Male thing?
  12. I don’t see this being close. Highlands should roll.
  13. He will absolutely play next year if he can walk. He's not giving up that money.
  14. You kinda feel bad for Jets fans, honestly.
  15. I know what you mean, but I don’t think I’d characterize it as survivors guilt. More of “Damn, that could have been me.”
  16. 6A thins out pretty quickly after the top 7-8. IMO the gaps are: 1-4 (interchangable depending on the week) 5-8 (also interchangable) Everyone else
  17. Sophomore year, geometry class. The school receptionist came in and said we need turn on the TV. We didn't change classes that morning, and reported to our home room for the rest of the day after lunch.
  18. That guy is an embarrassment to Male. Zero professionalism, and that is beneath the Male program.
  19. Class 6A 1. Saint Xavier vs. Elder (OH) 2. Frederick Douglass at 4A #2 Corbin 3. Male vs #4 Trinity 4. Trinity at #3 Male 5. Manual vs. 5A #3 South Warren 6. Bryan Station at Tates Creek 7. Ballard at #10 George Rogers Clark 8. Bullitt East at 3A #3 Central 9. Pleasure Ridge Park vs. North Hardin 10. George Rogers Clark vs. #7 Ballard
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