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  1. This still makes me chuckle. "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SXI-eLMq1E
  2. Thanks to all who served our country. Any Vietnam or Desert Storm veterans on here? I'm just curious.
  3. There are games Monday night too. I'll travel to Walton to watch Beechwood.
  4. How is the end of the week looking?
  5. Anything? I got a bad feeling about this. Sending prayers.
  6. I've heard from several people in different school districts that there are students identifying as cats and dogs and are dressing like these animals on a daily basis. Apparently some schools have been putting litter boxes in high school bathrooms to accommodate these students. Covid-19 isolation may have had deeper consequences then I realized.
  7. Click below to #2 in my Caleb series. Caleb was a pretty cool dude that was not afraid to stand alone. Nonetheless, when someone has our back, we feel a lot better. https://lystracoc.sermon.net/main/main/22027944
  8. Did you guys catch that funny looking punt from the Dolphins end zone?
  9. Been living in northern Kentucky since 1985 and following sports pretty closely since 1991. Tonight is my first time ever stepping on Cov Cath’s campus. I watched them play in multiple sports several times, they were just always at different places. I was surprised how easy it was to actually park and get in the stadium. I assumed they would have more room to sit. The stands on both sides is nice, I just thought it would be a little bigger. Good looking field. Scoreboard looks older.
  10. Started a series through the life of Caleb. He was a pretty cool dude. Should be an interesting listen. https://lystracoc.sermon.net/main/main/22025010
  11. Nintendo: Mike Tyson's Punchout Arcade Game: Rampage (where you are a gorilla and you knock down buildings) Commodore 64: 4th and Inches
  12. What does hurt ticket sales, in my opinion, is the online ticket platform. I think there are people who do not like downloading apps, putting in their card number, and paying a 2 dollar processing fee.
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