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  1. MY grandparents are from Beirut. I still have cousins there. I hear it is one of the most gorgeous countries in the world. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most dangerous.
  2. I have never owned a Facebook page. I have never seen the movie E.T.
  3. I was just throwing a number out there that I thought was close. I thought Cov Cath was around that number.
  4. I was talking to my uncle the other day about how private school enrollment is going to look this fall. Will parents be willing to pay that top dollar for private school education if there is a chance that their children will be sitting at the kitchen table doing their work at some point during the school year? Will there be families that will send their kids to the local school district since it is tuition free even if they have always been in a private setting. For example, will a family living in Burlington be less likely to pay 15,000 dollars (IDK) to send their kids to St. Henry since the last two months of school last year were spent at home. Will they say "why don't we just send them to Conner or Camp Ernst?"
  5. I may, you are correct. But if you took a test yesterday and you do not It have it, then what is gained by wearing a mask? I may have contracted it in the last 24 hours? If so, then why even take the test?
  6. I do not think anyone is debating the spread of germs. If I do not have the Coronavirus, then why do I need to wear a mask? I usually do wear one in stores and businesses because I think a business has the right to require something of me in order to enter their private property. For people that make a scene in stores when being asked to wear a mask, you should not do that. It is not very nice. For people that make a scene and yell at people for not wearing a mask in a store, you shouldn't do that. It is not very nice.
  7. I think the numbers are padded.
  8. I wear a mask for the most part.
  9. Perhaps leftovers from the protests? Maybe a connection between Hamilton County and protests as well?
  10. If we only still had the dislike button.
  11. Do we really want to look at the stats of deaths related to smoking vs those related to Covid? But I am actually with you a little. I don't like anyone telling a business owner whether or not they can allow smoking in their restaurant or business. If I start a business, then it should be up to me whether or not I allow smokers or non-mask wearers in my business. I invested the business risk so I should be making the decision.
  12. If I am responsible for other's health I am going to start grabbing cigarettes out of people's hands.
  13. This is going to take some getting used to.
  14. I like the original Cherry, with no frosting or sprinkles, and not toasted.
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