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  1. I did not feel good the following day. MY arm was sore and I felt tired and cranky. I've heard that the side effects are worse with the booster I am supposed to get in two and half weeks.
  2. It'll be interesting to see what their rep says at the KHSAA meeting tomorrow.
  3. Four months until the Cicada Apocalypse. My first experience was in 1987 as a six year old when we moved here from Michigan City, Indiana. I got married in May of 2004 and remember a couple in our car as we left the church. I am really not looking forward to them this year. This is my first as a golfer so we will see how fun the golf course will be. I also wonder if my family will be venturing out to Silverlake Waterpark in Erlanger. I know some people that eat these ugly bugs, but I have never had the courage. How do you feel about the upcoming onslaught?
  4. Got mine yesterday. I was going to post a before and after photo but they looked exactly the same.
  5. I don't know how schools can do that. Teaching salaries and coaching stipends are usually set up at the district level. Its not like college where you negotiate a contract. Usually the football coach and varsity basketball coaches make about the same money. Boosters can't just pay a little extra on the side. But hey, there are always loopholes.
  6. I say Technical foul. Now if the ball was already in bounds, it would be a violation on the offense for an intentional cut out of bounds.
  7. Out of curiosity, why am I not seeing Dayton on the bracket anywhere?
  8. Started a new five-week series through the life of Elijah. He is one of the Old Testament Heroes. http://lystracoc.sermon.net/main/main/21727237
  9. I think slapping the ball is an automatic tech with no warning. The defender intentionally running out of bounds would be a whistle and warning.
  10. I was feeling pretty strong so I decided to put the 45 pounders on each side. I actually stand and perform the curl instead of the sitting position. I've been going light weight with more reps for about three weeks due to some pain in my flexor and elbow. I've been going 20 pounds on each side, at 3 sets of 25. My goal was 3 sets of ten with the 90 pound total. I was feeling pretty good. I think I completed two reps and then put it down. Kind of a humbling experience.
  11. Colonel, Do you know if Collins is streaming games? I wold like to listen to the Grant/Collins game tomorrow.
  12. I too am unsure what Fulcher would bring to the table, but CCU was in the hole and closing down when they started their program. The school or program would not have survived even if the record was 22-0. I would put no stock in the 0-22 record.
  13. @CincySportsFan Lets us not forget Ryan Hanigan for David Holmberg. Hanigan had a five year stretch where his obp was .370.
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