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  1. Lady Tigers take the first two games of the set in a loud and packed gymnasium. Game three coming up.
  2. Here he is singing Rocket Man. Perhaps one of the coolest performances ever.
  3. Strong Christian man at my church died a couple of days ago. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and, at first, it kicked his butt. He took all the treatments and refused to quit. He beat cancer around 2018 but still went for scans. He got his COVID vaccine last spring, got COVID two weeks ago, and succumbed to the virus Tuesday morning. He was in his 80s and was dedicated to the church his whole life. I'm doing the funeral on Tuesday, it's going to be a tough one.
  4. Friend, just because you see something in the sky and you don't know what it is, does not mean it is an actual UFO.
  5. PP1

    Stink Bugs

    Anyone else have them? I hear that as it gets colder they will try to hibernate in the house behind pictures and cabinets. I usually grab them with toilet paper and flush them. What are your tricks?
  6. Geez, what happened to my Bellevue Tigers?
  7. Anyone else turning into a Dodger fan this evening?
  8. I wonder if the ratings for these kind of runs are high. I get annoyed by this Matt guy and just turn it off when it is clear that final jeopardy will not be interesting.
  9. PP1

    Farmer's Almanac

    @nWo I read an article that says the Old Farmer's Almanac predicts a long and snowy winter for Ohio and Kentucky. How much stock do you put into their predictions?
  10. It is kind of funny hearing Cov Cath fans complain about the legitimacy of an opposing team's roster and personnel.
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