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  1. I'm with you. The last week of the regular season is the worst of the year, then the following 2 weeks are the best 2 weeks of the school year.
  2. Click below to Sunday's sermon over a specific healing. We also get to discuss how to handle inconsistencies between various versions of the Bible. An interesting listen. https://lystracoc.sermon.net/main/main/22230347
  3. I must admit, I am not the best at reading your maps. In fact, without you to interpret, I would be studying the, for hours before reaching a conclusion. It appears though that if any part of Ky receives snow, it will be north of Lexington?
  4. I liked it better when these teams played each other two times a season.
  5. Link below to last week's sermon from John 2. Jesus performs his first public miracle. https://lystracoc.sermon.net/main/main/22227010
  6. Just got back from seeing Season 4 episodes 1-3 at the Florence Cinemark. I recommend giving it a watch.
  7. SK by 12 with 2 minutes left. The referees are really showing there inexperience. After a couple of technical fouls they conferenced at mid court for about eight or nine minutes before deciding what to do.
  8. 41-28 SK with about 4:30 left. I will probably head to the movies in a few if it does not get a little closer.
  9. First time seeing SK this year. They have a good point guard, number 10.
  10. 17-16 GC at half. Both teams are playing very hard. Lots of intensity and both teams are playing very clean. Very unusual officiating calls though. It’s a very unusual crew we have. I wish I could take a picture and show you, but I think that may be unethical.
  11. 6-5 SK after 1. Grant is started 0-8 from the field. Very unusual officiating crew for this big game. I wouldn’t put either of these three in the top 10 referees in the region.
  12. Treating myself to a nice matinee before I go watch the chosen tonight. I’ll send the quarterly updates.
  13. Bigger margin than I thought. Has Grant County rescheduled the Simon Kenton game yet?
  14. I started a new series Sunday through the book of John. Easter this year is early so this gives us a chance to look at Jesus' life all the way through his death, burial, and resurrection. https://lystracoc.sermon.net/main/main/22224241
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