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  1. PP1

    Housing Market

    My monthly Zillow Zestimate came today. I could make 110,000.00. It is tempting but there is nothing for sale now that I want to buy and houses for rent are 500 dollars more than my mortgage. But I could pay off both cars, my student loans, couple of other small debts, and still have a good chunk of change left over.
  2. Click below to yesterday's sermon over the 1st Commandment. If you do not believe that God is the one and only God, then I don't see how anything else in your Christian life matters. http://lystracoc.sermon.net/main/main/21824324
  3. In all honesty, this on my mind. My 5-year old is on the spectrum and, I'm not saying it was the cause, but I remember thinking when he was about eighteen months old "Gee we are shooting him up with a ton of drugs these last six months." I'm not saying it sparked autism and I can't even say that my son "seemed different" right after the vaccines, but I felt uncomfortable when it was going on and I didn't say anything. I just chickened out and trusted the professionals. I have a 9-year old healthy boy and I do not know if I want him to get the vaccine when the age limit drops.
  4. Are they not in the Northern KY Athletic Conference? I thought they had to play all the Boone County Schools?
  5. Started a new series last week over the Ten Commandments or "The Decalogue." I actually preached through this in 2014, but I've been there over ten years and I was kind of brain cramping when deciding what our next study should be. http://lystracoc.sermon.net/main/main/21821614
  6. I think Coach Grammar is a pretty good coach, but he is a job hopper.
  7. Mustard, relish, and sometimes sauerkraut. I like them well done with black marks.
  8. Ginger Ale or, what I have discovered the last three years, sparkling water.
  9. Coke with a wedge of lemon in it. Amazing. Goes great with Mexican Food.
  10. @B-Ball-fan I realize you have ventured into the world of 21st Century Hip-Hop, but this just may be the coolest music on the internet. Never forget your childhood.
  11. Anyone ever been? Looking for a late summer family thing. Where exactly is it? Frankfort I assume?
  12. I'll be looking forward to seeing my Alma Mater. Batavia does not often make the trip across the river.
  13. Watching the U.S. Open, I catch Jordan Spieth teeing off on number six. He looks cut. Up until about five or six years ago I didn’t think that golfers liked to put on muscle mass. His arms look much more defined.
  14. When we say Cracker Jacks, are we only talking about the kind in the box or just all caramel corn in general? I went to Simon Kenton for a football game in 2018 and bought a bag of the best caramel corn I have ever had.
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