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  1. This is going to take some getting used to.
  2. I like the original Cherry, with no frosting or sprinkles, and not toasted.
  3. PP1


    According to a Simpson's episode back in 1996 "if you've ever touched a penny, the government has your DNA. Why do you think they keep them in circulation?"
  4. Because sometimes facts are wrong. Sometimes facts are colored by the personalities of those that present them. By nature, data is objective, but the way people interpret the data is subjective. We have seen different "experts" have differing opinions on the virus over the last three months while the data is the same. I am actually with you on this one, but I do question some of the facts that have been presented to us since late-March.
  5. I think I disagree. I think there are a lot of college kids that do not and have not. I think this is just something that people say. Kind of like when someone smokes a lot of marijuana they will say "Everyone smokes marijuana" or when a married person is checking out someone that is not their spouse and they say "everyone looks." Probably over half of college kids party, drink, and act a fool, especially if they are living on campus. I doubt it is "basically all" of them though.
  6. Michigan City, which ironically is in Indiana.
  7. I thought it was interesting how they explained the difference in conditioning between the two sports. Also, I was a Toni Kukoc fan and I liked how they emphasized that fact that despite all the drama on the last-second play, that the shot did go in and the Bulls did win. I must not have put the whole controversy together at the time.
  8. I've been to the grape leaf about 4 times. I am always on Frankfort Avenue the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I go there once a year and always look forward to it.
  9. Anyone else enjoy a good Gyros? Greek to Me on Dixie highway makes a good one.
  10. I've never had a Ky Hot Brown that I thought tasted great. I don't really understand open-faced sandwiches.
  11. I love a steak Hoagie from Pasquales/Fessler's.
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