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  1. Don’t open your mouth as a player and you don’t get technicals...especially 2 in one game.
  2. Grant county as expected defeats Williamstown tonight. They will play winner of SK/Walton on Friday night. Pretty sure they are the 1st team in 8th to qualify for Regionals. SK/Walton 6pm Tuesday should be a good game if Walton is knowing down shots.
  3. Luke Dawalt of Grant County scores his 1500th Point tonight against Bracken County. He lead the Braves with 27 point and 9 boards on their 20th win of the season. He also has has over 900 career rebounds. He is a great player and even better young man. Congrats!
  4. Very exciting back and forth game. Great game for 6pm on Saturday night. Baseline ref had no business calling the travel at end of game. He could not see the ball. Dawalt for Grant had his back to baseline near mid court and ball was bobbled. He was absolutely not in position to call it. Two officials out front of play And were not going to call it. Terrible call in late game situation. Not sure if there is a better guard in the state than McKnight. He went and got a huge rebound put back with and one late that was prob biggest play of the game. The 8th is definitely going to be a great tournament. I wouldn’t be shocked if Collins loses to Anderson.
  5. Grant moves to 16-8 on season. Grant played very unselfish 2nd half. Had to have 20 assist. Absolutely owned boards. Very exciting and fun game to watch. Walton shot lights out first half with 7 maybe 8 threes. Not sure if they hit a 3 the second half. 32nd district tournament: (1)Grant County vs (4) williamstown (2) Simon Kenton vs (3) Walton Verona
  6. You put McKnight on any team 5-12 team in the 8th and they would be top 4 in the region. He’s that good and that’s the difference. Then just add solid athletes around him and coaching puts the ! On
  7. Problem with 8th refs is that there are only 10-12 really good refs. 6 of them were prob at all A boys/girls finals. 3-4 of them ref other regions. Then add any other big Friday night 8th Region games like Collins/Spencer and Shelby/Anderson. I think 1 of the 3 refs were top 20 refs if your lucky. I guess it wasn’t bias but just bad. Also with the intensity Oldham brings all the little fouls will get over looked. No matter what Oldham is way better than Beecheood.
  8. I like Spencer in another close game as long as everyone is healthy and they stay out of foul trouble.
  9. A little closer than than I thought it would be. Bearcats must have shot well again
  10. Did Vickers play for Grant? He went down with ankle injury against Harrison. Any stats besides shooting?
  11. Harrison hung around entire game. Grant really Couldn’t put them away. Lots of fouls on both teams. Dawalt had to have about 20 boards.
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