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  1. Terrance Brooks or Tony Wise is what I have heard.
  2. According to Prep Hoops Kentucky twitter this evening a Multi Year five Star is enrolling to play for the Colonels. A lot of speculation is that it is 2023 Rayvon Griffin from Taft High School in Cincinnati.
  3. IN STATE TRANSFERS 1.) Sosthene Kamba - 10th Grade Louisville Eastern (New School) Ballard (Old School) 2.) Ben Wilson - 10th Grade Louisville Eastern (New School) Ballard (Old School) 3.) Turell Cleaves Jr - 11th Grade Jeffersontown (New School) Butler (Old School) 4.) Robby Todd - 11th Grade Rowan County (New School) Dunbar(Old School) 5.) Kale Gaither - 12th Grade Madisonville North Hopkins (New School) Union County (Old School) 6.) Brytton Walker - 11th Grade Madisonville North Hopkins (New School) Warren East (Old School) 7.) Zander Carter - 9th Grade Ashland (New School) Greenup County (Old School) 8.) Sean Marcum - 12th Grade Ashland (New School) Cabell Midland WV (Old School) 9.) Tyler Marcum - 11th Grade Ashland (New School) Cabell Midland WV (Old School) 10.) Luke Manns - 11th Grade Pikeville (New School) Betsy Layne (Old School) 11.) Blake Robinson- 12th Grade Covington Holy Cross (New School) Grant County (Old School) 12.) Anthony Pollata - 12th Grade Shelby Valley (New School) Pike County Central (Old School) TRANSFERS TO OUT OF STATE 1.) Brandon Rayzer Moore - 11th Grade New Albany Indiana (New School) Jeffersontown (Old School)
  4. Shane Smith has stepped down as head coach of the Braves. Not the ideal off season for Union County this year. Earlier in the spring they lost all-state caliber guard, Kale Gaither, to the KHSAA transfer portal as he moved to Madisonville North Hopkins. Now in mid- June Coach Smith steps down.
  5. Ken Woods has resigned, this will be their third coach in three years.
  6. That is the one I didn’t know for sure how they were divided up.
  7. Nelson County Schools alone have five elementary schools and two middle schools along with the addition of Thomas Nelson ten years or so, they now have to get out and "sell their program to the kids" as they have choices. This isn't to mention Bardstown and Bethlehem High School in the city. The 5th region is an underrated region as they have two counties (Hardin and Nelson) that make up over half of the teams within the region. Outside of the 6th, 7th and 11th I assume that there isn't any other region can make that claim.
  8. Coach Cooksey has stepped down as head of the Lady Eagles.
  9. Bryce Riley will be a junior and was leading scorer last two seasons, Dayveon Livers also averaged double figures. Livers will be a senior.
  10. Joe Hampton has stepped down as head coach and athletic director of the Lions according to the Ashland Daily Independent. Joe led his Lions to a 16th region runner up this past season.
  11. Lloyd Memorial job is open courtesy of the KHSAA Site.
  12. Anytime a kid changes teams and especially to a top 2-3 team in a region, it is going to make news.
  13. Ryan Whitaker is said to be interested in this position.
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