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  1. I hope starting Boyle County DB Cash Logan is ok. Heard it might be ACL injury. Prayers for him.
  2. Coah Hawk is the Coach of the year. What he's done this year is outstanding!
  3. Lexington Catholic beating Covington Catholic opened some eyes, do you think Boyle County should be on upset alert? I know Boyle put a running clock on them earlier in the year.
  4. Their QB played. He just didn't start. LCA Qb played, he just didn't start.
  5. Hearing Danville QB is out this week because he has a concussion. Could be an interesting game.
  6. Do you think home field advantage really matters in High School football?
  7. I heard Burns didn't play in the second half because of a concussion.
  8. Hearing Don Irvine former Danville assistant and longtime Burgin head coach is the new coach at Casey County.
  9. I heard they didn't even interview nobody for the job. I guess they must knew Cooper was there guy from the jump.
  10. Wasn't Brandon Cooper the head coach at Garrard County a few years back?
  11. Hearing Ryan Young applied for this job!
  12. I agree! I hope he gets another shot at leading a team. He will do great with boys.
  13. Lincoln losing Frye and Bodner defensively will definitely make Lincoln play 2-3 Zone the whole game. They will have no size.
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