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  1. Owen Barnes from Boyle County is out for the season with a torn ACL. Pulaski County getting tranfer Gavin Stevens from Somerset will make PC a whole lot better.
  2. MC will be back in the hunt again next year. Hensley is just a Sophomore and one of their other best player got hurt early in the season is also just a Sophomore. I think he name was Harge.
  3. South Warren plays defense like Boyle County, and we know how that went for Frederick Douglass. I'm going with South Warren by 2 TDs.
  4. I think Franklin County not having a QB that can stretch the field really hurt them. Last year Broyles did that for Franklin County. Johnson Central defense was bend but not break all night.
  5. How many titles does Mayfield have when they have been in 2A? They won almost all there titles in 1A. Go back down and beat on the little schools.
  6. I hope Coach Clevenger gets that job back. I know the community, parents, ex players and alumni all want him back. I've seen a few post of parents of upcoming players that they want Coach Clevenger back. Danville better make it happen if it comes open or I could see a few kids going to Boyle County and playing for Coach Haddix.
  7. I agree, I think Johnson Central would be the only team that might have success running on Boyle County just because they have a huge line. Boyle will have a running clock again in the playoffs. 4 games 4 running clocks.
  8. Poor Corbin. Sad part is Justin Haddix aint coming back. The best thing Corbin had they ran off. I'm sure you Corbin fans can watch Boyle County on teamprep1 next week. Haddix will show you how to play defense and score points!
  9. Stop crying! Get in the weight room and come back stronger next year. I would try to score every time I had the ball.
  10. I'm so happy for Coach Dennis Johnson, he has taken some beating during his time at Woodford County, the Administration let him build there when things wasn't going right now look. Let's go Woodford bring it home.
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