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  1. I think Coach McKinney might of found his defense going forward. 2-3 Zone. I watched it online and they seemed very active playing Zone.
  2. Lincoln by 15. They will shoot the lights out playing on there home court. Ralston, Mattingly and Smith will all score in double figures.
  3. I got Garrard with the mild upset. Ethan Cooper and Tavey Quisenberry will be the difference. I dont think Danville can handle the physicality that Garrard will bring to the table.
  4. Boyle was way to Physical for Danville! You better be able to play Physical if you want to beat Boyle. The thing that kinda surprised me was how easy Boyle took Danville off the dribble, it seemed like they was in the lane all night driving right past them.
  5. I agree when Hayden plays under control and not forcing bad shots it takes Danville up another notch. He's already a good player but when he's diving on the floor on the defensive end, getting him teammates involved, playing team basketball, Danville is very good. I think he's the key to Danville's success going forward.
  6. Lincoln got killed on the boards! Luke Imfield had 6 points and they still won. Boyle is the best team in the 12th region this year.
  7. I'm hearing Danville parents are really wanting the AD gone. She's the main reason on Coach Clevenger dismissal. Hearing she got upset with Coach Clevenger on not playing the Boyle County football game this year because she is not going to get gate money next year. Also hearing the Superintendent never comes to any athletic events so she has no clue what's really going on.
  8. I hope the weather don't cause this game to be postponed.
  9. The key is definitely Wood, those 4 guards can play with anybody in the region, getting Wood involved will be the key. I don't think nobody in the 12th region has his size.
  10. Watched it online, I don't understand why Danville don't feed the ball inside to the big kid. He hardly gets any touches.
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