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  1. The Danville coach pulled Kentucky commit too fast and left his relief in too long.
  2. Young would be better to wait on the DCA job. They will be good in the next couple of years. I think Somerset will be in rebuild mode.
  3. Congratulations! Now he needs to somehow get Evan Smith back from Lincoln County.
  4. Murray Garvin is the new coach at Dunbar. Previously was the head coach at South Carolina State.
  5. And Will Bishop from Rockcastle has also enrolled at Lincoln County. They will be loaded next year.
  6. And DCA is going to be good the next couple of years.
  7. I think Brandon Cooper from Garrard County would be a great hire.
  8. Josh Jaggers and Ross Brown was Danville's top choices and they both turned them down. I'm hearing Coach Peach was the only option left.
  9. Coach Peach must really hated being at Trigg County to want the Danville Job. I don't think he will get the support because all the community is still upset over Coach Clevenger.
  10. I'm hearing Hayden and Ford will return for Danville, and Stepp for West Jessamine. Should be interesting!
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