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  1. I see that their out of Louisville, are the a private school?
  2. All of this is true but, foundation was built as Bengals. The FYFL used school and address to select what team you should play for again, like Frankfort, the Bengals have the smallest draw for kids so of course there is gonna be kids come from out of the district. The question about why Frankfort has lost it spark I just think it starts at the youth level and when FYFL lost its structure it hurt Smaller programs. Granted FCHS (Rams/Raiders) and WHHS (Jets/cowboys) have large pools to pull from. Im not taking anything from any program I just think the bigger school are able to take those hits.
  3. I seen something about Notre Dame opting out of the EA sports game... Anybody heard that?
  4. You know they say history will repeat itself...
  5. I do also think the staff is looking to change the culture downtown. When Deuce and I played weight lifting wasn't really a thing. It was there but we didn't have structure in that area. There is a consist 17-18 kids coming every day.
  6. Piggy backing off my last comment... as a Bengals/Frankfort high Alum, FC had 9 players that played for the Bengals.
  7. It starts with the youth. If you were present on how the youth league went the kids in Frankfort district normally played for the Bengals youth team when they league depleted kids had to go else were to play football.
  8. With it being on the next Gen console, I hope it doesn't run on the same engine as Madden.
  9. I know it was posted on ESPN, but I wont believe it till I see it in my hands.
  10. Packers are hot right now, Defensively they have the upper hand.
  11. Neither has lived up to the Kentucky Standard. and I don't think its their fault, they hadn't witnessed the Beast UK is in person.
  12. I think the problem is obvious, the young talent doesn’t have anyone to with experience to show them the ropes, and jus think how many exhibition games they missed out on yo really gel together. This team is really a div II. Team wearing Kentucky uniforms.
  13. I think the weather plays a big part in this game. Lamar Jackson said he never played in the snow. If the weather is bad, Advantage Bills.
  14. The Browns are on a roll but, I think that comes to an end this weekend. Chiefs win by a few touchdowns.
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