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  1. Go on and give Bryan Station Head Coach the coach of the year.
  2. Hearing Danville QB is out this week because he has a concussion. Could be an interesting game.
  3. Do you think home field advantage really matters in High School football?
  4. I heard Burns didn't play in the second half because of a concussion.
  5. Hearing Don Irvine former Danville assistant and longtime Burgin head coach is the new coach at Casey County.
  6. I heard they didn't even interview nobody for the job. I guess they must knew Cooper was there guy from the jump.
  7. Wasn't Brandon Cooper the head coach at Garrard County a few years back?
  8. Hearing Ryan Young applied for this job!
  9. I agree! I hope he gets another shot at leading a team. He will do great with boys.
  10. I would love to see Frankfort and Danville play again.
  11. Danville is going to be a lot better than people think. They return all but 2 starters on offense and defense.
  12. Lincoln losing Frye and Bodner defensively will definitely make Lincoln play 2-3 Zone the whole game. They will have no size.
  13. Caleb Burns of Danville ran for over 1,200 yards as a Sophomore.
  14. Heard several people say that Tommy might end up being the best player to ever play at Boyle County when it's all said and done!
  15. I think Jaxson was forcing it a little bit when he became frustrated. Pulaski did a great job on him all night. #3 for Lincoln is going to be a star!
  16. Freshman Owen Barnes was a man on the glass. Danville couldn't keep him from getting rebounds. Boyle was way more physical than Danville. If Darrian Bell dosen't get a rebound this Danville team will struggle on the glass. Shepperson, Imfield and Barnes carried Boyle all night. Trey Dawson played good for Danville along with Darrian Bell.
  17. IMO Kade will go down as the best athlete to ever play at Somerset.
  18. Braden Sebastian had 46 points in the win. Why does Danville keep playing man against Garrard County? Sebastian has scored over 200 points in four games against Danville. Some things you just dont understand.
  19. IMO he's the player of the year. Gets it done on both ends of the court. I've seen him shut down Sebastian from Garrard, Hayden from Danville, Imfield from Boyle and the kid from South Laurel. Offensively he can score 20 points whenever he wants, he's so unselfish.
  20. This job has Josh Jaggers written all over it!
  21. MVP of the game Elijah Frye. Kid had a great offensive game, and pretty much shut Boyle's County best player down Luke Imfield.
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