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  1. I'll say salsa, but it would be hard to give up cheese dip. Chuy's Ranch Dip would help me fill in that gap in my life though...lol.
  2. It looks like we will find out, evidently he's the next hire.
  3. Rumors are that the Knicks plan on targeting KAT during his free agency and this was the first step.
  4. WWW got his man, Kenny going to the Knicks.
  5. Decent cast. I don't have any issues with anyone they brought back. There are a few others that I would have liked to have seen, but I'm cool with this cast. I'm wondering how they will play differently seeing that most of them are several years older and many are now married with children. Being married with kids makes you a completely different person than being on there as a 20 something single player. Hopefully the maturity cuts down on the "silly" drama and makes for strong game play.
  6. Matt Jones reporting and saying that SI is hearing the same thing.
  7. Rumors are that Big 10 will announce Monday that they are cancelling the fall football season.
  8. I say, let them try anything this season. Perfect time to test new ideas. Too bad they aren't testing the electronic umpire to call ball/strike pitches.
  9. Where are you seeing this? I'm not seeing or hearing these sentiments from anyone. The only thing that I have heard or read about Gatewood is getting him eligible in case they have injuries like last year. I personally think it would be smarter to save him for the next two seasons. While Terry maybe isn't quite as good as his record would indicate, he just may be. I'm team Terry until I have reason not to be.
  10. Not the ones looking to get "paid", those are the top level D1 Basketball and Football players. They have it pretty sweet...compared to normal students.
  11. Kentucky’s Football Schedule HOME Georgia Mississippi State Vandy Ole Miss South Carolina AWAY Florida Alabama Auburn Tennessee Missouri Picked up Ole Miss and Alabama. They will face 4 of the top 13 preseason teams, 3 of them on the road.
  12. If anything, I'd like to see a power 5 licensing deal for the athletes at those schools. All the money goes into one pot and is then divided amongst players evenly. The model of letting each player cut his own deal is ripe for corruption. Coaches will have to promise recruits X amount of endorsements because if he doesn't the next school will. Then you will have athletic departments basically having to beg local businesses for endorsement money to recruit every player they sign. Allowing individual endorsement deals will open the door wider than ever for boosters. Does anyone want to go back to the UCLA Glory Days, where they dominated by buying the best players in the country?
  13. You mean the average student that works 1 or 2 jobs on the side, has to pay for their own healthcare, housing, books, food, travel, tuition and incidentals? The ones that leave school, with in most cases a crushing student loan debt? The ones that have to prepare their own meals instead of having every meal catered and waiting for them at their leisure? The ones that worked their guts out to get accepted to the school, while a kid that barely has a C average has the red carpet rolled out for them? Yeah, average students have it so easy...
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