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  1. Offensive fouls are the difference in this game...UK has got called for them all night, Bama has not.
  2. How is hopping on one foot before falling out of bounds, not walking?
  3. Reusable or neck gaiter the majority of the time. I generally double layer my gaiter.
  4. Western Steer, Western Sizzlin, Red Lobster, Fazolis (during college days), Chi-Chi's, Bonanza and Ponderosa all seemed like special occasion locations.
  5. "Sweet" chili isn't really my thing either...definitely not on hotdogs.
  6. Chili years ago would have been an easy pick for me. That said, my wife's homemade potato soup with bacon bits, chives and cheddar cheese sprinkled on top makes this an impossible choice for me.
  7. The greatest living legend in baseball passed away today according to a press release by the Braves. RIP Hammer'n Hank.
  8. That's a great point about time saved. Our Coach it seems, spends as much time working on the field as he does coaching.
  9. I'm glad Fulmer is gone. If I remember correctly, he was a snake when he was on Johnny Majors staff and did some backstabbing to get his job. Then he comes along and helps force out the old AD so he could take that job. Fulmer is a turd in my opinion and I'm glad he was flushed. It may never be known, but I wouldn't be shocked if Fulmer was involved with the McPayments in some way.
  10. I was told that Somerset is in the process of putting Astroturf on their softball field. Is putting turf on softball fields common or at least becoming more prevalent? Which schools have "turf" softball fields?
  11. I noticed that Somerset is in the process of putting Astroturf on their infield. Is putting turf on baseball fields common or at least becoming more prevalent? Which schools have "turf" baseball fields?
  12. I think with its age, I am probably going to just get a new one. Last time I had an element go out, I ran into what CWB was talking about...the threads and inside just crumbled away. Thanks everyone.
  13. Question. I have a 12ish year old electric water heater. Warning light says lower element has gone out. At that age is it smarter to repair (new elements) or replace the entire heater?
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