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  1. He was on the 25th and 50th team. Retired as the 3rd leading scorer in league history at the time.
  2. I like that, but who comes off to make room for him?
  3. Soooo Dabo is strongly denying any interest in the job. Would that be the grand slam hire that would set College Football on fire from a media perspective? I'd never even considered him has an option until I started reading allow his denial stories this morning. He does have it made at Clemson and has a much easier path to the top of college football than he would at LSU. But if he's looking for a challenge the only thing tougher would be following Saban at Alabama. If LSU is will to pay Coach O $19 large to go away, they'll throw stacks at Dabo. He does have the 2nd best resume ove
  4. Any one that's missing? If so, who do you remove to put them on the team?
  5. Jury selection has started for the trial.
  6. BetOnline.ag is the first book to release odds for the conclusion of the LSU coaching search. Lane Kiffin 5/2 Luke Fickell 11/2 Billy Napier 7/1 Jimbo Fisher 15/2 Bill O’Brien 17/2 Mark Stoops 17/2 Bob Stoops 9/1 James Franklin 19/2 Joe Brady 10/1 Mel Tucker 12/1 Dave Aranda 14/1 Urban Meyer 14/1 Jon Gruden 100/1
  7. He should go to UK, Luke won't be at UC next year any way. 😁
  8. Wasn't there some issues between Jimbo and the admin towards the end of the run at FSU? Unhappiness may be a reason to leave A&M, but I see none of that right now. I'd put the Jimbo to LSU odds at about 40 to 1.
  9. One thing that stood out to me from the scrimmage portion. The shooting was MUCH better than in the past years. I know there was no defense being played, but there never is at these. In past seasons, the shooting has been horrible at MM.
  10. Why is she so tied Cincinnati, is that her hometown? Does this mean Fickell is at UC until he retires or gets fired?
  11. There is nothing he can do at LSU that he can't do where he is now. It would make zero sense to make a lateral move from A&M to LSU.
  12. Any chance that they go after Urban? I mean what Urban was caught doing was just another Tuesday night at the Baton Rouge Chili's. They wouldn't give it a second thought down there. 😆
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