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  1. They also had a black one that was "just" $98k.
  2. First Home game on new turf...outfield is natural grass.
  3. @theguru, I know you are more of a car guy than truck guy...but I saw this on a lot in Middlesboro and thought it would be perfect for you.
  4. It's much worse now than it was just two or three months ago. Stimulus checks have driven some of the shortage as well. I was told, you'll be surprised how many couples have came in with exactly $2,800 down payment.
  5. Evidently the Chip problem started when Covid shut down operations for a while last year. Then a major manufacturer had a factory burn down.
  6. Anyone else noticing car lots are way down on inventory right now? Part of the issue with new vehicles is a worldwide Computer Chip Shortage. With new inventories being low, used vehicles are bringing premium prices right now...and blowing off the lots. We have been passively shopping for a new/used SUV since my wife was in a wreck a few months ago. Several times we've seen a car on a lot one night and it would be gone by the next afternoon. Local GM lot usually has 100+ new trucks at all times, they had less than 20. The local Ford dealership only has 2, TWO! F150's on the lot...that's crazy. I'm glad we aren't in a hurry and can take our time, this is the worst time that I've ever seen to buy a car.
  7. Jumper_Dad


    Luau's are tourists traps that I'd avoid if we go back. The food is just fair and the entertainment is OK. I'd look to eat at spots the locals do instead of a luau. I realize that part of the Hawaiian experience is a luau, just don't expect a lot if you go to one.
  8. Jumper_Dad


    I know it may sound obvious but get some fresh pineapple. Unlike some fruits and vegetables that will ripen further after being harvested, pineapple begins to degrade as soon as it is harvested from the field. If you like pineapple, there is nothing like fresh pineapple. Get it at roadside stands or at the Dole Plantation, either way it is great. The North Shore is cool, with a small town feel to the area.
  9. I believe Bowden did it also. There are only a few coaches that could even be considered. 1) The coach has to leave on their own terms not be fired 2) someone that the fan base (donors) love and 3) someone that is done completely with coaching. #1 eliminates most coaches, as all but a very few don't get to end their career on their own terms, most are fired or forced out and have no interest in working for the school any more. My point is that while it is not common, it isn't unprecedented either.
  10. Other schools have paid coaches to be "Ambassadors" after they retired.
  11. Doesn't UofL still pay Denny? They did for many years after he "retired."
  12. The $9,000,000 per year ends in 2029. If he stays until at least the 24-25 season and then steps down, he basically gets $1,000,000 a year as a university ambassador and fundraiser...for life.
  13. He was a hot name 5 or 6 years ago, for about 15 minutes. A lot of people assumed he was on the short list back then. He has been a bit underwhelming since. But as the hot name at that name his name came up whenever these Cal Whatifs were discussed.
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