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  1. I think the thing about just playing conference games is that you know everyone in your conference has the same Covid plan in place. That said, I feel more discouraged today than at any point about college football not happening this year.
  2. That's probably a sizable chunck of their football budget.
  3. Non Power Schools losing those guaranteed money games against the big boys, will decimate their athletic programs.
  4. Definitely savoring that win...would have been nicer if it had been a few years back when my son played.
  5. The filming of this is very well done. If you like musicals, I think that you'd like the way this turned out.
  6. I really like, "The room where it happened" and "What'd I miss?"
  7. Let's say all of the Big 5 schools have at least two losses this season and ND was undefeated against the MAC. There would be several that would be claiming that they were the best...that's what is sad. 😂
  8. I think several schools will do like Stanford and use the Pandemic as an excuse to trim the athletic budgets by eliminating fringe sports. No college is shutting down for the lack of athletic revenue as most colleges make little to no money from athletics above what is spent on athletics. They may shut down sports or cancel seasons for this year, but no school is surviving campus wide because of their earnings from sports. Schools are just happy if sports can pay for them selves.
  9. There is money to be made already that's been passed up. Look at how much money was lost at the end of the basketball season. Money will be lost by reduced fans at games...bowl games, right now I think are dead for 2020.
  10. Received this in a text this afternoon... In the wake of several colleges and professional sports teams considering a new mascot, it's beyond time for Somerset High School to assess their own mascot. Briar Jumper? Oh so you're just going to discriminate against thorns, sticker bushes, and cockleburs? And don't get me started on the alienation of those who opt to skip, hop, vault, spring, leap, or bound instead of jump. It's 2020 Somerset. Wake up. 🐇
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