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  1. Over reaction to a bad game. UK out played Auburn and a couple of breaks went against them and they lost. They played score for score with the same team that hung 48 on Alabama and lost a chance to win due to a missed PAT. Defense then only gave up 7 point in the next two games while team averaged over 30 points a game the last three weeks. Had a bad game today, won't be the last but they still are miles ahead of where they were in the previous decades prior to Stoops.
  2. This QB looks like Joe Montana, needs 8 yards and completes 9 yard pass...over and over. Zone defense is getting picked apart.
  3. Gatewood is warming up on the sideline, throwing to a coach or manager.
  4. Not that has been mentioned in anything that I have read. It seems like the plan is for a stand alone University.
  5. I saw each of them in the theater on their original release. Ep1...Jar Jar sucks, but other than his scenes this movie isn't as bad as everyone says. It has become cool to bag on it. This was the first time we saw a Jedi in his prime and the Darth Maul duel alone is worth watching this one. Ep2...love story was handled horribly by writers and actors. Obi-Wan vs Jango and clones vs droids in full war is great. SLJ as Mace Windu is too cool. Ep3...Anakin vs Obi-Wan duel was great...Yoda kicks some butt...Vader! Solo...fun movie telling Han's back story. Rogue 1...I like it OK, but I love that last scene with Vader Ep4...the OG that started it all, may be corny by today's standards but it's great story telling. Plus Vader chokes people! Ep5...more choking by Vader, 😆. Some argue this is the best of the series. Ep6...Good guys wins, Vader dies...a good wrap up to the series. But wait...there's more! Ep7...better acting and directing, a sweet taste of nostalgia. For me it hit all the notes that I wanted it to. (Wasn't a fan of Adam Driver as Kyle at first...but I was wrong) Ep8...Rey became one of my favorites after this movie. There was one Wonky scene with Leia, but for that a strong episode again. Luke FINALLY being Da Man was nice too. Ep9...answered most of the questions left from 7 and 8. Nice way to wrap it all up. Mandalorian...mix 1/2 Clint Eastwood Western with 1/2 Star Wars and you have this series.
  6. Just announced this week. Plan is build a 4 year university in downtown Somerset. Pretty exciting news for this area, hopefully this moves quickly from planning to building. A board and President already in place and property has been set aside for the development of the campus.
  7. How often are High School Coaches fired in-season for losing? I'd say administration were gutless if the did it before the end of the season. They can't bow down to pressure from outside the school. Fire him? Sure, but AFTER the season not in the middle.
  8. Polston not playing QB for Pulaski tonight. Dugger filling in has a strong arm.
  9. No * for this season. Lakers were the best team when it counted, simple as that.
  10. No, but they can play like the best from time to time.
  11. It's 8:30 and the UT Post game Call-in/Rant show is just now going off...they have been crying for 5 hours on there. https://t.co/KZTRdO75eU?amp=1
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