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  1. I agree, the playoff expansion will be a boon for the SEC. Looking to the immediate future assuming OU/Texas are already in the SEC. A 12-team playoff will look something like this in most years. B1G- Ohio State lock, with PSU probable most years, Wisconsin most years, random other school having a great season....so on an average year B1G will get two or three teams in, with four teams being possible. ACC/ND- Clemson lock, ND probable, Miami/FSU could make a run at any time, UNC/Duke/VaTech likely one of those three make a run each year. ACC/ND probably going to average three t
  2. How does realignment break college football further, in your opinion?
  3. The discussion that I heard was that you'd only play one pod power per year. Example UK would play Bama but not Auburn, Texas but not OU and A&M but not LSU in a given year. That said, the Pods could be completely different.
  4. The most discussed proposal so far has been 4 team scheduling pods. You play the other three in your pod yearly, then two from each of the other three pods...for a 9 game conference schedule. Under this plan every two years you would play every team in the conference and every four years you would play each team in the league both home and away. How the pods are divided up will be interesting. I expect UK to be in a pod with SC, UGA and Florida. Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Alabama and Auburn together. Ole Miss, Mississippi State, LSU and Texas A&M in a pod. Then Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas
  5. Texas and Oklahoma officially asked for an invitation to join the league today. SEC President's to meet Thursday to discuss, it is not clear yet if there will be a vote on Thursday or not. The Texas/OU letter states they want to join the SEC on July 1, 2025.
  6. Worst name in professional sports? Evidently named after traffic statues in Cleveland.
  7. The legendary Florida State Coach announced that he has a terminal illness and is "At Peace." Coach Bowden was one of the best and had a reputation, especially early during the program building years, of playing anyone at any place. Prayers for continued peace and comfort.
  8. If the conference stayed divided East/West Bama, Auburn probably go east. It would make more sense to divide the conference North/South. North- Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina South- Texas, A&M, LSU, Bama, Ole Miss, Miss St., Auburn, Florida
  9. It will take 3 or 4 seasons for things to level out and some normalcy to settle in. We are going to see insanely high and low numbers for kids for the first few years. UNC partnering with their athletes to allow UNC Logo and licensed items to be sold is the smartest step that I've seen so far. I thought that wasn't going to be allowed, but if it is...every school needs to do that.
  10. I had high hopes for this, but it was just...meh. I don't forsee a time that I'd ever want to watch it again.
  11. I think it is currently on HBOMAX if you have that. It's definitely worth your time. Don't watch a cable version with commercials, they drag it out way too long.
  12. Maybe it should only impact the star athletes, but that is a pure fantasy. Every 5 Star, 4 Star, 3 Star and a few delusional 2 Star athlete will be expecting to make money from the moment they sign their LOI. During the recruiting process it won't just be the QB, RB or PG expecting to get "Paid." Every recruit will want to know what they can make if they come to Lexington, Columbus or Knoxville. Players Lounges, Training Facilities, Weight Rooms, Dorm rooms will matter less and less on recruiting visits. Each school will need to have "A Guy" that will meet with players during their official vi
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