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  1. I read this morning that close to 1200 players have entered the TP with over 600 from FBS schools. Sad thing is, all of them won't find new homes.
  2. You're never going to get that 10 deep feeling in the finals no matter where they are held. Yeah, it would be great to fill whatever stadium the games are played at. But 7,000 people are 7,000 people regardless if there are 15,000 empty seats behind them or 45,000. The fans always move down close to the field anyway, so they are sitting roughly the same distance from the teams regardless where the games are played. If you're playing or coaching in the finals, I'd think your biggest memories would be from what happens on the field...not behind you in the stands.
  3. Wade Twins at UK have both entered the transfer portal.
  4. Former UGA 5 Star QB Brock Vandagriff (according to 23/7 Sports) to be headed to UK. If true, he has at least 2 years eligibility left.
  5. Lincoln Riley saying that Caleb Williams will sit out the bowl game.
  6. Matt on KSR Radio has nothing to do with these rankings. He sold the website to another company (On3) a couple of years ago. He just owns the radio show and co-owns KSBar and the "Rasslin" company OVW.
  7. The first year it rained all week and the last three games were played on a mud covered, slippery, sloppy mess of a field...everyone would be complaining about how stupid the KHSAA was for playing at a grass soccer stadium. I for the life of me don't understand the hand wringing over empty seats. I'd think people would enjoy having some room to spread out and not be packed shoulder to shoulder like sardines.
  8. It actually wouldn't be Liberty, as the highest ranked non P5 conference champ they get an auto bid. My argument would be why would Penn St be in over Oklahoma?
  9. I think if this was next year after realignment, Liberty could possibly get a first round bye. 😆
  10. This year's standings with next year's conference alignments. 12 of top 13 are either B1G or SEC.
  11. About the time Williams started making demands of future NFL teams, their team went in the tank. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.
  12. Why do they have to suck up to the SEC. ACC had a 5-2 edge on the committee this year. Liberty is 13-0, where is everyone's concern for them?
  13. I was just saying something similar about Michigan. They could possibly win it all, but I still don't think they are as dominant as some recent past top seeds.
  14. Just asking a question that I've seen several times today.
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