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  1. Rumor mill has slowed the last few days. Early rumors now being denied or backtracked on. I'm in no hurry, just want them get the right coach. Personally hoping for a rumored longshot, but it's a looooong shot.
  2. Final Attendance numbers. 1A 6,109 2A 6,329 3A 9,793 4A 6,181 5A 6,461 6A 9,331
  3. Logistics of playing the finals at a high school site would be horrible. From parking, to extra locker rooms, to seating capacity for a few of the games and countless other issues...it would be nearly impossible for a current high school stadium in Kentucky to host 6 games state finals over two days and do it well. The kids couldn't care less about how full or empty the stadium looks once the games start.
  4. Looking back at scores from when there were 4 classes, guess what I found? Blowouts in nearly have the games year in and year out. First year I looked at was 98, the oldest scores on the Khsaa scoreboard. 3 out of 4 were bad. Same is true most years.
  5. Alabama's best argument isn't against TCU, it's against Ohio State. I know they won't pass them because they were behind them this week. But if the focus is on losses, Bama lost two road games...each on the last play. Ohio State went from a halftime lead to getting crushed at home. This isn't a typical Alabama team and I'm not saying they deserve to be in, but they probably deserve it as much as Ohio State does. FWIW I think @hrcarrierhas it exactly like it will be.
  6. I think UGA and Michigan are safely in regardless of today's outcomes. TCU having one loss in OT in a Conference Title game, in my opinion keeps them in. Then you get to 1-loss Ohio State and 2-loss Alabama for the last spot. An argument can be made for and against both. Alabama lost on the last play of the game on the road in both losses. Meanwhile Ohio State was destroyed in the second half of a home loss. Ohio State lost only 1 time, while Alabama has lost 2 games. No 2 loss team has made the CFP, why start now?
  7. Too much of an advantage to let teams host the finals. I'd argue that the semi finals should be played at a neutral site. I've honestly never worried or understood why people are concerned with a small looking crowd in a large venue. The finals so far have been great this year (except 3A), regardless of venue or crowd size.
  8. Didn't mean to slight any of them, I just believe this year's Corbin team is better than this year's Mayfield or those two LCA teams.
  9. Ohio State is now a lock to get in. Alabama probably needs a bad loss today by TCU to have a chance.
  10. I'd lean slightly Boyle due to this Corbin team being by far better than the teams Beechwood had to get past in the finals.
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