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  1. As long as it’s not Cincinnati Chili, chili would be my choice. I still don’t consider Cincy Chili, actual real chili...it’s a decent hot dog condiment, but it is not chili.
  2. I don't think you'll ever see as many turf baseball fields as turf football fields, mainly because it's basically single use. Many teams benefit and can use a turf football field. I'm not a fan of turf baseball fields, but with the weather for the 1st half of the season that we experience around here, it sure does make it a lot easier to play games and practice. And you can't even quantify the amount of time and effort that's saved on maintenance....it allows teams and coaches to focus on baseball rather than being part time groundskeepers.
  3. Elements are pretty easy, cheap fixes. That being said, you've certainly gotten what you would have expected out of the water heater in terms of service, and tank failures are probably your biggest worry now, and they get more and more likely as it continues to age. The advantage to replacing the heater at this point, is you won't have to worry about tank failure anytime soon, and any new heater will likely be way more efficient, and cheaper to operate than your existing tank. For this reason, I'd probably lean towards replacing the heater instead of just the element, assuming that fits in your budget.
  4. I bought several masks/gaiters made by the Mission company. Double layer, adjustable, very comfortable. I wear masks while at my jobs (although I'm mostly working from home in my main job), and gaiters while coaching.
  5. Granted, it’s likely not all due to mask wearing. Not going out as much, working from home, people staying home when sick all probably play a role too. But this has been a great side benefit.
  6. Very stunning. Just from my own personal experience, no one in my house has even caught a cold since before the pandemic and mask wearing began. I can’t remember ever going almost year without getting sick even once.
  7. How does one get selected to play in this game?
  8. It really depends. For the average person in a mid to lower leve position, this is probably correct. But what if you're a project manager, who's worked on 50 different projects through his career? Or if you've got a 25+ year work history, with many achievements? If it's a position that depends on track record, why would you leave anything off that is related and provides confirmation to that track record? What if the job is requiring vast experience? You have to know your audience and competition that your facing to get the job. One page isn't going to be right for all people and all positions. I think the focus should be customizing the resume to job you're applying for, and proving you're a good fit for the job by listing the related accomplishments. If you can do that in a page, then great. But if a single page makes you look too inexperienced for that particular job, then by all means don't be afraid to go longer. Regardless of the length, it is correct to not list anything that isn't related to or needed for the job you are applying for.
  9. Pondersoa/Bonanza definitely fits the bill for me. Bonanza sponsored my summer baseball team when I was 16/17 and the end of the season party was always held there, and we thought it was a big deal. I hate to admit it, but my Grandparents always used to take us to Golden Corral when I was a kid, and we always thought that was a big deal too.
  10. The type of guy that would settle for that job isn't the type of guy the Bengals need as head coach.
  11. I'm certainly no big fan. But I would at least like to see it every now and then.
  12. I'll play. Probably not every night, as I hate the smaller slates (less than 5 games).
  13. In a perfect world, yes. But as usual, there's much more to the story to getting better and winning championships than just scheduling. And I'd argue that building a tougher schedule isn't the first step in the process.
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