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  1. He played football for Covington Catholic last year, so that is likely correct.
  2. I would guess right up to his retirement date. It sounds like they've already got a replacement for the AD spot in place ready to take over.
  3. I have no idea, and he could possibly wrestle at heavyweight if has gotten bigger. The weight classes did change a little this year. Last year his weight class was 220.
  4. It’s way easier than flossing, and it seems to be effective.
  5. Unfortunately, I completely ignored dental care from the age 18 until visiting occasionally in my mid 30's. I finally figured it all out about 10 years ago, which was about 22 years too late.
  6. Waterpic and a spin brush. My issues are partially a result of going about 15 years without visiting a dentist. I literally have only had 2 cavities in my entire life, so for many years I subscribed to the idea I didn't need to see a dentist because I never had any problems. Plaque builds up very quickly for me, and if I don't get my teeth cleaned regularly, I need to get my teeth scaled every 18 months or so.
  7. I know the dentist part sounds obsessive, but I have found that getting my teeth cleaned 3 or 4 times a year prevents a much bigger, more expensive problem down the road.
  8. As many as I need. I get the flu shot every year, I get my tetanus boosters when required, etc, etc. I visit my doctor twice a year, my dentist 4x a year, my eye doctor once a year and so on. I visit my pharmacy once a month to pick up the prescriptions I need. Is all of this inconvenient? Sometimes. Is it all worth it? Yes. Not getting a booster once or twice a year because it's "too much" is like not washing your clothes because they are just going to get dirty again.
  9. Got my booster on Friday. Side effects weren't as bad as my second shot, but I was more proactive with a Tylenol/advil every two hours, plenty of fluids etc. Still didn't quite feel 100% until today. My wife unfortunately (who is vaccinated but has not received the booster) just tested positive yesterday. She has pretty mild symptoms, no worse than a normal cold except for the loss of smell. She didn't lose taste, really hasn't had much of a fever and is still working around the house.
  10. Redistricting will be coming. It almost happened a few years ago, but was put on hold. Some of what is currently in SK’s district is going to shift.
  11. Savage is also currently ranked #1 in the state in wrestling in his weight class.
  12. Great Coach but I don't think he'll ever leave Twenhofel. He loves coaching at the MS level.
  13. This. Hard to screw up ham, and in my opinion, Ham is the better leftover. Personally, I'll be smoking a turkey and a ham for Thanksgiving this year.
  14. Correct. That's why this argument is really somewhat silly.
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