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  1. Not specifically. But the decision to play or not to play has always been up to each individual district. From the beginning, the KHSAA has left flexibility for the districts to handle the situation in the way they feel is the safest. Not mention, things were improving at the point in time when the decision was made. That's not the case now, and districts are adapting as they see fit.
  2. I can remember occasionally drinking Tab in the late 80's. I have any recollection as to what it tasted like. Honestly, I haven't seen it in years, and wasn't even aware it was still available.
  3. I don't know about the issues in Sparta, but at least in Dover's case, it was the owners of the track that caused the move. Dover Downs International, also owns the track in Nashville and petitioned to move Dover's other date to that Speedway. Dover was experiencing huge declines in attendance drawing 50-60k in recent years vs over 100k as recently as 10-15 years ago.
  4. Short of everyone staying locked in the players house, you are going to be at risk of catching this. Parents who work are in contact with co-workers, kids are now back in school in most places, exposed to other kids who may not be as worried about following all the protocols. You can't tell parents not to work, and you can't keep your kids home from school. Coaches are in the same boat. I'm aware that if I get CV-19, that will jeopardize my team's games or potentially the whole season. I take all the precautions I can. But I can't not go to work. And no matter what I do, if I have one co-worker that gets it, I could too. Should I quit my job?
  5. There are other tracks losing races too. My hometown, Dover, DE, has hosted two races for over 40 years, and is losing one of theirs to Nashville next year. Huge economic impact for that area.
  6. Terrible week one. Maybe my best week ever in week 2. Terrible again in week 3. Drafted 10th, picked Tyreek #1, got Ekeler and Ingram next. Drafted Cam in the 11th round...he was solid in week 1, great in week 2, terrible in week 3. Higbee is my tight end. Went off in week 2, really nothing in the other two weeks. Still to early to tell. Cam will likely make or break my season, and I have to get more out of Ingram than what he has given so far.
  7. 8 total positive tests--3 players and 5 staff members. They've closed team facilities, as have the Vikings, whom the Titans played last week. The Vikings haven't had any positive tests yet. No word yet on how this may impact this weeks games.
  8. The jump ball is really nothing more than ceremonial. If you never see another jump ball, basketball won't be any worse off.
  9. Again, where did I say it doesn't? I specifically said (at least twice ) that it can be a good indicator, but that it's not always completely reflective of what the future holds. A lot can happen to a freshman class over 4 years. Somtimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Stud freshman don't always turn out to be stud juniors and seniors, and the opposite can be true too. And sometimes freshman are stud enough to be able to play varsity, or JV which affects the success of the Freshman team. Again, I don't think SK's freshman team last year was necessarily reflective of whats to come, because the QB of that class was the varsity starter. And freshman ball in no way predicts how well the freshman team will mesh with future classes. Sometimes classes don't fit well together, such as when you're really deep at some positions, but not so deep at others. Varsity ball is about how well classes fit together. Freshman ball is about talent in one class. And when you have consistent talented classes, then yes, you will likely be successful. I like my teams chances in the future if I have a succesful Freshman team. I'd rather be successful at that level than not. But all is not lost if you don't. Playing experience and development is more important at that level than wins and losses.
  10. And bad freshman teams sometimes turn into good varsity teams. At my high school, the grade behind me won 1 game as freshman, and won the state title as seniors.
  11. I never said that. I said it’s not always reflective. Don’t you think SK’s freshman team last year would have been better if Crone had played freshman ball instead of being the varsity starter? Also freshman teams don’t show whole potential, because once freshman ball ends, they are combining with other grade levels, so you don’t see the whole story. So may get a glimpse of what may be to come, you in no way get the whole story of what the future looks like.
  12. You also have to remember some freshman and sophomores play varsity, thus affecting how good the freshman and JV teams are. One example is SK’s freshman team from last year, with Crone starting last year at the varsity level at QB as a freshman. Freshman and JV levels can be a good predictor if the future, but you never know how kids will mature physically or how those classes mesh with other classes at the varsity level. Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  13. I agree with the call. I don't care who you are...if you get seperation from a defender while clearly extending your arm, it's going to get called.
  14. When put in these terms I agree. I’ve just head to many times in the past, that “if this or that hadn’t happened” (which includes more than just turnovers), “things would have been different”. The point is those “things” happen, and they generally happen for a reason. Although I do think the defense plays a larger role in most turnovers than the offense “just making mistakes”. Often, those mistakes are caused by good play, good schemes, and good execution by the defense. I didn’t see this game either. And who knows what either team is really like, with such a brief pre season, and such a crazy off season. But this being a one score game is maybe the biggest shocks I’ve seen in a long time.
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