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  1. Most college athletes are just normal students, dealing with all the issues you mention, with sports thrown on top of it.
  2. Delaware just announced their sports plan. They are going with a Winter-Fall-Spring Schedule. The first season will be the winter season which practive begins on Dec 14th, and 6 weeks of games starting January 4th. "Fall" practice then begins on February 19th, with 6 weeks of games starting on March 12th. Spring sports begin practice begins on April 19th, with games starting on May 6th. Football and wrestling are still really up in the air because current guidelines, which based on the contact level those sports have, are not permitting those sports to be played. https://www.wdel.com/news/diaa-board-votes-to-postpone-fall-high-school-sports-in-delaware/article_1389504a-d813-11ea-9a76-7fde2f9e2051.html
  3. The problem with relegation is graduations and the unavoidable transient nature of college athletes...there's always 1 quarter or so of your roster coming and going every year.. Typically, the smaller schools will move up AFTER the core that made them good for a year or two leaves. Then they get smacked around by the big boys for a season, which hurts them in recruiting. And no way an Arkansas or Kansas would sign on, knowing they could get dumped down a notch. I get what your saying. But I don't think the P5 or the mids would see the benefit in such a system.
  4. I would disagree. Yes you get some nice perks. But it also comes with a lot of pressure, extra work, and demands that are way beyond what the average student has to deal with.
  5. Many internships, especially the good ones are now paid, and have been for quite some time. And to say we shouldn't pay college players because "we'll eventually have to pay high school players" is a huge stretch. High School and college sports aren't even close to being comparable in scope, visibility, revenue or structure.
  6. With the lag in testing results, I think they’ve got to make sure no else has it. Not to mention cleaning and sanitizing. No sense bringing new guys up if they are going to get sick too. Obviously, this is way beyond an isolated incident, and you have to also consider the team they are playing and keeping things from spreading to that team.
  7. Absolutely. Sometimes I think traditionalists would rather the game wither and die holding on to tradition, instead of adapting and evolving.
  8. It looks like it's for all high contact sports. I also read, that several counties, Cuyahoga being one, have guidelines in place that basically won't allow school districts to play fall sports. So not everyone is on the same page in Ohio. That further reinforces my thought that there will be districts in KY that pull the plug on fall sports.
  9. Yes big schools are affected. I don’t think they are being targeted. This is all about maintaining the required social distancing. I would guess you’ll see a lot less of the “extra” personnel this year.
  10. Haven't even looked at it. I probably won't be back on the daily sites until football season.
  11. I think it's fine for this year. Doubleheaders had become pretty uncommon, and obviously that will change this year, as each team only has 6 or 7 scheduled off days all year. Doubleheaders are going to be common with so few off days, and teams could be seeing a couple or more doubleheaders a week. I like the idea that new things are being tried and I think some improvements will come about as a result of this abbreviated season. For example, I thought I'd hate starting with a runner on second in extra innings. Turns out, it's not so bad. Baseball more than any other sport has hard core traditionalists, that are keeping the game from evolving. Let's give things a chance before proclaiming we hate them.
  12. I brewed my own beer for a few years in my late 20's but haven't done so in about 20 years. I quit mostly because I hated all the work required to bottle. I now have a kegerator and an extra fridge and am thinking about starting back up again. I was pretty satisfied with everything I made before, (except a raspberry wheat that never carbonated), but after doing some research I realize I made a ton of mistakes. I now think I have a better idea of what to do, and more space to do it. I've ordered a couple Cornelius kegs, a new brewpot, and a conical fermenter and am looking forward to getting going again. Any other homebrewers out there with recipes or tips? I'll be sticking to malt extract and adding a few specialties grains. I don't have the time or equipment to do my own mashing.
  13. I have a cousin who is dipping his toes in the water with a collectible toys channel. I think it’s like anything else. You can’t just throw something together. You have to provide legit content, that is well produced to make money. You can’t just throw something together and expect to earn anything.
  14. Why? You can always add more capacity if things get better. The problem would be if things get worse, and you had to reduce capacity further. If things improve, you simply sell more tickets.
  15. Again, it's not so much about taste for me. I don't regularly purchase prime beef...it's simply too expensive. So I can't speak for what a prime bone-in ribeye would be like. In what I get that's commonly available, there is too much fat and connective tissue in bone in cuts. I personally do not like eating fat or the connective tissue, which you can't properly render when cooking on a grill. So while the taste may be better, it's a much worse eating experience. I'll stick to the boneless cuts while at home. To be fair, I've never had a bone in cut of steak from a high end steak place. Even at Ruby's places, I stick to Filets.
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