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  1. I absolutely believe some player(s), and some school(s) is going to have a tax issue at some point in time. It's inevitable. People have tried to beat taxes since taxes became a thing. My main point was that it was made to sound like unionizing would suddenly create the need for those who secure these deals to have to start paying taxes. That's not true because they already have to pay taxes on NIL deals. If anything, I think NIL actually makes it less likely we'll see a big tax issue, because these deals are now mostly on the up and up and publicly visible. In the past, when these deals were prohibited, players were certainly trying to hide their tax liability because publicizing the deal would affect their eligibility.
  2. The IRS won't be a problem as long as they pay their taxes. Do you think NIL money shouldn't be taxable? Most of these NIL deals aren't big money.....I've read the average NIL deal is a little over $3700....thus there isn't a lot of tax liability coming along with most of these deals. That being said, some big deals are getting signed, and we are two years in and I haven't heard of any IRS issues yet. There will absolutely be one at some point in time, but if it were going to become a major issue, I'd think we would have seen it happen by now. Most of these big deals will likely have agent involvement, and while not all agents have the best interests of their clients as a priority, agents should be providing at least the advice to take care of tax issues. Parents also need to be involved.
  3. Youtube Tv, Hulu, Paramount, Peacock, HBO Max (free through my ATT mobile phone service), Prime and Apple TV. Not really looking at any new ones, although I do sometimes watch a few of the free services that I have access to from Roku. I do get a student discount until the end of the year. But we watch a few things on each service will likely drop Hulu and Apple TV because we watch very little on those two.
  4. I don't think so. Streaming allows the a-la-carte option that people have been looking for for a long time. People are tired of paying for 200 channels and only watching a few of them. I have a half dozen streaming services, watch what I want without all the extra useless channels and am saving about $75 per month from what I was paying on DirectTV . I know quite few people like myself. I think most people will be ok with just a handful of streaming services vs a cable or satellite package. Per channel cable may be cheaper on a per channel basis (most of which you'll never watch), but overall it's still more expensive AND you have to deal with the possibility of losing channels over contract negotiations.
  5. It’s a very cool place and the atmosphere for a big 5 game was always unbelievable. Great place to see a college basketball game. Lasalle’s and St Joes arenas were pretty cool too.
  6. Andy's there until he decides he doesn't want to coach anymore.
  7. I went to college outside of Philly in the late 80's early 90's, and lived in Philly until 1997. Always caught a few Big East games in the Spectrum, and a few Big 5 (Lasalle, St Joe's, 'Nova, Temple and Penn+Drexel). I lived only 10 minutes from Lasalle, and used to catch games at the Palestra. Which while all of those teams had good runs, Temple was always good under John Chaney, and that would be my "Whatever Happened to.... team.
  8. Doesn’t matter who files, but the athletes are responsible if they choose not to file. And with the size of some of these deals, there’s a pretty nice tax bill that will come with it. Choosing to ignore it is not a good idea. Hopefully those that secure these deals are getting good advice.
  9. Since your question specifically says “all”, I would say probably not. But even when I played in the 80’s I can’t remember a single school that I played at that didn’t. In my opinion (which means little to anyone besides myself), a place for the visiting team to dress, shower, store personal items safely and sit down indoors is a basic requirement/courtesy for the
  10. Not only that, what about getting dressed, showering etc? Not having lockerroom facilities is just not acceptable.
  11. NIL money is already taxable, and Ivy's don't provide athletic scholarships so technically neither of these are issues they don't already face. As far as schools that do provide scholarships, that's certainly their choice, but it won't exactly be a good recruiting tool.
  12. Spring break absolutely affects baseball and softball. While some teams take trips to sunny places to play, the ones that don't (or can't) do schedule games, but will typically be missing several players or more. The one thing that helps, is the weather is typically still bad in KY and at least one or two of those games get rained out. Also, with so many games being played in a season, most of which don't even impact the playoffs, the spring break games do allow coaches to get some other guys some game reps and taking a loss or two isn't really that big of a deal. Football has only 10 regular season games, all of which can impact RPI and possible playoff seeding.
  13. I loved the playoff overtime rule. Totally takes the randomness of the coin flip out of the equation. Even if my defense is gassed, I’m deferring. I want to know what I need to do on my possible only possession.
  14. With just a wireless router, it got to the point where I couldn't even use zoom to hold meetings and my home theater system which was all wireless pretty much stopped functioning. I really didn't realize how many devices I had that were using my network. Like I mentioned, I tried extenders, and boosters but they provided no benefit. Once I got the eero's everything just worked. Plus I could easily hardwire a few devices (like my office computer and two of my TV's). With the amount of bandwith people are using, I don't know how anyone can get by without a mesh network, unless they only have a handful of devices.
  15. I bought everything through amazon. I got refurbished units, and got 1 pro and two regular eeros for $299, and picked up the Beacon later. I have this setup going for 4 years now and I've had zero issues, with a lot of devices connected (over 30).
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