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  1. It’s not a problem because we developed a vaccine that pretty much everyone willingly took. I’m not sure how people can’t or why they won’t take note of that connection.
  2. It’s frightening. When I hear people say “I’ll trust my immune system”, I wonder if they feel the same way about polio, measles, tetanus, etc?
  3. I worry that the skepticism and resistance people have toward this vaccine will start trickling down to all the other vaccines that we've been using for years, like measles, polio etc.
  4. When I lived in the Philadelphia area, there was a semi-pro 180lb and under league that I played in. There were a bunch of teams in the area, and was a lot of fun to play. There were many legit, former D1 athletes that were playing. Little bit different because this wasn't college based, but was a pretty big league.
  5. My thoughts exactly. One thing I'd add, is that substituting Fruity Pebbles for Rice Krispies is a fine treat as well.
  6. Ketchup, mustard and relish. I also like a piece of American cheese on the dog if available.
  7. I was die hard Pepsi for many years. Over the last decade, I have completely gone over to team Coke. I don’t know if Pepsi changed their formula, but I can no longer drink it.
  8. I love ribs. I really love fried chicken. I hate leftovers, but I almost enjoy cold fried chicken as much as I like it hot. It’s one of the few leftovers I actually enjoy eating. That’s what gives chicken the nod for me over ribs.
  9. I replaced my Traeger junior with a Camp Chef Woodwind. It has a few really neat features. It’s got a lever that empties the ash out of the fire pot which is a lot easier than breaking the grill down to empty using a shop vac. It also has two low temp/heavy smoke settings in addition to the regular settings from 200-450. Even better you can attach different add ons to the side like a small gas grill, flat top grill or a pizza oven. I added the gas grill and now I can happily do burgers and dogs on that rather than wasting pellets. It’s great for reverse searing.
  10. EKU probably doesn’t have a spot for him in August. Although if I were him I’d wonder what has changed for them to offer now and not prior to this point. He’s not suddenly become a better player or prospect since last season. And while I know it’s a full ride, and nothing against EKU, but was EKU his goal or dream school, and the reason he’d risk injury to play another year of HS ball? If it was, then good for him. But for some reason, I feel like he’d would have been looking for something more.
  11. That’s not quite fair either, especially considering Scott beat CC twice. Part of being a “better” team is avoiding mistakes that cost you games. Scott made plenty of mistakes in both those games that the Camels failed to take advantage of, and ultimately the Eagles found a way to win both those games. Scott deserves credit for winning those games. I’m not saying Scott would have won a 3rd time in a rematch, but You can’t just ignore those mistakes, especially when it happened twice. The Eagles and Camels were evenly matched and both had very good seasons.
  12. I like Lafayette. They have a couple hammers on the mound, and with the new format, that's all you need.
  13. And region baseball tourneys, although they are over now. Bottom line is while this is a fun game, and great for the participants (my son was a scholarship winner his senior year), there is no real benefit to any top player who has a major college offer, and most who do now opt out. For those who do decide to play, it’s a nice capstone to their career.
  14. I wouldn’t call Opening with Montgomery County easy. In fact, they probably had the toughest first round matchup. And Nicholas County won over 20 games this year. And while it would have been nice for Scott to play at home, Meiken is only a few minutes away for them, and Harrison had already beaten Scott at home once this year, so I’d call that a non factor too. Bottom line was this region was tight, and any one of 5 teams could have won it. I don’t think there was any clear favorite, and based on records and RPI, Campbell County beat the top 3 teams in the tournament. Based on head to head re
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