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  1. 2 of my kids worked for Skyline. Servers make very good money there. My daughter worked for skyline for almost 6 years before finally getting a teaching job. My son worked there even longer....almost 8 years in high school through grad school. They were very flexible with hours, and as I said, they made great money.
  2. Didn't know this was happening. We just bought two cars back in February....a used car for my son, and a new car for my wife. At that time, lots seemed to be business as usual.
  3. Efren is a good guy as well. I would think while he'd stay involved with RC, someone else would take over the club.
  4. Again, I get the atmosphere for basketball, being the premier event, being better. My issue is with other sports getting celebrations and recognition shut down in the name of COVID, and the same standard not being applied to basketball.
  5. Nope. The wrestling community has this same exact discussion every year. And this year, with Covid, it seemed like the KHSAA did everything they could to kill any kind of team/individual celebration, and enforce social distancing. No medals podium, no team presentation of the trophy...basically you got your medal in some back room. And this year, I understand why that would happen. But basketball seems like it was business as usual. I get that the Sweet 16 is the premier event for the KHSAA. But kids in other sports work just as hard, and deserve better than what they are currently getting.
  6. My original dream school was Penn State where I would walk onto the football team, hopefully see the field a little on special teams and win a National Championship while getting my degree. And that was the plan until I was encouraged by many to accept a baseball scholarship elsewhere. Now, though, I think if I had a choice to go anywhere, I'd probably zero in on one of the Ivy League schools--Princeton/Harvard/Yale, in that order.
  7. I believe each district has their own rules regarding middle school eligibility. While middle school sports do fall under the KHSAA umbrella, they for the most part, stay out of most decision making.
  8. I don’t remember having any issues mowing the lawn during the last cicada event 17 years ago. I wouldn’t spend another minute worrying about it....it should be business as usual.
  9. I see this being a real possibility. It already happens some now any way with some elite football players starting college in the spring semester. The thing is, I don’t see many kids getting a huge benefit athletically in terms of scholarship opportunities. If you’re not “elite” by your normal Senior year, most won’t make that jump to elite with the extra year. As someone previously mentioned, I think the real beneficiaries are the younger kids who missed out on valuable learning at the elementary level.
  10. The Streamliner is a good choice. Something even cheaper that checks all the boxes is the Yamaha Pacifica. You could pair that with an Orange Crush 35RT amp and have a real nice, portable kit that sounds and plays great for under $600.
  11. Honestly, I’ve been on almost every field in NKY, and many in Lexington, and I do not agree with 90% of them being bad. Some are dreadful. Most a good. Many are great. Almost all are better than what I played on 30 years ago in High school, and some are on the level of the college fields I played on.
  12. Seeding isn't about getting "chalk". It's about rewarding those teams who performed the best during the regular season. I will agree with you that the Sweet 16 isn't about getting the best 16 teams to play each other. Where we disagree, is that your state tournament should absolutely be about trying to get the 16 best teams to play for the title. I keep hearing you gotta "beat the best". Well, lets get the best to the dance.
  13. Almost ever major tournament, played in almost every sport, uses some sort of seeding system. Is the KHSAA the only sports body who has this whole tournament thing figured out?
  14. I’ve said this before. I’ve ran wrestling tournaments with 300+ competitors from 4 or 5 states, 80% of which I’ve never seen in person, and many of those I’ve never even heard of. Using a computer and standard criteria I can seed 15 different brackets with 90 percent accuracy. Am I supposed to believe it’s impossible to seed a 16 team basketball tournament? It’s not rocket science.
  15. I don't think football should be a draw either. I hate random draws. The last line in my post was pure sarcasm.
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