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  1. That’s if KY starts on time. Still a long way to go before I can see that happening.
  2. I've never been a fan of shields either. I believe they serve more as a fashion statement than as a piece of protective equipment.
  3. Don't care, even a little bit. The only thing that matters is that TP is there. Whether it flips over the roll, or under the roll is completely irrelevant. You use it just the same.
  4. Ain't gonna lie, I immediately went out and got Chinese food for lunch yesterday.
  5. An ice cold draft beer out of my kegerator is always good. But nothing beats good, clean, filtered Ice water.
  6. It's positive in the sense that each district can do things specific to their needs, which means there will likely be football this fall. The bad news is that with no across the board standard, you could see different start times, teams opting to start later, or not start at all, which could mean scheduling nightmares this season.
  7. I've heard that Chinese food you find here in the states is nothing like what you get in China, and everything is very Americanized, and completely disconnected from real Chinese food. In China, there are no fortune cookies, and dishes like General Tsong's and orange chicken were created here in the states. A list of American-Chinese food that isn'''t actually Chinese - Insider
  8. Probably Mexican. It's the one I eat the most, probably 10 times a month. We have taco's/fajitas almost every week at home, nachos as a regular snack, and eat out at a Mexican restaurant another time or two every month. I usually have Chinese a time or two every month, and shrimp egg foo young is one of my favorite meals, but of the 3 choices I probably eat Chinese the least. I eat Italian a lot too, but outside of Pizza, I don't love italian food, and I rarely go out to eat Italian food.
  9. I would think so too. But the term "most schools" means there may be some that don't. Which means there will be a possibility teams might lose games, even with in state teams. The other piece that hasn't been mentioned is what numbers may look like. You have to consider there will be some parents who will be reluctant to let their kids play. That could impact some smaller schools/teams ability to field teams. All in all, I fear we have a long way to go before we can say for sure we will have a season, and I certainly believe, it's not going to be business as usual.
  10. If we are lucky, it will be. However, it still looks to be more virulent, killing almost twice as many in roughly 4 months as the flu does during flu season (which is roughly 7 months).
  11. There's a chance you could lose games to instate teams. Even with guidelines, I would think there will be some districts that make the decision to cancel seasons. Just because the KHSAA says it's ok to play, doesn't mean everyone will.
  12. Lots of good choices. Mikesell's Sour Cream and Onion is a go to. Grippo's are always good. My favorite chips aren't available out here, and that's Herr's Old Bay Chips.
  13. 19 states are experiencing spikes. Texas moved on to stage 3 of reopening and has had a record number of hospitalizations the last several days. Many other states are experiencing all time highs as well.
  14. Seeding is a non issue. Last year was the first year seeding was used, and last years and this years schedules were done before seeding became a thing, so schedules weren’t done with seeding in mind. Plus seeding is only an issue for rounds 3 and 4. I’d be more worried about teams whose districts are more conservative and may end up not playing. Just getting games in is more worrisome than seeding in November.
  15. My wife and I usually do Ruby’s once or twice a year. I prefer Carlo&Johnnys but the other two are still extremely good.
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