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  1. The only way to really coach it and practice it would be to actually practice in the narrower posts. And outside of the visual difference of looking at narrower posts, really nothing else changes. The snap, hold, approach, swing are going to be the same regardless of the width of the posts. Maybe you have to make some adjustments when aligned on the hash, but kicking the ball is kicking the ball. As far as the “thrill” of playing in a college stadium, that thrill is bigger for parents and fans than for players. I know most would disagree with me on this, but outside of maybe the walk out onto the field the first time, it’s really not much different for the players. That thrill is long gone by kickoff. Players would get just as much thrill playing a championship game in the parking lot at Kroger field as they would playing in the stadium.
  2. Ugly year for me. Sitting in last place in the league I won last year. Najee Harris, Russell Wilson, and Debo Samuel all had dud years, and several injuries got me off to an 0-8 start. Hanging on by a thread for the last playoff spot in my other league. Last year was one of my best years, and this is probably my worst.
  3. Correct. As long as the runner/receiver establishes himself inbounds in the end zone with possession of the ball, it doesn't matter whether the ball crosses inside or outside of the pylon. If the runner hasn't established himself inbounds across the goal line, the ball has to cross inside the pylon.
  4. Correct. The downing a punt is where the position of the feet/body matters in the NFL and not in NFHS. As long as the ball doesn't cross the line, it doesn't matter where the players body is when downing a punt under NFHS rules. So a player can have feet in the end zone, but downs the ball when it is outside of the end zone, the ball is spotted where it is touched. In the NFL, if a players feet are in the end zone and the ball isn't it is a touch back.
  5. There's only so much room on these lists, and there will always be players left off. While I don't disagree that some others not mentioned were deserving, there's no one on the list that didn't deserve to be there. These post season awards are always very subjective, and yes, like it or not, name recognition is very important, because coaches don't get to play against every team.
  6. I think this also takes other stuff into account in addition to on field performance. Each coach gets to select one person on their team and then the coaches vote on six additional players to be recognized. So these nominees aren't necessarily the top 26 players in NKY. In some instances, it might not even be the top player on each team that gets this award.
  7. Navy wins with zero passing yards, attempting only one pass (and not completing it) the entire game.
  8. Correct. And this being the case, a forced extra district game with your sister district during the regular season with matchup based on last years standings is not only a logistical problem, but potentially negatively affect playoff standings.
  9. So again, you potentially penalize the good teams in an effort to “shake things up”.
  10. You can’t “level the playing field” by forcing matchups between the top teams, punishing them for losing those games, while rewarding lesser teams for winning easier matchups. That’s a pretty heavy handed. Why do you even feel it’s necessary to handicap one of the top two or three teams in each region while purposely trying to benefit the lesser teams? What problem are you solving?
  11. Is that what we really want. Handicap the top teams, and help the weaker teams maybe be able to host a playoff game? You want to host a playoff game, beat the teams in your district. Not depend on a team better than you getting knocked off by a really good team in your sister district.
  12. Because of the impact it could have on the playoffs. These losses affect would district record and thus could have playoff implications. It also means possibly losing a home game every year.
  13. Aside from the logistics ( a big one is how would you schedule when you’d play, and who would be the home team), I hate the idea of this plan being a district game. I guess I get from a fans perspective, but I suspect coaches would absolutely hate it.
  14. This confirms my belief that going for it wasn't such a bad decision.
  15. That all depends on when the whistle blew, and forward progress stopping doesn't immediately result in a blown whistle. Didn't see the play in question, but often in the way this play was described, if the runner is on the way down, the whistle won't blow until he contacts the ground. I've seen a lot of fumbles caused when the runner is on his way down.
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