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  1. Planning on joining Disney+ for one month to see it. Will seize the opportunity to also watch the Mandalorian.
  2. If the numbers are off, at this point what does it mean? Does it change anything? Most reports I have read say deaths are underreported. Does it matter if the total deaths are 100,000, or 130,000 or 200,000? My point is regardless of the exact number, we know this is a most serious issue that requires drastic action to save lives. I don't see why people are still fighting instead of doing what it takes to help.
  3. Ironically, the reduction in the virus cases that is allowing some places to start reopening is going to make it more difficult to get good clinical trials on vaccines. Fewer cases means fewer exposures of the vaccinated people. Some of these vaccine trials are recruiting health care workers and others more likely to be exposed to the virus to be part of the clinical trial.
  4. I was just going to comment on that. Baseball will be changed forever from this point forward. MLB teams are making major changes to their entire minor league structure. They are reducing the number of minor league teams. The players released yesterday look to be the career minor league type player. Many were older (25 or so)players who were once high draft picks or top prospects whose chances of making the majors even for a cup of coffee were minute. The beneficiary of this should be the independent minor league teams. I could see a lot of these released players signing with the independents to keep the dream alive. I think MLB would like to see a higher quality independent minor league as a potential player resource and move these players off the MLB team payroll. I also think the DH will be here to stay.
  5. Agreed. I haven't seen anyone in this thread questioning the legitimacy of the transfer.
  6. I know one thing for sure - I do not want to get CV19. Anything with the slightest chance of protecting me, I will make use of. Mask on.
  7. Looks like a charge that should lead to conviction.
  8. I don't believe it has been mentioned here. Costco is mask only - employees and customers. As of May 4 a mask is required to shop at Costco.
  9. All I have to go by is the numbers because I didn't see Dunbar play. Hall clearly was the best sophomore, and the best player on the team. After Hall, statistically there were 2 or 3 other sophomores as or more productive than Todd. That is just going by the stats.
  10. He shot 37% from the floor, 57% from the foul line, averaged 2.6 points and 2.8 rebounds per game. Played in 30 games. Nine other Dunbar players shot better than 37% from the floor. Dunbar had 2 seniors, no juniors, 9 sophomores and 3 freshmen on their roster.
  11. What's going to happen to college basketball transfers in 2
  12. Do a search for some product on your phone and see how long it takes for an ad for that product to show up when you go visit another website.
  13. Isn't a coaching change a solid reason to switch schools?
  14. If they don't figure out a way to play, the fans will react more negatively than they did to the play stoppage in the 90's.
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