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  1. With wins in the first two games, the Padres push their rotation back a day and will start reliever Diaz tonight. Gutierrez goes for the Reds. The Reds need to win this one.
  2. He actually played better in some of those previous last 5 years than he is now. And he is not much better so far this year than he has been the past couple seasons. He had a better OBP and OPS last year than what he has now. Power is better the last couple years versus 18 and 19.
  3. Why and how is it different? Obviously different in the age of the person involved but how is it different beyond that?
  4. How is it different? Why does a student athlete choose to repeat 7th or 8th grade and how is that different? A thoughtful answer is requested over a cryptic slur.
  5. Is this any different than kids who have repeated 7th or 8th grade?
  6. One more thought. If I were a big league manager I would make it known loud and clear to my relief corps that if you come into an inning and walk the leadoff batter, you will not be on my team very long. Before they went to this 3 batter rule, I would have told my relievers be prepared to face only one batter if you walk the lead off hitter.
  7. For something different, try La Torta Loca in Florence. This is a small place. I have done carryout only. The food is fantastic and the portions huge. Torta is a Mexican sandwich. They also have arepas, which are a Venezuelan sandwich. Tacos, empanadas, interesting side dishes. Definitely worth checking out.
  8. Agree about it being a tough loss. However I don't think this costs the Reds any confidence. In fact, the way they came back in the 9th boosts their belief in themselves. If they lose the next 3 it won't be because of this loss.
  9. Ifs and buts ... Garrett has been crap in these crunch situations this year. That's why he lost the closer role.
  10. Sims pitched 1 1/3 yesterday, an inning the day before and 2 innings 2 days before that.
  11. There is your veteran reliever. Garrett comes in. Single. HR on an 0-2 count. Reds lose 6-4.
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