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  1. I agree on your point that Mayfield's defense was better than what this score shows. It looked like the Mayfield defense I always see. Fast and disciplined. Beechwood found early that they could not make big gains going wide. Hergott was not having success running early in the game. With that, Beechwood started running right at Mayfield with Berger and he found the openings. But it was clear Mayfield had their usual fast defense. Top 5 in multiple categories in 2A team defense. Impressive that Berger and the Beechwood o-line were able to do what they did against that defense.
  2. It probably would have been Brett Holladay, the #1 pitcher on the baseball team. I think Beechwood is undefeated regardless. The offense was more a big play offense than a ball control offense. I will keep repeating - the defense is incredible. Forget points - they don't allow first downs. If the offense can give them two TD's a game, they win.
  3. In Beechwood's case, they would be in the title game without Hergott. Hergott doesn't play defense and Beechwood's defense is a huge reason why they are in the title game. I don't think the first team defense has allowed 10 first downs in the entire playoffs including the game against Mayfield. With the line and other skill players on the roster, no doubt in my mind Beechwood is in the title game without Hergott. It would definitely be different and more difficult because Hergott is a great player, but Beechwood's roster is loaded and deep. Everyone would be talking a lot more about Beechwood
  4. As BEChargers said, LCA did not even have their starting QB that game. WR Mason Moore played QB against Boyle County. You aren't going to see LCA's normal offense watching their game against Boyle Co.
  5. I read every post in every thread related to Beechwood. He is not a Beechwood fan. I don't recall seeing a post from him in a single Beechwood thread this year till this game. He seems to be a Garrard County fan based on all the posts he is making in their coaching search thread. I understand you may not know that so I wanted to make sure you do know he is not a Beechwood fan. The Beechwood fans disliked his post as much as the Mayfield fans did.
  6. Like they did on Owensboro Catholic in the first half?
  7. Are you referring to the post early in this thread by someone who has nothing to do with Beechwood and doesn't even live in N.Ky?
  8. I was thinking Russellville had a solid chance at the upset. The Raceland score causes me to rethink that.
  9. That score definitely makes me think less of Russellville's chances.
  10. He can play on the next level. He has the size and athletic ability. He showed his speed last night when he ran down Starks on the one big play Mayfield had. I wonder if Starks had ever been caught from behind like that? McCormack came from the opposite side of the field safety position to make that tackle.
  11. The Hergotts. Offensive Coordinator Greg with nephew Cameron to his left and son Tyson on his right. One of the other fun things about this Tigers team is the legacy names on the roster. In addition to the Hergotts, there is Mitchell Berger, whose dad Brandon is a coach. Brandon is in most people's eyes the greatest Beechwood Tiger ever and played professional baseball. You also have D1 committed lineman Luke Slusher, following in the footsteps of several of his cousins including Brandon Slusher who is Beechwood trainer and Assistant Athletic Director.
  12. Beechwood and Lexington Christian have been on a collision course since the end of last year's overtime championship game. Beechwood entered that game a big underdog but got the win when Brady Moore blocked LCA's extra point kick in overtime. Both teams were young and virtually all the key players were coming back. Both teams were favorites to return to this year's title game and have been ranked #1 and #2 in 2A all season. Beechwood was #1 the first half of the year and LCA jumped over Beechwood, despite no losses by Beechwood, to be ranked #1 the last half of the season. Both teams have marc
  13. You have to be happy for Johnson Central getting back to a title game after what they have suffered this year. Good luck in the title game!
  14. I will repeat again - Beechwood's defense is just too good. It may have been closer if there were fewer turnovers. Those gave Beechwood a short field. If Mayfield punts and makes Beechwood drive 60 or 70 yards instead of 40, that would help keep it closer. But then again, Beechwood took their pedal off the gas in the 3rd quarter when they got the running clock. I would say Beechwood is a solid 3 TD's better than Mayfield this year.
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