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  1. No. The TE did not create the contact. He ran straight downfield.
  2. Not wishing ill will, but it will be better for him if he is out of action like Dak. Dak getting hurt is a blessing for him financially. Dallas is terrible.
  3. I put that TD on our coaches. Terrible scheme with our outside leverage DB staying with the TE. No way Pratt can get out there and cover Hunt.
  4. Keep rushing four and play for the INT. The Bengals can't get to him even when blitzing. I believe in Baker. He will make a mistake.
  5. On one Cleveland drive, Dunlap offsides gives the Browns a first down (bad call IMO, but offsides). On this Cleveland TD drive, Lawson offsides gives them a first down.
  6. That sack on 3rd down is 100% on Zac Taylor. He cannot go empty backfield on that play. Keep a back in there to help protect Joe.
  7. Thanks for posting that info. I believe 2015 was year one for Eviston at Cov Cath.
  8. I don't know the stats for the other years, but in 2017 Cov Cath defense was #1 in the entire state in points allowed (7.7 point allowed per game). I think if we could see the stats for 2015 and 2016, Cov Cath defense would be top 5 in the state in 5A.
  9. You are right. As someone posted above they all have gained weight. As I noted, that is heavier than most CCH d-lines. You bring up a point that I have been wanting to post. The CCH defense is always very tough and they don't get nearly enough recognition. I would even say the defense deserves more credit for Cox Cath's success in the Eviston era than the offense. Everyone wants to lavish praise on the offense, and they do deserve praise. Eviston has his system that is proven. However, these blowout wins in the past few years are due more to the defense than the offense IMO. When the defense keeps getting three and outs and handing the offense great field position, it makes the job much, much easier for the offense.
  10. I really like these youtube streaming games. You can use the arrow keys to go back and forth on plays while viewing the game. You can go back and forth to pick up the game anywhere you want. It's like watching Hudl video but you do it live while the game is being played.
  11. Dixie went about 70 yards in 6 or 7 running plays on their last scoring drive. At one point in the drive, they ran the exact same trap running play over right tackle 3 times in a row picking up big yardage the first two times. Then when CC held them to 5 yards the third time they ran it, Dixie used the exact same formation and motion action but ran over left tackle for a 15 yard gain. Coach Brossart has this team doing what he likes to do on offense.
  12. Looks like they all picked up 15 pounds plus, which is a testimony to their off season work. Wilson gained over 30 pounds in the past year. This is a big d-line by CCH standards.
  13. Agree. A player like Cline can take a team from solid to really good. This win will be a nice boost to RPI but I don't think it helps them in the rankings. RPI is updated hourly so I believe this is the current RPI which will come into play for home field advantage in round 3: 4. Beechwood ......... 68576 5. West Carter ......... 68275
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