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  1. Defense and special teams - almost exactly like the previous two years. Beechwood offensive production the last 3 title games: 2020 - Beechwood offense 284 yards and 17 points (regulation) 2021 - Beechwood offense 277 yards and 23 points 2022 - Beechwood offense 271 yards and 14 points Defense and Special teams plays: 2020 - BW field goal with 4 minutes left ties the game; BW blocks extra point kick in OT to get the win 2021 - BW field goal with 1:50 to go for the win; BW defense stops LCA on downs outside of field goal range 2022 - BW's new kicker hits both XP that gives them the margin for victory; Excellent punting by Cusick flips field position averaging 41 yards per punt; BW kickoffs go into the end zone; both factors keep Mayfield return team from making an impact; Tigers defense holds powerful Mayfield offense to 13 points It has been defense and special teams the last three years that led Beechwood to the win. The offense has produced the same in all three games.
  2. Blowouts in title games. How many teams do we have to eliminate from the playoffs to stop that from happening?
  3. People have their biases. Some of the people commenting on here (not you) may have their own motives for stirring this up. Those who watched Cash through youth and middle school football and the first half of this year think he is the greatest. Those who watched Clay through youth football and freshman ball and the second half of this year think he is the greatest. They are both very talented. They both played a big role this season in Beechwood winning #17. I enjoyed watching both of them this year and hope to see both of them for the rest of their high school careers at Beechwood. I disagree with some of your assessment of both of them. Now everyone has seen both of them play a half season of varsity football. Both have skills and both have things to improve on. The fans of each of them with their built up biases aren't going to change their mind. I agree with you that there are two great options. The goal is put the lineup on the field that will win #18. I trust the coaching staff with 7 titles and 5 in the last 6 years will be able to make that happen. They figured it out this year through a mess of injury challenges and won a title. They will figure it out next year.
  4. Disagree. It is a matchup and feel for the particular game call. It would have been a terrible decision yesterday for Mayfield. They had trouble in short yardage all game long against Beechwood. Trick plays never work against the discplined Beechwood defense. I didn’t follow this game so no opinion about going for 2 by Bullitt East. In general, I prefer kicking the extra point. I go for 2 if I have a play that I feel very strongly in or if I feel my defense can't stop the other team from getting a TD in OT.
  5. Sure. That 2021 LCA was studly though. They rolled over some very good teams and only eventual state champ Boyle County was within a TD of them.
  6. Per calpreps.com, 2022 Corbin favored over Mayfield and 2020 LCA. 2021 LCA favored over 2022 Corbin.
  7. So, so true. It seems like every title game and season next man up comes in and makes an impact for Beechwood. Players who work hard every day and are ready when their turn comes. And when it comes, they make things happen. This was an injury riddled season for Beechwood. - Starting QB Clay Hayden is injured in the last pre-season game. Freshman QB Cash Harney who I don't believe had taken a single rep with varsity is called upon and leads Beechwood to a 4-1 start. A freshman starting, let alone a freshman QB, is unheard of at Beechwood and Harney did a great job. - Mr. Football leading candidate Mitchell Berger is hurt in the Simon Kenton game. Sr Landon Aylor comes in at RB, scores 2 TD's and is named Player of the Game. - Title game MVP LB/OT Austin Waddell misses several games in the middle of the season. Sr. LB Landon Johnson steps in and fills the void at LB and sophomore Chance Baugh fills in at OT. - Berger is lost for the season in game 8 versus Lloyd. QB Hayden is back from injury and riddles the Lloyd defense passing the ball to score 21 points after Berger goes out. - Stepping in for Berger at RB, sophomore RB Chase Flaherty rushes for over 700 yards and 7.5 yards per carry, including over 100 yards in the title game against Mayfield. - In the title game, Flaherty is hurt. Sr RB Alex Courtney steps in and breaks off a 40 yard game sealing run in the last minute. A Beechwood senior steps up again when called upon in a title game. There are some of the obstacles Beechwood's team overcame this year. Seniors Landon Aylor, Landon Johnson and Alex Courtney and others did it the Beechwood way. They supported their brothers when they weren't playing as much as they wanted and got it done when their turn came. That is how you win three titles in a row.
  8. Incredible LCA teams the last two years and an undefeated Mayfield? Beechwood is 37-1 in their last 38 games.
  9. Things to think about while he admires the state championship ring he earned with his brothers, and thinks about adding to his new collection. You never know, he could end up with four of those.
  10. Mayfield started 4 seniors on defense. Overall, 13 of the 22 positions on the title game starters were underclassmen. Beechwood started 10 underclassmen of the 22 starting slots. Beechwood has a very good group of sophomores. The Tigers lose a great group of seniors who have three titles on their resume. I will not rule out the current sophomores from being able to do the same. They got number one tonight.
  11. Toss up. Each had an OT win in a title game. Beechwood beating LCA back to back when they were huge underdogs both times may give them an edge.
  12. After the 85 yard run on the first play, Raceland outgained Pikeville 140 yards to 103 in the first half. No it was not domination.
  13. It isn't about the weather. Those college goal posts are a factor.
  14. It will be interesting to see. Two different styles. Freshman Cash Harney is more like Hergott - running more impactful than his throwing. I could see Harney going the Charlie Noon route. Harney is dynamite running the ball. Get him the ball in space.
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