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  1. Votto could have started that way but it probably would have turned into a foot race to the bag and I'm not sure Votto wins that.
  2. That may be the dumbest strategic move I've ever heard of in baseball.
  3. If Miller gets Eason back, it is hard to imagine a better start for UC with this hiring.
  4. That was a fun win. Shades of poor Bill Buckner as the 1B lets the final out of the game go between the wickets. To their credit, the Reds make them pay for it. Add in the triple play by the Reds in the 8th. Fun one.
  5. There has to be more to the story in the bottom of the tenth. Did Guillaume steal second and third and then the intentional walks?
  6. I disagree. The first game last year versus the Ravens, the Bengals and Lou had the perfect game plan against the Ravens. They executed it well. They totally shut Lamar down running the ball. I saw other teams after that use the Bengals game plan against the Ravens after that. Now, game 2, different story. But game 1 is the template for beating the Ravens from the defensive side. The Bengals need their offense to execute better against the Ravens. That is where they have struggled.
  7. Hitting to all fields was supposed to be the primary focal point for the hitters this season. Two of Votto's HR's have been to the opposite field.
  8. Reds up 7-1 in the 4th but the Indians are threatening. Votto with another opposite field HR.
  9. I pay ZERO attention to any of this type of stuff, but since it is posted here I will take the over.
  10. Strong! I doubt that has ever been done- no hit the region.
  11. I am not talking about the legal aspect of the Brannen situation. Yes there can be legal leveraged there for Brannen. What I am referring to is in the media public pressure and the general view point of the UC program. Brannen lost all leverage for the vast majority of the public and the media when they signed Miller. What happens with Brannen's contract is now a side show. There will be news stories when news happens on the contract but UC, it's boosters and it's fans have now moved on and are focused on the Miller era
  12. Everyone was waiting for you or someone to bring it to our attention. Good job starting the thread. I never heard of Travis Smith till this thread. I have no clue who Walker Smallwood is (mentioned in the post above). Like @BrosefStalin posted above, media coverage is minimal. BGP is a great place to share these stories and get these players the attention they have earned.
  13. Brannen has little to no leverage at this point. The fans don't care about him. They will move on with the new guy. There will be no pressure on the administration to do anything about Brannen. Miller looks like a really good hire. Ten years experience as a head coach and created a winning program where he's at. The tone about the program change dramatically with this hire. The first big challenge will be pulling some of those freshmen back into the program and out of the portal. Give Brannen credit for the talent that he brought in that freshman class. If Miller gets those guys back in the fold that will be more positive news for UC and a big feather in the cap for Miller.
  14. Let's see .... like it wet and warm; look like creatures from a UFO; noisy at night. These things are right up the guru's alley.
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