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  1. Jimmy Johnson went 1-15 year one in Dallas.
  2. I think Beechwood is still #1. I have seen way too many compare opponents and scores scenarios that make little sense to overlook the head to head result.
  3. Yes, this Friday will give us good comparisons but I still say Beechwood is #1 if they win versus CCH. Both teams brought almost everyone back from last year and Beechwood won last year. It doesn't matter how they won, they won head to head. It takes a lot for LCA to overcome that in the rankings IMO.
  4. Beechwood is the defending champ and they beat LCA in the title game. Beechwood should stay number one till they lose.
  5. Keys to the game for me. 1. Can Beechwood estalish a running game early? 2. Can Beechwood stop CCH from running the ball and controlling the clock? 3. Can Beechwood defense control the edges and take away Eviston's number one objective on offense - make the defense cover sideline to sideline? Eviston likes to go wide on offense. 4. Can CCH keep Hergott in the pocket? Bottom line as always in this game is whether Beechwood can match up with CCH in the trenches? When Beechwood can hold their own in the trenches, they have a chance to win.
  6. Agree. I do believe as someone else posted earlier all this talk is CCH fans worried they might lose this one and building in excuses pre-game.
  7. What if that 6th grader turns out to be Mr. Football? The only difference is what year the athlete repeated. There was a high level D1 QB in N. Ky. several years ago that repeated a middle school year. Nobody said much about it.
  8. And you have no idea who the starting QB would be and how the team would look without Cam. I agree, Cam is a difference maker and the team offense would likely look different without him. No doubt about that. But I won't say Beechwood would have little or no chance without him. The defense has looked great and Cam doesn't play defense. There are other talented offensive threats who would need to step up on offense to take up the slack for no Cam, but there are players who could do that. And the play calling would likely be very different. Even the offensive sets would change. Too many factors
  9. Topic one - players redoing a year. The only story line on this topic in this year's game is Cam. He is the only Beechwood senior coming back for another year. Every other player on the field for Beechwood Friday night would be there this year if they did not choose to redo a year. On the redo year in general - the KHSAA has an age rule that is still in force and did not change from previous years. From that longstanding rule, to my knowledge all Beechwood players are within the rule. There aren't going to be any 20 year olds playing for Beechwood or any other team in the state. I s
  10. And that is all that matters. People can whine and complain all they want but if you get the win, every decision was right.
  11. I am glad ND won. Looking forward to UC playing them.
  12. I believe that is the best compliment and highest praise a public high school could ever hope for. Students from across the region choosing to travel daily to a public high school and pay over $3,500 a year to do it - is there any higher praise than that? I am sure Beechwood supporters thank you for pointing that out. In addition, there are many, many more students beyond just football players who do that at Beechwood.
  13. And as much as everyone laments the problem in today's media, social media is 10 times worse. The ability for anyone to spread falsehoods and others believe and pass it on is the worst media issue by far. With the biggest problem being people passing on info without verifying it.
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