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  1. Meanwhile, Scott Drew and his wife had a quiet dinner at a diner in Waco.
  2. Directly involved in the fighting, I would say Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iran, US and UK, with the 5 Arab countries all being proxies of Iran. From that perspective, Iran just gave Israel the invitation to go after them hard if they are ready for that battle.
  3. I say just stick with apples. No damage done. Warn them if they attempt that again, then the response will be more than 2,000 times the level of their attack. Deescalate now. (You order fruit from Amazon?)
  4. Definitely had every right to respond to the Hamas attack. The response of almost complete destruction of a state and killing 33,000 civilians is what has brought condemnation of Israel's tactics. Someone throws a couple punches at you. Miss completely but stepped on your toe. Your response is to pulverize the guy to concussion and break his arm?
  5. For KHSAA RPI purposes and the 1A-3A schools especially, beating a 5A or 6A school is huge, but losing a game to any level team is a big minus. When the small schools schedule big schools, they need to think their chances of winning are better than 50/50.
  6. They have played 4 times in the last 25 years, all Beechwood losses. https://scoreboard.12dt.com/scoreboard/khsaa/kyfb10/pair_69686670585a396b6a656543 With RPI, doubtful it will happen. Beechwood vs CCH is a long rivalry or it would be driven off the schedule by KHSAA RPI.
  7. Perfect. US has handled this as well as they could so far. Telling Israel to consider shooting down all the drones a victory and trying to stop retaliation, not supporting retaliation - all the right responses. Can Isreal get out of war monger mode and win back worldwide support? This is their moment to turn the tide back in Israel's favor.
  8. I am sold on Pope to the extent that he will be solid. I am interested in seeing his offense as it rates high on the analytics. He will get better talent at UK. The big question, and perhaps what you aren't sold on, is can he win a title? I am not sold on that either. But I feel confident he will win 20-22 games a year. What we all want is that next level and that we won't know till we see it.
  9. As I've got a chance to study Pope's resume and what next year looked like at UK with Cal, I am genuinely happy with the move. Next year was going to be ugly. Cal was still stuck in his one and done ststem. He would have played a bunch of freshmen. That would have equalled ten losses or more and the fans would have been in full revolt on every loss. Plus this season's offensive guru John Welch was not coming back. It would have been a complete downer of a season and UK would have been looking for a coach next year while paying Cal his $30M.
  10. Ok. Fair enough. But need to see a roster. For today, I am only comfortable guessing they wiil be .500 or better.
  11. Campbell County freshmen were winless last year. Why do you put them in the top 3?
  12. Here are the finalists according to 247sports. They have him as a 4 star and the #3 recruit in KY: Union (Ky.) Cooper four-star defensive lineman Austin Alexander will announce his commitment on Friday, April 19th at his school. Alexander told 247Sports that Stanford, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Notre Dame, Tennessee and North Carolina are the finalists. His most recent visit was to Wisconsin for a February junior day. https://247sports.com/article/austin-alexander-stanford-wisconsin-kentucky-notre-dame-tennessee-north-carolina-230345805/
  13. I am more excited for next year with Pope and without knowing one person who will be on the UK roster, then I would have been with Calipari and one of the best recruiting classes in the nation.
  14. But this is pro to college. No conflicts.
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