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  1. Here's a shocker for everyone. Currently the Reds are considered one of the favorites to win the division, even with all the moves they have made this off season including dropping Trevor Bauer.
  2. Good point about Campbell County record since Lickert left. One win in 2019 and two wins in 2020.
  3. Agree with this too. That's why I said 1-10 is not a disqualifier. It is a topic in an interview.
  4. 1-10 is not an automatic disqualifier. But it is something I would definitely be inquiring about in the interview. The next year his team was 4-8, which would lend itself to the genetics/talent explanation as at least part of the reason for 1-10 the year before. And by itself I would not be as concerned about a 4-8 as 1-10.
  5. True but after 5 years wouldn't the coach be impacting the kids feeding into the program? And, dropping to 1-10 after 2 winning seasons is a pretty drastic drop.
  6. Do you reach out to all qualified candidates? If you had 25 qualified people apply for a position and 10 of them look like better candidates than the other 15, do you call those 15 and let them know they won't be called for an interview at this time? Or do you wait to see what happens as you work your way through the top 10 before contacting the other 15? If one of those other 15 called you and asked for a status update on the position or maybe requested a chance to have at least a phone interview, would that help their case?
  7. You are making too much sense today BigErn.
  8. I have never applied for a job in my professional career where I did not follow up. If Barth applied and did not follow up, that is a mistake by him. You probably don't know the answer to that. I am saying he needs to follow up if he wants the job. Let that committee know you want the job and want a chance to prove they should hire you.
  9. The biggest problem with this team is the failure to perform by the top recruits. Boston entered this college season projected by some to be the #2 pick in this year's NBA draft. Because of his play to date, he is not even a projected lottery pick on the projections I looked at and one had him barely in the first round. He is costing himself millions and he shows no signs of getting it. Still playing AAU ball. Terrance Clarke, a projected first rounder, has dropped down draft boards. Sarr was brought in to add experience and leadership and he has been very spotty. When the stars of your recruiting class are not leading, the coaching job becomes extremely difficult.
  10. I am hearing that the teachers and staffs at schools have started or have already received their first vaccination. What is everyone else hearing?
  11. I agree. I think Highlands is hoping for a coach that spikes the interest. They are probably asking this about every coach they consider: Will this guy excite the players and the community?
  12. If I were a Highlands fan, the most concerning thing in Lickert's record is 1-10 five years into his tenure. A record like that is more understandable in the first couple years but in year five it causes doubt. But it happens. Marksberry had a 2-9 record at Simon Kenton more than 10 years in. Beatty had a 6-6 record at Trinity in 2013. But it would be something I would want the coach to be able to explain.
  13. Kentucky's mask rules and other actions in controlling the virus appear to have been pretty effective. There are only 9 states with lower COVID death rates than Kentucky in deaths per 1M.
  14. Well, this may be the wackiest Highlands coaching thread yet. Not sure what to say about some of the posts above. But, I was looking at Lickert's coaching record the last 10 years and here is what I saw: Campbell County 2011 ..... 4-8 2012 ..... 7-5 2013 ..... 8-4 2014 ..... 6-5 2015 ..... 1-10 2016 ..... 4-8 2017 ..... 7-5 Newport Central Catholic 2018 ..... 5-7 2019 ..... 10-3 2020 ..... 8-3 Total: 60-58
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