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  1. I don't understand any point you are making here. Placate folks? Who? How does this placate folks? Chance for catching the virus is secondary to what? Staph outbreak? Are you saying the risk from a staph outbreak is the same as the risk from COVID? Help me out please.
  2. MLB and the players association are putting new guidelines in to try and stop these virus outbreaks. The Cardinals are the latest team that has missed a week of games because of a virus outbreak. MLB is getting more strict on mask wearing in dugouts and the clubhouse, more social distancing in stadiums, smaller staff sizes in traveling groups, and stricter rules on leaving hotel rooms. You get one written warning. A second violation and the player can be suspended for the rest of the season.
  3. What Ohio has done is made the regular season all about what you want to do with your schedule. Every team gets in the playoffs so the regular season is not going to keep you out of the playoffs. The only guidelines schools have to follow is keep these weeks open for playoffs and have your season start on this date and end on this date. Everything else is up to the individual schools. No requirement on games. A school could play no regular season games and just play in the playoffs. Am I reading all that right?
  4. As usual in college sports, it is all about money. Colleges and many supporters of college athletics complain about players wanting money and try to shape college athletics as a pure and altruistic experience. This season was cancelled because the MAC schools lost their cash cow non conference games and will not pony up to support the sport. Not very pure and altruistic. No support for the kids in this decision.
  5. As I read through all this, I see where there is some merit in this plan. It puts a lot of flexibility into the hands of the schools. The plan allows each individual school system to have as much control as possible over how they handle this.
  6. The only explanation is expecting a spike as winter nears. Same thiughts most colleges put in place for school this semester. Most colleges plan to be done with on campus by Thanksgiving.
  7. I believe I also heard them say all teams qualify for the playoffs under this plan.
  8. Interesting. Has any other state gone this route with a shortened season and ending earlier?
  9. Strong. Tigers must like what they are seeing in workouts.
  10. Numbers are dropping on week over week measurements. Only two states trending up with 8 states at a plateau and the rest dropping. New cases dropped 12.6% nationwide from the previous week. For the first since March the number of people tested is down.
  11. That is a bummer for the seven players putting in work and not dressing. How will they handle that? My guess is the seven sitting out will be sophomores and they will rotate who sits.
  12. When I start spraying droplets from my eyes when talking or sneezing, I will look further into that.
  13. The flip side is this. I read a story about an infected person attending church in Ohio. As a result of this one infected person attending church, 91 other people were infected within a couple of weeks. 53 of those were at the service with the infected man and then the rest of the cases came from those people spreading it to others. There is no way of knowing how many of those cases would have been prevented by mask wearing but I am sure there would have been many fewer cases if everyone wore masks.
  14. And the follow up is we all know we should not smoke because of the high risk. Likewise we all should be wearing masks because of the high risk of infection. Masks are not 100% effective but if they are just 50% effective we all should wear them.
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