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  1. This statute got me thinking about the Nevels transfer. Reading the new statute, does Nevels have to play for the school district he moves into?
  2. Just wake me up when they're done. Too many variables and too annoying to bother with it.
  3. Heard someone on sports talk radio this evening say we are headed to 2 conferences - the ESPN Conference and the Fox Conference. He was only half kidding.
  4. Reds head back home after going .500 on the road trip.
  5. Lexington, Nashville, Wichita I have lived in Cincinnati area my whole life. Pop caused the Wichita link. I use both pop and soft drink. I wonder what would have changed if I selected soft drink. As I was taking the quiz, I had to cover up the answers and try to think of the term before answering. On a lot of the questions I use more than one term that was listed so I had to start trying to think of the term I use first and then see what options were listed. I had several that I did not have a term that I use.
  6. Does Calipari use all scholarships available? It seems like he usually has 10 or 11 players that I would call recruits. I'm probably wrong on this just going from memory but 11 recruited players leaves scholarships unused. If that is the case, give a scholarship or two to the in state player who has a legit chance to earn playing time.
  7. Dillingham is #13 in the class on 247sports.
  8. First high school player drafted was Chocolate Thunder Darryl Dawkins. The other high schooler drafted in that 1975 draft was Bill Willoughby. Both were expected to go to UK if they played in college.
  9. Another observation from last night's draft. Duke has the number one pick, 4 players drafted and round 1 and 5 players drafted overall. Is anyone wondering why Coach K couldn't win a championship with all that talent?
  10. There actually is a bit of a UK connection with the first high schooler drafted. In fact, there were 2 high school players drafted in 1975. Both of them were going to play basketball at UK before they opted to enter the NBA draft.
  11. Great job, and correct on Amir Johnson being the last high school player drafted. There were 6 high school players drafted in 2005 but Amir Johnson was the last pick at number 46. Spencer Haywood did attend college but he is the person who sued and made it possible possible for high school players to be drafted under the hardship exception. Think of Spencer Haywood as the Curt Flood of the NBA high school player draft rule. There was a player, Reggie Harding, who was drafted out of high school by Detroit in 1962. But he was forced to play a year in minor league basketball and then was drafted again in 1963 due to the no high school player rule. The player I'm looking for is the first player to be drafted straight out of high school and play that coming season in the NBA. This happened after Spencer Haywood won his lawsuit.
  12. I am going to double check the name for the first high school player drafted. The name I saw is a name I expect most people to recognize. I thought someone would guess or know him. Maybe my name is wrong.
  13. Who was the coach? No reason to not say his name. In fact, it would be a service to basketball to name him.
  14. That led me to some googling. LeBron is not the answer. LeBron was in the 2003 draft. The last draft to allow high schoolers to be drafted was 2005. I don’t think anyone can name the last high schooler drafted by the NBA, but I will let the trivia question sit till this afternoon in case someone wants to show their stuff. In fact, I will add a second question. 1. Who was the last high school player drafted by the NBA? 2. Who was the first high school player drafted by the NBA?
  15. A bit of a surprise in the draft tonight with Paolo Banchero going #1. Shaeden Sharpe goes #7 without ever playing a game post high school. Who was the last person who did that? TyTy Washington just barely makes it into the first round going #29.
  16. Pulling info from other threads: Walton Verona Tyson Beach going to Princeton Cov Cath Starks going to Anderson The Dixie/Turkeyfoot player to Lakota West
  17. Still throwing the ball sidearm. I'm sure it, and other mechanics, will get fixed over the next couple years.
  18. Unless Ohio has changed, I believe they have to move to Ohio to be eligible to play sports in Ohio. You must be an Ohio resident to play sports in Ohio.
  19. #1 is not a KHSAA bylaw. It is a KRS statute. I mischaracterized it. Sorry for any confusion.
  20. Good question for those who don't want Stephenson to catch. The Reds let Barnhart go because they intend for Stephenson to catch.
  21. That is part of why I was asking. I am not totally clear on the new rule impact on private schools for out of state. It may be a situation that falls back to Bylaw 6, which would be the same rule that has been in place for previous years.
  22. How many players from Indiana attend St. X and Trinity? Will the new transfer rule impact that?
  23. After a quick review, here are thoughts: 1. The new bylaw covers transfers in all grades, not just high school. 2. Under the new bylaw, if a student changes enrollment from one public school district to another, they either move to the new district or they sit one year - no exceptions. 3. There are some situations where the new bylaw does not apply. In those situation the KHSAA will continue to apply Bylaw 6. 4. A student living in a county with multiple schools districts will not be forced to sit one year by the new bylaw if they transfer to another school in the same district. Bylaw 6 will be applied. 5. The new bylaw does not apply to public to private transfers. Bylaw 6 will be applied. Summary - The new bylaw tightens things up considerably on transfers from one public school district to another. If you do not actually move and live in the new district, you sit one year no matter what grade you are in with no exceptions. For transfers that are not from one public school district to another public school district, Bylaw 6 will be applied by the KHSAA.
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