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  1. Ron Dawn at NCC. Bill Code at St. Henry and Lloyd. Dave Afterkirk at Dixie. Bill Warfield at Conner. Reynolds Flynn at Holmes. Greg McQueary at Boone Co. Steve Wright coached at Walton Verona before going on to his success at Laurel County. I would guess Code and Flynn have the most wins in N. Ky. of those listed above.
  2. To get herd immunity we need at least 80% exposure through infection or vaccine. Currently we have 20 million or so Americans vaccinated. We are approaching 20 million Americans infected and recovered. There is probably some overlap there but let's assume 40 million Americans are either vaccinated or had COVID. US population is about 330 million. That puts us at 12% herd immunity. To get to 80% we need 264 million Americans with immunity. At 1 million vaccinated per day it is going to take us another 224 days to get to 80%. That is another 7 months. Obviously we need a major increase in the vaccination numbers to get close to herd immunity even by this summer. The more disappointing information is many people are not getting vaccinated. Because of that many experts think it will be tough for the US to get above 60% immunity.
  3. You absolutely are not delusional. I don't know how much of an impact it will have if any. You make fair points. My point is this win offers some proof that St. Henry is a viable option for anyone who might claim it isn't.
  4. Obviously Cov Cath will be fine, even if zero basketball players from the Catholic middle school feeders go to CCH. This win by St. Henry is a blow to the CCH aura. If you are a top notch player you don't have to go to CCH. There are other options for that Catholic school education along with an opportunity to be top tier on the basketball court as well. Anyone who would try to dispel that thought looks more Machiavellian after this win.
  5. Interesting. If I am not mistaken, Stocks has led the Colonels in scoring in 2 games this year and the Colonels lost both of those games. I don't consider that a statement about Stocks. I consider it a statement about those other teams shutting down the other scoring threats for the Colonels.
  6. Yes I have heard stats that around 20% of people who tested postive were asymptomatic, meaning they never had noticeable symptoms.
  7. Big win for St. Henry. If you are playing in a Catholic middle school program, this win by St. Henry gives you another thing to think about for high school.
  8. What did the groundhog say about winter?
  9. I have no thesis I am trying to promote. I am only pointing out that you are wrong when you say Cal is not bringing in elite recruits. How they turn out to be when they start facing college competition is different than how they rank as recruits coming in.
  10. Why didn't Augusta throw the ball to the other end of the court on the last in bounds play?
  11. Thanks for the info and clarifying. I was referring to varsity points they scored while they were in the 7th/8th grade and you answered that. Were all of Hatton's varsity points at Dixie? Did he score varsity points while at Holmes?
  12. Doesn't Hatton have points in his total from 7th/8th grade? Are all of Draud's points high school only?
  13. He could have been laughing at my comment about Sarr being like a feather in the wind. I will give him the benefit of a doubt on that.
  14. Run the shot clock every possession, don't turn the ball over, hit some free throws and this game is over.
  15. When do facts cause you to change your mind? You are stuck on this Cal doesn't recruit elite players thought. Multiple times it has been pointed out Boston and Clarke were both top ten recruits. Boston was projected as #2 in this year's NBA draft by multiple sites. Both are almost certainly going to be first round picks. Add in Jackson as a likely first round pick. Will any other team have 3 first round picks this year? Those aren't elite recruits?
  16. First, even with the COVID issue, it is ridiculous he would be allowed a 5th year. He has played 4 full seasons of college basketball. But, since he may be allowed back, he would be crazy not to come back. It would be the best thing he could do for his draft status. Right now, he probably isn't getting drafted. He needs to hit the weight room religiously. He is a feather in the wind right now. Hate on Cal all you want but players get better under his coaching.
  17. Rylee has led the team in scoring in half their games. Ipsaro has come on lately and led in scoring in a half dozen games. Starks was the leading scorer in 2, maybe 3, games. Stocks was the leading scorer once (the loss to Cinti. St. X.). Those 4 all average double digits in scoring.
  18. I agree RP. JA blows a lot of smoke but that post is on target.
  19. Maybe I'm wrong then. It felt like for 3 or 4 years they were struggling to get 20 upperclassmen on their roster which I thought was lower then normal. It is hard to have success with 20 or less upper classmen.
  20. How many freshmen on those rosters then versus now?
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