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  1. Some decent moves. What they really need is for Hunter Greene to devlop into what they think he can be. That and a healthy Lodolo and the pitching solidifies, a lot.
  2. Sadly, they only have to win one more game for him to say "Look, we were better than last year." LOL
  3. Duke QB Riley Leonard has entered. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/I'd/39007593/duke-quarterback-riley-leonard-enters-transfer-portal
  4. I know that. I just meant if they lost to Bellarmine again, he may not have been the coach as of 12/1/2023.
  5. Not familiar with the Australian education system. Is this the Aussie equivalent of a high school, or is this a college team with college aged students athletes?
  6. Closer than it needed to be. I honestly think Payne was coaching for his job for the remainder of the season. If they had dropped 2 straight to the Knights, no way was he going to have continued fan support for the remainder of the 23-24 season. Not that he has a ton now.
  7. Oakland has started an independent team, the Oakland Ballers. The Oakland B's. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/I'd/38997038/oakland-area-fans-start-ballers-independent-baseball-team We've entered...The Twilight Zone.
  8. Cardinals are picking up pitching left and right. And the Reds....Well, they are considering kicking the tires on Shane Bieber, who spent part of last season on the IL with arm issues. This team doesn't hit consistently enough to win every game 12-10.
  9. I know games around the holidays are usually sparsely attended, but wow.
  10. https://www.si.com/college/2023/11/27/texas-am-vetoed-hiring-mark-stoops-kentucky-head-coach The most telling part, "Stoops’s record has been padded by playing three lightweight nonconference games every year—38.4% of his career wins are against low-level FBS or FCS opponents. He’s been paid a ton of money to never win the SEC East and produce just two winning SEC records in 11 seasons."
  11. At least Stoops has been consistently mediocre for over a decade. Elko has only been mediocre for 2 seasons. We'll see if he can out recruit the Horns and Sooners in Texas to get to the top of the SEC.
  12. One of the most boring football games I have ever had the misfortune to watch. Sadly, one of those teams may make the playoffs.
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