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  1. Yep, but hitting instructors can be hired and fired like anybody else!
  2. I'm not a hitting coach by any stretch of the imagination. However, can't someone (with Suarez) look at video from from last year and this year side by side and see if anything is different? In this age of a "digital game" with extensive statistics on every pitcher, batter and fielder, can't someone determine if teams are taking advantage of a weakness of Suarez in general or in a particular part of the count? Or could Suarez be going through some physical ailment or lack of confidence at the plate?
  3. Wow...do you think this is the English Premier League? LOL
  4. This bullpen of the Reds is driving me nuts. Why was Bell so hesitant to use Garrett until the Indians had gone ahead?
  5. I agree. He is not a left-handled version of Senzel.
  6. I saw some video from CNN that shows overturned cars on balconies several floors up.
  7. Massive explosion today in Beirut today originating in the port area. Huge numbers of dead and injured. Videos of the major part of the explosion unbelievable. Some are saying it was an accident, but that is hard to believe. https://www.foxnews.com/world/explosion-lebanon-capital-beirut
  8. The Cubs may have something to say about that.
  9. 20 Marlins total. 2 Cardinals today. Is the MLB season in jeopardy? The commissioner is rumored to be thinking of shutting baseball down if the sport doesn't get its act together and prevents future cases. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29572885/sources-mlb-commissioner-warns-shutdown-players-do-better-job-managing-coronavirus
  10. I guess they need to be prepared if they need to do multiple double headers several days in a row. MLB not looking good right now in that area.
  11. Too much messing with the sanctity of the game. Too many rule changes. Dumb...dumb...dumb.
  12. I think it was Votto's fault that the Cubs were able to get back into the game late. 😜
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