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  1. Summary of game. For full stats and play-by-play, see below:https://stats.digitalscout.com/football/boys/game/13037472 After a first half knotted at 7-7, the Lloyd Juggernauts score twice in the 4th quarter to defeat the Covington Holy Cross Indians 21-14 at Thomas More University. Star of the game was running back Ethan Spaulding who rushed for 195 yards and two touchdowns. A big highlight was his 86 yard run when Lloyd was backed up on its 2 yard line. Lloyd had no completed passes for the game. For Holy Cross, running back Jeremiah Hicks carried most of the load with 41 yards and one TD. In the 1st quarter, a Javier Ison 55 yard TD pass to Brandon McClendon was called back for an illegal receiver downfield. Covington Holy Cross (1-6) stays home to take on Ludlow (3-4) next Friday night while Lloyd (4-2) goes back home to take on Woodford County (2-2).
  2. The final was indeed Lloyd 21 HC 14 (not 21-20). There was a bug in the Digital Scout software that needs to be corrected. After it is corrected, I will produce a stat report.
  3. I’m only guessing here, but I got to think that a consideration to not start the game was due to the fact that the Lloyd players were in full football gear and did not have a bus to sit in during the weather delay.
  4. Game has been postponed to tomorrow, Saturday at 10 AM at Thomas more University.
  5. I'm not sure Giovani Bernard is a good every down back anymore. A younger version of Gio, maybe. If the Browns stop the running game with minimal effort, Burrow will find himself back on the ground a lot.
  6. Jar Jar Binks alone made Episode 1 horrible.
  7. Lloyd (2-2) travels to take on Covington Holy Cross (1-5) Friday night at 7:00pm. Please provide updates in this thread if you are following this game.Additionally, live stats and play by play will provided at the following link once the game begins: https://stats.digitalscout.com/football/boys/game/12567667 Thoughts on the match-up?
  8. I think we know now what we have with Joe Burrow. Not sure with Baker who is a great talent that appears to be all over the place game to game.
  9. I was happy to see A.J. Green with 8 catches for 96 yards. He appeared to be using his savvy with his body and hands to make most of those catches. He is not the same A.J. Green, however. He appears to not be getting much separation from those who are defending him. In my opinion, from the waist down including his legs and feet, he is not the same.
  10. So disappointing that the Bengals can't get off the field on third downs defensively.
  11. It sure looked from my vantage point that McClendon had successfully split the defenders and was attempting at least a leaping figure tip catch. The pass was pretty good from Ison.
  12. McClendon has great speed and he had this pass in his sights. Back judge didn’t move and take himself out of the action. We will never know.
  13. It was the back judge who was apparently inexperienced at that position. With HC that close to Newport’s goal line, it would have been more appropriate for the back judge to be under the goal post. Instead he was in the front of the end zone. The back judge absolutely hammered McClendon as he was breaking free to catch the potential go ahead and winning score. He was wide open (or so he thought). McClendon was shaken up on the play.
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