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  1. I received an announcement from my company today. Everyone was supposed to go back to the office 2-3 days a week (at least) beginning next week. That has been postponed until at least September 7 due to the current effect of the variants and recent decisions.
  2. I believe that was part of what Brantley said. Hendrix's flaws, Brantley explained, were mostly mental. He gets worse the more he is stressed (that is, gets quicker with his delivery). That causes him to lose his form and ultimately the strike zone. Brantley believes that Hendrix has the talent, but that the mental game is huge obstacle that is difficult to fix with the buy-in of the pitcher himself.
  3. Holy Cross High School is excited to introduce Mr. Casey Sorrell as our boys varsity basketball coach. Coach Sorrell attended Erskine College where he played basketball. He continued his education at Winthrop University as a graduate assistant, working in the men’s basketball program as an assistant coach. Most recently, Coach Sorrell was an assistant basketball coach at Covington Catholic from 2016-2020. He brings a strong passion and enthusiasm for the game to Holy Cross. He is looking most forward to continuing the proud HC tradition of developing successful yo
  4. When I think of Bobby Bowden, I also think of Jerry Reed who played Coach Red Beaulieu in "The Waterboy".
  5. Two days I was hoping that the Reds would be buyers at the trade deadline. After these last three games, I'm thinking "sell" now.
  6. I think something has been made very clear to me during this All-Star break. Baseball is a global game. If any of us have problem with that, that's the reality and we should all probably get over it.
  7. I have the same problem with the Kenton County Fair. I've lived here regularly since 1985 and only attended once. By the way, the Kenton County Fair is THIS WEEK and, of course, I won't be able to make it. https://www.kentoncountyfair.com/
  8. "The Hunt for Red October" is officially on!
  9. I'm a ketchup guy on a traditional hot dog, but if it is a coney, I choose mustard. There is just something about how the mustard interacts with the chili that I really prefer.
  10. This I can really agree with. I like Pepsi straight, but I would never mix it with an adult beverage.
  11. As crazy as it sounds, I like both depending on my mood. I give Pepsi the nod by a nose because I feel it has a better chance of satisfying my thirst.
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