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  1. Yes, but do NOT take ibuprofen BEFORE the vaccine. It may reduce its ability to work and blunt your immune response to the vaccine.
  2. I hate all of you for reminding me of this.😠
  3. Best analogy that I could think of is telling all the other cute girls in the high school that you are going to prom with one of the cheerleaders and then she turns around at the last minute and says no because she is going back to her old boyfriend. It sure doesn't put you in a very good spot for finding another date.
  4. Could the pride and the rich tradition/history of the Bluebirds program even handle the concept of an interim head coach? I've reading through all these posts and I would guess not.
  5. For the sake of the kids and to keep the wheels of progress moving inside the program, at what point does it become a case of Highlands "settling" for a particular candidate that doesn't necessarily check all the boxes?
  6. I will say that we get a friend of ours to grab us a couple Costco pumpkin pies around the holidays. They are huge! Great taste and value too.
  7. The drive to Florence through traffic never made sense to me for value (either store). I'll keep taking my chances with the local options.
  8. That is exactly why I don't want the virus. As I have mentioned before, I am not afraid or tremendously worried about dying, but I certainly don't want that kind of damage for the rest of my life. We will continue to be extra cautious in what we do, where we go and who we hang around with. At least for awhile.
  9. Now that Jackson has a playoff win, people need to give him more respect. After all, it is all about winning.
  10. Chubb and Hunt are great backs. My comment concerned the faith that the Browns coaches had in their system to insert a brand new player into a slot without practice and run a play behind him immediately.
  11. You are going to get complainers about anybody who doesn't fit the traditional QB mold of the last 40 years.
  12. It was interesting that whenever they had to put in somebody new on the line, they would run Chubb right behind him on the next play.
  13. Jordan Manley - QB - George Rogers Clark Adrian Stringer - QB - Hopkins County Central This is a guess - "C Schwartz" may be Cooper Schwartz (OL) from Fleming County, but I'm not 100% sure.
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