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  1. We probably will watch on Saturday. Looking forward to it.
  2. I love my avatar upgrade! This little guy has some wheels on him!
  3. I forecast a great day for you, nWo!
  4. I've started the water for a hot shower and then went downstairs and watched a two hour movie forgetting the water was on.
  5. Eggs, French Toast, Bacon BTW, if anyone does not pick bacon as one of their choices, they are hereby no longer my friend.
  6. I would also chime in for deviled eggs - we use an outstanding family recipe that does not have mustard or mayo in it.
  7. My second favorite activity will get me slapped by my wife. :whistling:
  8. I'll agree with that, but maybe a "co-main course". I sure love my burgers, steaks, brats, metts and dogs too!
  9. 15 posts and nobody has mentioned beer yet?
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