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  1. Covington Holy Cross (2-6) travels to Lloyd (2-6). Please use poll to vote on who you believe to be in the winner of the game Friday night. Use this thread to post pre-game comments and predictions as well as updates during the game. Once the game begins, you can also follow live stats, box score, and play-by-play at the link below: Holy Cross Indians at Lloyd Memorial Juggernauts Football | 10/22/2021 7:00:00 PM | Digital Scout live sports scores and stats
  2. I think even I could drop a punt inside the 20 in conditions like that!
  3. No doubt from the videos we've seen after games that he has the locker room.
  4. I'd feel guilty if I was the only one with a clean uniform!
  5. Derrick Barnes (Covington Holy Cross) had a nice game for the Lions. 9 total tackles (6 solo) and this pass defense on Drew Sample.
  6. Taylor is overthinking things. Probably all the analytics that are part of sports now. I love the Bum Phillips quote about Bear Bryant: "Bryant can take his and beat yours, and then he can turn around and take yours and beat his." I think a team would get more respect by going out and dominating with your strengths despite the other team's preparation to beat you.
  7. The Bengals historically have issues covering the tight end. That is a bad recipe when playing the Ravens.
  8. That is definitely worth a fireside discussion sometime!
  9. 2016 - the year Holy Cross reached the 2A semi-finals. Derrick Barnes (now on the Detroit Lions who play the Bengals on Sunday) was on that team.
  10. The "Hulk", Lavarr Jones, had a big boy game - 21 carries for 176 yards and 4 touchdowns.
  11. Additional stats at the link below: Newport Wildcats at Holy Cross Indians Football | 10/15/2021 7:00:00 PM | Digital Scout live sports scores and stats
  12. FinalHere is a snapshot summary of the game:
  13. Sounds like he needed to go 162-0 and win every game in the playoffs including the World Series.
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