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  1. Covington Holy Cross going back to old logo. No more being confused with the Kansas City Chiefs!
  2. As a statistician, I sometimes have to take my eyes off the action to write something down or enter data about a play into my iPad. On at least 3 occasions, I have been absolutely pulverized by players running through the sidelines into me. It's part of the job. I know to be light on my feet and not be too stiff in an attempt to avoid the more serious injuries. At any time, I realize that I could get hurt pretty good if I'm not careful. I mitigate the risk and I still go out there. Sometimes, my spotters give me warning. Many times they are just tongue tied about warning me. I hit the back of my head on the ground on at least one of those times. But am I going to sue? Heck no. The worst part of it is when the players and coaches laugh at me as I hit the ground (gives me good incentive to get up as quickly as possible)! I've even had players grab me and put me in front of them as a play is coming in our direction! What's up with that? They are the ones wearing the pads, not me! This whole situation with the reporter is silly. I also work for an insurance company. The claimant is building this up enough to make sure that Trinity's insurance company settles it quickly out of court for as large of a sum as possible.
  3. From the Bengals this morning: This morning our team is announcing a stadium naming rights partnership with Cincinnati-based Paycor and we want our great fans to hear the news directly. The home of the Cincinnati Bengals is now Paycor Stadium. While our home stadium will take on a new name, the legacy of Paul Brown, one of football’s most influential coaches and founder of the Bengals, will live on forever. The Bengals are proud of the commitment this strategic partnership demonstrates to continue competing for championships in Cincinnati. Bengals President Mike Brown said: “This is a move that I think my father would have agreed to. He was always for what is best for the football team. This partnership allows the Bengals to continue to compete at the highest level in the NFL and exemplifies our long-term commitment to the community.” Executive Vice President Katie Blackburn said: “It was important to find a naming rights partner that strongly aligns with the Bengals brand. Paycor is a local company on the rise that shares our commitment to building winning teams. We are proud to support Paycor’s growth and strengthen the Cincinnati business community with this partnership.” Paycor Stadium branding will begin to be integrated throughout the stadium in the coming months, with Paycor and the Bengals hosting a ceremony before the season to unveil new branding and celebrate the partnership.
  4. With a couple exceptions, the other choices in the bullpen don't thrill me either. Do you use the better ones to squash rallies in innings 6 through 8 or as closers? The good teams have relief pitches to cover all those situations. Bell has a scrap heap.
  5. Just saying, I was watching a national Fox broadcast and it seems everybody is doing the stats thing now. Even at GABP, the scoreboard has these new stats. I really don't care about how fast the ball came off the bat. I guess MLB thinks the common fan gets bored too easily. I think I get annoyed too easily!
  6. Lavarr Jones is no longer on the HC football team.
  7. I should have a roster to post after Friday's scrimmage.
  8. A lot of great battles over the years between Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt won the one-on-one statistics, but Bill's Celtics won more games.
  9. Anybody remember the good old days when it was Highlands vs. Covington Catholic?
  10. Can I pick two things from the second row if I don't like anything in the third row?
  11. That is what was entered carrying forward players from last year's roster. It is a work in progress. There will be others.
  12. Revised schedule (Newport is now a home game): Aug 19 at BellevueAug 26 vs. Walton-VeronaSep 1 at ScottSep 9 vs. Bishop BrossartSep 16 vs. Newport Central CatholicSep 23 vs. HolmesSep 30 - OPENOct 7 at Beechwood (District)Oct 14 vs. Newport (District)Oct 21 vs. Lloyd Memorial (District)Oct 28 vs. Ludlow
  13. Happy Birthday, @TheDeuce!
  14. My wife and I are anxiously waiting for season 3 to begin.
  15. I'll take $100,000 to not play for the Browns. Can I get in on this?
  16. I have a gift certificate to Rafferty's in the coupon drawer. We may have to go back soon.
  17. Blue Cheese on a house salad and Caesar (on a Caesar salad, of course).
  18. Hmmm....I bet that is how the sports betting apps will work beginning in 2023.
  19. How many accusations of sexual misconduct from women do you need in order to have a multi-year suspension? What is the dividing line? 25 women per year? 50? 75? Yep, that was sarcasm, because I don't approve of Watson's behavior toward women and this is another example of the sports world wanting to quickly clean up "messes" like this in the interest of keeping the money making machine going. Take note of how the real world works boys and girls.
  20. I might include Earl Anthony in that definition then because he was a southpaw. His niche was the left hand side of the lane.
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